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Big Sky

lost me
Was kind of interesting for the first 9 episodes, then it's like they ran out of story.

Sorry but you can't make the main story a bit part in episodes 10+, completely lost me after that. If the story couldn't make it on it's own steam after 9 episodes you should just end it at 9, doesn't have to be 15 or 16 episodes just to reach a conclusion on the main story. Felt like i have wasted my time on this, won't watch the rest, I'm out.

Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies and Cover-Up

not good tv
My problem with this was that there were loads of people in it with their own story and after 25 minutes went nowhere, gave up on it, a jumbled mess.

The Night They Knocked

Not the greatest
Kept us entertained, although like in some many horror films you're always asking why did they do that. Also the main clown was not scary at all, the others outside however, were.

Hell Is Where the Home Is

Sorry but the end didn't make sense
First off, good acting, good cinematography but, the end just didnt make sense. Why would they have someone taking pictures at a murder, completely bonkers. Couldn't give it more than 3, just stupid, felt like I'd wasted my time.


Was really into this for the first 2 episodes, then the third one came along and, well, was rubbish. Loved the Dracula character and the Van Helsing character, but the third episode should just not have been made. 6 for the first two episodes only, 0 for the third.

The Witcher

mmmmm not sure
I really don't know what I just watched, I kept watching to try and make sense of it, but I couldn't. Maybe I'm missing the point, don't know. Even so it was quite entertaining, the cgi was good, fights good, acting good, just don't know what I was watching, that's why I gave a five

What Keeps You Alive

Shame about the sound
Watched this on Netflix tonight, the sound was all over the place, plus there were a few stupid decision's made which resulted in the rating. Overall, disappointed with it.

The Day Shall Come

Anna Kendrick gets the 3
What a shame, thought this would be good. Not a good watch, rather boring, at least Anna Kendrick was in it, why, i don't know, low point i think she would rather forget. 3 for Anna only, the film had nothing

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Love John Wick but
I really do like the other (and this) Wick movie but, I think I maybe getting to old, lots and lots of fighting, very inventive some of it. Thing is, I think I need more from a movie than just fighting, I could only give it a 6 because I only give movies a 7 and above if I would happily watch again, still good but very tiring to watch.

The Martyr Maker

Really bad film, im not a pro muslim but, this crap didn't even deserve to be made. Awful actors/actress's, awful acting. Ruined a day off, I would not recommend.

Liam: As It Was

Well i was right then
All the time throughout this movie they are constantly saying he isn't a bad person, sorry but this just confirms it. Interesting movie but, my opinion of him is confirmed.

Killers Anonymous

WHAT !!!!!!!!!
This is an absolutely awful movie, could not believe what i was watching. What the hell is Gary Oldman doing in it, really really bad choice of movie to be in, i only gave it 2 for Gary, the rest of the cast were very amateur at best and it looked like they were there just for the pay day. The final part where they were lots of killings played out with Kill Bill type music was just an insult to that great film. Awful beyond belief, save your money and time and skip this one.


Don't know how accurate
I found this to be a bit weird to watch with all the actors/actress's talking normally and then all the printed stuff in Russian, some of the actors didn't come across well because of this but it was a story that was watchable. Not sure about how accurate it was, guess we will never know but it was interesting.


Great film
Wasn't too sure about this but, what a surprise, great acting, you felt for all the characters and the way it was filmed took a while to get used to but it really added to it. Great film, highly recommend

Captive State

End was the pay off
Was going to give this a 3, but I persevered and it was worth it, ended up giving it a 6. Quite annoying film though, you wonder what's happening, pans out in the end though. Having said that, I wouldn't watch it again.

The Poison Rose

Great cast
While this movie has a great cast, there's nothing to show for it, totally lacklustre, and uninteresting. 2 for the cast is about all I can give it

Zoombies 2

Really bad writing and acting, thought i would kill 90mins and watch this, killed about 30mins and switched it off, really really dire movie. Ok i watched only 30mins but, i was surprised i got that far into it.

Wine Country

Not what i expected
Very disappointed with this film, the trailer basically shows all, and i mean all, the good bits. Not one to recommend, give it a miss.

Cleaning Up

Got into this thinking it was 4 episodes, was 6, so gave it a go. The main character was completely immoral, totally unlikable, couldn't believe she stole so much from people and they all just pretty much let it go. The ultimate was the end, complete rubbish, made a load of money then took £14,000 to pay off her debts, and the friends didn't say a thing, leaving them with £2,000 ???? Everyone lived happily ever after, what a load of rubbish. Watched 6 episodes seeing her rip people off and then the last episode she massively does it again and everyone is happy. 1 is generous

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

A shame but, 5 at best
I was really looking forward to this, the first 2 stories were funny and good but, after that it just went downhill. The only reason i stuck with it was maybe the next story is gonna be good, it wasn't, shame. Beautifully shot but, i can only rate it on what i thought was good. It was way too long for what it was, i thought the last story was pointless and a pointless end.

Sick for Toys

Good story, but
I liked the story in this movie, however, it was badly executed. Bad actors/actresses didn't help, the music was horrendous, i thought it maybe better without the music at all. I give it a 4, for a good story line.


not good
This isn't a very good film, most of it is pointless with the trafficking issue only really being brought up in last 30 minutes, thought this would be better. I gave it 4 for trying.


Oh Dwayne
A terrible terrible movie, Dwayne Johnson should have stayed well away from this one. I usually like Dwayne Johnson movies but i will be a little bit more picky in future after this one.

Office Uprising

High Rating
Really dont understand the high rating for this one, not a very good film. I can see the lead staring in other movies but that's about it, a complete waste of time and a disappointment. Sure it could have been done better.


I felt this series went on too long by at least 2 episodes. Didn't like the Sam Worthington character, came across as an absolute d**k, and, like i say, too long. Felt as though i had better see it out because i was 4 episodes in when i though, this has 4 more episodes to go yet. Anyway, was ok, nothing super special.

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