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Hot Pursuit

I've had it with the hate on this one: At 5.1, Hot Pursuit is vastly underrated.
Now, I may be preaching to the perverted when it comes to feel good, women driven, action-comedies, but I'll still preach. I have now seen this movie around 5 times at least in the past year, more so in the last few months, and honestly, it's getting funnier with each viewing.

On initial watch I gave the movie a 6. It passed the time, and provided chuckles and smiles in abundance. The story has been done to death, but who cares? Certainly not me. I am a firm believer in predictable movies can still be highly enjoyable and rewatchable. It does have strong similarities to The Heat, a better constructed, lengthier and more largely publicized film albeit and more films in general. The movie itself of course is not Oscar winning material, but if that didn't stop me from enjoying countless other feel-good movies, then Hot Pursuit has a place in my list of funnies that I now will gladly put on for a good time, anytime.

From the moment the movie starts it's very clear that it's setting out to be a comical romp, and a fun one it is, and nothing more folks. Reese Witherspoon plays an uptight, country cop by the name of Cooper who is assigned to guard Sofia Vergara, a sassy, mind-speaking witness who is supposed to be appear in court in the criminal case of a drug-lord. As soon as these two actresses appear on screen together for the first time is where Hot Pursuit really earns it's name and lets the laughs roll. They completely ham up all their material and in my opinion, it works.

There are scenes like the ridiculous 1/10 top comment mentions where the women are genuinely having fun on set. Is that not a good thing? Do you not want to see fun? Fun performances in a fun movie? The fun is at no one's expense either. Both Witherspoon and Vergara truly seem like they really enjoyed taking part in this film, and knew what they were doing with all the antics they were given. Some scenes are sheer gut busting laughter with how the women played them out.

Besides the perfect, yes, perfect performances, other aspects like the ever growing age of Vergara and the ever shrinking size of Witherspoon are positively delightful. Another enjoyable aspect? Good supporting characters. Witherspoon's love interest is charming, the bad guys are believable and do not come across as cheap or overdone. Also, the movie is relatively short for nowadays running time. At 87 minutes it gets in and gets out with not little to pick at and complain about.

Since watching the movie last night with my 15 year old step-niece, who said it's now one of her favorites, and concurring with my mom, sister AND brother who all enjoyed it, I have came to the conclusion this movie deserves an 8. In all technicality, I'd give it a 7. At the expense of letting ludicrous 1 star ratings bringing a movie that by no means deserves that much uncalled for hatred down any further, I rate it an 8. If you want to see movies that deserve a 1 star rating, look to anything in the Bottom 100, or anything in Ulli Lommel's directing career, if you can call him a director.

However, at 5.1 (An under average rating, AVG being 5.5) with the most agreed with comment being a 1/10, Hot Pursuit is getting way too much flack, and further urges me to write a positive comment, and my first new review of 2018.

Other feel good, female driven films that are largely criticized on here include: Anything at all with Melissa McCarthy or Hilary Duff, Honey starring Jessica Alba, Coyote Ugly with Piper Perabo, and oh my gosh, none of these films deserve to be put on such a fiery stake they appear on for some people. They are empowerment films. Films created to truly just sit back and watch and enjoy. I guess this is where I walk the fine line of "movie lover" and "movie critic", but I just don't care, if a movie is enjoyable it's enjoyable.

Hot Pursuit is an enjoyable movie. Give any of those other movies I mentioned a chance if you enjoyed this one, and vice versa. You won't be disappointed. Review over.

Britney Ever After

Completely wasted potential; a mockumentary at best
Where to begin? I feel as to not make my comment way too lengthy, as I could go on all day about this travesty, I'll briefly hit every key point:

  • Acting/Casting - The main girl looks like she's maybe heard one Britney Spears song in her life, and like she's heard even less about the stars' life and career before signing onto the movie. She acts like the bubblegum Britney for the entire film, and it is extremely infuriating almost to the point of parody, like she doesn't even give a sh!t about the story she's trying to encompass even a little. She doesn't look like Britney, she certainly doesn't dance like Britney, she's not Britney... I'll sum up this portion of my review very quickly by saying that the only person that doesn't look miscast in this and doesn't do a terribly unfortunate job at their performance is the mom, who honestly could have pulled off Britney Spears better.

  • Directing/Editing - Choppy, chop, chop mess. Everything felt so overly rushed and poorly edited. We're flying scene to scene with no time to grow any attachment to what's going on in front of us. You'd be better off watching the real life videos again of what Ms. Spears had to go through in order to get a better grasp on the situation, because along with no acting depth, there is no depth in how the director is trying to accomplish every single scene. Such poor direction.

