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The Life Before Her Eyes

This movie was incredible. Very unlike most of the Uma Thurman movies I have seen previously. The tone of the the story was very well set from the get go, and visually speaking it was beautiful. I enjoyed watching the creativity behind the throw backs. As the movie jumps from childhood to adulthood to interestingly tell the story of these two childhood friends. The story itself is very relevant and really gives you a true sense of the emotion behind these horrific school shootings. The actors did an amazing job, you feel everything they feel. Uma Thurman is always great, but she really stands out in this movie. All around great movie, if you are thinking twice about it, don't.


We loved it!
We usually don't bother to review anywhere but our own sites, but we LOVED this movie! We have already recommended it to everyone we know and watched it twice! Such a cool movie, such a cool story. It would be so cool to live this guys life, except without the millions (well 9 really, same thing!) of kids. No thanks on that. But travel around the country, barley work, stop when ever and where ever, for however long you want. FREEDOM! Too bad extreme make over didn't exist back then, I would've written in to get this family a roomier ride/home. Anyway, watch and enjoy and let us know what you think! I can't imagine anyone not liking this movie......dude :)

Boarding Gate

She's impressive
Asia Argento delivered such a powerful brave performance in "Boarding Gate". I had never heard of her before this film, and I am blown away her her beauty and talent! This was a very good film, great story line, great performances by the other actors and could've been very good with out Asia, but the two combined really makes something powerful and brilliant to watch.

I HIGHLY recommend seeing this movie. It's kinda twisted, OK, more than kinda! And is one of those films that you can't stop thinking about days after seeing it.

Not for kids, but men, women, young and old will enjoy

The Signal

Best Horror Flick in years!
This movie was awesome! I haven't seen a good horror movie like this in a really long time. I love horror movies and lately they have all been so unbearably cheesy! But The Signal was not like this at all. If you are a horror fan, even just a little, you will love this one! Even my horror movie snob friends loved it! I think this one's out on DVD on the 3rd of June, I can't wait to take it home and share it with my friends who haven't seen it. And I have to mention, the woman in the begging wearing the pearls did such a perfect job! I really enjoyed this scene. She's like a stepford wife except tainted and really twisted.


I read a comment that started by saying: "Everything works in this movie". I cannot agree more. Perfectly stated. I expected greatness from Demi Moore and Micheal Cain, but the supporting cast was equally as fantastic! Demi was particularly impressive in this movie, she must have worked her butt off! She was in almost every scene. I enjoyed the cast, but even more so, I enjoyed the story line. Micheal Cian's character along with Demi Moore's devise a plan to break into the diamond safe....never mind, I don't want to ruin in for you! All the positive reviews you have read about this film are true! Thanks guys for recommending this movie! I loved it!


Very entertaining
I don't get all the negative attention this film is receiving. I truly enjoyed it. That could be do to the fact that I spent some of my youth on mushrooms myself, and I get it. The "trips" the characters go on are extremely realistic! Anyone who has actually experienced "shrooms" should see this, you'll be amazed. There is more to this film than drugs, it's also full of suspense and made me jump a few times. It has a very interesting story line, great casting and the filming is fantastic. I also enjoyed a lot of the humor in the movie. My point: don't believe everything you read, see this movie for yourself, I think you will find it very entertaining.

Mr. Untouchable

Great portrayal of a real life story
This film was very well done. I enjoyed not only the story line, characters and authenticity, but the cinematography was fantastic! If you're looking for a movie experience that will leave you thinking, this is the one.

The real life story of drug lord Nicky Barnes is fascinating and truly an eye opener. It takes a look into the city of New York in the 70's from a criminal view point.

The acting in this film was top notch & very believable. Great work from many "unknowns". I would recommend this film to all types of movie lovers.


Simple and Fun To Watch
This movie was based on a simple story which really made the movie easy to follow and fun to watch. Although this is an action movie (which I am usually not a fan of) it wasn't the usual cheesy crap we are all used to. Thank goodness, instead it was very well done and tasteful. The actors actually had talent in the martial arts as well, which made it believable. Its also a very funny movie, I laughed throughout. The jokes were priceless and the cast had great comedic timing. Overall, this was one heck of a good movie. It was funny, easy to watch, & action filled all rolled in to one package. Even if you're not an action fan like myself, I would recommend watching it anyway. It's very entertaining!

Great World of Sound

Entertaining and educating!
This flick was an all around great film. It was a moving story that definitely gets you thinking and implants morals. The actors in this film really make you feel along with them. I watched this movie 3 days ago and I am still thinking about it. That's the test of a great movie, it gets you thinking and keeps you thinking.

I plan to recommend this to my family and friends, as well as obviously anyone looking to rent it. I was very impressed with everything about this film, I would love to see more like it!! The thirst for a dream comes at a price, but where do you draw the line? Do you fulfill you dream while crushing others?


My view on Redacted
This is one truly powerful (for lack of better a word) film. I am left dumbfounded and virtually speechless. Of course we all are aware of the horrific tragedy of war, but this film really showed me that what I had in mind is a "G" rated version. Everyone needs to see this film so we can all truly understand what our men and women are going though. It really brings you there with them and lets you see what they see on a daily basis. Not only does it focus on Americans, but it looks into what the Iraqi's are going through as well. This war is not a pretty picture, and though this film documents the disturbing realism of war, please watch it. It's films like this that make a difference and spark change.


Great tiltle for great movie!
This movie was not at all what I expected. When I sat down to watch it I wasn't sure what I was in for. But I was pleasantly surprised to end up really enjoying it. I've not seen a movie quite like it to date. The acting was perfect. Not over done, I hate it when actors over act, it's just not believable.

I also thought the scenes were just cool to look at. The lighting throughout the movie was very interesting and very appealing to the eye. But let's not forget to mention my favorite part...the Knights!!!! they were excellent!!! And what an interesting twist. Didn't see that one coming. Great job on this movie!

Ira & Abby

Great movie, great actors
This movie was wonderful!!!! They did such a great job casting it too. Both of the main characters were outstanding in this movie! Truthfully I haven't seen any other movies with these actors in it, so I wasn't expecting a lot from them, but they were both perfect for this movie!! I expect to see a lot more of both of them because someone out there is gonna see this and want to put them in their movies. I laughed the entire time! Anyone who's ever been in a relationship, or even anyone who hasn't, will appreciate the humor in this one. It's all about love, marriage and what comes along with that (arguments, crazy in-laws etc).

Thanks to all involved in the making of this movie! I truly enjoyed it, this won't be the last time i watch it!

Moving McAllister

Loved IT!
I absolutely LOVED this movie!!

If you are looking for something entertaining watch this!!!

I found myself laughing my butt off more than once. The road trip scene was great.

I never take the time to write these kind of things, but I felt this movie really deserved it! I might have to go as far as to say.............. one of the best movies I've seen to date!

I thought I might like it, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I really did enjoy watching it

Don't miss this one, it's definitely worth your time :) Watch it and enjoy!!!

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