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The Elder Son

Underrated Mature Family Comedy
This really is a cute and mostly convincing little comedy. And you could almost call it a partial crime-drama as well, or tragic comedy at least but not overly tragic. Mostly it's a feel good film. It's playful, and definitely for a mature audience, but definitely very suitable for watching with other mature family members or friends. The film is very cute, fun and mostly very down home feeling. The acting is great for the most part, and so is the Russian immigrant atmosphere the film often has. It's a unique film for the most part, much different than your average Hollywood release at least. I think that's partly why I enjoyed it. The film was sort of familiar, but yet not so much, leaving you wanting to see how things turn out no matter your overall interest level in the subjects, or even in the main plot. The film is a loose reversion of the Alexander Vampilov Russian hit play from 1969. He died at only 34 years of age, but his plays have been performed from Moscow to London, and all the way to the USA. If you want a fun, warm hearted slice of life comedy. This is a good choice in my view. I'd probably rate it a 7.5 out of 10 really if I could, but since it's mostly been underrated so far in my view, I'll give it an 8. Usually I round down when it comes to films, but sometimes I feel generous. :)

High Life

High Life, Mediocre best.
Worth a watch I suppose, but barely. A highly acclaimed director/writer and a highly praised film by many critics. However I thought it was mostly just boring and stupid. It wants so bad to be a thought provoking Bergman or Kubrick type of film, but just ends up feeling like another over done Von Trier pile of garbage. 5/10


This Is The End?
I was hooked into this film, it grabbed me and held my interest easily and fully. It feels so authentic, I was loving it. The end however I found to be very disappointing. I didn't feel it was the type of film to end in the vague way it does. It just didn't fit this film. Too bad the ending wasn't better, because this could have truly been great. 6.5/10

In Darkness

A Smart Thriller With A Bad Ending
Sort of hard to believe this film is rated a 5.8 on here right now. Though I would agree that it definitely is flawed, it also has many great aspects to it. It's a worthy effort and a worthy watch if you like smart thrillers. Mostly it is a smart thriller, but it eventually goes just a little too far to be a great film, but to me it was definitely good. I strongly dislike the major twist at the end, it was so unneeded and just flat out didn't fit the film. Otherwise though, it's quite interesting with some very unique aspects for an American film. 7/10

I Am Mother

Not Boring, Not Brilliant, I Am Good
A good thought provoking sci-fi. It's not as boring as some are saying, nor is it nearly as brilliant as some others are claiming. It is good though. A cautionary tale about advanced AI. If you like a thinker, watch it. Don't expect 2001 or anything, it's not even in the same league, but it's a reasonably good watch if you enjoy films you have to think about to fully appreciate. The film definitely has a few big holes, however it also creates some slightly new perspectives a person can ponder. So if you're into that kind of film, then this is one of them. 7/10

Richard Jewell

Clint Eastwood just keeps making great films...
This is such a relevant to our times story, produced in part by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. It tells a fairly horrifying tale of how a person's life can literally be ripped apart by irresponsible journalism, and grasping law enforcement agencies under pressure. It's a sad but extremely important story at this moment in history. A moment in which the American mainstream media seems to have become a witch hunting outfit, commonly destroying the good names of people in the press well before their deserved due process. Perhaps the US should adopt British policy regarding crime in the media. Over there, when a person is accused or charged with a crime, the media is not allowed to report on it until there has been a court descision. I think people on this side of the pond are really starting to see why this is a much more reasonable way to go about it. That people are innocent until proven guilty is an idea in which our modern society was supposedly built upon. In recent times however, the mainstream media seems to be trying to mess with this important human right, and are often steam rolling certain people well before their day(s) in court. Something has to change about the current irresponsible media circus that has become so mainstream in America. I applaud this film and all involved. It's a well told story, written in a very engaging way, with some very thought provoking points. I also thought Sam Rockwell was amazing in his role. 8/10

Frank & Lola

A Strong Film, But Not For Everyone
I'm a little surprised by the current 5.9 rating on here, so I really felt I needed to write a review.

The film is a little offbeat, definitely not your standard Hollywood fare. It's gritty, and fairly uncompromising. It takes place in Las Vegas and Paris, and the reason I mention that is because this sort of feels more like a French film than the American film that it actually is.

It is an American film that was selected for Sundance, and then was picked up by a Hollywood distributor.

