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Cross Wars

What a Joke!!
Just sat watching this today as there was not much else to watch, and thought ok its got some action in it at the beginning, so I'll give it a chance. But it was dreadful and just dragged on and on. The acting wasn't too bad... I've seen far worse, but no Oscars here... not even nominated!! The special effects were very amateurish, shoddy and substandard. This is more for young teens then adults. The touches of banter and attempts at humour was awful and flat. The relationships were so bad it was as if they were still reading from their scripts as there was no chemistry between anyone. Its baaaaad!!! .... don't bother watching it!

Rev Runs Around the World

Rev's Big Mouth Spoils the Show
My family and I have only watched a few of these. We have never heard of this guy, and have absolutely no idea who he is, and don't really want to know who he is either after watching 2 or 3 of his shows. While the trips and activities are really good and interesting, and Rev's family are a lovely sweet family, he himself makes me and my family cringe every time he opens his mouth. He's one of these big-mouth Americans, and spoils the whole show. He's embarrassingly loud; he yells, screams, screeches, barks, roars, hollers, bellows, and whoops!! He cannot go anywhere without making everyone know he is there. He comes across as a big-head, absolutely full of himself... but he's an absolute boor! My family and I can't watch anymore of his shows as he spoils it! He seems to be so determined that all eyes must be on him everywhere he goes. When he and his family are doing an activity like indoor skiing, he loudly whoops his head off again and all the other poor tourists and locals stop and stare at him... this is what he wants!! Doesn't he realise that they possibly have no idea who he is? And that maybe he's just ruined other peoples day out? Everybody else is considerate and reasonably quiet except him. Cannot and will not watch anymore of these shows! Somebody shut him up... PLEASE!!!

Are You There, Chelsea?

Disappointed, Flat and Unlaughable
Yawn!! Very disappointing comedy sitcom. There is nothing new written here just a lot of smutty corny jokes. It was flat and unlaughable.

Though I really like Laura Prepon and she was great in 'The 70's Show' she was not good in this. Whoever wrote this has no humour whatsoever!! Its disgusting and shaming to revert to toilet humour to try and get some laughs... they are NOT FUNNY at all. Its cheap, nasty, and badly written and acted.

And so fed up with seeing young women act like mindless bimbo's.

For goodness sake, keep this rubbish off the TV and give us something way better then filthy jokes.

The decor in her apartment was more interesting.

The World's End

Dreadful unfunny movie
My family and I usually love British comedy with their hilarious banter, puns, and one liners etc… but this was a load of utter rubbish! Someone wrote in their review of this as "It's satire in such a loving fashion that it comes across as infectiously charming." …that's a good review for Downtown Abby, but for something as gruesome, foul- mouthed, and twisted as this there was absolutely NOTHING AT ALL loving, infectious, or charming about it! It was flat, grisly, humorless, ridiculously stupid, and extremely boring! It was like a wet biscuit left in cold tea….Dreadful! Who writes such crap?? And the vulgar crudeness was far too much, why go to such foul-mouth filth??! That alone was enough to tarnish any positive thought that my family and I may have had about it. It just cheapened the whole movie and the actors. The only one I loved in it was Pierce Brosnan, now he WAS funny! but what a waste of talent!. His small part was better than all of the other actors. Otherwise, nothing funny about it at all. My family and I were waiting for the laughs but not even a smile from any of us. All we said to each other was "What a load of rubbish!". Many parts were quite horrific and sickening with the smashing and ripping off of heads… yeah, very loving and charming! Don't care if they were alien robots or not…. How is that supposed to be funny?? An absolutely bizarre pointless movie with far too much swearing, violence, gore and carnage in it to be laughable! Its written with the emotional immaturity of a 10yr old! I cannot comprehend people who love these kind of movies and can laugh all the way thru them… its abnormal and creepy. Very alarming that some people find this kind of movie as very entertaining! I give it the rating of 1 out of 10.

Santa's Summer House

ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL! Only for those who like their sweetness and light movies. What a load of 5th rate codswallop!! Who comes up with these kinda boring, teeth-grinding rubbish!?? Its so sloooooow, so corny, cheesy, and sooooo badly acted, scripted, and everything else inbetween. Santa and Mrs Claus are awful!! Far from any Santa and Mrs, anyone could imagine! So many movies are made like this one, dozens of cheapies every year ~ It just makes you want to barf!! I call them Christmas Goody Soapies for the Brain Dead!! Don't waste your precious time on this cr*p! These kind of movies should all go into a bin, pour petrol over them and set them alight, burn them to ashes for goodness sake... get rid of them!! Sooooo sad that money is spent on this visual diarrhea!

