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Wise Guys

Recommendation to avoid.
"Wise Guys" is about as much fun as getting teeth pulled. This was probably the worst DePalma film I have seen...and I've seen "Raising Cain". Devito is so over the top & annoying that I actually wanted him to get killed half way into the movie. Also, how many movies did you see Joe Piscopo in after this? Yeah, he's that bad! Not even Captain Lou or Harvey Keitel could save this one. "Wise Guys" is a truly unfunny film that exceeds in getting crappier with every scene. Worth a look for DePalma fans, if only to say you've seen it. I've seen worse films, but this is pretty bad considering the filmmaker. When will Hollywood realize that mobsters and comedy don't mix?

WWE Bad Blood

Good PPV with a terribly anti-climactic finish.
BAD BLOOD 2004 from Columbus, OH - ratings out of 10

* Las Resistance vs. Chris Benoit & Edge (4) Pretty entertaining tag match with Edge taking most of the action since Benoit has a match later. Would have scored higher if not for the run in by Kane to give Benoit/Edge the DQ victory. Kane gives Crippler a beatdown after the match.

* Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko (1) Very dull and by-the-numbers match. Jericho seems mighty uninspired even though he actually goes over in this one. Man it's time to give Y2J something to do.

* Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin (7) Very good match that just missed being an awesome one. Doesn't get an 8 only because of the usual mid-match Orton resthold. Other than that, no complaints about either guy's performance. I hope Vince realizes what he's got with Shelton. He's like a cross between HBK and Angle without the promo-ability. Match of the night.

* Trish Stratus vs. Victoria vs. Gail Kim vs. Lita (3) Not terrible for a women's Fatal 4way. Trish wins the title. Only lasts about 5 minutes so not that hard to sit through.

* Eugene vs. Jonathan Coachman (DUD) The lowpoint of the night. I love Eugene but why put him in there with a crowd-killer like Coach? Not even the decent attempts at comedy could save this one from DUDville.

* Chris Benoit vs. Kane for the World Title (6) Good for a Kane match but just average for a Benoit match. The Crippler is fantastic as usual and carries Kane to one of his best matches in a while. Definitely not bad but for a World Title match, give me more than Kane please.

* HELL IN A CELL Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (6) A classic! if it were 20 minutes shorter. 46 minutes? Don't get wrong. I am a fan of HHH/HBK matches but this one just started to bore me in the last 10 or so minutes. Plenty of blood and chairshots but just not enough drama. The predictable finish with HHH going over was also pretty disappointing.

Royal Rumble

Skip the first hour of this one & you'll be fairly entertained!
ROYAL RUMBLE 2003 from Boston, MA ratings out of 10

* Brock Lesnar vs Big Show (4) Lesnar wins to gain entrance to the Rumble match later in the show. Pretty much the same as their Survivor Series except with no title on the line in this one. Pretty standard and only memorable for Lesnar connecting the F5 on Big Show.

* Regal & Storm vs The Dudley Boyz (3) Duds win the titles here in a very uninspired match. Lasts maybe 5 minutes. Forgettable despite the title change.

* Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie (DUD) Nuff said about this garbage. Instead of the logical brawl these two should have had, they went out there and tried to wrestle a technically sound match. Not a good idea. Skip this one.

* Triple H vs Scott Steiner (DUD) To quote Randy Quaid in Days of Thunder, this one looked like a "monkey screwing a football". Steiner proves that he is washed up. Helmsley did everything he could to sell his crappy array of clotheslines and suplexes. Crowd quickly turns on Steiner which would have made this match pretty funny had it not been so god awful to watch.

* Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit (9) This is where to start watching the show. One of the best WWE title matches in a while. Couldn't quite give this one a 10 because of some of the headlocks early. Other than that, there are no other complaints about this match. If you're a wrestling fan, you can;t not like what these guys accomplished here.

* Brock Lesnar won the Rumble match (6) Its hard to grade these matches since they are so long and involve so many men. There were many good moments in this particular Rumble including Jericho's attack of HBK and HBK's eventual payback. Not a bad way to spend 60 minutes however I would have liked to a see a more dramatic finish.

WrestleMania XIX

One of the best 'Manias!
Ratings out of 10.

