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Under the Vines

Not Much on Wine
The usual setup of two likable but different personalities jointly receive (are willed) a winery & vineyard far from home. Of course, both had problems at home to create the backstory to be resolved under the vines. Coincidentally one is female, the other male, and both around the same age. Anyway, for a story based on financially sustaining a farm & wine business we never once see any pruning, picking, soil & pest maintenance, and not a single moment of actually making wine (e.g. Harvesting, crushing, fermenting, aging, bottling). Most of the time is spent on the age old uncreative script hook of relationship issues.

The Canterville Ghost

As Time Progressed
Two cheap opening scenes. First, classically overused overhead view of car on road. Second, supposedly a camera view of man riding horse, but rather a man fake riding on something with a green screen of a moving background. However, though I started out giving it one star for a cheap script & production, after 15min. I was up to two stars & as time went on I became impressed with the novelty of our ghostly story (despite the cheap effects), and the humorous yet intelligent acting. As for dialogue, an entertainment in itself, the researchers must have dug deep to come up with the most interesting & rare synonyms describing the everyday routine of life.

The Boy Behind the Door

Same Old
DVD cover says "harrowingly dark" actually the only dark is it's nighttime & all the camera work is in a poorly lit house. The rest is predictable. Kids are kidnapped; one escapes, and tries to rescue his friend, but gets chased a lot. The usual dumb moves to prolong the agony, i.e having to watch.

C'mon C'mon

Pointless semi-documentary; just meanders as young boy and older relative do the usual "let's connect" activities & behaviors. The other half of the movie is interviewing teens about how they view the world; how adults are doing; what they see as the future. Very generalized vague & predictable comments. Rather spend the time actually reading the research on what the future is likely to be, and contribute to those trying to change it.

The Humans

Very boringly artsy; lots of old tenement housing sound effects (water/heating pipes, doors, floors, neighbors, etc.) lots of long camera shots of doorways & hallways, and a single room with a dinner table with family gathered about to have a bit too much alcohol & express themselves on mundane boring topics.


Let's Hear It for the Witches
The usual Tree of Life gives people (or witches in this case) eternal life; the usual vampire blood only this time to feed the tree; the usual crows. Most frequent CGI is the now boring (past ten years in this genre) people turning into black swirling particles. Pretty generic stereotyping of witches against humans - who ends up alive at the end?

Dexter: New Blood

For Those Who Like Killing
Opening scene of Dexter being pulled over by a female cop (long flowing hair - not likely) followed by sex scene in car - dumb, and also not likely. The usual bar scene soon follows. Another script using the cheap scene filler of a ghost/illusion/delusion of a dead loved one appearing every so often to offer suggestions. Another not likely insertion is a white deer/stag (leucism;); symbolism?, and as rare as winning the lottery.

Background: Mother murdered; is adopted; becomes police crime consultant; likes killing especially those he thinks deserve it. Sister is Deb Morgan also killed. Son is Harrison whose mother, Rita, also murdered. Fake name is Jim Lindsay. Angela Bishop new love interest.

Enemies of the State

It's For Your Own Good
WikiLeaks, 2013, Anonymous posting on a server called The Shell on Tor Network (Deep or Dark Web) ran by Matt (Mathew DeHart). Family applied to Canada in 2014 for asylum. Another example of politicians & government departments not really wanting the population to fully understand what & why we do certain things all in the vague catch-all phrase "National Interest".

Jackass Forever

Maturity of Grade Schoolers
Mostly juvenile prank humor based on amusement over other's discomfort. Projectiles aimed at male private parts (genitalia protected by metal) plus spiders, snakes crawling over a person. A few stunts. Actors exaggerated the effects.

Dr. Death

Learned Little
DVD lacked subtitles for the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired, and ESL viewers. Disrespectful & cheap on the part of the producers especially when audio & enunciation is poor. No menu. Lots of talking heads, and learned little about why it happened.

Pinocchio: A True Story

Not a Good Pinoc
C- for CGI. Background is static, non-moving. Our central object/person has natural movement, but little detail. Story wise this Russian interpretation (amongst countless) borrowed several typical fairytale themes, e.g evil circus boss; beautiful acrobat love interest; talking horse with attitude as companion; a magic making witch. The 2020 Italian version by Garrone was much better.

Marry Me

Look At Me
Script is showcase for one thing wrong with America; highlighting the bod; the wealth; the glamor; the portrayal of an unrealistic love (a grade school teacher - really!). No social or environmental consciousness.