A.I. Assault

Cheap Badly Acted Movie
This was dreadful!! The plot wasn't even original, nothing unique about it at all. I could have written the plot and script better myself. It was bad acting too. And the robots were right out of War of the Worlds!! For goodness sake, is that all you could come up with?? Isn't there any law against plagiarism in Hollywood? Cannot understand why so many films are made with people shooting at a target that is obvious that no amount of bullets will make any difference whatsoever, not even a dent!! ... this seemed to be all they do in this movie, there were so many bullets fired at the dreaded robots and yet not one of them even made a small scratch on them, so why bother keep shooting and wasting so much ammunition??... its just pointless!! I was quite shocked to read that this was made in 2006 as I thought it fits the era of the 70's or 80's movie-making, at least then I would have been more sympathetic towards an old movie. I have seen worse, but still rated this with a one as that's where it belongs… right at the bottom of the barrel where all the other crappy 5th rate movies belong, all ready for burning! Rather curl up on a sofa with a cup of tea or coffee and read a good book!

Lark Rise to Candleford

What an absolute delight!
I have so enjoyed this period drama that its ending bought with it a touch of sadness that we don't live like this today.... what a shame! I do hope more of these kind of period drama's will be made for TV. I loved the characters and village life with its warmth, gentleness, and moments of laughter with its amusing anecdotes. The only thing I did not enjoy was Olivia Hallinan acting as the young Laura Timmins, I felt her acting was overdone as if she was trying too hard to portray an innocent gentle young girl of that era, but instead she seemed to come across as quite conceited, as if she had an excessive estimate of her own importance. There were many times while walking with a friend or young man in some scenes that she had this odd trait of slightly shaking her head from side to side which looked ridiculous and she spoke to some people as if they were children not adults, she spoke down to them like teacher to pupil when she is just such a young girl herself in the role she played. I really think someone else should have played her part. But besides that this series was beautiful, it charmed and enthralled me, wishing I could enter into its world forever… away from all the harshness and ugliness of today. I loved the sleepy village scenes and countryside. Its so wonderful and refreshing to feel better and uplifted in myself and my day after each episode compared to the many depressing movies and other series that leave you down and sad for days. Its like sitting down in your favourite armchair, wearing your most comfortable slippers by an open fire, and drinking a very welcome cup of tea…. Absolutely delightful!! PLEASE BBC…. Give us more…. And more….. :o)

The Lunatic

Absolute Hogwash!!
What a load of crap!!This movie was so DREADFUL that we switched it off after 15 painful minutes!! And it is so 'NOT' funny!! Its as boring as hell!! Extremely bad acting... just a cheap 5th rate movie!! Watching grass grow is more interesting! How on earth this got a 6.6 rating I don't know? It should be a 1.1 rating! The German woman in it looks like a large man in drag! PLEASE don't watch this! And those who say its very funny don't have much of a life. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!! What a waste of me and my family's time. Why I have to waste 10 lines of text just for this review to be published here is ridiculous. They should have kept this in Jamaica only, as it seems to amuse them there.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Loved It! Beautifully Put Together!
I loved this film. I usually dislike teen movies and generally avoid them, as I find them too shallow, tedious, repetitive of so many other teen movies, and boringly uninspiring beyond belief. Most are either badly acted, or directed, or bad script writing, or a little of each. Usually the teens have no respect, too much say and authority over their parents and other adults, are narcissistic and cause havoc wherever they go. This teen movie was different. It was beautifully well written, and directed. Beautifully acted. I was astonished by Emma Watsons acting abilities as I was never a fan. She is someone to watch as she matures more. I believe she will make an even bigger impact. But what I liked so much about this movie is the way the relationships flowed and blended so well together. I kept analyzing and thinking about it to find the right words and all I could think of is that it was like a beautiful slow gentle waltz. They embraced each other, comforted, strengthened, and upheld one another thru their own personal teen trials and heartaches that they were trying to overcome, so that eventually, one day, they would become responsible mature adults and accountable for their lives. It was sad at times but not darkly depressing. Their enthusiasm and joy for life bought you out of that. It was inspiring in a gentle way that gave you hope. And I just loved their joy. They had struggles in all areas that I so related to from my own teen years that most parents and adults don't want to see or hear about… the drugs, sex, music, abuse, death, suicide, smoking, drinking, wanting and needing acceptance, times of loneliness, feelings of being an outcast and often a wallflower, and being misunderstood, making new friends, and enemies, which are usually bullies from inside and outside school life…. all very real in my teen days ~ and I'm now in my 50s! But I have to say again, it was beautifully put together, it flowed and blended so well. It said it all without going into dark, deep, graphic details. You could really feel their friendship. It was emotional without being sentimental. It wasn't shallow or demeaning. They had empathy, compassion, and a healthy, respectful love for one another. And it gave hope as each one healed and grew wings, finding their first steps on a journey to their future and adulthood. Yes, this teen movie was different. It held my attention from beginning to end. It touched my heart, moved my feelings, and reminded me of my own past teen-life. When it ended I sobbed. Not with sadness, but with hope! This is one movie I would recommend my teenagers to watch as I think its sensitive and inoffensive ~ if they are struggling to come thru their teens this movie could help to give some of them assurance and hope ~ a hopeful expectancy of good things for their future.