* Rey Mysterio vs Matt Hardy (7) Fast paced and very exciting cruiserweight title match. Wish it could have lasted longer than 5 minutes but these 2 guys filled those 5 with plenty of good stuff.

* Undertaker vs Big Show & A-Train (3) Not a terrible match but there's also not a lot that we haven't seen before. Nathan Jones was supposed to partner up with 'Taker in this one but doesn't appear until the finish.

* Trish Stratus vs Victoria vs Jazz (6) Amazingly entertaining womens triple threat match. Probably the best womens match I have ever watched. All the moves are crisp and some look like they really hurt. Good job by all.

* Benoit & Rhyno vs Team Angle vs Los Guerreros (6) Some great action in this one. Where the time shortage didn't hurt the Mysterio match, I feel that 8 minutes isn't enough for a triple threat tag match. Good match but could've been so much better.

* Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho (8) Technically speaking, this was the match of the night. No titles on the line here, just a good old grudge match. HBK looks great here but Y2J seems a little out of shape at times, resorting to rest holds that really slowed the match down.

* Triple H vs Booker T (7) Booker T's best WWE match (IMO). Super stiff brawl here with some nice interference by Flair on HHH's behalf. Liked seeing the Harlem Hangover crush HHH's head. Looked really painful. Good clean finish, I just thought Booker should have gone over.

* Hulk Hogan vs Vince McMahon (8) Entertainment wise, this was the match of the night. Certainly not a Flair/Steamboat wrestling classic, but for what it was, it kicked ass. Lots of blood, vicious chair shots (on Mexican announcers even), and even a surprise appearance by Roddy Piper. McMahon coming off the ladder with a legdrop is classic.

* The Rock vs Steve Austin (6) This one was actually pretty boring to me. Too much punching and kicking. The superstar-factor definitely makes this one watchable, but I felt like I was watching John Cena wrestle or something. Glad to see Rock go over Austin.

* Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle (7) Good match but not the type of mat-classic these 2 would have down the line. Some of the submission holds really slowed the match to a crawl at points. Had the match finished as planned, would've definitely given this one an 8. Glad Brock didn't die.


Consistent show. One of the best in the Starrcade series!
Ratings out of 10.

* The Fantastics vs Kevin Sullivan & Dr Death (5) Fulton & Rogers do their best to carry the Varsity Club to a good match. Not bad, just very sloppy in spots.

* Midnight Express vs Original Midnight Express (7) Great old school NWA tag match. Originals are Randy Rose & Dennis Condrey. Super hot crowd in this one. Jim Cornette and Paul E are a riot inside and outside the ring.

* JYD & Ivan Koloff vs Russian Asassins (1) This is the match to skip. Pretty boring affair involving 4 of the most nonathletic wrestlers you'll ever see.

* Mike Rotunda vs Rick Steiner (6) Some great mat wrestling in this one. Too long but the finish is satisfying as Steiner goes over. The crowd goes insane for the victory.

* Barry Windham vs Bam Bam Bigelow (7) Windham is the man and he proves it by carrying Bigelow to the most entertaining match of his career (IMO). Countout finish is my only complaint about this one.

* Sting & Dusty Rhodes vs The Road Warriors (7) Another super hot match where the crowd is just crazy. Everyone busts ass in this one (even Dusty). Very entertaining match with a disappointing DQ finish.

* Ric Flair vs Lex Luger (8) The rules in this one are if Flair gets DQed, he loses the title. Good action for most of this 30 minute match. Luger's repetitive move-set gets annoying from time to time but Flair's brilliance makes up for it. Good finish to the PPV as Flair goes over clean and seemingly ends his feud with Luger.

WCW Uncensored

Watch the first 2 matches then turn this crap off.
Ratings out of 10.

* Konnan vs Eddie Guerrero (7) Good match carried by Eddie's greatness. Konnan could actually wrestle before he became a "gangsta". Quality stuff despite stupid finish.

* Belfast Bruiser vs Steven Regal (6) Brutal match and I mean that in a good way. These guys beat the crap out of each other for 15 minutes. Good match with another bad finish.

* Rob Parker vs Madusa (1) Man against woman match. Watchable but totally out of place on PPV.

* Booty Man vs DDP (0) Booty Man is Ed Leslie (aka Brutus Beefcake). Nuff said. Poor DDP for getting stuck in this crap match.

