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Funny but unsure of concept
A group of adult men dress as children in a classroom and each episode a new group of students join them for fun and mayhem. I must admit to enjoying many of the fun games and mayhem of each episode although I think each episode is over long and becomes plodding at times. I think more knowledge of the people starring in the show is beneficial because apparently it is highly critical of the previous behaviour of them. My discomfort comes as the an adult dressing up as a schoolgirl or schoolboy blurs the boundaries between adult and child and a school uniform should be the ultimate signal of sexual unavailability.


Pain is the essence of life
A young man whilst trying to prevent a suicide ends up in a coma where his existence hangs between life and death. In this state he joins two grim reapers who head a risk management team who's role in the afterlife is to deter living people from taking their own life's. It is a very well acted series by the entire cast and although the main topic is suicide it overall handles it in a sensitive manner. The writing and pacing are very good and it covers a large demographic with subjects such as "comfort women" and trolling of modern day stars. It is very moving at times and hopefully will make some people realise that their actions can have a real bearing on others lives.

Our Blues

They're too caught up in life
The story revolves around a group of inhabitants on Jeju Island who either work in the market or are Haenyeo (female divers who dive for molluscs) The stories often interconnect as all the people are friends from youth or know each other's history from living in a small community. It has entertaining stories dealing with the love, life and death of people within the group and holds your attention over the twenty episodes. The flashbacks of the characters are enjoyable explaining their links from youth and care was obviously taken in picking young actors who resembled the adult version of them. The quality of the acting from the entire cast in all the age groups was top class and often very moving so prepare to shed a few tears.


A liar is best at lying to themselves
An historical drama with an original twist, the twist is that a modern day chef following an accident inhabits the body of a queen during the Joseon period. The story is the usual court intrigue with good performances from the entire cast, but what sets this apart is the acting of Shin Hae Sun who plays Kim So- yong the queen who's body is inhabited by the chef. The crazy erratic behaviour of the queen holds your attention and makes this implausible plot not only believable but very enjoyable. My only criticism would be it is slow at times but I would definitely recommend it just for the tour de force performance of the lead.

Green Mothers Club

All of our kids are equal and precious
The series is about a group of mothers some of who have a past with each other trying to make sure their gifted children shine in the local school. As the story unfolds it becomes darker, as all is not what it seems, and the unsavoury back story of some of the characters come to light. It is a well acted drama and the development of the characters was interesting but it seemed to fall short overall. I think because it had so many side stories it was difficult to become engaged as their was no real depth to individual cases and the plot often felt hurried to conclude a storyline.

Naui Haebangilji

Every relationship feels like work
The story of three siblings, two women and a man who live with their parents in a rural location and have a long commute each day to their work in Seoul. It is vey slow paced and shows the daily monotony of their lives and their search for love. It is interesting and each character displays their innermost thoughts and their words and dialogue are thoughtful and meaningful. I appreciate a slow paced movie but as this series lasts sixteen episodes, even with the great acting I struggled with the slow progress and did want it to hurry along in parts.


Annara Sumanara
A student with an unfortunate life runs into a strangely dressed man who asks her "do you believe in magic" and from that moment his interactions with helps her take a better view on life. A well acted drama with some very lovely songs and I gave it an extra point as it has a cover of Knee by iu which I think captures the essence of the series in as we grow older we long to return to the moments of peace far away from the adult world we are entering. Only six episodes and a little hurried at the end but still enchanting and worth a watch.


I learnt the Korean word makjang in watching this series which means "to take things too far" and the screenwriters and characters all do. The only individual in the whole series who is likeable is murdered at an exclusive penthouse and the other residents cover up the incident. Not a single person has any real redeeming qualities in a world where all children are bullies and all adults will go to any extremes for them and their positions. Having said that it is entertaining enough to hold your attention in what crazy twist is coming next and the operatic music makes an interesting change.


Is revenge justice ?
A team of people who all work at a taxi company deliver their interpretation of justice to criminals who evade or circumvent the law. They are all also associated with bluebird which is a charitable organisation helping people who have lost someone through crimes. As the series progresses and they dish out justice their back stories are introduced explaining why they have chosen this way of life. Running through the series is an upright public prosecutor who suspects their involvement in crimes and abductions and wants to bring them to justice. The stories are interesting but like many of this type of series I find the unrelenting darkness of the criminals who become more evil in every new episode too depressing. Well acted by the full cast but needed some lighter moments as 16 episodes of madmen, murder and revenge is a tad much.