Rifkin's Festival

Usual Romance Cheating
Still another romance with marital issues, infidelity, lust & sexual fantasy. The usual lots of talking, dinner & drinks scenes, and of course, displays of wealth & snobbishness. Are people really that bad? Why do we need to watch?


The Point?
Most of the movie is a widowed woman tending to her farm in Iceland; seems the farmers belong to a local CO-OP that, not clearly explained, seems to control farmer & community economy (prices, raw materials, selling of farm products like milk) to some little dissatisfaction (also not clearly explained). Ending lacked believability. Didn't really get a sense of farm life. Most CO-OPs are well run, but true that some put pursuing money foremost.

Rez Metal

DVD lacked menu & subtitles for the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired, and ESL viewers. Disrespectful & cheap on the part of the producers especially when audio & enunciation is poor. Lots of talking heads selling discontent though music (metal & rap). Easier than studying boring books in school despite all the opportunities for the educated. (P. S. excuse makers, my mom was 50% Indigenous hard worker.)

Last Looks

Started Well
Kudos for novel murder mystery script - a bit creative. Also for the acting, well at first, but grew tiresome especially the overdone, stereotypical sleuthing. Romance angle seemed just tossed into the script to attract viewer attention, but not believable. Final third the actors & writers must have grown tired of the script.

Addendum: Nice environmental message.


Drugs; Italy; Russia; Eastern Europe
Script is about the, now boring, usual drug dealing gangs. The usual Russians, Italians & others. The usual shootouts, etc. Lots of camera time focused on people just staring at each other - weird.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries

Potential Lost
Supposed location is Mont Sainte-Victoire (Cézanne; lived in nearby Aix) mountain range is in the south of France also visited by Picasso, Kandinsky. The sleuthing was not realistic, but entertaining. Crimes?, the usual Acorn Studio method of quickly/cheaply resolved at the end with a meek passive confession followed by being led away in 'cuffs. All the made-more-cheaply is the dumb ending; makes no practical, logical, realistic sense. Spoils the script's potential. What a disappointment.

Death on the Nile

Good Recreated Visuals
Cinematography (mostly CGI), acting, location (most of the Egypt scenes, sadly, are just sets & CGI; however, there were a few background shots taken in Egypt to build upon), sets, props, background music (interesting history for the actual singer) - all great. Excused, a few very small factual details may not be correct, but their presence adds to the charm & mystery of the story.

Before We Die

Nothing New
Poor start with illicit sex between a married officer & a fellow officer. Usual antagonist relations within the department. Usual family issues. Nothing new, just a lot of talking with poor investigative behavior.

Il commissario Montalbano

Partially Misogynistic
Main appeal (to males) are the attractive females (blatantly sexist - females main value is as sex appealing objects), outside of that the series is poorly acted with poorly scripted crimes & investigative technique.

The Hot Zone

On and On
DVD lacked subtitles for the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired, and ESL viewers. Disrespectful & cheap on the part of the producers especially when audio & enunciation is poor.

Russia is developing & released a deadly aerosol of anthrax. Story could have been much shorter thus clearer. Be succinct.

Ci sha xiao shuo jia

Could Have Had a Better Clearer Flow
Three storyline tracts that are interconnected & taking place simultaneously. A contemporary father has his daughter kidnapped by child kidnappers. A writer tells his fantasy tale online, but for some unexplained reason his story has a real life impact effecting a mogul's well being who then put's out a contract on the writer. Also, in an ancient fantastical past (the story being created by the online writer) is governed by some strange evil being trying to take over humanity.

Craig Ross Jr.'s Monogamy

Really Cheap
Really cheap. Poorly acted both from our actors and how their characters were scripted. Production costs (more cheap) are in make-up, and costuming. Awful & cheap hand-held shaky camera, and mostly panning between close ups of talking heads (next most frequent was just talking people). Dialogue mostly about relationship issues & something called The Experiment which supposedly (and dumb) is about an ancient Tibetan alien (thus the New Mexico Roswell connection which next to Bigfoot is the most popular low IQ conspiracy hook still out there). Our alien is manipulating our characters for some yet to be explained reason (next season?).


Better Describes China Today
1962 Taiwan. Really dumb & confusing script; combining commentary on government martial law and anti-leftist crack downs with a ghost story. Supposedly torturing people over talking or reading about Communism, etc. Somehow ghosts of people involved still haunt a high school; the scene of our script. Actually, script would better fit China today.

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