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I've got nothing against adaptations of Hamlet or films based on them, but this was utter rubbish. A waste of a half decent cast and simply cringeworthy.

The Big Sleep

I've watched this movie over and over in the last couple of weeks since I bought the DVD. It is the perfect film noir.

The screenplay is superb and crackles with some brilliant exchanges. There is an electricity between Bogart & Bacall, and all the supporting players are perfect.

It has a very complex plot - even Chandler himself couldn't account for one of the murders - watch it for the fantastic atmosphere and performances.

The DVD I have has 2 versions including some fascinating deleted scenes.

He qi dao

Why isn't this available?!
I saw this movie at the theater in 1974 and have been waiting to see it again ever since. It's surely one of the best of the Hong Kong movies of the period - one of the best martial arts movies ever! Why it isn't available on VHS or DVD I just don't know. I would love to have a copy.

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