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The Bye Bye Man

Wasn't as bad as people say
Im very picky when it comes to horror movies... I hate movies like paranormal activity and Annabelle. This movie was just fine to watch at home. The acting is off yes but its more realistic to how real people act than how most movies portray. Needless to say real people don't behave like they do in movies so this one is a nice change.

I also loved the fact that this movie was about teenagers but didn't include them having sex, getting drunk or party all the time... It was a pleasant change to watch a movie about decent teens.

Young Adult

Highlights her acting skills only.
this movie highlighted Charlize Therons great acting skills so ill give her that but as far as the plot and script go it was pretty boring.

the entire movie she was running around her home town,getting close to a gay guy and a married man she wanted which all ended up exploding at the end in a really fast matter including an odd sex scene with the gay guy which was a given scene to happen when they first met at the bar.

overall to think that so much drama was made of her "acting like a child" it wasn't that much drama at all...everything went fast and smooth and it compared nothing to her 'Monster' role in 2003...

also being hyped as a partly comedy it wasn't funny at all in fact,not once i heard anyone in the theater laugh.

as far as 'an adult being childish' goes her character wasn't as childish or immature ,she was more confused and careless until the very end.

the end of the movie itself wasn't any different from the beginning everyones private story stayed the same,everyone kept their problems and it didn't feel like anything changed at all.


That wasn't horror!
as someone who watched top 20 horror films of each year from the past 14 years i can easily say that this movie will go to the lame category that bows the king of trash horrors - 'Paranormal Activity'.

i usually don't fall asleep duting movies but i had to and i missed nothing good. the entire plot was all that bible,angles,devils and evil numbers kind of thing that became common during the past few years but i must say it wasn't scary at all and actually boring if you compare it to movies of the same ganre of horror like 'The Omen'.

so unless you have the time on your hands and you like second class movies, don't watch it.

Puss in Boots

Very cool movie to watch !
'Puss in boots' actually wasn't that bad of a movie like i thought it would be from the trailer they showed on TV. they were more focused on the fact that its a cat who other cat fall in love with then the fact the movie has an actual plot and its not about the cat being a womanizer or something like that. its also in some aspects follows events from the actually tale which reminded me half way through that Puss In Boots is actually a tale and not a character invented by Dreamworks.

the 3D offcours was awesome and in many parts of the movie you feel like dancing to the music thats playing or just staring at these interesting characters and the sounds they make.

not so much as the best cartoon even but its definatelly watchable and i cant wait for the sequel !

Jack and Jill

an amazing and fun movie to watch !
if you've seen the trailer you know that you are not going to see anything complicated or academy awards worthy.

i also watched ' A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas' and for the rating of 7.0 it got it was horrible which made me assume people just like dark humor and sex jokes which are not even funny...

well 'Jack & Jill' is family friendly and had me laughing at many points unlike many other films.

i don't like Adam and i don't like most of his films but this one was awesome and i actually like the way he played in drag.

go watch it!

The Last Airbender

Great Movie !
i don't know what people want we live in 2010 there's no new or special stuff anymore regarding everything related to movies why do you spend time on things that you know you will hate ? its not like you haven't seen the trailer before you went with it. I'm still shocked people liked "avater" by James Cameron because it was the worst movie in history ! anyway i liked the last air bender a lot great effects great team great sound great 3d and cant wait for second movie :D some people can thank these kind of movies for spending the money on effects in such a well manner ! that is the only way we enjoy fun movies and not black and white like its 100 years ago ! if its not your job to be a critic then go to a movie,watch it and enjoy it you don't have to take crap on everything.

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