Whoever put this together was on crack... sniffing something they shouldn't...
What a load of senseless diabolical rubbish!! It was visual and verbal diarrhea.... I cannot believe this excuse of a movie had so many great actors in??!!! Why they personally chose to act in it is beyond my comprehension!!? Were they that hard up and so desperate??!! How can this be classed as artistic??!! It is NOT creative, imaginative, or inventive at all. Its as if you were looking into the mind of someone who is insane and on heroin!! TERRIBLE! AWFUL! BEYOND STUPIDITY! And absolutely Absurd! Its very depressing... it should be flushed down the Country Seat! I cannot believe I wasted my time watching this as there was no storyline or plot that made any sense at all.

The Three Stooges

Movie for Kiddies Parties!!!
I agree with those who say it SUCKED and it was NOT FUNNY AT ALL!! ... it was the most boring and unfunny movie ever!! In fact it was just too ridiculous and very flat. It was like they were trying too hard to make it hilariously laughable, but it ended up being childishly stupid! I love Sean Hayes, he's a great actor but can't understand why he took on a rubbish role in this idiotic slap-stick?? Those who say it was funny have something missing upstairs as its only laughable to half-wits and the brain-dead or were smoking something they shouldn't. There were five of us watching this movie and the comments from all of us were the same "WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH!!"... "WHO ON EARTH PUT MONEY INTO MAKING CR*P LIKE THIS"... not one of us laughed! It was more like a movie put together quickly for little children with three circus clowns, minus the make-up! ...funny for kid's but really painfully unfunny for adults! It should be hired out for tiny tots parties... they will love it!

The Great Lie

Love the Old Movie's...
I must confess I love the old movies ... love the glamour and drama! The dialogue and acting may be bad, but there is still something enchanting about them all... maybe its just the deep respect and awe I have for all the old Hollywood movie stars, after all we would not have the great actors and movies we have today if it had not been for the great stars of yesterday! Love Bette Davis, love the expressions on her face. This is a good old black & white movie that I enjoyed. When you want to watch something completely different with over-the-top drama & acting, something a little more innocent & gentle then the violent movies of today, then curl up on your most comfortable chair or sofa, with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy.

I did have a good giggle to myself tho, as here in South Africa they have rated this movie from 1941 as '18'.... can u believe it!! WOW!! I wonder what kind of old movie it would be that they rate for '13'?? LOL!

Season of the Witch

Horror movie not an adventure movie
I enjoy most adventure movies especially if they have some of my favourite actors in and Nicolas Cage is one of them. My whole family and I are not fans of horror in anyway, so when we began to watch this one as its classed as an Adventure here in South Africa, we thought it would be entertaining for the whole family and we were looking forward to a Friday night entertainment at home. But instead we found it frightening and sickening! We could not even get a quarter of the way thru it so with great disappointment we turned it off! This should be classed as a 'HORROR', this is no adventure movie at all. Its extremely violent, extremely gory, depressively dark and full of the supernatural with evil ugly witches and demons and demonic power. So be warned those who 'do not' like horror movies as this is one. All the info we have on the movie here just says, "During the Black Plague two Crusaders are ordered to take a witch to a monastery. The monks believe this woman caused the disease and that only she can stop it." There is 'NOTHING' to warn a family that this is violent, gory, or even a Horror movie, it just says 'Adventure', and usually adventures are for the whole family to watch and for those who really dislike sick violent horror movies!


Dark, depressing, rubbish!!
Dark, depressing, boring, psychological CR_P!! Goths and weirdo's will love it! Cannot believe the British spent money on this drivel!! Got half way thru and turned it OFF!! I would rather watch paint dry! Its absolute nonsense and makes no sense whatsoever! I nearly wanted to take a razor and slice my own wrists.... for goodness sake it seems like a whole bunch of people were on Valium and Prozac when they came up with this...put your money into making something interesting, as I know the Brits can, but many times they are producing some incredible dark and depressing and vulgar rubbish!! And I'm not wasting my time on any more on a review for it.... its a complete flop!!