For a person like myself who has literally seen thousands of films from all over the world, I understand and appreciate the rarity of realist films like this with very human characters and very real feelings.

I enjoyed the film entirely, and I definitely plan to watch it at least one more time in my life. It's a good film at the very least, and perhaps even better. I suspect that I may even rate this film a little higher upon a second viewing. It's one of those types of films that may be enjoyed even more with a less surprised viewer, because yes, the film like real life is a little unsettling at times. There was no doubt at the end of the film however that I definitely enjoyed it a lot.

I must mention that I thought both Shannon and Poots were nothing short of tremendous.

To end, let me just say that if you want something not so standard, or you're a huge film buff who's seen tons, definitely see this film!!


Boo! As Standard As Cinema Gets
I can't believe many people and even some critics enjoyed this film. These critics should all be fired, that is if they actually are employed in the first place. Yes, that's right, thanks to Rotten Tomatoes, every loon alone in his basement is now considered a "professional film critic". This was as standard as survival films ever get, and it was also far from believable. My friend made a comment around an hour into the film that Jason Statham should have been in this. We laughed, but seriously if you don't get his point, this film is about as realistic and as standard as the generic action junk he often does. There is absolutely NOTHING new in this film at all. It's a complete waste of time. If anyone deserves decent credit here, it would be the make-up people. At least the injuries and cold effects did look very real. That's really the only positive thing I have to say. Sure, if you've only seen like 6 movies in your entire life, and you've never seen a survival film, then maybe you'll like this, but otherwise I'd advise everyone to stay clear of this very standard and phoney garbage. 4/10


Interesting, But Somewhat Shallow And Disrespectful In The End
I thought this was an interesting and sad story. However this is definitely a failed project to say the least.

The film ends up being centred around how the 1960's reforms of the Catholic Church, basically took away many of the older extreme views of the past church, and introduced much more leniency in Catholic nunnery. All of a sudden nuns were not held in a higher regard than that of the average Catholic. Their 'Brides of Christ' designation and special place in the church was entirely abolished. Thus of course taking away the designation in an instant what many nuns had given their entire lives for, to be known and recognized as a bride of Christ by the church. While it is sad for these ladies, or perhaps I should call them 'Sisters', the film really has no real depth to it other than this point. Nor did the film feel authentic to it's time or to it's characters. The film adds that these reforms are why Catholic nunnery has since almost entirely disappeared.

It is quite clear from watching the film that the writer does not believe in God. This too hinders the film, and to where it eventually leads, as openness in this regard would have made for a much more interesting and effective story, and it quite frankly would have been much more respectful to it's subjects. The main young character we follow in the film is really not developed at all, and her supposed interest in God and religion in general is not honestly looked at. For her it just seems like a somewhat rebellious phase, rather than something she's actually truly interested in. Nobody in the entire film actually feels like they have a real interest in God. Since it takes place in a Nunnery, this seems odd to say the least. The film basically comes across in the end as, well it's better that girls are not becoming nuns anymore, and that they are free to love physically as this actually gives more to them than God can. I'm not kidding either, I know it sounds like a pretty ridiculous point, but that is basically the note on which the film ends.

The story is simple, mostly superficial, but somewhat interesting. However the script and the direction needed serious help. The film fails to find any real depth besides the obvious fact that these older nuns were dealt a crushing blow by the church, and basically had a big part of their life's work taken away from them, and that it takes hard work and sacrifice to become a nun. It often shows stereotypical, and occasional fairly realistic struggles with faith among the young nuns, but nothing really meaningful or insightful is ever flushed out. It often feels superficial and too rehearsed, mainly because of it's lack of depth.

The direction, writing and editing are also seriously to be questioned as there are so many unrealistic to the time period things in the film. The strangest being, why is the lead character nude under her habit, and secondly why are we even shown this in the first place? Scenes like this made absolutely no sense at all; And going even further, it is very obvious that this young woman of at least 18, who has been locked in a convent for around two years now, has a shaved pubic region in the 1960's! Just silliness!! It kinda makes you wonder if this film was produced by another Harvey Weinstein kind of sleezeball. There was entirely no point to this nude scene other than to make the film seem less authentic, or more sexy; And I don't see how the film being more sexy fits into the story. Did the minds behind this project all of a sudden decide to give a homage moment to the old 70's nun exploitation films or something? We are shown nuns getting dressed far too often in the film, without reason. Why? No nudity is shown really until near the end, but all in all it just seemed so odd, so out of place.