  • Facts/New information - Aside from a few things with Justin Timberlake I was unaware of, this movie doesn't bring anything new to the spotlight that has not already been covered by the media or by Spears herself. They're all jumbled facts and info to begin with, and I know it's supposed to just be a chronicle of her life so far, but as other commentators have stated, there were big parts of her life left out, both good and bad.

  • Songs or lack thereof/Britney's own rejection - By far one of the worst factors of this movie? The shining star of the film did NOT want it being made, and it shows more than ever. The only music that it shows the woman portraying Britney singing in the film are songs that Britney covered from other artists. ("I Can't Get No Satisfaction, though it's the Rolling Stones version in this movie of course, and "I Love Rock 'n' Roll".) All the other songs? Generic, dumb, badly timed Pop written for the movie it seems that is not worthy of imitating the multiple, high-tempo, sexy Dance beat albums that have been so publicly adored and acclaimed by Ms. Spears. She did not want this movie being made, and I can see why. But aside from the fact that she knew the movie would be bad, it's just an insult altogether. Britney is a normal person like you are me. Yes, a staple icon, but a person nonetheless, who knows that if anything was going to come out documenting her life, she would want full hand in it, and she'd want it to be done with so much more care and understanding than these Neanderthals tried accomplishing.

In the end, the only reason I did not give it a 1 is because I made it all the way through it without vomiting, and surprisingly enough have seen a small handful of worse films. Britney Ever After, however, was a complete mess and useless effort on any and all levels.

Critters 4

Expected the worst, still had a damn good time
The Critters series is my second favorite Horror/Sci-Fi-Thriller series after Scream and Tremors, just above Sleepaway Camp. I grew up watching the first three Critter movies as a kid, and remembered having fond memories of them. After recently reliving them all again, my memories were confirmed. The only entry I had never really seen or heard anything about was this one, and then after reading about how it's just the worst of the series and a bad movie overall, I was more than skeptical because I had been into the Critters series for their balance of fun horror elements as well as fresh Comedy, not leaning towards one genre or the other. The films all scaled the two perfectly, and I was not ready for a film that merely is comedic and just plain bad when it came to this series.

Well, while the movie is still my least favorite after all the others, it is nowhere near as bad a movie as everyone makes it out to be, especially since I went in expecting total tripe. I actually found it highly engaging, and exactly what I was looking for on my lazy off day. I'll give the movie all it's props first because it definitely flows like a Critter film, and even though it's set in space, the Critters have a nice, lengthy space station to travel abroad and wreak havoc (ring any bells?), but the setting doesn't become too boring or overused actually. It was a nice element this time around, even though "stuck on a spaceship in space" has been done to death like I said. It's back to the Critters roots, so it works. It's not like Jason or the Leprechaun flying around that have no business being there.

Also, another thing that help the movie along are the performances. Everyone was believable and fun to a point. Not one person stuck out as the culprit for "Worst Actor of the Movie". One thing I really enjoyed actually is how Critters 3 was the start of Leo DiCaprio, and here we get to see a young Angela Bassett! Someone who I had no prior knowledge was in the movie. I absolutely loved her too! She was probably the most likable character, being the only woman aboard the ship and having some pretty killer scenes and line deliverance. Another thing this movie has? Some fun critter kills! Especially one of the first deaths early on got a huge belly laugh out of me but also disgusted me a little at the same time, and I loved it! That's usually what all the Critters films bring to me in terms of joy. And above all, this movie was just entertaining.

Some downsides are none of the characters are very fleshed out. As much as all the cast tries to bring likability to them, just none of them are really that worthy of caring for except maybe of course Bassett's character and the full-time character of Charlie, but like I said that doesn't stop the cast from hamming it up and having fun in a lot of parts. And it's those character faults that lead to some pretty poor actions though and make the movie have those, "What the-?" or "Why are you doing that?" moments like all Horrors do, but they are few and far between, and course the plot is paper thin, but then again we're talking about the fourth entry in the Critters series here. Anybody expecting Citizen Kane or anybody that just doesn't know how to have a good time with this movie, why'd you view it in the first place?

Overall, it's just not that bad, especially when compared to the plethora of other low budget Horror out there. It's just super campy fun, all of the Critters movies are and I have not disliked a single one. The original is an underrated gem in my opinion, and if you are fan of it or the sequels and you are excited and/or skeptical about this film like I was, pop it on now... if you're in the mood now. You won't be sorry!

Power Rangers

The newest Power Rangers movie delivers on all levels...
As another kid who grew up watching The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers every Saturday morning, collected and played with the action figures, pretended to be the Rangers battling crime, and has since carried on into my adult years the tradition of watching later series entries like In Space, Lost Galaxy, Time Force, and of course watching the two feature length films before this one numerous times, etc. I of course was excited to see this movie and knew I wanted to see it in theaters. I also had mixed feelings altogether about what they were going to do with a brand spanking new Power Rangers epic. I was completely elated after leaving the movie theater to find this film had satisfied me on every level.