* The Giant vs Loch Ness (0) Note to Loch Ness: When you make The Giant look agile it's time to find another line of work.

* Road Warriors vs Sting & Booker T in a Chicago Street Fight (4) 30 minutes of clotheslines and weak chair shots. You could tell Sting was ready for a vacation. Overlong and pointless.

* Doomsday Cage Match Hogan & Savage vs Flair, Arn, Luger, Taskmaster, Meng, Barbarian, Zeus & some fat white guy (0) Probably the worst PPV main event of all time. 25 minutes of pure, unwatchable crap. Hogan had to turn heel after this just to save his career.


Excellent PPV. Recommended highly.
Ratings out of 10.

* Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio (8) Outstanding opener. These guys work so well together and Mysterio proves that he can have an entertaining match with anyone.

* Ric Flair vs Chris Jericho (4) The first half of this one is really good. That's all I can say.

* Edge vs Eddie Guerrero (6) A fairly entertaining match that the crowd was not into. A few sloppy spots by Edge drops the rating on this one. Eddie is great as usual.

* Christian & Lance Storm vs Booker T & Goldust (5) One of the better tag title matches on a WWE show in the past few years. That is not counting the Angle/Benoit era of course.

* Chris Benoit vs Rob Van Dam (7) A match with some really awesome spots that never really seems to take off. Good but could have been a lot better.

* Undertaker vs Test (3) Your basic Undertaker match. Not much too it. Not terrible.

* Triple H vs Shawn Michaels (9) One of my favorite matches. Michaels looks like he never left. Amazing storytelling here with HHH working on the back of HBK. Some brutal spots with the chair and a table. Match of the night.

* The Rock vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title (7) This one was hard to grade. The wrestling here is not so great but the crowd heat is incredible. For workrate I would score it a 5. The insane fan reactions definitely get a 10. Rock loses and the fans don't seem to mind.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Lacks the heart of Anderson's previous work.
As a huge fan of Bottle Rocket, Rushmore (top 10 films of the 90s), and The Royal Tenenbaums I must say that I was disappointed with this film. I wasn't expecting a masterpiece, but The Life Aquatic left a lot to be desired for me as a Wes Anderson fan. Bill Murray's performance was as good as advertised, but the character of Steve Zissou didn't reach me the way Anderson's previous protagonists have. Watching this film I felt very detached from what was happening. There were moments in the film of pure genius, like the clips from Zissou's documentary archives, and some great quirky characters, like Willem Dafoe's Klaus. All of these positives however did not make up for the lack of cohesiveness in the script and like I said in the opening, the lack of heart. In the final 10 minutes or so we begin to see some real Wes Anderson-like feel good moments, which true fans know what I mean. For me however, these moments were too little and too late. Funny film but a step down from what Anderson and company have done in the past. I recommend this film but only for fans of Wes Anderson and Bill Murray.

I rate The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou a 6

Star Wars

The second best Star Wars.
Let me just start off by saying that I will always love the first Star Wars film. However, to watch it as an adult is a much different experience than watching it when I was 10. It's still a very entertaining film, however there are a few reasons why this first installment of the trilogy doesn't hold up for me. First, Lucas's direction bothers me just as it has in the new films. Some of the scene transitions are just sloppy. If this had been a first film, all would be forgiven, but he had already done THX1138 and American Graffiti, the latter being one of my favorites of the 70s. Second is something I never noticed until the last couple of viewings. The actors in the film seem either bored or are just not sure about the lines they were speaking. With the exception of the voices (James Earl Jones and Anthony Daniels) all of the acting is very flat. I know this is nitpicking because the special effects are incredible, it's just that I can't, out of all 5 films so far, think of one truly exceptional performance besides Harrison Ford in Empire. This review is not meant to pan this film which I view as a classic. I just wanted to share some criticisms.

I rate Star Wars Episode IV an 8 with points added for historical and sentimental value.


