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why shoot the lead???
This gets 5 points from me - because they killed off their excellent lead character, portrayed by the very capable Gale Harold. Harold was actually the only one worth watching - all the other actors were mediocre at best, and a lot of them seem to be just saying their lines and going through the motions (the "teenagers" are especially bad!).

However, Fox rather wasted Harold's vast talent - it seems they just needed somebody to kick in a few doors. They should have given the character more to do, explored the subtext concerning his family more and set that off against his work. That would have been far more interesting than trying to find Sara. And yes, we get the Free Masons again, you can't seem to avoid that lot these days.

Again - a waste of a fairly good idea, and definitely a waste of one fine actor. I for one am looking forward to seeing more of Gale Harold's fine work!

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