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The Big Green

Still one of my favorites
Even at 13 this film is still one of my favorites I borrowed it from my friend and got it for christmas one year. One day a group of misfit kids decide to go for a bike ride and feed some birds and a lady thinks their being attacked she claims that she is their teacher. These kids are playing around at the police station and are told off by sheriff Tom Palmer. Determined to motivate her students Anna forms a soccer team with the help of Tom Palmer. At the field they meet a group of bullies also a soccer team called The Knights coached by the snobbish Jay Huffer Tom's old nemesis. The Knights wind up winning by a final score of 18-0. But they soon become a winning team and defeat The Knights in the championship game 4-3. In the end Jay Has to kiss the goat. 9/10

Full House

Well, Okay
I watch this show once in a while and i think it's worth watching if there's nothing better on. It's about a man named Danny who's wife was killed by a drunk driver and his friends Jesse and Joey move in to help him. On one episode Jesse became so obsessed with his rock band the Rippers that the Rippers fired him. Or one time one of Jesse's songs became a hit in Japan. Jesse himself eventually gets married to the co host of Danny's show Becky and he has kids of his own named Nicky and Alex. The show is really funny when Joey imitates cartoon characters. So worth watching if there's nothing on. 7/10

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

This movie should crash and burn
I saw this movie last night and I think that this movie should crash and burn. It has been four years since the disaster at Jurassic Park and two groups are in a race against time that will determine the fate of the remote island's prehistoric inhabitants. The island that Dr. Ian Malcolm is located in Attenborough. I swear to god there was even a part where a man is talking about dinosaurs coming to San Diego. All in all I hated this movie so much. 3/10

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

I saw this movie recently I thought it was tedious it's about a Caribbean sea in the 17th century. A pirate named Jack Sparrow teams up with the daughter of a governer named Governer Weatherby Swann to stop a ship of dangerous pirates lead by the evil Captain Barbossa who intend to break an ancient curse with the blood of the lovely Elizabeth Swann. I could not wait for this movie to be over I give this movie a D-.

Legally Blonde

This movie was a piece of crap it turns out Elle Woods is getting engaged to a guy named Warner and she has to go shopping to buy something special. Warner shows up at the mansion in his limousine and they go to a restaurant and she finds out that instead of proposing Warner wants to break up with her she asked Warner if her breasts we're too big he said if he we're going to be a lawyer by the time he was 30 he needed to marry someone serious and she's all heartbroken awe boo hoo. She sleeps in bed for weeks. So they go shopping and in order to win her precious Warner back she decides to become a lawyer. She finds out he's engaged to a lawyer named Vivian so she goes to a salon for help. I couldn't stand this movie another minute. 3/10

Legally Blonde

This movie was a piece of crap it turns out Elle Woods is getting engaged to a guy named Warner and she has to go shopping to buy something special. Warner shows up at the mansion in his limousine and they go to a restaurant and she finds out that instead of proposing Warner wants to break up with her she asked Warner if her breasts we're too big he said if he we're going to be a lawyer by the time he was 30 he needed to marry someone serious and she's all heartbroken awe boo hoo. She sleeps in bed for weeks. So they go shopping and in order to win her precious Warner back she decides to become a lawyer. She finds out he's engaged to a lawyer named Vivian so she goes to a salon for help. I couldn't stand this movie another minute. 3/10

Big Daddy

One worth watching
I saw this film recently it was so funny. Well it seems once again Sonny turned off his girlfriend's alarm clock. She finds him irresponsible and is upset that he does not want to start a family so she leaves him. Then people accuse Sonny for they feel that the surprise was spoiled on him. One day a kid shows up at Sonny's apartment the kid's name is Julian. He then takes him to a bar where they each get a root beer. At first Julian keeps puking and peeing every couple of minutes later in the movie Sonny and Julian go to McDonald's and Sonny teaches Julian how to pee on doors. He then contacts a man named Arthur Brooks to see if they can find him a family Arthur says he would do it but also explained that Julian would have to spend some time in a group home. Then Julian wants his name changed to Frankenstein. One day while Sonny visits Julian's school his teacher notifies him about his lude behavior. Check this film out it's guaranteed to make you laugh.