I'll begin with the cons: The last act of the movie does feel a little rushed. Some of the Rangers are just not as likable as the originals they are trying to portray, (I'm looking at you Pink Ranger), and there are some comedic moments that feel a little out of place. But overall that's it for the cons.

The pros: Most of the Rangers pull their weight as the new and shining update of the classic five. I believe I personally enjoyed the newest editions of the Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger played by RJ Cyler and Becky G respectively. Red Ranger will make you say at least five times to yourself, "Is that Zac Efron", but he plays the leader just fine. Ludi Lin was likable as the new Black Ranger, and is absolutely gorgeous. Naomi Scott, though she will never live up to Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart, also plays the part fine and moves the movie along well. Bryan Cranston is good as Zordon, and the updated Zordon isn't cheap or too techy, he fits. Bill Hader is a fun edition as Alpha 5, I enjoyed his comedic lines.

The shining performance of the movie is Elizabeth Banks. Her updated Rita Repulsa is fun, lively, creepy and she totally encompassed the essence of an updated Rita Repulsa. I literally lit up every time she came on the screen. Also, the new suits are amazing and the effects near the end in the battle sequence are top-notch. The story plays out well also. There's no real bad writing or downsides. I thought the edition of the Krispy Kreme joke was, as is, just a joke for the movie. It's not meant to be taken so seriously as some other reviewers have taken it so. Also, the story has a nice pace. It takes it's time letting us get to know all the new characters and though the end sequence as I said feels a little rushed, it still fits and altogether the movie works perfectly at being an homage to the original series and updated movie for newer fans.

The cameos in the end crowd got the biggest smile out of me. Overall, a very entertaining movie on all levels. Story wise, performance wise, action wise. I really was delighted to find out they brought a very successful Power Rangers rendition to the screen.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

50x better than Neighbors...
Okay, so I went in to watch this movie completely knowing it was from the writers of Neighbors, a movie that I felt immensely robbed after sitting through the full portion of and that got 0 laughs out of me for the entirety of it's runtime. With that in mind, I was partly excited to see Mike and Dave because of Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick as the opposite roles, whom I can easily say are the best part of the movie. Their friendship seems genuine and their characters hilarious and believable.

The story, what little there is, works fine for the film's purpose which is solely for laughs. (The title characters always make a mess of big family events and so they need wedding dates to keep them in check for their sister's wedding.) Simple enough story, and like I said, it works this time as all the characters know the part they are putting on well and just have fun with it and aren't trying to make the next comedic masterpiece, which was the problem with Neighbors. It took itself WAY too seriously. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is more laidback and believable, so the humor seems in it's right place rather than forced. There are some big laughs here if you can handle the film in it's most ludicrous of moments. I was rolling at some scenes!

Other features that made this movie likable are the supporting cast. Sugar Lyn Beard as the mousy sister is absolutely adorable and steals every scene she is meant to. Alice Wetterlund as the gay cousin Terry is immediately comfortable and flawless from the moment she comes on the screen. My favorite aspect of the movie is probably Plaza and Kendrick's counterparts to Efron and Devine's Mike and Dave. The girls are just as foolish and careless as the stars, but they are the ones meant to be pristine and sweet so the boys don't mess anything up. It makes for a great time. Both starlets are funny, charming and even witty in their deliverance when given the dumb humor to play with. I'd pay price of admission just to see Aubrey Plaza running full force to jump in front of a car again.

Enjoyable movie, pleasantly surprised. Not the next 10/10 Oscar winner, but certainly fun...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

14 years later, My Big Fat Greek Wedding's still got it!
I had only recently seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding for the very first time and found it hilarious, enjoyable, charming fun. Every character fills up the screen with joyous energy and tons of charisma in all their lines and the movie altogether worked as being more than just a Rom-Com. Same thing goes for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Nothing feels like it has taken too long to come to screen. Immediately I was along for the ride as the characters began being reintroduced. It all just clicked and worked and became very enjoyable for the whole movie.

I will say, I was not impressed with the deliverance by Elena Kampouris. Her portrayal as the daughter was one of the only things I found not bad, but certainly didn't help the movie. Just any time she came on screen it was kinda meh. Also, the movie does get a little ahead of itself at times and rushed, and overall the first was a more genuine effort, but in it's fullness, this movie works completely as a sequel and stand alone work, and is on par with the first in terms of sheer enjoyment.

Nia Vardalos is believable and likable as usual, and wrote the movie well. What I found most enjoyable was that Andrea Martin got a bigger role than the previous movie. Any scene she comes onto she lights it up and immediately makes it better. I equally enjoyed all the family members in the first, but Aunt Voula was the shining star of this movie, for me at least. I highly enjoyed seeing more of her.

