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  • Sometimes you want to watch a film, not to hugely stimulate the mind but to stimulate the heart and this one did it for me. The romantic concept was a familiar one of boy and girl meet but don't seem to get together and they become 'friends' but when they do strife comes of it. The ending may have been predictable but it was uplifting and very sweet and even though it's just a film you come out feeling optimistic that maybe happy endings do exist.
  • If you are interested in animals, I implore you to watch this show. The hosts, Australin Steve Irwin and his American wife, Terri have such an intensity and passion about animals and animal conservation that even reptiles like snakes, previously though of as scary and slimy, really do seem slightly 'gorgeous'! They really are amazing people and a credit to the animal-loving society, if you love animals you'll love this show.