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The Proud Family

This show is good! It's funny. My favorite characters are Oscar and Suga Mama. I wish there would be more new episodes, however. Penny and her friends represent the average teen. Oscar represents an embarrassing father and Trudy is a great mom. Suga Mama is so funny and just cool. I actually wish I had a grandmother like that! ;)

A Walk to Remember

It's great!
I really liked "A Walk To Remember". Shane West is a such a hottie and Mandy Moore is a decent actress. This was such a sweet and romantic movie. I totally recomend it. I do think there was too much swearing at the beginning, however. All in all, this movie was great and I really liked it!

Kim Possible

Not the best
This show is ok and fun to watch, but it's so fake. This show gives viewers the idea that some people can do anything, and that's not so. Ron is pretty funny, but he's the only humorous character. I'd probably enjoy this show more if Kim had just a LITTLE trouble "saving the world". Drakken isn't even a really bad guy...he's just weird. Him=dangerous? Not a chance!

The Famous Jett Jackson

Pretty good
"The Famous Jett Jackson" is a pretty good show, but it is not the best. It's about a boy who is living in LA, but moves back to his hometown to be with his family and friends. He has his own TV show. Britney Spears and Destiny's Child have guest starred on this show.

Smart Guy

This is a good show! Marcus, Mo, TJ, and Floyd are my favorite characters. They make me laugh a lot. Each episode is original and different. That's what I like about this show. I'd reccomend it for kids, possibly even some teens and adults. I wish it would've lasted longer, however. I'm glad it still plays on Disney.

Boy Meets World

I love "Boy Meets World"! It is a great show. My favorite episodes are: Brave New World, Angela's Men, Seven The Hard Way, Brotherly Shove, and the Hypochondria one. I love all the characters, especially Cory, Eric, Shawn, Mr. Feeny, and Angela. This show has everything in it--love, suspense, humor, friendship, and family. This is a really awesome show!

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