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Cry Macho

Sorry Clint - Really Bad (Not Good Or Ugly)
The usual first indicator of cheap is overhead view of car on road - seldom fails. Only crying is me having to watch an aged Clint drive to Mexico to retrieve an obnoxious son of separated obnoxious parents. Teenage son is into cock fighting (which we never see) yet most of the movie stars the rooster being carried about as Clint & son head back to the U. S. chased, as usual, by mom's gangsters wanting son back (which made no sense as she OKed him leaving), and the usual bribed Mexican police. Besides the, doesn't make sense, journey & rooster we get endless scenes of riding a horse in a small circular training corral. Finally, Clint, despite his obvious age, falls for a Mexican restaurant owner half his age.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Dumbing Down Cheap
Lots of copied ideas from other films, and poorly executed. Very tossed together & cheaply not realistic.

The usual opening scene of vast armies on plains with the usual barrage of arrows. The Army of the Ten Rings is led by the usual immortal who, as usual, steals ten arm bracelets which as usual are suppose to be hidden because of their power to, as usual bring immortality & create immense destructive force. The seen before Disney style fantasy creatures (same old lion, horse, dragons, odd little creatures). The usual electrical, laser, and pressure force as our weapons. Redundant, boring, cheap to digitally reproduce. Possessor supposedly over a thousand + years develops an army that for centuries (up until now) has spread to every corner of the world (odd, I never heard of them).

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Good CGI
Visual effects by Image Engine; Framestone Ltd., UCNS, Double Negative. Lots of wire; CGI characters well done; seemed unusually realistic. It was Carnage vs. Venom characters with contrasting personalities, and morphing styles. A touch of dark humor between the two.

The Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Special

On the Cheap
Production cost seems mostly for elaborate costume clothing changes, wigs & make-up. A little spent on a stage prop of a building facade w/a bar in front. That's it except a lot of juvenile humor (sex humor obviously included); alcohol references; narcissistic prancing about; terrible singing. Oddly, it was filmed on a location in Seattle's Duwamish industrial area (cheap rents).

McDonald & Dodds

A Pleasant Surprise
Positives: I've seen most of the crime series produced out of the U. S, U. K., Europe & else where and I most say this series was a pleasant surprise. We don't get the seen-many-times-before redundant crimes with the redundant misdirections or lack of intelligent forensics or using eye-candy actors as a substitute for acting. But, what we get is creative writing portrayed by a humorous pairing of detectives that works.

Negative: The usual department head as antagonist to our detectives.

First Date

Dialogue Not as Important as Studios Making Money
DVD lacked subtitles for the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired, and ESL viewers. Disrespectful & cheap on the part of the producers especially when audio & enunciation is poor.

Storyline: Young man buys car to impress girl next door. Car has history (drugs) thus lots of people (baddies) want it.

Positives: Acting better than the script; entertainingly implausible chase scenarios & shootouts.


Home Sweet Home
We see a view of prison time being served, and of course showcasing some really nasty people (kill or steal with no concern for others, but themselves). The usual prison drugs, and sneaked in illegal items. And, inmate enforcement w/severe consequences (beatings or worse) for those easy prey or not-affiliated. Of course a prison guard is recruited to sneak items in. A bit too stereotyped emphasis on the bad side of humanity. I preferred "Orange is the New Black" portrayal.


An aside: Did you know there's a MishMash Preschool in B. C., Canada?

Was this movie suppose to be a mish-mash of distorted snippets of past sci-fi movies?

Incongruities, futuristic human looking/acting robots some being maintained by a technician whose lab is equipped w/'70s era monitors & electronics (such as a dial up phone); called the Robot Shelter. And then there are (in a supposedly future time) people still driving early 2000s cars, and wearing that period's clothing, etc.

Aside #2: Brought to you by all these folks: Grindstone, Lost Lane, Needle's Eye, Particular Crowd, Film Producer, Anova, The Exchange, Polish Film, Lionsgate, Studio Mao. Thus, perhaps, explains the mish-mash script.


Better Than Season 1
Finally we get something happening off the train. A bit tiresome seeing the usual stratified society reduced to a train level microcosm w/the usual polarizing situations, and the usual goodies vs. Baddies. The CGI of snow traveling train is good, but getting old especially since it's very simplified. We need more on what's happening on Earth, and different conflicts besides one's position in the hierarchy. Maybe a new life form (aliens perhaps?).

Last Night in Rozzie

It was alright; although a bit predictable script. A done before tale of childhood friends where a life changing incident leaves them w/a secret to be used for a future, sorta guilt level, blackmail. Ending also predictable. Currently popular in media of showing racial minority in a super positive role. Obnoxious kid to adult a bit stereotyped, but role a setup for the ending. Baseball skills by all not very good.

Queen of the South

Daytime Level Soap for Bored Viewers - Season 5
DVD lacked subtitles for the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired, and ESL viewers. Disrespectful & cheap on the part of the producers especially when audio & enunciation is poor.

Seems like most of the film money was spent on costumes; mansion locations; props (jewelry, cars). The usual cliché druggies, e.g. Russians; Central/South America sources; Italians. The usual killing per episode & maybe a shootout. Dumb, weak, rushed & predictable ending.

The Drowning

Too Made-Up; Not Believable
DNA was the obvious choice from the beginning, but they had to fill film time with the usual misdirections which in this case, like many poorly written scripts, were improbable. Characters not at all likable. Roaming around a school - not going to happen. Ending was rushed & incomplete.

Old Henry

Another Gunfight
An old school, western style script w/baddies going after the farmer (who turns out to be more than that) has been done countless times before, but done well anyway.

Our Ladies

Repressed Over-reaction
The decisions good/bad you make stay with you forever, and also effects others. Indulge now in poor or immediate satisfaction choices most likely results in a sacrificed future.

