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  • As non Thai but from South East Asian, before watching this I was only exposed to 3 types of Thai video Genre. 1. Thai Kick Boxing (Ong Bak), Ghost stories or inspiring/ funny advertisement. Thanks to Netflix for suggesting this. It was lazy Saturday afternoon when I start watching this and the 1st episode was hard to swallow and doesn't really grab me. The only thing that makes me stay watching was Ranee Campen. Halfway pass... the story, the acting, the scenes hooked me!. It's a nice rom-com set around the majestic Thai kingdom giving the historical aspect with the up to date flavour. Please...please.... expand the story so I can enjoy it for another year.....s
  • I remembered watching 1st episode of the older season almost 2 years ago & it didn't grab me. This current season pop up on my recommendation & probably due to my age & different settings in my life, different cast etc, this season does grab my attention. Just like any reality show, I think it really helps if the showcased individuals has charms & real personalities instead of fake persona. The producer does a good job so far for this current series. As the camera is not turned on 24/7 & the whole week is edited in 30 minutes, commentator helps bridge the gap on things that are not aired, activities on tweeter etc.

    While waiting for the next episode to arrive I actually ending up binging the previous seasons (as I wrote the netflix in the country where I lived aired until eps12 while in factual it's already at eps15) & googling about all the other seasons (there are 4 on Netflix), the good, the bad & the ugly. I managed to just read enough without spoiling it.

    Yes, it can be boring, yes it can be cheesy, feel scripted at some points, not intellectually challenging but it's entertaining without overly exaggerating. I'm entertained... so Netflix thank you for sponsoring this show.
  • I'm happy that this show popped up in my recommended section in Netflix. The story line was intriguing & so captivating that I finish all episodes in 2 nights. It's story telling is much different than Hollywood, yet if you enjoy drama in general, you will enjoy this. Scene by scene changes in an unpredictable way. You feel like you want to know more about its character stories and you are teased with clips of flashbacks, side stories etc. LOVE IT.
  • 17 January 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    I think this movie lies somewhere in the middle between most movie in the genre. It wants to be a funny, romantic movie yet the topic that it took is something where you expect to see naked girl most of the times. Guess what, you won't see skin (until the end & it's boobs without faces). Unfortunately it's not that funny either and you definitely can't ask a girl to see through this movie expecting her to feel the movie as the romance factor is about 0.

    One girl could change you, maybe. The acting however is NOT good at all. I just don't believe that Miles is such a Don Juan, his best friend Cleaver acts like some punk ass, Ben is such a nerd and X is a mechanic. X do looks cute though. The pace however is just too slow and change of event is too fast. Verdict, 5 out of 10. It has a promising beginning then slowed down to I almost quit it. Took me 2 days to finish the movie.
  • A strong sentence spoken by Norton in the movie. A magician efforts to achieve his objective. Full of illusion, what you see is not always true. A truly remarkable performance by Norton. Paul Giammati also performs very well in this movie as a character that was sort of in the middle of the fight between Norton and Rufus. Love, especially first love will stays with you and a promise made is a debt that will make you moves. Norton characters shows what a struggle he has gone through to repay the debt and come back to pay it. One of the best movie in 2006 that worth to be re-watched again. You won't guess what's going to happen next, a wonderful cinematography as well. You will enjoys it again & again. 9 out of 10.
  • I watch this movie when I was in my teen age on LD. I Loved this movie & I love Moira Kelly. She's so cute, attractive & pull out some act in this movie. It's a typical sport movie where they have to partner, work hard & win the competition in the end. The road to reach there, the struggle & the situation surrounding it is the one that makes it difference. It's a light hearted movie and I might be biased but ever since I watch this movie I wish I'll be able to skate. It's funny, it's witty, it shows that hard work will pay off in the end and you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and give everyone a chance and encourage them rather than shutting them off. 7 out of 10.
  • 15 January 2008
    Somehow I didn't find this movie to be That Hilarious. I know it's a teen movie, so I'm not expecting that much. I watch this only recently but I remember that this movie gets so much advertisement and I saw them on TVs almost any other day last year. Yet, after I watch it, I find it to be OK. There are a lot more better teen comedy movies out there. Am I entertained? yes to some extend but will I watch it again? NO. I think there's no re-watch value for this movie. The acting is not so bad, the chick factors are OK. Probably for Americans this movie is more closer to their hearts but for me, its just an OK movie. 6 out of 10.
  • I'm a Simpsons fans, I have watched S1 - S10 on DVD and I watch this movie when I was about to leave for vacation, awaiting for my plane early in the morning. I laugh my ass off and been re-watching it from time to time. It's a classic situation where Homer made a mistake & come back to his senses. Showing all of us that you might screwed but if you have a good heart in the end you know what you should do best. The movie is long enough but not too long to make it a waste of time. It's full of fun and great dialogs, typical of the Simpsons.

