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The Jackie Thomas Show

Another pre-mature death of a series
I wish they'd offer these shows on a DVD, cause I failed to tape them when they were on. This show was killed off way too quick. I think it went way above most peoples heads. I remember when they had the direct lead in from the Rosanne show, when Rosanne and Jackie went to see the Jackie Thomas Show.

Add this to the lisft of some of my favorite shows like, Life's Work, the Crictic, and Doctor Doctor, that didn't make it.

Paul McCartney Live in the New World

This is the version that should have been released on video
I remember when this show aired live, I am really glad I taped it. They used part of this concert in the video "Paul Is Live", they should have released this version instead. Paul does some great songs off his Off the Ground album. And if I am not mistaken this is the last concert footage of Paul on video that contains Linda. When they issued the Paul is live video, they switched too much between different footage from different shows, and they left out some of the best songs from the tour.

Life's Work

Deserved a longer run.
I have to agree with the previous reviewer. This show was probably one of the best shows made. I don't know why it did so poorly. Lisa, and Michael were a great team. The rest of the cast was awesome also. They had only scratched the surface, of the cast talents, then it was yanked off the air.

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