If the subject matter interests you, it may be worth a watch. Although this review alone basically gives you the entire story, because there really is no depth to it beyond this at all. The film is greatly flawed, and offers no interesting insights or depth, other than a little of the obvious effect the reforms have on the long time nuns. I will give it a 4 for the acting and because at least I learned a little about the Vatican II reforms. Even if it is a shallow, fairly ignorant and somewhat underdeveloped vision of it's subject matter. At least I did learn one new thing and the acting was good, it wasn't a total loss. 4/10

Die Berührte

Patchy, Challenging, But Definitely Effective!
The film is a sort of patchwork of experiences endured by a young schizophrenic woman. It is grim and uncompromising in every way. In it's subject matter and overall bleakly dark feel, the film reminded me a good bit of Polanski's Repulsion.

While this film doesn't seem totally cohesive in every way, it doesn't really seem to matter in the end, because we are essentially experiencing the chaotic and harsh life of a mentally ill person who is for the most part, alone among the wolves. However the film is very refreshing in it's maturity. It doesn't seem to overly paint any character as 'bad' nor 'good', but just as humans in a very confusing human world. The fact that the people who take advantage of the young woman, and her wealthy parents who mostly ignore her, are not just pointed at with all the blame is admirable. It's more realistic in it's vision of a world that has a hard time understanding and dealing with a mentally ill person; And bravo for that, because for the most part, that is very much the truth.

The film is challenging to watch, and certainly isn't what you'd call great entertainment. However it's hard to deny that in it's own right, this is a very worthy artistic endeavour, and in the end, this is a very effective film in what it sets out to do. If you want to know what it's like to be a schizophrenic person living in this world, you probably can't do much better than watching this flick.

In many ways, not a good film necessarily, but a very worthy and effective one nonetheless. I did find myself actually enjoying it, because as a film, it really is more challenging and authentic, rather than naively overbearing and stereotypical. Most films with this type of subject matter tend to be of the latter sort. You won't find that kind of ignorance or laziness here. This film is a punch to gut, and a serious tug at the heart. Jim Morrison once asked, "How many of you people really know you're alive?". After watching this film, you'll know.


Sommaren med Monika

When Young Dreams Become Adult Nightmares
An early film from Bergman that is both terrible, and a real landmark all at the same time.

For the most part I'd say that the film is a real bore, and suffers greatly from mediocre editing and some very unauthentic feeling moments. There are some really unconvincing scenes here. A young and fairly amateur Bergman for sure, but yet there is such a powerful statement delivered below the surface of the film. In this way, the film separates itself from other very standard love stories, and Bergman separates himself from the average artist or filmmaker.

Bergman as he often was, is very uncompromising here, and he has definite ideas, and wide and powerful views of his modern industrial and social society. Bergman loved to use cinema as a multi layered way to speak to viewers. Most people may even miss much of the major statements in his work, because they're often relayed so subtley, and yet are so grand at the same time. They lay under the surface of his work, weaved quite loudly, but yet not overtly obvious. It takes a deeper eye and eventually reflection to truly understand and appreciate a good Bergman film. In this way he was among the pioneers in creating new ways to convey ideas, themes and messages through the medium of the cinema. In Summer With Monika he certainly has some large social political feelings that he expresses, and quite obviously to the seasoned viewer, these are the main themes of the film. Most people seem to believe this is just a story of young lovers that eventually goes stale due to naivety and the realities of modern life, and it is, but it is so much more than that at the same time. It's a story of dreams destroyed by nightmares, a story of social and industrial entrapment that often kills the young and hopeful human spirit.

If you know Bergman's work very well, you know that he was a person who often loved to relay a very bleak view of things. After all he was a man who lost his faith, and he was an artist. An artist without pain or something to stand up for, is often not much of an artist at all.

While I didn't think that this film was very good in terms of it's overall delivery and execution. I did still greatly appreciate the underlying themes and ideas conveyed by a very young, determined and dramatic artist. It is obvious by watching this film that Bergman was already becoming a director who could do and say special things with a story. I don't think the final product here is quite as great as he had hoped for, but he was at this stage learning and developing the style that would eventually make him a legend.



Reigned Long As The Highest Grossing Canadian Film
I think it was Crash that surpassed it decades later. Can't recall for sure to be honest. Look it up if you care. Anyway, it's a funny teen sex comedy if you're into that sort of forbidden fruit. I really only have two words for this review...