Didn't deserve the Oscar...Doesn't deserve Top 250.
There's really nothing spectacular about "Gladiator". The acting is stiff because of the boring and sometimes non-sensible script. Ridley Scott's direction is choppy and forced. It reminded me more of one of his brother's movies. I love Russell Crowe but the fact that he won Best Actor for this and not for "The Insider" or "A Beautiful Mind" just doesn't make sense. To me he just seems bored in some scenes. I wonder if the Oscar voters watched any of the other films from that year because this sure wasn't better than "Traffic". Of the 2 and a half hours running time, there are really only 30-40 minutes of excitement. The rest is average at best and the ending is just ridiculous. THIS IS NOT A CLASSIC. "Gladiator" is a good film but does not deserve the praise that it is given by most on this site. I give it a 6 now but my opinion for this film drops every time I watch it.


Probably the best WWE show of the far.
I loved the 'Bizarro-World' Toronto crowd. In defense, I think they were just enjoying the show, compared to the Wrestlemania crowd at MSG who were downright evil during the Goldberg/Lesnar match. Anyway, to the matches (1 to 10 scale).

* Dudley Boyz vs. London, Kidman & Mysterio (7) entertaining opener

* Kane vs. Matt Hardy (5) not bad but not very good either...Lita sucks

* Booker T vs. John Cena (6) not given enough time

* Edge vs. Y2J vs. Batista (7) a strange Triple-Threat, but Edge and Jericho made it exciting at the end

* Guerrero vs. Angle (9) awesome, awesome match...the wrestling ability of these guys is off the me it was better than Wrestlemania

* HHH vs. Eugene (7) very funny and at times I was really into it...just not enough wrestling to earn higher than a 7...I loved the ending though

* JBL vs. Undertaker (7) much better than expected...good wrestling and storytelling by both Taker and JBL...ending and post-match sucked but the overall match was good...I also like Orlando Jordan as the Virgil-like sidekick

* Benoit vs. Orton (8.5) great match and a great finish that hits you out of nowhere...I couldn't quite give it a 9 because some of the slower bits were boring...awesome bump by Benoit on the outside

Dark Blue

Kurt Russell is a baaad cop! "Dark Blue" is a baaad movie!
4 out of 10. For those who haven't seen this film, don't believe what you hear about Russell's performance. Yes, it is true that he is the only good thing about "Dark Blue", but that's not saying much. If you wanna see a bad cop played right, watch "The Shield" or "Narc" or "Internal Affairs" even. Just stay away from this. Kurt tries hard to be the angry and racist veteran cop, and he succeeds. The problem is that the script and the lines he's saying are the most clichéd and pathetic attempt at corrupt movie-copism (I know that's not a word) that I've ever seen. So instead of seeming cool he just comes across as something we've all seen and heard before in better films with better actors and better scripts. Enough about Kurt, because he's not really the problem. The problem is that every other role in this film, except for maybe the black guys who are rioting, is cast horribly. And I mean horribly. Scott Speedman needs to stay on TV or get a job as a model or something because he stinks. Michael Michelle is amazingly bad in her role. Brendan Gleeson gives a pretty good performance, but he's totally wrong for the part and Ving Rhames almost put me to sleep every time he spoke a line of dialog. You can really tell he was just in this one for the paycheck. Anyway, the 6.6 IMDb rating for this movie is way wrong. Almost as wrong as rating for "Basic". Sometimes I just wonder what you people are thinking! Bad movie. Gets 4 because Kurt Russell tries hard to no avail. Otherwise would be a 2 or 3. Oh and one more thing...Please stop making movies Ron Shelton, please. And stop writing scripts too! You'll be doing the film world a favor.


Suspect Zero

Terrible film. I give it a 4.
"Suspect Zero" is like an hour and a half version of an X-Files episode...a really bad X-Files episode. There are no thrills or suspense to speak of. Aaron Eckhart is totally wrong for the part, but then again, I don't know who could have done well with what was given. Ben Kingsley is serviceable, but he basically sleep walks through his part. The character played by Carrie Anne-Moss has no purpose whatsoever. It's like the film would be no different if her character had been left out altogether. The director is trying to be a little too David Fincher and fails to really give any kind of flow to the film or interject his own style. Skip "Suspect Zero" unless you feel like wasting 8 bucks this weekend.