W - Du gaeui segye

She is the key to my life
A popular manga called W is the other world in this series. The daughter of the writer is drawn into this world and suddenly the stories begin to write themselves and her father can no longer influence the storyline. A clever premise that gets a little confusing and busy at the end with all the parallel worlds interactions. It is well acted by the cast and has some interesting twists and turns but there was too much attention on the plot as opposed to character development of the characters.

A Business Proposal

They both have no limit
A girl working in a food development department for a large company agrees to go on a blind date in place of a wealthy friend. On the date she misbehaves in order for him to reject her, what she does not realise is the man she meets is the heir to the company. It is a romantic comedy which has some laugh out loud moments particularly the first encounter of the stars Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Se-jeong who in their interactions are very believable. There is also a second romantic couple played by Seol In-ah and Kim Min-kyu who have a different vibe but their story is also enchanting. The rest of the cast are superb with many lighthearted moments in there interactions with each other and the leads. An easy viewing lighthearted drama spread over 12 episodes which will lift your spirits and make you smile.


Turtle Rabbit Kim is excellent
Taking into account Jisoo took a serious role for her first acting venture I am amazed at how good she performs in this drama. The rest of the cast also do a sterling job particularly Kim Hye-yon, Jung Hae-in and Yoo In-na in this story of North Korean spies holding the occupants of a South Korean girls boarding school hostage in the late 80's. At that time in Korea there were pro democracy demonstrations by students which were brutally put down by arrest and torture and many individuals were accused of being communist spies. The series caused controversy in Korea before it was aired when hundreds of thousands of people called for it to be pulled, mainly due to the fact they believed it may distort recent history.

In the series the corrupt politicians in the North and South have no regard to the fates of the their people in the hostage situation and are more concerned with money and power. It was an interesting storyline with some great characters and the romantic element was well portrayed by the leads. I would have scored it higher if it was more concise and less drawn out probably by as much as a third as I find it hard to believe anyone who watched it did not fast forward at some point.

Forecasting Love and Weather

Outlook stormy
An interesting idea about a national weather service and the relationships of the staff within it. Each episode reflects on a type of weather phenomenon and translates that into the human interactions that mirror the weather. The main romance is between the director and a slightly younger but very smart junior, but other members of the team are also included. It is well acted and you will walk away from it more aware of the difficulties predicting the weather, but for me I was not really drawn into the overall story.

Twenty Five Twenty One

So I got to smile today
A young girl tired of learning ballet and angry with her mother goes to stay with her grandmother and whilst there she begins to read her mothers diaries from her youth. Her mother was a successful fencer who competed in the olympics and the main core of the series is her mothers rise and her relationships with those around her. It is an interesting story where whilst pursuing her fencing career she is estranged from her mother and is attracted to a man four years her senior who's parents have gone bankrupt and he is struggling both financially and emotionally. Initially they help each other as friends and provide each other strength and support for them both to do well but overtime the feelings become much deeper. Lots of interesting side characters and the secondary story of the daughter realising the struggles and heartbreak her mother went through is well done as most children forget that their parents were once young and irresponsible. A really enjoyable series which is well directed paced and superbly acted by the entire cast.


We started out as three
Thirty nine is the age of three friends of over twenty years who have to come to terms with the terminal illness of one of them. The series starts with the funeral and the twelve episodes lead up to that point and the aftermath with flashbacks of the trios first meeting and their interaction over the years. We also learn the backstory to all three characters and there romantic lives. It is superbly acted and the casting director deserves praise as you can clearly see who the younger actors are representing in their youth. It is maudlin at times but is also quite positive in the way these peoples friendship can overcome and survive any obstacle. Superbly acted by the entire cast and gently paced, but be warned it will pull at the heart strings and make you cry quite a lot.

Yong Pal

Until he calls my name
A surgeon has an illegal sideline of operating on criminals away from hospitals and the police, he is not a bad man but does this to pay for his sisters treatment whilst she waits for a kidney transplant. Corrupt managers at the hospital find out his sideline and use his talents to cover up the wrongdoings of their rich clientele. Whilst working for them he discovers a shocking secret about a comatose rich heiress being isolated on the top executive floor of the hospital. It is a series with an interesting plot and is well acted particularly by the female cast but sadly would have benefitted from fewer episodes. Worth a watch though I felt the plot moved either too slow or too quick, but could have been much better with more action and romance and less needless twists and turns.

