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Gangs of New York

it was horrible.
i understand that this movie was based on historical truths, but the movie itself was terrible. not only was it about two hours long, but the viewer gets lost trying to figure out what the point of the movie was -- i concluded that the point was to show as many knives flying through the air as possible and see how much blood was okay with the people watching. aside from the factuality of the Irish riots, i didn't see any plot--and even that wasn't much of a plot. why people are raving about this is beyond me -- i hated it.

The Life Before This

i liked it.
i caught this movie on HBO and i thought it was awesome. maybe it was because i had read a book with no plot, just showed peoples lives in NYC and how they connect, and it was an amazing book. i thought this movie was remarkable - maybe because i didn't need the sense of closure, seeing how everyone's lives ran together into the coffee shop shooting at the end was enough for me. i liked it.

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