Mike Hunt

Okay, maybe a few more...

Has anyone seen Mike Hunt?


Seems Many Totally Missed The Main Story, LMAO!
It's a sad fact too and I'm sorry for laughing about it. I'm imperfect just as you are. Some people perhaps were too offended, others just too interested and overinvolved in the lesbian aspect or a certain moral value or political slant blinded them. Whatever the case. So far this is DEFINITLY the best film I've seen from 2017. If you need to know, no, I'm not gay, I didn't even feel that the gay issue in the film was of any large significance.

I thought the acting, story and direction were superb. I'm really surprised more people have not found this film to be as fantastic as I did. The current IMDb rating of 6.6 seems extremely low to me. Many critics loved it, as did I. Disobedience I suppose is not a film for everyone. Overthinking can easily get in the way of this one. Just sit back and watch this subtle and beautiful film and think about it later. As the Buddha is often credited with saying, "Think less, observe more.".

I'm pretty sure many people got so offended by certain things in the film that they missed nearly all of the rich and beautiful depth that this film actually has. Sometimes the most clever truths are not so obvious, especially to the distracted mind. Scientists at this point have actually even proven the very narrow focus of the average human mind.

In my view most of the greatest pieces of art in history are the pieces that challenge the way you/we look at things. This is definitely that kind of film. This is not just another piece of entertainment like much of the regurgitated and/or meaningless trash movies of our day. This truly is a beautiful piece of art; And to those of you who watched it and missed this fact...too bad for you. More than anything else, this film is about human choice, and sadly for many, that is a very scary subject. Far too scary for some to honestly deal with. May we All hope for a today filled with greater clarity. For those of you that thought this film was good, but not that good, I challenge you to watch it again without overthinking it while watching it. Shhh...just watch and listen. 8.5/10

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Throw Out Your Preconcieved Notions
It seems there's a real mixed bag of responses to this film, and many of them not so good. However I thought the film was actually pretty interesting. If you go into it expecting a tense or gruesome thriller based on the well known killer, it's no wonder you may end the film being disappointed. It really isn't that type of film. It's more of an exploratory film that attempts to look into the mind of Ted, and his fiancé once the law closes in on him. In this respect, I found this project to actually be a fairly unique and worthy quest.

Say what you will, but to me this was an interesting view on the true crime events of Bundy. Here in this portrayal, and you do also see it in real Bundy interview footage as well, it seems that Ted entirely disassociates himself from the crimes in his mind, and from the person who did the crimes. As if he has a totally 'Other' side within himself. Obviously a serial killer must compartmentalize themselves to a certain degree, especially if they are to continue carrying on relationships in society that hide their darker side. For Ted this was certainly part of his aim. Many believe that Ted maintained his innocence for so long mainly because it gave him some form of control, which was in a way his obsession. The film focuses on this manipulative aspect, and in my view, quite successfully. I think his day to day manipulative behaviour was overall captured and written much better for the TV film, The Deliberate Stranger. Nonetheless this film is still quite interesting in it's own right.

To be honest, I never totally believed that his long time girlfriend with the daughter, had such a hard time believing it was him that did the murders. It's hard to believe that anyone would do the things Ted did, sure, in that way I understand her disbelief. However in reality, contrary to this film, she actually reported Ted to the police three different times. So to me, that says her suspicions were pretty firm. Truthfully, this film ignores a lot of facts, but to me it's still worth a watch or two.

I've never been much of an Efron guy from what I've seen in the past. Though I must admit, here he does a very good job. Strong performance, pretty strong film. Lily Collins however is pretty much always a pleasure to watch. Her performance here was nothing short of excellent. I believe I also noticed that "I see dead people" kid in the film. Don't let any of this push or pull you. If you're interested in it, watch it, but I recommend going into this film, and in fact all films without any expectations. As the Buddha is often credited with saying, "Think less, observe more.". 7/10

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

1st Film = Very Good, Sequel = Basically Garbage
Both films were written by the same guy. Clearly to me, Villeneuve is a superior director to Sollima. I don't believe that is the only reason this film was so much less than the first however. Sollima has also made some very good films. Did the writer just do this up quick for the cash, I'm not entirely sure? However, I am sure that this film was no where near as interesting, intelligent, intense or as unique as the original film. This seemed much more like a Michael Bay film, but sadly also worse than Bay's best films. Compared to the original Sicario film, this was flat out lame. It feels so forced and hollow. The actors did their best with what they had, but they had so little to work with in terms of characters and more than anything, story. Have I mentioned that I pretty much hate new Hollywood? Especially for continuing to try to ruin good films of the past by quickly slapping together high budget sequels without good scripts. What's the point of this, to try and make us all stay home and watch movies online only? I thought with these actors, that perhaps this could be at least a decent sequel. Ugh, was I wrong. I mean, sure, the film is sort of entertaining and overall okay I suppose, but it pales in comparison to the first as if they were barely even trying to tell an interesting story here. The film is just too empty and silly at times to be respected much. Sad...