London Boulevard

Great Actors.... but shocking foul language of the worst type!!
This film has some great actors... one of them Colin Farrell. Even tho I know it tried to portray the London underground as it really is... full of sleazy, foul-mouthed, cold-hearted, deeply immoral and mentally disturbed hardened criminals... it still was too shocking to watch and listen to. The language was so extreme in its lowest forms that we turned it off within 15-20 minutes. Every 2nd to 3rd word in every sentence was so explicit that it just completely turned us off to continue watching any more. And anyone who thinks this was a great movie must be used to this kind of bad language every day and using it themselves too. And Keira Knightley just did not fit the character she was playing, her very posh English accent trying hard to be coarse in her attempt at bad language was very odd indeed and laughable. Anybody who has ever said in disgust to someone "Please STOP!!, thats TOO MUCH information for me!!" Then this is the advise I and my family would give to anyone who finds gutter-language too much for them. There should be a warning on these types of movies that the language is explicit for those who DON'T want to hear this kind of dialogue {english form}, in their homes. Great actors.....wrong movie! Very disappointing and a waste of our money for our evening entertainment!

Pride & Prejudice

Wonderful period drama
I loved this with Keira Knightley. Very well acted and the period costumes are so lovely and elegant. Has a little of everything in with the romance and drama. Hope even more will be made for the future as I just so love period drama's, watch everyone of them and never been disappointed. Its just a shame that some people somewhere in the TV departments here in South Africa are often very ignorant of the genre of movies and very misinformed as they have classed this one as a 'Comedy'....can u believe it?! They need an education in the meaning and understanding of the different lives, morals and culture of these era's, as obviously they have no idea at all about this time period....very sad actually, as they have totally missed the lovely quirkiness and gentleness of those times.

One Night with the King

Extremely Disappointing - Cheesy Bollywoodish Romance
My husband and I were so looking forward to this movie after hearing such incredible praise and reviews from TBN...it was such a disappointment!!! we could not believe why so many people on TBN had highly praised this film! It was so poorly acted, more on the side of Bollywood type B movies. The acting was bad and dialogue atrocious. Its an insult to the true courage and nature of Esther and what she did for the Jewish nation. And, as usual, all the biblical stories that are made into movies, not one of them tell the whole truth but rather do what Hollywood does...using poetic license, to the detriment of historical fact, which is what should have been really portrayed to bring across the true story of Esther for Christians and especially for the secular society. It could have been a very good medium to draw unbelievers into the Kingdom of God, but sadly this will not happen when they realise how disjointed and confusing the story line is. We will not be buying this DVD and will be very weary of TBN's future recommendations.


This was one of those movies that are made on a cheap budget with bad actors and bad dialogue. My husband and I made some coffee, curled up on the couch, and looked forward to a good movie. Well, what a disappointment!!! We know that the movie 'Killer Tomatoes' was the worst movie ever made ~ well this we voted as the 2nd worst movie ever made!! The acting was appalling, the dialogue was really corny and cheesy, in fact we could have written the script better ourselves. We cannot believe this was only made in 2008 ~ how did it pass as a movie? We have seen better old black and white movies that are still entertaining, but this 2008 movie 'Warbirds' was not entertaining at all. Very weak indeed!

Love Comes Softly

Loved it! Beautifully Moving Story.
I love this movie!! Never read any of the books or even heard of the author. I'm usually not a person for romantic movies and I don't even read romantic novels, not one for Little 'House on the Prairie' either (thats kids stuff!!), but when I decided to watch this one it touched my heart deeply. I have watched it 4 times since then and only just found out that there are sequels to this movie!! So now I'm in the process of purchasing all the movies that follow on from this one. {UPDATE: Found all the other sequels not very good and a great disappointment. Cannot remember the actress who played the grown-up of the little girl by Dakota Fanning.... but the adult actress was really awful! Very bad acting, and in the other sequels! She spoilt the whole series! I will just stick to this one!}

Great acting from all and love Dale Midkiff. Just love his character where he puts God first in his life. Soooooo want to see him in more movies like this - he's a sexy guy!! (I think so anyway!):o) I thought the story was excellent and such a change from all the filth that movies are filled with today violence, swearing, murders, serial killers. AND those endless court cases, BOY!! give us a break!!. Hope more movies are produced like this one as I'm hooked! Love the title and the whole meaning of it.

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