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Wanted to be too clever and fails to keep me to the plot
There is one thing and action and science fiction movie shouldn't do: Bore the audience over almost 2 hours of its running time Making a story out of Interstellar left overs isn't the biggest mistake IMHO Nolan did, but he obviously overestimated the visual rewarding of time shifts and parallel worlds.

Da 5 Bloods

Tarantino might have shortened the plot
I enjoyed part of the movie to end a Netflix marathon but (to avoid more spoilers) to pack everything from black history, Miss Saigon, French and US colonialism, Apocalypse now, Sights and Sounds of Southern Vietnam, poststress syndromes and land mines, to name just a few into a heavily edited (filmgrain, formats,...) action movie about some old backpackers haunted by their past would have made a decent mini series but resulted into an exhausting and still empty movie.

6 Underground

Visuals 10 Story 6 have beer and enjoy
Don't think twice, have a beer and enjoy a fast, sponsor-driven roller-coaster ride until the new Bond will come out.

Into the Woods

Makes the somewhat complex plot clearer than most stage productions
May be some reviewers didn't like Sondheim's classic, but the transformation to the big screen was perfect. No theater could efford such a perfect cast.

The Last Five Years

Brings a good off Broadway Musical to you if your local theater doesn't
Intimate Musicals are meant for the small Stange and not the big screen. Having said this and added that the special structure of its story told by an array of songs sung to the audience and (with one exception) not to the only other actor, is basically impossible to translate into a musical, I for most part liked what made it to my TV (having bought the movie on Google). I'd loved to see it sometimes in a small theater but the lyrics and sometimes the music are stronger than in some other musicals and deserved to be preserved for those who have no access to a stage production.

Doctor Dolittle

It is what it is
I enjoyed the books as a child and found this movie even after my second viewing of the BR at least nice. Probably a good choice for those who do not like the newest revival of this story.


Pinter didn't come to Korea
What ever brought this movie its Palm and its Oscar, I couldn't find it on the screen, and no I am not offended, neither by its story nor its violence. Try to catch Harold Pinters/Joseph Losey's The Servant (1963) starring Dirk Bogarde and you'll Se a similar theme screened in perfection, with better actors and a much better camera work. Sorry,

The Irishman

Very old men tell a story nobody wanted to hear
Great cast, professionally done, but why? Vanished 62 years Jimmy Hoffa played by 79 year old Al Pacino, 76 year old De Niro and 77 year old Scorsese tell their version of "Gangs of American history" and obviously have doubts that not even De Niro's nurse show's interest in what happened half a century ago.

Das perfekte Geheimnis

Have a laugh and a drink
Don't expect deep truth or drama, this movie is probably the best German sitcom you'll ever encounter and the closest a German script comes to the early Woody Allen. The basic idea (don't show ur mobile to your partner) is not too clever and according to another review has been screened before, but the actors play well, not all of the story's twists are predictable and I enjoyed the movie. Most of the jokes are about sex but you have to lack any sense of humor if you find them offensive or against heteros or homos. Take it for what it is, a light comedy.


Tells more about our present than about Joker's past
Well played, well shot but one wonders why the movie theater is packed with Teens and Twens obviously enjoying the film. The plot stays within the usual boundaries: Villains have to have a condition to avoid that society (even the rich) is left with all the blame. I have seen worse films but I apart from some very intense camera work and acting, I left the movie with mixed feelings, mostly because I wonder what makes others rave about this story. With all the current anger and protests around the world, from the yellow jackets in France to the protesters in Hong Kong, Quito, Barcelona and Santiago de Chile one explanation might be that this plot about the origin of anger and aggression in a troubled looser who blames individuals, not the system, to be ignorant and deaf to his needs, apparently seems logical to a generation without other means to explain their personal anger.

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

150 Minutes shot for the sake of the last 11
Recreating an era is visually satisfying and DeCaprio and Pitt having fun playing their parts with gusto may be enough for the box office but shouldn't take that long to come to the final twist of the story. Hitchcock was notorious to make a whole movie just to shoot one take or scene he really wanted to do but times have changed and one should get a little more substance in 150 minutes than perfect photography, a greatest hits of the era soundtrack and playful stars before you get to know that in 1968 Sergio Leone had a different approach to the past in his "Once upon a time..." than Tarantino has now.

Johnny Got His Gun

I watched the movie in TV when I was somewhat 13
I bought the DVD about 15 years ago when a local DVD rental shop closed and was reluctant to watch the movie again until yesterday. I still think it is one of the strongest anti-war movies ever shot and achieves its goal just with a strong story and very intense images.

Triple Frontier

Great cast but I didn't care
Starts as a follow up to the cocain operettas so popular on Netflix nowadays and turns into a crime doesn't pay show down. Worst is, I didn't care for a minute about any of the characters and started to wonder why it was shot in Dolby Vision, apart from subtitles were really bright.

Wilde Maus

What's boring on stage gets awful on the screen
You get the basic setting of the plot after 20 minutes and even if the story tries to surprise you it is predictable. Few nice one liners, few nice shots but too long, too thin, too flat.

The Kominsky Method

Classical Screwball
Alan Arkin is a great actor, Michael Douglas apparently plays what he does best, himself. Not many new gags but a lot of the old ones done perfectly.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Before Harry Potter

In case
You are not a die hard Potter fan and are satisfied by links to the main story, save your time. CGI isn't too bad but nothing fancy. Characters are flat and not interesting.

Lída Baarová

A chance not taken
What could have been an interesting story turned out to be little more than a conventional TV soap. Lida was Goebbels mistress, but don't expect to be told why.

There Will Be Blood

Sorry folks, I disagree with all the good ratings
poor story, much too long, visually just average and most important who .... cares about this plot, I am really disappointed; think twice before risking 2 1/2 hours of your life for this. I really don t understand why any body is even considering this for an Oscar. Have we all forgot that some time ago a movie had a distinctive lightning, lines and messages? If a story needs 2 or 3 hrs, it s OK, but if time is wasted and all the evidence and explanations for the acting of the characters are focused in two or three scenes and the rest is neither visually stunning nor adds much to the justification of the story. Example: we know that the boy is not his real son but when both are alone evidence suggests that both come along quite well; after the accident we still get evidence that he cares for the boy, but is frustrated because he seems severely diseased .... in the end we learn that he just used the boy; OK, but then some earlier scenes (first visit to the ranch) makes no sense.

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