Great debut for Carnahan. Great return for Liotta & Patric!
This was a hard film to rate for me because while I loved the gritty style and absolutely loved the acting, the story and its ending really didn't do much for me. Director Joe Carnahan has a lot of talent and will hopefully go on to direct more great films, but I feel like he let a real classic get away from him with "Narc". The final 15 minutes or so were a little too heavy on flashbacks and I didn't feel like I needed the story to be so neatly tied up. Other than the end and a few cliche cop-movie moments (which really don't take away from the film), I feel that "Narc" is a very strong 7 of 10 and not far from an 8. Check this film out for some great acting and oh by the way, Hollywood, give Jason Patric more roles that he can sink his teeth into like this one. I feel like he has definite Oscar potential if he is given the chance.

Twelve Monkeys

Good, but not "Top 250" good.
I mean really, is "12 Monkeys" one of the top 200 movies ever? I do agree that Terry Gilliam is one of the greatest directors, of the last 30 years, at giving the viewer wonderful things to look at on the screen. I think, however, that this film proves that he has some trouble connecting these fantastic images with a truly gripping narrative. "12 Monkeys" has some moments, mainly where the plot twists appear, that are riveting. These moments, combined with the magnificent scenes which take place in the future, almost make the police chase scenes and the seemingly endless scenes where Bruce Willis' character beats people up, fly out of all memory. But they don't. Throughout the film, just as Gilliam gives us something mindblowing, he stoops to the level of a dopey scene where a detective lectures "Dr. Railly" on the dangers of defending her kidnapper, or a scene where the pimp accuses the lady of "working his turf" and then gets beaten up. I do like this movie, I just feel that to be one of the top 250 films out of the thousands and thousands of films ever made, it better be close to perfect. "12 Monkeys" is a very entertaining film and the cinematography deserved at least an Oscar nomination, but it is not even Gilliam's best film, much less "Top 250" material.

7 out 10


Pacino would never kill De Niro!!!!
I really liked this movie. I remember seeing it about 5 years ago and not being impressed. However, upon further viewing last night, this is one to be remembered. First things first, Michael Mann is a great director. His films have always given the viewer the perfect blend of superb visuals and very in-depth, interesting plots. "Heat" is probably the 2nd best Mann film behind "The Insider", which to me is a masterpiece. I was surprised that the 3 hour running time never really felt too long, however, i do think some of the stuff involving the "Waynegrow" character could have been ditched. I know his involvement was central to the plot, as a means for McCauley & crew to be caught, I just didn't like the whole serial killer subplot. Anyway, De Niro and Pacino are definitely on their respective games throughout. Kilmer is good but not as great as some have proclaimed. Two of my favorite characters in the film were played by Wes Studi and Mykelti Williamson. Their roles were small but played perfectly and really added to film's realism. The final scene on the airport runway was, IMO, even more amazing than the bank heist/shootout. Excellent way to end the movie.

8 out of 10

Sands of Iwo Jima

Forget what you've heard...this movie is TERRIBLE!
When John Wayne is far and away the best actor in a film, you know it can't be good. 'Sands of Iwo Jima' is bad, like Mystery Science Theater bad. The acting here is some of the worst I've ever seen (especially the guy who plays Conway). Also, I've read some comments here complimenting the direction of Allan Dwan. What?!? Anytime a director uses stock footage, it just shows that he's not imaginative enough to tell a story with his own images. Poor John Wayne. He's surrounded by crap in this film, which I would say is one of the worst war movies that I have ever seen.

2 out of 10

Red River

What is up with John Wayne and his mullet?
Seriously though, 'Red River' is a great movie despite the Duke's terrible hair. Definitely should be up at the top of any list of the greatest westerns ever made. What makes it a classic, besides having Howard Hawks as director, is John Wayne's evil performance. We've seen his darkside, but this was tops (until 'The Searchers' at least). Enough can't be said of Montgomery Clift and the immortal Walter Brennan's performances in this film. Now to the bad. John Wayne's mullet and toupee are ridiculous as well as Joanne Dru almost ruining the film with her annoying acting at the end. All in all, though, this is a great one to watch. It's not quite one of the greatest movies ever like some say, but it is a very very good one.

9 out of 10

12 Angry Men

Now this is acting!!
'12 Angry Men' is not quite the astoundingly great film it's made out to be, but it's definitely one of the measuring sticks for ensemble acting to this day. Great acting all around and superb direction from Sidney Lumet, who never made a better film in his career. This movie is basically one long scene, and it never gets boring. Some of the arguments about the trial are really stretching, but in the end, the trial is not even what the film is all about. Fonda is great, as always, but the glory here goes to Lee J. Cobb. Cobb is a powerhouse and probably was never better - 'On the Waterfront' included.