Greg the Bunny

Why was this show cancelled?
This show was hilarious I cannot believe it was cancelled It was about a show called Sweetkunckle Junction that had all these acting puppets the show was directed by Gil Bender then one day a bunny named Greg could not find a job so he had Gil's son Jimmy help him get a job on Sweetknuckle Junction. The show revolves around letters. One time a crew for TV guide came to interview the show Sweetknuckle Junction and everybody had a busy job to do getting prepared. Another time Gil's ex-wife planned to marry another man and that made Gil depressed. Another time Sweetkunckle Junction had to support a kid's group. So in all in all this show was hilarious shame on Fox Television for cancelling this program.


Cracks me up every time
I tune into this show every once in a while and it gets me cracked up all the time The funniest would probably have to be Kramer. One time A girl was talking to George and he told her that he's engaged to another woman she smacked him. Then another time Kramer got a bus and made the J. Peterman reality bus tour and had to constantly make stops to find a trashcan. Then another time Jerry took a lie detector test because his friend had sexual intercourse with someone. On another episode Jerry had to find a drug for his girlfriend. All in all this show is soooo hilarious and it's way funnier than Friends & Will & Grace those shows suck and they are crappy. So instead of watching those programs just watch this one it will have you laughing all the way until the end!!!


Fairly funny
I'm stuck watching these programs with my mom often one time on an episode Reba's parents stopped by for a visit and everyone was delighted that they got to do something special for Reba's parents anniversary. One time Van didn't have enough time to spend with the family because he was a football player so Reba helped him. And as a traditon of being part of the football team Van got a drill breakfast. Another time Cheyenne wanted to be treated like an adult so she went apartment hunting and found out the apartments we're expensive. Another time Reba advised Cheyenne and Van to drop some will to get a legal guardian for their daughter Elizabeth. Then on another episode Reba didn't believe in true love until she met a guy she instantly had a crush on him. Like I said Fairly Funny but at times it can be a snoozer but still well worth watching.

Seven Stars

Anger Management

Adam Sandler does it again
I saw this film last week Adam Sandler has done it again he was funny in Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and The Waterboy and now he pulls it off again. It starts out with him as a child and his pants are pulled down and then somebody hangs up on him. He must find a seat on the plane so a gentleman named Buddy Rydell offers him a seat and winds up getting a headset but David (Sandler) wants a headset too but the flight attendant won't give it to him so for being accused of dissing the flight attendant he gets sent to court and winds up taking classes in Buddy Rydell's anger management class there are two twins that have a crush on David and a dude dressed in a Philadelphia 76ers jersey and watching the 76ers game. So David says he shall only be attending one class but David has a dude named Chuck team up with David there he had his girlfriend Linda at his apartment but Chuck told her to beat it. Then he goes to a bar and by accident attacks a bartender so he gets sent back to court and has to complete Buddy's anger management for 30 days. So Buddy moves in and he gives David a tape recorder the first thing he records on it is how unhappy he is that Buddy moved in with him and that his couch has been taken so they share the couch. And it breakfast things get out of hand and they have to go to work but Buddy stops the car and they sing a song together. Then later in the movie David intends to have sexual intercourse with another woman so Buddy fell in love with Linda. Then David hurt Buddy and he went to court for a third time. So then Buddy takes Linda to the New York Yankees game and decides to propose to Linda. But David gets her back. Well the New York Yankees oppenent was the San Diego Padres. And in the end David graduated.

Nine Stars

House Party

Hilarious and Awesome
I saw this film last night it was so funny. A teenager named Kid has been invited to a house party but when a bully gives him a hard time at School he gets sent to the principal's office. Well his father finds out about the fight and Kid is grounded but when his father falls asleep he sneaks out of the house and goes to the house party but 3 bullies crash the party and kidnap Kid well all 4 of them get caught by the police and are ordered to go home but once the police are gone Kid goes back to the party to do some rapping and 2 women vie for his attention. And soon the song Always and Forever is played at the house party by disc jockey Bilal. Then Kid does some more rapping. Later Kid's father shows up at the party looking for him. Then after the party Kid and Sharane wind up having sexual intercourse and then Sharane's parents come home. But when Kid is on the streets he is arrested and sent to jail and has to have his friends bail him out well he is soon home again and in double big trouble with his father for being out late.