This was a complete success. 14 years later and this movie is as welcomed and comfortable as if it came out a year behind it's predecessor...

Lights Out

Has everyone lost their mind?
I'm sorry, but Boohbahs are 10x scarier than this piece of trash. When I finished this movie, I felt extremely disappointed and robbed. Lights Out has zero originality, zero scares and zero fulfillment. It's the equivalent of sitting and watching a blank screen for an hour and twenty minutes. After hearing how good of a time this creepshow was, and seeing the raving reviews, I felt something I hadn't felt for a Horror movie in a good while, genuine excitement. I was ready to see it with the idea that it will at least be entertaining and eerie, but the hype for this movie is ludicrous and overrated.

I have definitely seen worse. On a scale of 1-10, I give this movie a 3 because the acting is average, I jumped once and the movie at least is largely budgeted so it feels more professional. But that's the only redeeming qualities I can manage off the top of my head, and most of the movie just fails to come back to me as it it extremely forgettable. The story feels extremely outdated. I have seen and heard this story millions of times in numerous ways now, I'm over it. Diana was about as menacing and threatening as Scrappy Doo. Plus, she looks reminiscent of Samara from The Ring or mama from Mama. No original concept other than she's a black shadow. Ooooohh!!! So that way you can't see her when the lights out, I get it. SO SCARY!

You see nearly 100% of the scares coming, they are so predictable. The progression is slow and uninteresting. My only guess as to why everyone enjoyed this so much is because people are becoming dumber and easier to please nowadays, and hell if movies like Paranormal Activity can get so many people drooling and pissing themselves, pure boredom like this trite must fool everyone into believing it's enticing, fresh and spooky because there's a couple of silent shots of a shadow.

There are worse ghost stories. (See FeardotCom and Boogeyman.) But Lights Out is anti-climactic, boring, entirely unoriginal drivel that doesn't pay off in any way, and is easily in the worst 20 films I have seen from the past five years. For more recent Horrors that are better than this, address the following: Green Room, Hush, The Shallows, Don't Breathe, The Visit, 10 Cloverfield Lane...

Hello, My Name Is Doris

I don't know if some just didn't get the movie...
It's fine if you didn't enjoy it, to each their own, but I find it highly implausible to call the main character a "creep" or talk about how she's morally corrupt. Come on. This movie is about how all people yearn for human connection, and it's not like Doris is present day Hitler. Sally Field plays an elderly woman who is very reserved and lonely to an extent, like all of us. The film mostly tries to convey how all people deserve love and care, even estranged elderly women, and it does so in a very fun and lighthearted manner, in my opinion.

Yes, Doris makes decisions that seem lacking in good character. She steals small items and stalks the man she is infatuated with, among other things. Do these actions make her unlikable as a person though? No. She is inherently a sweet and endearing woman with enjoyable characteristics. One of the best scenes is when she buys a CD just to get closer to her young crush and ends up actually enjoying the music and having a good time listening to it. She just wants to be loved, and damn it all I loved her to a tee. Sally Field fills the part wonderfully and creates a very enjoyable persona, after seeing the movie I don't see anyone that could have pulled it off more swimmingly.

This movie had me in sheer gut-busting laughter at a couple of scenes actually. I speak of Doris's long daydreams into her heartthrob of a co-worker on a daily basis. Had me rolling on the floor! And for a large portion of the movie, I was sporting a large grin on my face. It's very feel good, even in the most morose moments of the film. Sally Field steals the show obviously, but Max Greenfield is positively charming in the supporting role and seems very comfortable on screen with Field and all of their scenes are believable and work in the sense that you can feel Doris's aching need for love and above all, just attention. It's very moving and sweet.

Also, Greenfield is incredibly good looking and I don't see how someone could pass up being obsessed over those eyes, smile and body anyway. I can not blame Doris, at all. Altogether, Hello My Name is Doris was a wonderful ride. I had fun with it, and thought most everything about the movie was genuinely charming and heartwarming.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Life changing
It took me back that when I saw this in theaters I was so amazed by it. I enjoyed both the first two films, but this one, oh my god! By now the characters are welcomed friends, and the story is just super fresh and fun. The main enjoyable aspect here has to be the addition of Madame Dubois. She brings so much pizazz and spunk to this movie. What a devilishly hilarious antagonist. This one just really hit it out of the park: settings, jokes, characters and story-wise. The vibrant, colorful circus scene is enough to captivate someone.

