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Great film. Can't wait to see it again.
Just watched this and was blown away, not sure when it is coming to cinema but can't wait to see it again.

There are not many well-known names in the cast but seems to have found the best of the British talent not yet ruined by Hollywood.

The initial story is about a factory worker called Danny who is down on his luck and close to suicide, he is recently divorced and even his kids start to see his weaknesses.

When he starts to involve himself with some new friends at a boxing gym, who work as club doorman, and explores new relationships with people he can trust, his life starts to improve.

With his new found lifestyle other stories start to evolve. Sparky is finding it hard to resist the pressure and the money coming from the local gangland boss Hennessey. Rob is on a crusade of removing the club of Hennessey's drug pushers and Louis, the head doorman tries to keep them in toe including his new found protégé Danny.

I was not old enough to remember the eighties but the film felt embroiled with fashion and music that seemed to show the culture of the time.

There are not many films I can remember getting goose bumps but I was effected several times throughout this film, which is even more surprising considering its genre.

I have just checked out the films website and there is a trailer, so have a look.

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