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Triple Frontier

Entertaining despite flaws
Visually stunning, I'll generally watch most movies featuring mountain peaks and jungles with some kind of story. Some of elements of the film were a bit questionable. The cast did a pretty good job despite some unrealistic dialogue. Combined with a checked-out, low-energy Ben Affleck, who might need another visit to rehab, cast as the guy who's supposed to be a pro and know what he's doing, the viewer can't completely immerse themselves into the movie. The other actors gave passable performances with occasionally ludicrous lines (not their fault). Given all the production issues, it's still great that this film was made because the visuals and action sequences alone were entertaining.

Alita: Battle Angel

Fun sci-fi with well-written characters !!
The design and characters are awesome. Rosa becomes Alita, giving a spectacular performance that was made for her. The supporting cast and he action sequences are well done and Robert Rodriguez directs the hell out of this awesome film. Entertaining and touching throughout, one easily follows and enjoys the story. Highly recommended !!


Horrible characters, technically cool Duel shots
Did they seriously use the same stretch of road over and over? At first I thought they were unintentionally driving in circles/loops like a Outer Limits or Twilight Zone or Children of the Corn scenario, but then it's so obvious it takes you out of the film.

The characters and dialogue were horrible. They stiffed the diner and the second gas station by not paying their bill. Acting like bimbos. The blonde girl did what you're not supposed to do when getting pulled over. Jumping out of the car and moving towards the officer shrieking hysterically?

DUEL was good because of the action telling the story and advancing the plot, creating suspense and tension. This is a failed homage to that film.


Stupidest character ever
Anna makes all the wrong decisions motivated by what? Sheer stupidity? Her acting is so bad, it's cringeworthy. The rest of the cast seem to make reasonable decisions considering the circumstances, but Anna does everything against her own self-interest. Not believable and oh so forced. Pretty much a movie showing her fake breasts and showcasing her laughably-written joke of a character.

Into the Blue

Fun movie with great diving footage
It may have a silly plot but this movie can always be counted on to put a smile on my face. Great locations, casting, and legit suspense at the end. Paul Walker and Jessica Alba actually flesh out their characters enough so that you care what happens to them.

On the Basis of Sex

Felicity Jones gives an impressive performance
She's so good in this movie and brings the character of RBG. Lots that I didn't know about her early life, academic, social, personal, and Felicity Jones brought the character to life. Highly recommend this film.

La fille du puisatier

Excellent and faithful adaptation of the Marcel Pagnol classic !! Highly recommended !!
Daniel Auteuil is one of my favorite actors... in the world.

I rented this film earlier tonight from Video Futur, a French movie rental chain, after missing it at the cinéma. My girlfriend and I just finished watching it. Wow.

It's fantastic !!! Of course, you should start with the Marcel Pagnol classics like Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources. Read the books, watch the films, fall in love with the south of France. If you're already familiar with the works of Pagnol, you can jump right in and enjoy. Heck, even if you're not familiar with them, watch this film anyway.

In my opinion, Provence is the most beautiful place in France, and possibly the world. Pagnol used real locations in Provence, including Aubagne, Salon, and other locales as the settings for his best dramas.

This is no exception. La fille du puisatier (English: The welldigger's daughter) is a well-crafted story that I believe Americans, and cinema fans all over the world, will enjoy. The film is an excellent and faithful adaptation of Pagnol's original story, and the actors' performances elevate this film to the highest level.

Auteuil, along with co-stars Kad Merad and Jean-Pierre Darroussin knock this thing out of the park. I remember Merad and Darroussin from other films, including L'immortel (English: 22 bullets), but this takes the cake.

This is not to take away from the amazing performances of the daughter in the title, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey as Patricia Amoretti, as well as the solid performance of Emilie Cazenave as her sister Amanda.

All in all, great acting, great writing (based on an already-good story) and beautiful cinematography, made for a completely enjoyable viewing experience, at least for us.

I hope this comes out soon in the US so that American audiences can see for themselves.

I remember seeing Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources (English: Manon of the spring) in my high school French class. My teacher was nice enough to share some French movies with us. Decades later, I'm lucky enough to be living in France, putting all those French lessons to good use, enjoying Pagnol again, and dreaming, everyday, about moving back to the Provence.

Propriété interdite

And the point is?
Inevitably, some pretentious hipster film critic will gush over this film.

Hint: Don't fall for it.

I left the theater grumbling, "This was the worst film I've seen in a long time".

At some point the writer gets lost. Is it a ghost story? Is it about a woman breaking down after the death of her brother? Is it something else?

A couple move into the country, into a house formerly occupied by the wife's brother. Blood stains on the ceiling and floor, along with plenty of photos of the young brother playing with guns leave nothing to the imagination. Brother is dead and gone, but the sister is still living in denial.

She calls and texts his cell phone and clings and watches as lights flicker and interprets this as her brother coming back. Is the house haunted with the spirit of her dead brother?

The plot keeps unfolding and there are a few spots of decent acting, but the abrupt random turns keep you wondering where the writer is going with all of this. Save your money and skip this one.

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