Let's start off by saying that from the get go the humor is super quick and witty. I love the opening of Alex visioning everyone as much older and being stranded forever. The immediate transfer to Europe as the setting is brilliant and a perfect way to kick off the rest of the movie. Like I said, this movie would be absolutely nothing without Madame DuBois though. Pretty much from the second her character comes on screen, the movie is a non-stop action packed, jolting fun thrill ride that I am glad I had the pleasure of enjoying in theaters.

We also have the wonderful new addition of the circus crew. They are all incredibly likable with their own personalities and welcomed on the screen immediately. The story is fast paced and constantly changing it up, with lots of new great aspects. I enjoyed the love affair between King Julien and the bear on the bicycle, how all the relationships in the movie blossom and grow stronger actually.

There really is not a moment that Madagascar 3 is not pulling either pulling at the heartstrings, entertaining with flashy visuals, or causing laughter with it's outrageous characters, like the films before it did. Some more scenes that make this movie brilliant are the "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien" singing sequence that had me in tears the first time I saw it, as well as when Madama DuBois is first chasing them and completing unimaginable and unbelievable human feats like a mad Rhinocerous or something. I swear, the creators were so high when they wrote this.

It is all just in your face and random, and that completely worked for me. It is the highlight of the Madagascar series thus far. Great usage of characters, story, songs, everything. It is a completely sleek animation. Even the new update of "I Like to Move It" is funny, and not as annoying as many would think considering the marketing and public follow of it. So hilarious and fun from beginning to end, I recommend it to every individual for the goodness of their soul.

Madonna: The Immaculate Collection

I could not get enough of this growing up
Definitely an immaculate collection. These music videos were a huge part of my childhood, and the songs and stories/sets still hold up today. Madonna is fabulous in all her different dresses and styles, and owns the screen. My favorites are "Open Your Heart", "Cherish", "Borderline", "Express Yourself" and "La Isla Bonita". "Oh Father" is an especially beautiful track and video. Of course there are her hits "Like a Virgin", "Vogue" and "Material Girl" to look forward to as well.

Every track is catchy and great though. I am glad I still have this gem on cassette and can bust it out at anytime. Fans of Madonna probably already know and love this series of tunes, but for anyone else interested, give it a try.

Fireplace for Your Home: Crackling Fireplace

One of the best fireplaces out there!
It's like a real fireplace, but inside your television! You can always start it right back up again after it goes out. Perfect for snuggling up with a book, setting the mood for a family gathering or the holidays, or just getting really stoned and staring at the flames. You will have endless fun with the Crackling Fireplace edition of Fireplace for Your Home. Pay no attention to the ones with music. This is the real winner right here! All you need is the alluring flames and the sounds of the crackles to soothe you. Might need to use an accompanying space heater or electric blanket if you need that warm feeling though...

Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho

Incredibly sweet and beautiful love story
I had seen the short film that The Way He Looks was adapted from, and was more than eager to see a full story of such a charming short. I was blown away by this movie. It is one of those films that gets insides you and makes your whole insides light up.

The characters are interesting and believable. The story is simple and refreshing. We are shown this situation of a young man who is coming to terms with who he his and other struggles in his life, but it is not done in a melodramatic way, and it seems like the writers/director really want to show the sweetest, most wonderful way of how love affects people. Nothing is rushed, everything is thoroughly paid attention to and given time.

Some very heartwarming scenes to be had with this one folks. Also brilliant directing and progression. I can not say much more without giving anything away.

Romeo and Juliet

One of my favorite Romances of all time; brilliant, moving...
Though I am not necessarily a fan of the Romeo + Juliet tale, per se, this movie is incredibly romantic and a masterpiece in filmmaking. The sets, the acting, the entire portrayal is of the finest quality. Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey are more than comfortable in their roles, and take us on a lovely tale of hope and despair.

The first time I saw this movie was in high school, and it is the best movie to ever be shown to me for the first time at said school. I was stunned that any of my teachers knew a movie this classic and incredible. The directing is superb, one of my favorite scenes is the masquerade. The action scenes are intense, the whole story is riveting. Excellently filmed and scripted.

There is also much beautiful cinematography to be seen here as well. Lovely lighting makes for breathtaking scenery. Everything is just sheer brilliance in this movie. I am so glad it was made. Arguably my favorite adaptation of any sort, besides the Harry Potter films.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Watch it every year... All-time favorite
Will there ever be a timeless holiday classic as marvelous as the claymation masterpieces of Christmases past? This is definitely my favorite "Time of the Year" movie. I believe it is usually the first one I watch, and always gets me so happy. The characters are lovable, the story is fun for everyone who watches it; I can not think of any one person who would not enjoy seeing Rudolph conquer his fears and achieve his dreams with all his friends along the way. The Yeti is a fearsome protagonist. Hermey is a great co-star and ultimately charming. Everything about this was just handled with care and love, and it shows. The songs are catchy and vivacious, the voice-overs are spot on. I can not say anything more about this movie, it speaks for itself. It is the ultimate. If you have not seen it yet, you are missing out.

