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The Scots Detective

Highly entertaining
A highly entertaining and informative five part series on various aspects of Scottish history.

James Macpherson is wonderful as D.I. Scot - a modern day detective looking into a number of events and dastardly deeds which shaped Scotland. He's both a good interviewer in the more serious parts of the episodes, and amusing as the detective on the case!

He's assisted in his quest by some experts in the field and access to key sites and historical documents. There are also some dramatisations of events and characters from Scotland's past.

While many history documentaries can be a bit dry and academic this is anything but that. Highly recommended even if you're not a keen history buff! (but it would be a great resource for secondary school teachers - both on Scottish history and methodology in historical research)

Taggart: Death Trap
Episode 1, Season 18

A must see episode for any 'Taggart' fan
A 'history' with one of the key players in a case under investigation results in DCI Michael Jardine being removed from the case, much to his anger and the displeasure of the rest of the team. Michael, frustrated by the direction taken by his replacement, can't let go and goes about investigation of his own, earning him the wrath of the new man in charge and suspension. A shocking turn of events ends in a tragedy which will change 'Taggart' forever. Brilliant acting by James MacPherson, as always, and the rest of the cast, including Blythe Duff. A must see episode for any 'Taggart' fan ... with a warning to have the tissues on hand.

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