Citizen Rose

An Angry Woman With A Victim Complex, And Proud Of It Too.
It seems that everything that has ever happened to this woman, or to women in general according to Rose is someone else's fault. The power structure of the world has kept her and her kind (Other women who feel like victims.) down apparently. If only life were so easy that we could all just act like children and point our fingers at others when our life doesn't go so great. This is easily among the most delusional things I've ever seen on television, and among the worst shows ever made. People like Rose are simply too immature and too angry at the same time to see how out of touch with reality they really are. Just look at the ratings here even, the older the rater, the lower the vote on average. In fact women 45 and over have so far rated this program an average of 3.7 out of 10. A pretty clear sign that most mature women thankfully are not nearly as silly as the main woman on this show. It seems that Rose has such neglected and in fact overly embraced childish anger issues, that she is far too immature to actually deal with the real world in a responsible way. She calls Harvey W. a monster, but she certainly seems to have become a monster in her own right.

I certainly have compassion for all people who have suffered any kind of assault or abuse. There are however responsible and irresponsible avenues a person can take after a tragic event has happened to them. Rose has clearly chosen a far more irresponsible one from my perspective, and that really is too bad. In fact I often hear her saying others who are quiet are complicit in the abuse because of their silence. Yet Rose herself didn't come out for over 20 years and reportedly even accepted a hush payment, (Though she claims to have tried to expose the abuse earlier, though we have seen zero proof of this, and in fact pictures to the contrary.). There are red carpet photos out there of Rose that clearly look as if she is the one initiating physical contact with Harvey W. that helps leave her side of the story as little more than an immature tantrum to help her own career in the present day.

Have you ever heard of a woman who shows up to an awards show red carpet almost fully naked, (MTV awards years ago, look it up.) and now openly complains that she has been slut shamed? Lol! It's unbelievably ridiculous. Is everyone suppose to just bow down to her and her past beauty or something, and do exactly as she likes or else? I'm not even sure what this clown is looking for from others, except to become some kind of women's rights hero, and you can so tell she craves that badly too, as the size of her ego seems to rival the tallest buildings in New York.

There's a scene in one of the episodes where she claims a narcotics charge against her is part of a conspiracy to silence her. She frantically is talking how no man should be putting cuffs on her, it can't happen to me she says, it can't happen to me as she walks around clearly irritated with a bottle of pills. I would say that this program is certainly a detriment to victims of real abuse out there, and in no way helpful.

If you want to listen to a celebrity who has suffered past abuse and dealt with it well, listen to a much more mature and intelligent business woman like Pamela Anderson. Both women are strong personalities for sure, but only one of them has overcome their abuse, while the other seems to love to wallow in the victimized power it has given to her as an angry leader/spokeswoman of other abused women. I do not condone Rose's victimized behavior, but I certainly wish her the best nonetheless.

I'm reminded of a great response by the lovely Adult Film Actress Zara Whites, when she was asked about abuse and overall treatment in the Adult Film business, which has historically been dominated by men and which has had a reputation of taking advantage of women. Her response, "I never had an issue with it. Women have always used men, just as much as men have used women.". Some people are reasonable and realistic, and other people are just lost. Some are willing to take responsibility for their own actions and rise to the other challenges they face, even when they are sometimes tragic. Others just go around blaming everyone else for their problems and shouting loudly. If you want to see the latter view, watch Citizen Rose.

