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Superhero Movie

Not Bad, Best Parody in a while
(!Might Contain Spoilers!) I saw this movie and seemed to enjoy it. I was able to laugh through out the whole movie. It had the same plot as "Spiderman." It was about a high school boy (Drake bell) getting bitten by a dragon fly, getting super powers along with a a green suit. Then he has to fight off 2 villains (Lou Landers and someone else i forgot) that created an experiment that can suck a superhero's powers away. If i remember, this movie lasted 1 hour and 10-15 minutes Most of the actors were from the scary movie series, which were the best cast to make a parody as funny as possible The plot is very ordinary and is exactly just like the regular superhero movies; being new to the superhero world and stopping villains etc It contains jokes all around including bad humor such as sex jokes and language but every movie has their moments so can't blame it Tell you the truth, i was laughing too much to understand what is going on, so i definitely recommend this movie to all comedy/parody lovers. Enjoy!

Meet the Spartans

Great Comedy with some cuts
This movie will guarantee make you laugh, but its not usually like the other scary movies, date movie, etc it only imitates 1 movie which is "300" In what the trailers you see, you will not see lots of the clips like the spider man shown and Rambo. This movie has the same plot as 300 which is receiving a message from the messenger and and having several battles against xeroxes army, in much in a more humor way. Although instead of REAL battles, they have a break dance and stomp competition and mom jokes, Through out the movie you will see judges just like American idol, only when the Spartans has competitions/battles, It has good quality I don't want to spoil too much, so ill just say 1 thing, the ending would of been better cause they over done it with the result of the Spartans death oh and 1 more thing, its only ONE HOUR LONG! just 60 minutes i still recommend you guys to watch it

I Am Legend

Ba Ba Boring!!!
This movie shows very little action, very little talk, and very little events... I gotta say the only thing positive i found in this video was the great quality BUT some negative thoughts i express about this movie that the story could of been better written instead will smith and his dog sitting around too much, There wasn't any action until like 3/4 onto the movie... I don't want to spoil too much bout the movie, but ill just say a little, all the main characters ended up being something awful especially my fav, the dog =(*cannot say what happens, don't want to spoil too much* The ending was really awful including a suicidal And later in the movie random characters just drop off in the movie like they were newspapers. i found very little worth watching, but trust me you will fall asleep b4 any action goes on...

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