Ten Stars

Wheel of Fortune

Fun and cool game show
My grandma is a Wheel of Fortune fanatic Me and my sister tune into this program often it really is cool. Here's how the game goes three contestants compete to solve a mystery puzzle. a person, thing phrase, etc. One at a time each if the wheel is spinned and he or she lands on bankrupt he or she loses all of his or her money. Then at the end of the game the winner spins a wheel and picks a prize if he or she gets it correct. First Pat Sajak says 6 letters RSTLNE and has Vanna White put the letters that go to the word on the board. Then the contestant must come up with 4 letters including 1 vowel. And if he or she doesn't get the answer in time they lose the prize and he or she gets the money they've won so far.

Me, Myself & Irene

Really funny and good film
I saw this film last night. It starts out with a cop riding his motorcycle and narrator Rex damn forget his last name shows his Charlie and his girlfriend having a picnic she says she would never leave him even if he had to travel to the Arctic and she was stuck eating fish everyday and every night. Well they soon get married and have a limousine for their honeymoon car sweet isn't it? But during the honeymoon a rude and really short cop intrudes and stars fighting with Charlie. Soon after the honeymoon Charlie's wife is pregnant with 3 babies. Then one day they have a barbecue and the 3 boys we're in a kiddie pool. But the cop is back and Charlie's wife leaves him for that cop. Then one day Charlie discovers a man's car has been parked in front of the store for three days and asks him to move it then afterwards he scares a little girl jumping rope. Well he soon shows up at the police station and falls in love with the culprit the police caught she's not very fond of him because he's weird. So the cops and colonel let him take a vacation to get used to his medication. Well one day Charlie and Irene go to a restaurant for something to eat and Charlie insults a waiter. Our story has a happy ending and that was when Charlie proposed to Irene.

Eight Stars

101 Dalmatians: The Series

Entertaining and enjoyable little series
I used to watch this show along with Aladdin all the time as a child. One time the Dearly family decided to move into General Smedley's old farm but Rolly, Lucky, and Cadpig didn't want to. Another time the main puppies decided to adopt an elephant that ran away from the circus. In another episode some pups decided to help out pug due to the fact there was a mean dog. Another time Lucky turned into a jerk to get somebody to be his partner on a game show. Another time Roly fell in love with Dumpling. This show can still be found on Toon Disney.


Kinda stupid
I tuned into this stupid and lame show a few times. One time they went to a party and a guy was talking a whole load of crap. Another time one of the characters became famous and she got worried. Then in the end this man comes in and says where's my turkey? Another Ross's ex wife Carol told him that she was pregnant. Another time Chandler got readdicted to cigarettes. And on another episode Joey's girlfriend wanted to sleep with him but he was too busy with studying.

Four Stars


Perfect way to catch up with the scores
I watch this show every morning it shows highlights of games and scores one time the New York Knicks won to the Philadelphia 76ers 114-112. Another time the San Diego Chargers won to the Arizona Cardinals 23-15. Or another time the San Diego Padres won to the San Francisco Giants 9-4. Another time the Lakers won to the Los Angeles Clippers 102-85. Or another time The Kansas City Chiefs won to the Oakland Raiders 20-10. Worth seeing if you like sports.


If you like the movie you'll probably like the TV series
I remember getting up to watch these kinds of shows as a child. One time Abis Mal put a curse in the Sultan's bathing oils but Iago used them and had until sundown to get the cure but in the end he cleverly reversed the spell on Abis Mal. Another time Abu kept stealing fruit out of trees and Rasoul told him if he stole one more piece of fruit he'd throw Abu in prison. Another time A little king that lived over a recious area was always unhappy and that meant bad weather for everyone so Aladdin and company had to keep him happy until he could keep himself happy. There was also an episode where Aladdin and Abu got into a fight about his kletomania so he ran away and went to live with a bad guy and helped him steal something. There was another episode where Aladdin told Jasmine she wouldn't know the first thing about being a street rat so she got angry and spent a day at The Marketplace as a street rat. I also saw an episode where Abis Mal stole Genie's lamp and the Genie met a female genie along the way and in the end Abis Mal decided to become the girl genie's new master.

If you liked the film you might like the TV series.