8 out of 10


'Network' is like a bad soap opera.
I can't understand why 'Network' has such a great reputation. It isn't terrible, but it's not far from it. I thought the assassination of Howard Beals at the end would be a cool way to end the film, but I was so disappointed in Sidney Lumet's execution of this scene. What should have been a great, darkly comedic finale, ended up being so cheesy. William Holden's performance was probably the most consistent of the film, but I can't understand the purpose of his character at all. As far as the story went, there was no reason for him to even be around except to give a long, drawn-out speech every once and a while. How Peter Finch and Faye Dunaway won Oscars for their performances also astounds me. The most over-acted performances of the year maybe, but Best Actor and Actress? I beg to differ. They yelled and screamed a lot, but I didn't see a lot of great acting there at all. At least this didn't win Best Picture over 'Rocky'. This is a very overrated film.

I rate Network a 5

Judgment at Nuremberg

7 out of 10
"Judgment at Nuremberg" features great performances from Lancaster, Garland, Clift and Oscar winner Schell. Spencer Tracy is rather boring until the finale. The length and the strange cinematography really took away from the overall strengths of the movie, which were the performances. A good historical story which I think is worth watching if you have 3 hours to kill. I don't know about anyone else, but the fact that William Shatner was there bothered me. He'll always be Kirk to me I guess. Also, be prepared to see Montgomery Clift and Judy Garland looking very very old. The non-courtroom scenes really were boring and seemed rather awkward, like they didn't belong in the film.

Sunset Blvd.

Would like to see it without the narration.
Billy Wilder's "Sunset Blvd." is definitely a classic film with many memorable moments, but I can't help but think that it would have been better without the narration by William Holden's character. I think Gloria Swanson's performance deserves it's place on the list of all-time great ones and Erich Von Stroheim was very good as well. William Holden wasn't bad, he was quite good actually. It was his narration, however, that bothered me throughout the film. I was watching the final scene of Norma Desmond coming down the staircase and I thought to myself, this would be so much creepier if we didn't hear Joe Gillis' voice. Anyway, that's just my thoughts. Despite all that, this is still one of the great ones.

10 out of 10


Surpassed all my expectations!
"Glory" is definitely one of the best movies to come out of the 80s and might just be one of the top 10 or 20 war movies ever. I was tempted to give in to my critical nature and only give 9 out of 10, but the ending was too unforgettable that I have to give this one a 10. I don't usually give 10 out of 10, but there was just something about "Glory" that stuck with me. A few things for example: (1) James Horner's score was freaking incredible. Maybe his best besides "Braveheart" or "Aliens" (2) Denzel's performance, of course (3) Matthew Broderick's surprisingly great performance and (4) the shocking unhappy ending. Stuff like the fake facial hair and the accents were somewhat bothersome, but overall, they can't take away from how awesome this movie is.

10 out of 10

My Darling Clementine

Beautiful scenery, but not much else.
Poor acting + poor script + great cinematography = Good looking bad movie. I really tried to like this movie because I like Fonda and Ford, but there are too many things about this movie that ruined it for me. First, Victor Mature is the worst Doc Holliday you could ever imagine. He may even be the worst actor ever. Second, the two female leads were freaking horrible. Chihauhau?!?! It seems like a joke. Third, the story just drags along and nothing really happens until the Gunfight at the OK Corral, which was also very disappointing. Fourth, Walter Brennan is terribly underused as Pa Clanton. He was probably the best character in the movie but he has about 10 minutes of screentime. So skip this movie and watch "Tombstone". For a good Ford and Fonda movie watch "The Grapes of Wrath".

3 out of 10


And people say that "Showgirls" is bad...
"Flesh & Blood" is a very, very bad movie. I am a fan of Paul Verhoeven, but this was just terrible. Good thing he made "Robocop" after this, because he may have been kicked out of America. "Flesh & Blood" is as bad, if not worse, than "Showgirls". It's like "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" except it's not supposed to be funny. I give it a 3 because it was one of those films that is so bad that you have to watch it all the way through just to see if gets any better. Oh yeah, and that rape scene has to be seen to be believed. What was Jennifer Jason Leigh thinking?

3 out of 10

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