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Camille Claudel

Extremely underrated. Adjani's performance is epic!
This film is beyond beautiful and beyond heartbreaking. After 19 years, it still tears the heart right out of me. I first saw "Camille Claudel" while it was on it's Oscar campaign in 1990 for "Best Foreign Film" and "Best Actress - Isabelle Adjani". I hadn't really begun to appreciate foreign film yet so I had no idea what to expect. What I saw was an angel beyond description giving one of the greatest acting performances I had EVER seen, still to this day. This film is heart-wrenching in it's beauty and romantic tragedy. In fact it makes art of it. I went back to the theater to watch it six times, I even dragged friends along. Yes the film was brilliant, but what I went back to see was perhaps the most beautiful woman I've ever seen on the big screen. Isabelle Adjani's beauty in this film is breath-taking and her performance is one of the most intense and deeply moving in history. I have this film on VHS and DVD. I still love to watch it.

Jesus Camp

People open your eyes!
This film depicts just how horrifying a future we have to look forward to in this country if we don't stop listening to hardcore conservative right-wing extremists try to dictate what is "moral" to the rest of us. The way that these people prey upon children is criminal. I grew up in a very religious right-wing conservative republican family, although once I became older and started formulating my own thoughts I ran as fast from my family's church as I could. I still believe in God and acknowledge Christ as the son of God and our savior, but the things that are shown in this film have absolutely nothing to do with Christ or his message to us. This is what happens when you take a religious faith and inoculate it with radical extremist ideology and political agenda. Warriors for God? Are you kidding me? Since when did Christ ever ask us to be warriors? Didn't he in fact tell us to love our enemies and turn the other cheek? I don't know, seems like I read that somewhere in a pretty important book. Oh yeah! I remember, it was The Bible! We live in times that are troubled enough. Honestly, ask yourself. Is more intolerance, purposeful ignorance and condemnation what the human race needs right now? Anyone who has sent their children to a camp like this, shame on you. Our children are supposed to make the future better, not worse. People, open your eyes!

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