Minyeo Gongsimi

I can't bloom
A girl overshadowed by her sister and overlooked by her family suffers from alopecia due to the stress and wears a bob shaped wig to conceal this fact. She rents her rooftop apartment above her parents house to an unconventional lawyer who at first she believes is a gangster. This is the set up for the romance side of this series but along the way we have a love triangle, a jealous sister, kidnapping and attempted murder. A light hearted romantic comedy superbly acted by the cast particularly Minah (Girls Day) who plays Gong Shim the girl with a wig whose voice and diction I find attractive. May have benefitted from being condensed a little but overall an enchanting series.

Maendorong Ttottos

Seohyun shines
A lady down on her luck ends up on Jeju island where she inadvertently becomes the owner of a decrepit house, next door to a restaurant called "warm and cozy" which is run by a spoiled rich kid squandering his days. One of the stars of the series is the Island itself but the main star is the female lead Seohyun from Girls Generation who puts in a superb performance. The series is ok but they probably made the male lead too much of a jerk for any sane person to put up with and I found the secondary romance involving his elder brother more enjoyable. It may have benefited from being condensed a little or expansion of the storyline of some of the interesting side characters such as the mayor who was very entertaining.

Ildan Ddeugeobge Chungsohara

Cleanliness is next to godliness
A cleaning company Ceo suffers from mysophobia and has his car run into by a young lady pulling a cart of rubbish. This is their first meeting but from this a relationship begins to grow and she ends up working for him and even though she is unkempt and a messy eater his feelings towards her grow. What neither realise is that they had met when they were children but events which took place later in their lives will cause a major rift. An enjoyable romantic drama which even though it is predictable is well acted by the entire cast, particularly the romantic leads.

Koi no tsuki

Expiration date
A thirty two year old woman stuck in a mundane relationship begins an affair with a fifteen year old boy. The drama raises the question that if two people love each other does it matter. Even though the boy looks older then fifteen I still found it uncomfortable to watch, although it does show well the different outlooks on life each one has at their different ages. It is well acted and it is unusual to show a woman as the predator as opposed to men chasing schoolgirls.

1,000,000 yen no Onnatachi

Not afraid to die
Five women move into an unsuccessful writers home, no one including the writer knows who is behind the set up. The rules are they must pay one million yen a month and ask no questions and the novelist must not enter their rooms. An interesting plot based on a manga where we learn over twelve episodes who is behind the idea and how it eventually leads to tragedy. Well acted with a strong female cast and even though the story is far fetched it holds your attention through every episode as the individual characters back stories are revealed.

Channeru wa sono mama!

I lied about my weight
A kooky girl is employed by a tv station as a trainee, what confuses her fellow internees is how somebody so dumb could get a job alongside them. Over time though they come to appreciate her big heart and upbeat approach to life which win them over and also all the people she interacts with. A short lighthearted series which also gives insight into the workings of a tv station. It is based on a manga and well acted with a particular mention to Kyoko Yoshine who captures your heart as the ditzy trainee Hanako.

Juvenile Justice

Is justice always served ?
The series is about the cases of a judge in a juvenile court who detests young offenders due to events in her past. It is well acted with the background to each case and then the procedures where justice is supposedly served. It has interesting cases but I found it a depressing watch as there was no levity in any of the episodes just poor parents, abused children and horrible events. An interesting series with a strong central character but very little development on the histories of the rest of the cast and lots of information about the workings of the juvenile justice system.


The nicest zombie ever
In a world where the powerful are Gods and demons a human is born to save the world. Really enjoyable fantasy drama which I would mark as 8.5 with a great mix of monsters romance, bromance and comedy. A great supporting cast with interesting stories of their own and the nicest zombie ever who keeps apologising for the smell of her rotting body. A well written story over 20 episodes in which all the actors do a sterling job and on occasions it is laugh out loud funny.

Love and Leashes

BDSM infomercial
A new office worker who was rejected by his last girlfriend for being a pervert starts a master servant relationship with his coworker. The movie gives an oversight into the world of BDSM with a story mainly about the lead female initially being uncomfortable with the experience but slowly growing into her role. There is a voiceover explaining the terminology but as the movie concentrates on this aspect and there is no real character development I just found it not that interesting. Actors put in reasonable performances with the odd amusing moment.

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