Monster SeaFood Wars

Godzilla We Need You
Was it the intent to make a laughably fake "monsters-attack-a-city" redux? Actors covered in laughably very fake inflatable costumes (squid, octopus, crab) to attack (Godzilla style) a city. Very fake, but thankfully screen time is mostly humans talking.

It's only redeemable possibility is that it was intentionally made to be so bad it would be outrageously funny (irony; burlesque).

The Eyes of Tammy Faye

God Loves You - Double Your Donation
From the early years into the growth of the "Praise the Lord" (PTL) Club. They made millions, and diverted millions ($92 million missing). Jim Bakker resigns. Televangelists lived lavish lifestyles. Per God's will that Christians be wealthy called wealth evangelism, (we'll ignore the impact of consumerism on the Earth, and the environment)ds. Why do so many, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts, Jerry Farwell seem to have ethical (mostly sexual, & financial) problems. Or, create divineness; Farwell, "The Lord is fighting the liberal agenda; the feminist agenda; the homosexual agenda." Double your donation!

Swan Song

Small Town, Big Tale
DVD lacked subtitles for the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired, and ESL viewers. Disrespectful & cheap on the part of the producers especially when audio & enunciation is poor thus a lower rating.

Opening credit, "Inspired by a true icon." The story of Patrick Pitsenbarger a Sandusky, OH gay hairdresser now retired will he perform one final client makeover (Rita Parker Sloan)? Well acted; well written.

Kung Fu

Very Copied - Not Original
Dishonors the original '70s series by Ed Spielman, Herman Miller.

They checked the boxes to hook the greatest number of viewers: Just being eye-candy actors is the extent of their acting & athletic skills; Gay & Black actors which is fine, but not for token representation.

Very camera friendly & misleading use of the boringly usual flying kicks, throws, and defense by an un-athletic, light weight female who, as usual, takes down scores of much larger skilled males (with weapons even).

Very day time soap opera level script; seemed artificial & contrived. The usual family issues, romance, jealousy to fill episodes.

The usual magical sword, and library search for ancient texts. Seen many times before in film are flips/crawls through laser beams to get to a vault. Note: More effective to just space beams close & vertically.

The used before in crime series is the very weird actor talking to a dead person standing next to them.

Example of dialogue "Let go of desire, let go of fear. Be in the now." Gawd, please spare me.

Besides romance other subplots are contemporary & oddly not relevant to the main theme, e.g. Cops shoot an unarmed kid who happens to be African-American triggers scenes of BLM protests.

Andra sidan

"Inspired by real events." Nothing was stated as to what the "real" was. Maybe it's just people living in a house is the "inspired". Very formula & seen before copied from other similar horror scripts. Lone female going down into a dark basement; child seen being dragged into a room; doors open & close on their own; screams; years later new victims move into the house - repeat. The usual child sees & plays with new "friend", and draws strange image. The usual strange sounds. The usual dad's away, and doesn't believe his wife who then makes dumb mistakes. The usual computer search of house backstory.

Kevin Can F**k Himself

Title Says It All
1. Canned laughter not even worthy of daytime soap operas.

2. Lots of pauses between lines which means short memory & need to rehearse. Indicative of acting skill.

3. Cheap production costs mainly spent on frequent costume changes & a couple of rooms as sets.

4. Terrible acting (I apologize) with very forced, contrived, artificial dialogue (not realistic normal conversation). Lots of exaggerated facial expressions & mannerisms.

5. Failed attempt at humor appropriate for teen education level. Lots of juvenile sex innuendo, and sarcasm.

6. Very self centered/promoting theme.

7. Series title says it all.

Jack & Yaya

Very Cheap
DVD lacked subtitles for the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired, and ESL viewers. Disrespectful & cheap on the part of the producers especially when audio & enunciation is poor. Also no menu or closing credits - nada, nothing.

Lots of just talking (supported by lots of photos & a few short home videos) of growing up wanting to trans sex identification transition. A few drag photos; a few family & friend interviews. There have been far better doc productions on this & related issues.

Werewolves Within

IFC Films cheap production per the usual first sign with overhead camera view of forest & car on road & isolated cabin in woods (of course). Wolfie drags victims, but all we see if upper torso (production cost saver) being dragged, but in it's favor it's part of the guessing game in this slightly humorous dark tale as to who the werewolf is amongst a group of people at this lodging. Most of the movie time is just talking. The only special effect (costumed wolfie) is the ending.

Jack Irish

Went? Nowhere! - Season 3
Really nothing I will remember in a week. The usual money missing from an undercover police drug bust. Cops being revenged killed by the son of someone convicted. Does Jack pull his life together & resolve his wife's killing? Lots of quick resolutions in four quick, lots of talking, episodes.

The Emperor's Sword

Another Chinese Historical Enhancement
The usual warrior w/swords extended & horse calvary charge with 1000s of arrows flying. Lots of CGI. The usual emperor uniting China (Qin Dynasty this time). An aside: You've got to wonder if Chinese censorship is all about historical self-promotion. Two swords signifying power are separated; when united they rule the world. An aside #2: Sounds like what China & Russia are aiming for now. After an attack on the Mengs by a baddie group (Zhao Gao) a young female, Menq Xue, is assigned to protect the Dingqin sword. Another, not realistic note, is all the street people are in clean, pressed, not torn clothing w/hair skin immaculately made up.


Not Good Storytelling
Artsy experimental film distracted from a potentially good story. Excessive flashbacks & confusingly tossing in brief bios of other people (not clear why). Plants suddenly growing on walls & ceilings, inside & outside - dumb. Poor flow to storyline. Excessive emphasis on making mistakes, and selfish behavior. Never got to know the characters or backgrounds. Ending - you decide.

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