Osmosis Jones

Funny in every way
I rented this film and thought it was funny in every way. It starts out with a man named Frank and his daughter at the zoo Frank catches a cold and doesn't realize that there are people in his body. Osmosis Jones is heading somewhere and asks the driver where are we going? The driver tells him not to worry. Frank tries to call a doctor but this voice in his head says: As a matter of fact I think i'll take a cold pill. Then a cold pill named Drix comes to the rescue and fights all the bad stuff in Frank's body. This woman asks Mayor Phlegmming to fire Osmosis Jones but he gets to stay on. One time Osmosis was on the phone with the library and the librarian asked him to get her a book Osmosis said he'd try to get that book but all he could think about was sports. We soon discover Frank got sick because he eats fatty and greasy foods. In the end Frank's daughter thinks that Frank is dead but he remains alive. See this if you haven't

Ten Stars

The Cable Guy

A bit flawed but still worth watching
I saw this film recently it's about a man named Steven Kobak that's been booted from his apartment by his gf Robin Harris. It stars out with him waiting for a cable guy named Chip to arrive when he finally does he's upstairs taking a shower and has to ring the doorbell like 5 times. Steven then bribes the cable guy $50.00 for free cable. So he starts flipping through channels. the cable guy Chip needs a friend so he asks Steven to be his friend. But Steven ignores him to get Robin back and Chip gets upset and leaves 11 messages on Steve's phone machine. So to make it up to him Steven takes Chip to dinner and an event. The event involves them dressing like knights. To teach Steven a lesson Chip gets him arrrested and when he goes to get Steven he tries to get Chip arrested then Chip asks the cop about how he likes the sports package he was receiving. While Steven was in jail Chip and Robin had lunch together. In the end Chip becomes injured and Steven and Robin tell him goodbye. Like I said a bit preachy but it's still certainly worth watching.

Seven Stars

The Mummy

Not even a bit enjoyable
One evening I was bored because there was nothing on so I decided to watch this film with my mom and sister. Brendan Fraser stars as a French Foreign Legion soldier, who on an archaeological dig at the ancient city of Hamunaptra accidentaly wakes up a mummy. Then the heroes are obligated to save the planet or at least the 1930's Egypt. In the opening there are massive gun battles. Don't watch this film for your own good.

Zero Stars

Will & Grace

Terrible Show
I've seen a few episodes of this and thought most of them we're terrible. Will and Grace are best friends Will is a gay lawyer and Grace is a straight interior designer. One time Will And Grace helped plan for a wedding of a friend but Grace slept with the groom of the wedding. Another Time Will came home and Grace was smoking she told Will it makes her feel sexy. Another time they we're visting their relatives for Thanksgiving while Will spent Thanksgiving with his family. Another time Grace was talking to a fish. On another episode Grace got a ride home from a jewish doctor but Will wasn't too thrilled to see her. Another time Will married Karen's maid.

Three Stars

American Idol: The Search for a Superstar

Good but Star Search is better
There are some things I like about this show and some things I don't like about this show The thing I don't like about this show is when the contestants sing country music. Like one time they had a contestant that sang the song Knock on wood I thought that was pretty good and then they had somebody sing a song by Earth Wind And Fire. Then after the performances Ryan Seacrest gives them a phone number so they can call in and vote and at the end of the show he'll show the performances on replay. That's when the phone lines open. There logo is a guy holding a microphone. Like I said this is good but Star Search is better.

Eight Stars

Star Search

I tune into this show all the time I think it's fantastic the performers are super talented, and the singing's incredible. This show is hosted by Arsenio Hall and is on CBS Wednesdays and Fridays. One time one of the singers sang Part of your world from The Little Mermaid. Another time they had a dude that looked like Tom Hanks. At the end the judges each give the performer or performers 1-5 stars. One time Raven Symone was the guest judge on the show. Then the 3 performers with the most stars go to the semi finals to win some cash. Last night they had a comedian and all the judges jinxed him. I like this show it's better than American Idol.

8 Mile

My father rented this film it was good. It's about a rapper named Jimmy Smith Jr. in Detroit desperate to overcome his personal hardships using the rap for a better life and an outlet for his frustration. It starts out with him rapping in a bathroom and a group of rappers knocking on the door telling him hurry up. They then go to a club to perform but Jimmy freaks out. When he gets home he finds out his daughter was up waiting for him and tucks her in. Jimmy lived with his mother in a shelter. He's saddened his girlfriend dumped him. He starts problems for his mother. A guy came over to the house and Jimmy beat him up and freaked his daughter out. It was good but it was the buck naked woman that I didn't like in it.

Seven Stars

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