    9 out of 10. Biased, probably but you should watch the movie to judge for yourself.
  • I like Matthew Perry from his role in friends and who doesn't dig Liz Hurley sexy appearance & accent. The plot is simple & straight forward and you can foresee what would happen in the end. It's a classic situation where the victims will work together as a team to get back their common enemy. If you enjoy a simple movie, a good feel movie, Liz Hurley sex appeals & Matthew funny act, hen you would enjoy this. I watch this movie on VCD in 2002 and re-watch it again on DVD recently. The reason why I watched it earlier was because of Matthew Perry and the reason I re-watch it was an urge to remind me of what's this movie is all about. Yet, I think I have the same feeling both times. 5 out of 10.
  • Would someone please help me understand this movie. I don't get it & I don;t enjoys it. I like Ben Kingsley but from the start of the movie I don't get what that scene is all about and what's the story is all about. Probably because I'm not so esoteric or whatever inner feeling you should have to enjoy the movie but to me, I don't enjoy the movie at all. I fell asleep watching this the first time. The second time, I'm skipping it and stop at scenes where I thought I would like it, and I don't. It gets violent sometimes. Sorry, but this movie is not for everyone. 5 out of 10 because of Kingsley and the probability that I'm just too dumb to get the meaning of this movie.
  • I'm an ordinary people who enjoys watching movies almost all the time. I get this movie & start watching it. I enjoy the struggle of the 2 main gymnast character, especially after understanding that Jane was actually at the top of her Gymnast career that has to end abruptly after an accident at a competition & live her life as a housewife doing house to house massage service, yet still yearning to do what she loves. I didn't really enjoy the movie to tell you the truth, Dreya expression to me is flat throughout the movie and I didn't really get what's Addie's character trying to do. Not a movie for everyone 6 out of 10.
  • I don't really like this movie & I really like Horror Movies (Hostel, Saw, vacancy). The blood effects are OK but not that great. The chicks factors are OK but I need more skins :). The dialog is a bit strange and the pace of the movies is a bit slow to me and even jumpy.

    A typical storyline where a bunch of employees go to a company outing. I didn't buy that they are working for the same company. To me, the chemistry between them is not really there, it's not believable. Who haunt them & why is a bit cliché or even made up. I don't trust it, again not so believable. Yet, it's quite enjoyable. When you run out of your horror movies, put this on. I give it a good 6 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, let's start. The movie somehow catch me from the very beginning. Right at the moment when Jenna stir the chocolate & says things in her minds, it already captured me. I hope this going to be a good movie. I was wrong, this is a GREAT movie. Jenna struggles through her miserable life and her only way out is her pie.

    The thing that I thing is missing is that the film didn't elaborate more on how she got married in the first place and how her mama lived her life and passed away. The doctor's life was also not drilled deep enough to understand why he needs to have a fling.

    The film is all about Jenna and how little things around her change her life, her decision towards life. It's a bit cliché and I can sort of guess the ending, still I love this movie. Not so many crying moments, I even had more laughs. GREAT movie, must see.