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The Beaver

(slight spoiler ahead) God awful. Can't believe this film was made, if you look at it as a comedy you might get something out of it. The part where he has a fight with his hand is like a funny Fight Club. Interestingly enough, a Mel Gibson with a 'Beaver' on his hand IS better than one without. Shoehorning some dodgy soap opera romance between his son and a schoolmate is just lazy and the writer should hand his money back. Don't be fooled by the 'big' names in this film, the fact Jodie Foster starred and directed this is just dumbfounding. She now joins Mel Gibson on the idiot list. A risk that didn't work out. I can see why this film took so long to appear, they were probably embarrassed! If you rubberneck at car crashes you'll love watching this. Good luck

Oral Fixation

Unbelievable. One of the worst films I've seen for a long time. Don't know what some of the other reviewers were watching to give it such high marks. Trust me, forget them. Like another reviewer said, I think it must have been the film crew's family. Either that or they're somehow financially attached. I've just watched a film with terrible acting, screenplay and the storyline? (I'd say watch for the spoiler next but I'm doing you a favour) A crazy woman has been part of her fathers psychological tests which switches pleasure / pain. She then starts stalking anyone that looks like her dad and tries to get it on with them. Not kidding. Can't imagine why anyone thought this would be a good idea. Don't waste your time.

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