First Period

I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed....
It's once in a blue moon that a film can make me have to stop laughing for a second because the back of my head is hurting and my cheeks feel like they are going to fall off. The evening started out as surfing Netflix with my boyfriend, how every excellent movie find goes nowadays, and without saying anything to me he picked this movie and we were off on what we thought was going to be an absolutely terrible film with low budget and zero laughs from the first 10 minutes. (Just really rocky, and you have to get a feel for the film.) Don't be fooled with this one though folks. About the time the teachers and school are starting to be introduced is when it really kicked into gear for me.

Written by and starring Brandon Alexander III, this man brings us a surpassing in hilarity parody of 80s teen satires that is wrapped up in the perfect amount of pizazz and sincerity that it comes off as a genuinely funny piece of work, and not another run of the mill independent comedy. The main character is most definitely the best thing about the movie. Cassandra "Totally Rockin' Superstar Extraordinaire" Glenn, You're Welcome, brings to the movie nothing but constant joke after joke, as the writer would have the best lines and character for himself. Sometimes jokes so quick and witty, others so slapstick that it juggles that laughing trigger in your mind to the point where you will be laughing carrying on into the next hilarious scene for all different reasons.

Yes, as with any film that tries really hard, not all the jokes are a hit. There are just some parts that are a bit awkward, and like I said it is very obvious they are trying really hard to pull all the laughs out of the audience they can get, which I usually hate, but hey, it totally works in this case! This is a completely joyous experience from beginning to end.

The supporting characters are all completely memorable and in their own skin as well. Maggie is an excellently portrayed best friend till the end by Dudley Beene. Though Alexander is the star, Beene brings his own flair and personality to the screen in the best way possible. The Heathers are snotty and unlikable, how they are supposed to be, but in that way likable. Their boyfriends even have a nice role as the misunderstood gay guys of the group, and their mother played by none other than Cassandra Peterson (Ms. Elvira) has heartfelt speeches the audience has heard a million times over in any teen drama with a positive message. All of it was great material to work with and the actors captured it perfectly.

An excellent comedy, more so if somewhat dark, somewhat raunchy, drag comedy is your thing. Even with low budget, there are scenes that feel more professional and put together than most blockbusters nowadays. I will definitely be watching this movie again soon, and will definitely be showing it to my friends.

What Lies Beneath

A subtle win
WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the movie yet to not read the comment.

I had been overly interested in seeing What Lies Beneath for some time now. Having no idea what it was about, only that it was a Horror movie that had Michelle Pfiefer and Harrison Ford, but with the title and cast like it has and remembering it being a pretty big movie, that was enough for me to be thoroughly piqued.

This movie delivers. I watched this late at night in my new apartment, all the lights out and was creeped out and spooked, which is not any easy task to accomplish with myself. What Lies Beneath is incredibly eerie and does a damn well job at making the audience uncomfortable in their seat. Like most comments say, this movie relies on shear fear and not bloody gore and cheap gimmicks. It is a masterpiece Thriller, even if the ghost story has been done to death now. That is not what is important to remember when watching WLB. The acting, the sets, the realness and utter scare value; those are what make this movie great and re-watchable.

One scene in particular, when Michelle Pfiefer is in the bathtub paralyzed, about to drown, I found myself gasping for breath. It made me feel like I was drowning as well. She definitely plays a wonderful and believable role and is the star while Harrison Ford sits back and waits for his climactic moment. The doors opening and closing, faces in the mist with little to no background music to cause excellent build up. This is what makes movies scary and real. A fine tribute to slashers long before it like Halloween, WLB deserves more credit than it gets. Even if it is a ghost story, it is done just fine. The movie flows well. I never hear anyone talking about it anymore, and it is great! Don't know what more I could say about it. Give it another try if you found thyself hating it at first glance.

The Lego Movie

An utter delight that blows away all expectations; see this film!
When I convinced myself that I was going to watch The LEGO Movie, I thought I knew what I was in for. I was ready, and prepared myself mentally for a very childish and gimmicky film. I am very lenient and usually enjoy most films, so I was ready to give this one a chance despite not knowing anything about it other than that it was the LEGO movie. This movie goes right along with the saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." It completely surprised me on all levels.

First of all, the subtle hints at government and society as a whole is just amazing. I was really happy to be seeing some positive subliminal messaging (not really subliminal, pretty blatant). The writers use the material in such a way that it is key to the comedy and progression of the story. Very clever, I enjoyed it thoroughly and was amused by how they called out everything.

