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Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

You'll laugh and you'll cry !!
It has been added to my version of the Indian classics.Parinda,Lamhe,1942 A Love Story,Dil Chahta Hai,Kaante,Shool,Satya,and now Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.(Forgive me if I am forgetting some great movies).I myself am a student of medicine and though its so unrealistic and atmosphere and so melodramatic a storyline but for once I don't care if it is.The dialogues have been written by some wizard.It was really good to see V.V.Chopras name in the writing credits.Sanjay Dutt was at his killer best and the rest were there to supplement him.And they supported big time from Arshad Warsi to Boman Irani to Gracy Singh.I Don't know whether I would cry and laugh both the same time ever again in my lifetime.

Intolerable Cruelty

All that glitters,is definitely not Gold !!
Watching snaps and trailers is often misleading.Intolerable Cruelty parelleled that notion.It was more of a pomp and show with nothing deep.I did'nt make me laugh.For once the Coen Brothers have dissappointed.George Clooney was at his best,as he was in Oceans Eleven.For once I could see in him a replacement for Clark Gable if they ever thought to remake IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT.All in all,Coen Brothers have dissappointed.

Twelve Monkeys

I can not understand the reason why did I see this film 8 Years after its release.I simply can not.I don't know where to start from...let me guess....Yes!!Brad Pitt is simply at his best,Bruce Willis plays his part,but the main thing that makes it different from the other Sci-fi movies is that at the end of it,all of it makes sense and thats the beauty of it that you are not left cold outside the film,rather it drags you along with it.Especially the relationship between Madeleine Stowe and Bruce Willis makes it even more close to your heart.A treat to watch.


Coming from Bollywood its a surprise!
Kaante is a good film if not an excellent one.Especially after going through all the same stories in each and every film one finds this film as a refreshing film and may be introduction of a martin scorsese type crime genre to the Indian film industry(it should not be taken as if I am resembling it to the martin scorsese movies but the genre is more or less very similar).So sit tight and enjoy.

Dil Chahta Hai

I'm Amazed!!
Yes I'm Amazed at more than one things,so realistic and true to life figures and yet so funny.Being funny and being realistic don't often come in the same sentence as far as the film making is concerned.Then I'm Amazed with the maturity with which such a young director has created such a memorable film,a film which is hyper-stylized,original,realistic,funny and does'nt feel as if you are a viewer,it feels as if you are one of them(especially if you belong to the student class)and you laugh with them and you cry with them too,and that is such a rarity these days.All I have to say is that One of the best Indian movies ever made.

The Usual Suspects

One of the best of its GENRE!!
Simply the best!I'm spell bound,seeing this film for the first time was a good experience but when I saw it for the second time I realized that it was more than a suspense thriller.Every one of the actors was perfect in his role,especially Kevin spacey and Gabriel Byrne.The ending was terrific not that the ending was good but the way in which it ended was superb to watch.A must see film.Kevin Spacey has proved over the years that he is a really talented actor.

Road to Perdition

A good film but not upto the expectations!!
When I saw the cast of this movie I was pretty pumped up to see it.But when I saw the film it was actually not upto the expectations.From Hanks and Newman you would'nt have expected this sort of movie.It was an okay movie with a script written in such a way that did not require Newman or Hanks to act to their potential.Not that this film is a disappointment yet it is not an oscar worthy film nor are the performances oscar worthy.One thing which surely is excellent is its cinematography.The rain pouring down,cars scrolling on the roads,the sunshine finding its way through the curtains all is excellent.

American History X

A Kick-Ass performance by Edward Norton!!
The main feature of this film is the great performances by all the cast especially edward norton following his exceptional performances in Primal Fear and Fight Club.It depicts what hatred can do to a society and how some people for their own vested interests spread it.It is actually a universal problem in some form or the other.All in all a good film.

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