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The Rockford Files

One of television's last heroes!
The Rockford Files was so heavy an influence on me I honestly think I could have been a great detective (if I wasn't such a chicken)! You don't realize how much you pick up from a TV show though until years later when your spouse asks why you do a particular thing you do and when you stop to think about it you realize - that's totally a Jim Rockford-ism! And I can say that about many things in my life today thanks to the show.

What really set the show apart from others though was Jim's artful use of street smarts and creativity everytime he got himself out of a jam. Sure, anyone could pull a gun and be done with it - hadn't that been done a thousand times already? Jim used his head. His wits and those of us who were paying attention back then carry that lesson with us today.

I think there's a piece of Jim Rockford in all of us.

The Adventures of the Wilderness Family

A fun, adventurous, family oriented film but don't look too deep into this film or you may be troubled by what you see.
I saw this film when I was 13. Loved-it-to-death! I have since watched it through the eyes of a much older person and a parent. AH! What was I thinking!?!?!

The parents live in the hussle and bussle life of L.A.(although it doesn't seem so bad to me at all) Dad gets this thought one day that he's not very happy living that kind of life so he throws around the idea about leaving it all for the quiet life of the wild, wild wilderness (you know, the wild, man-eating bears, the wild, man-eating cougars etc...) and there, under the glow of the traffic light they decide to leave it all(why do my life altering decisions seem to take years to make and they can decide their fate in an instant?).

So they move.

Blah, blah... man chops down trees, builds home, makes friends with nature, nature turns on them and they run for their lifes until the dog comes to the rescue yadda, yadda, yadda.

Great premise-not very realistic. Aside from the fact that they were literally dropped into the middle of "wild African Safari" as a parent, the majority of their problems stemmed from poor parenting and nearly cost the children their lives on more than one occasion. This upset me (I know, it's only a movie).

What I liked? Beautiful scenery, good, wholesome family entertainment without one questionable word, phrase or action. Hard to find these days.

What disturbed me? Children riding in the back of a pick-up doing 50 mph down the street, children allowed to run-off into the wilderness with no parental supervision, children and adults constantly domesticating wild animals, feeding wild animals and the overall obvious lack of respect for nature the Wilderness family showed in this film.

The Rose

Do not miss this film! A masterpiece in disguise!
Bette Midler IS the Rose! There are not too many films out there in which the viewer forgets their watching a movie - this is one of them. Watching The Rose is almost like snooping on someone's personal life... you know you shouldn't but you can't believe what's being revealed to you right before your eyes! Bette Midler is simply "divine" and completely believable as the worn-out, alcohol-abusing rock star who is in dire need of love and a break but continues to please her audience - and her ruthless, money hungry manager. After kicking a bad drug habit we watch her throughout the movie slowly, little by little, sink back down to the bottom. You root for her throughout hoping she just runs away from the rock and roll life that's slowly killing her but she seems to need it as much as it needs her. In the end it devours her and we're left wondering "why". This film changed my life when I was a teenager with a rock 'n' roll dream. Bette Midler pours her heart and soul into this film, and it shows in every frame. Combine that with an awesome sound track, breathtaking full length song performances and an over-the-edge personality and you have one heck of a film here!

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