The characters are all interesting and I do not find one being annoying and/or more interesting than the others. A lot of them are pop icons, so the movie is still gimmicky to an extent, but it helps that they are all voiced excellently and have hilarious one-liners or vital scenes in the movie. The story is fresh even though it is just a twist on a regurgitated tale. I never stop being entertained with the storyline because it all just flows so well. There are intense action scenes, and quite skilled and beautiful animations to be found here as well.

I never imagined I would be praising a movie like The LEGO Movie so strongly, but it is a truly great piece of work. Regardless of it's surface, see through the commercial exterior and give this film a chance. Complete clean fun for everyone, deserved an Oscar.

Bel Ami

The women carry the film...
Bel Ami, a 2012 film starring Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci, is one film you won't be sorry you missed if you simply choose not to watch it. In all retrospect, it's not a bad movie. The plot is believable and interesting, the characters are all pretty well rounded without too much depth and the sets are very beautiful.

However, Robert Pattinson is quite a miscast. It is very obvious the entire film that he is detached and sorely lacking in some true emotions. Seeing as how he is the star, it is pretty boring watching him mildly act his way through a film that has real potential.

If you are going to see the movie, definitely expect the female performances to be the highlight. Uma Thurman was splendid. She plays a very uptight and work-driven socialite who is a firm believer in her freedom and she plays it very well. Kristin Scott Thomas is another delightful addition to this film. With not as much screen time as the other leading ladies, she manages to act out some pretty emotional and intense scenes.

The real gem is the only truly likable character in the film, Christina Ricci. Her energetic and very believable character honestly is the reason I give this film a 5 instead of a 4. She was so sweet and lovable, I found myself smiling at every scene she appeared on the screen.

If you are going to see this movie, see it for Christina Ricci, with Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas as a plus...

Halloween: Resurrection

You wanna know why I give this movie a 2...
Because, in a series of ridiculous and awful events, the only good scenes that this movie has at all are the opening ones with Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode for a mere 10 or 15 mins. of the entire length of the movie. Then, Michael kills her... and there so should have been the end to the Halloween franchise. Not upset that it happened, but Michael's sole purpose in life was always to kill his sister. The next hour and few minutes or so that follow are boring, humiliating dribble that was not necessary in any way, shape or fashion.

Halloween: Resurrection does not better the series in any way. There is no new material to work with, none of the characters are interesting, in fact, they are quite annoying, and also, Michael was decapitated at the end of H20. What a perfect way to end the series. (They should have stuck with it.) The camera angles are quite horrible at times too, and some scenes are just left feeling questionable and unappealing.

What more to say about this travesty... It's easily the worst of the franchise, including the 6th film and Zombie's renditions. (I actually like the Rob Zombie remake compared to this one.) Any movie with Busta Rhymes vs. Michael Myers in it is laughable just for that fact right there..

EDIT: The main top comment tears it a new one and I could not have said it better myself...

Revolutionary Road

The Titanic is sinking...
Revolutionary Road, what boring smut. I really wish I could have liked this film; I wanted to. Me and my boyfriend just decided to pop this in when I blind bought it. It kind of was like the sinking scene in Titanic had already ensued when this movie begun; right away it was on a downward spiral into abyss.

First off, both DiCaprio and Winslet just seem, bored and out of place. It was almost like they just were forced to do another movie together and both really had no idea of what they were getting themselves into; zero chemistry. The story is bland. Wah, we both have problems. Wah, DiCaprio isn't big enough of a man. Wah, Winslet is just a woman on the brink of her own destruction. This less than mildly amusing story continues on for an inexplicable two hour runtime, and somehow this movie never seems to pick up or come to a climax. Needless to say we both felt robbed after it was over of time and brain cells.

Revolutionary Road is anything but revolutionary in the end. It could have offered groundbreaking acting chops and story, it didn't. I take it most people loved the book and just let their ideas assume the identity of how awful this movie was to where everyone was blind enough to consider it so highly. How some movies are nominated for Oscars, I'll never know...

Freier Fall

This film has stuck with me.
When I started to watch Free Fall, I had no idea what I was in store for. The only reason I was mildly interested in it is because I noticed Hanno Koffler, whom I had seen in an earlier homosexual film I really enjoyed, Summer Storm. It is a film that sucks you in from the beginning, at first being all jumbled up and out of place leaving room to wonder, and then has a very steady progression.

The characters are genuine and believable. (I don't know what it is but foreign gay films are always much better than American ones.) There are very heartbreaking and heartwarming scenes, as well as just uncomfortable ones; it is a roller coaster of emotions. Another thing is there was also some intense and erotic scenes; the two leads have excellent chemistry together. Some cookie-cutter gay problems ensue, but overall the films stands it's own in knowing that it needs to be more than "just a gay film". I was really impressed with the subtle and wonderful deliverance of Kay Engel by Max Riemelt. He's a very beautiful man and some of his scenes are worth seeing just for the sheer acting value.

Very pleasing, a movie that has definitely stuck with me for all it gives. The runtime is necessary for all the material to sink in. Don't understand the comments that say it could have been shorter.


Knew IMDb would not like it... lighten up...
A dark comedy starring three women. That's all the basic information you need to know this was not going to bide well with film snobs, much less the misogynistic ones. Bachelorette is a very humorous and fun movie that I had a great time with. I knew as soon as I got through watching it to come rate it on IMDb though that people would be bashing it, but I had no idea the backlash would be this harsh.

The story is simple enough: Four high school friends all get together to relive their glory days as one, the most unattractive (Rebel Wilson), is about to get married. The bridesmaids consist of high-strung Kirsten Dunst, burnout Lizzy Caplan, and dim-witted but lovable Isla Fisher, which in my opinion Isla Fisher absolutely stole the show. I loved it. It is very mean and in your face with it's brutality. You almost wonder why these women are even friends to begin with, but unlike everyone saying there is no reason, the film ties up all it's loose ends and shows how all of the women have their own battle scars and shining personalities in the end.

Don't let the comments and rating shy you away from this one, there are some gut-busting scenes. Like I said, Isla Fisher was magnificent. I thoroughly enjoyed and believed in her character, not to say the other stars didn't deliver, she just outshines them!

The Bay

Effective and worth the watch, but could have been so much more
The Bay sounded really interesting. As soon as I read the synopsis, I was really enthralled and started to watch the movie immediately. Overall, directing is great at times. Some shots are genuinely effective, making you jump, and others are eerie and fun to watch, a real experience in some fields. The whole idea, the parasitic infestation and isolation on this island was a very creepy idea and in most ways, this movie succeeds in keeping you entertained.

Otherwise, the main protagonist, a woman telling the story of how all the chaos went about, brought the movie down so hard for me. She was annoying, acted poorly, and no scene with her in it had any enjoyable aspects whatsoever. Other than that, the directing as I said is great at times, but sometimes there are just random shots and camera scales that make the movie just, awkward. The concept was probably the best thing about the movie. Some creature moments are interesting, and there are some really good qualities about the movie altogether.

In the end though, it's another movie while even though I enjoyed it and it was by no means a bad movie, it has a lot of problems, and there were many things they could have improved on. Don't let me scare you away, it's a fun film to pass an hour by, but at the end it's exactly those kinds of movies you feel like they should have given you more. The shaky cam idea is applied a little here and there, and for some reason it's not a good attribute, but it also does not bring the film down. Like I said, all the aspects of this movie have their own pros and cons. Is it enjoyable? Yes, but you will definitely be able to spot the problems you have with the film. Could have been spectacular, but settles for a nice little chiller thriller/mystery documentary.

Stonewall and Riot: The Ultimate Orgasm

I was entertained
As a few have said, the animation in this film is not that great. The voice overs are quite creepy, and the whole story is a little out there. It is a gay pornoparody, for anybody stumbling across this and wandering, on superheros and there is nothing really great about it, but from the get-go I was interested. Starts off a little rocky, just for the slightest beginning but picks up. It's not the story that really interests me, it's the fun of watching a gay animation like this and getting aroused, from some of it.

Not very hot though, one sex scene in general with a very flamboyant man in a leopard outfit was just awkward. The main black hero, with one of the biggest "junks" in the movie, had the voice actor sounding like he was so out of place and the main guy's costume and attractiveness could have been a little enhanced. The best thing about the whole skit is an unexpectedly nice orgy that I blew one off to involving superheros who's powers are snake charming, supposedly being straight, and having anal beads enter the ass continuously... Very nice work on that part, ahem.

I give this movie it's props for trying. Ridiculous animation, lousy voice overs, droll storyline, but the sensuality in some parts are worth seeing. I was, at the least, entertained.

The Guilt Trip

I'm not ashamed you folks, I loved this movie
The Guilt Trip looked like one of those very fun, lighthearted movies. Seth Rogen is one of my favorite actors, and personally I have enjoyed Barbra for her music or films at some point or another. It starts off a little cliché, and there's not many really hilarious moments, but from the minute mark of when we get to the main story and the road trip sets off the film is out to capture your heart. Streisand comes across as a caring mom without being too overbearing or annoying and it really hits home with a lot of male audience members who are mama's boys.

Rogen feels out of place at times, but ultimately comes into his own and makes the character. There are some memorable scenes, and overall it just sets out to be what it is and nothing more. Emotional in the end, I was almost in tears, and that's what a film is supposed to do; capture your attention and entertain to the very soul. Give it a go for anyone who has the time for a little heartfelt gem like this in a nowadays diminishing substance value and more style oriented blockbuster fiasco.

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