To me, if you are assaulted, you go to the authorities, you press charges, and you stop the abuse ASAP. I don't go for the cover up defense at all, as you can always go to a higher level of authority when an actual crime is involved. If some police don't listen or care, go above them or to other police. You can't tell me that Weinstein is somehow involved in a country wide silencing conspiracy, it just doesn't add up. Accepting hush money and then keeping silent for 20 years, and then years later trying to take credit for standing up to the abuse. Hello people, to this day, there is still not even one single criminal charge against Harvey Weinstein. Not even one! Who's a hero in this story? Obviously, nobody at all. All we have seen in recent times regarding the whole Hollywood abuse scandal are countless accusations making front page news with few, if any criminal charges made at all. When did the world change and all of a sudden people who are accused of things are now front page news? As Gene Simmons said regarding this Hollywood scandal being all over the media, "The lunatics are definitely now running the asylum.". People are being irresponsibly attacked by a hungry press out for a blood story. The Salem Witch Trials are easily comparable to this modern media frenzy which is getting people fired and ruining peoples names without even one shred of proof, (There are a couple of exceptions.). This will be looked back upon as a sad time, that's for sure. It's the responsibility of a victim to stop abuse by filing criminal charges and following through. It's not the responsibility of the media to convict people on air without due process, in fact this should be a criminal offense. In Great Britain anything involving a name and a crime must go through the courts before the media can even talk about it. I think we are now beginning to understand why. The media in the United States is a complete circus of irresponsibility.

It is quite clear watching this program that Rose is now in the process of putting together an extremist cult like group of angry female man haters. What is the difference between her hate spreading and those often deemed as terrorists or supremacists? Well as far as I know, Rose has not beheaded anyone or ordered any killings, yet. Embracing anger to this degree is dangerous, more so for the angry person than for the target of their anger in most cases. Besides it has been shown over and over again by psychologists that angry people are almost always mostly angry at themselves, more than anyone else, but are too blocked up mentally and/or emotionally to realize it. Please watch this show with caution, and with a sound mind.

Rose claims in the show that she made a sacrifice and told the world she was raped for the greater good. Who's greater good? What greater good? We are never really told, but she says that she wants to "stop women from being raped and killed" in her exact words. Good luck with that. As I said previously, she is unable to deal with the real world, where yes, sadly, men and women are raped and killed very single day; And no, she won't help that at all, in fact she is likely just adding more gas to the fire if you really think about it. Stirring up anger and empowering speaking up publically without proper due process. She compares her past situation as equivalent to going to war in Iraq, and claims she wasn't able to be herself for 17 years. The woman is clearly delusional, and perhaps should be committed in all honesty. It seems to me the only greater good out of her story is that she will finally make some money, as this is what the first time her name has been very relevant in the press basically...ever! She is actually a woman who has publically embraced the violence of the IRA in the past and has never been shy about showing off her spoiled childlike anger.

This show seems to want to claim that the take down of Harvey W and others are at least partly because of her actions, when in reality the storm started when The New York Times listed her as one of the actresses who accepted a sexual harassment settlement Involving Harvey W. The story regarding Hollywood abuse by Harvey Weinstein was originally broken on October 5th. One week later on the 12th, Rose claimed that she was raped. If you read interviews from Rose 20 years ago, it is clear that she was an angry, spoiled and rebellious young woman, and sadly, listening to her today is no different at all. She sounds the exact same, in fact she sounds like one of the most immature 40somethings to have ever walk the earth.

Truth be told, Rose McGowan as a spokeswoman against abuse is a complete joke if you do a little research, especially when she is accusing others of being complicit of abuse for being silent. In 2008, Rose willingly and knowingly acted in a film called Rosewood Lane which was directed by a previously convicted child molester. Rose claimed at the time complete willful ignorance regarding her child molesting director saying, "I still don't really understand the whole story or history there, and I'd rather not, because it's not really my business. But he's an incredibly sweet and gentle man.". So while she recently loves to lay it on thick about how other people in Hollywood are complicit in her abuse because of their silence, it's perfectly okay for her to be willfully ignorant and stand by a child molester and work with him. Makes a lot of sense I know!! My God man, only a trash channel like E! would even take on a terrible and disgusting show and person like Citizen Rose. Let's call this show what it really is, the spoiled angry brat known as the victim, Rose McGowan.

The Girlfriend Experience

A Story Of Greed Intoxicated Human Zombies
Let me start by saying that I thought the original film of the same name, was brutally bad in nearly every way. However the premise and theme had potential I thought, so I decided to check the series out in hopes that it may far exceed the film. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case at all. This series is if anything, probably worse than the film.

I understand the main theme here, everyone is out for themselves, looking to take advantage of practically anyone they can for selfish purposes. There is a lot of truth to this theme in our modern society. Many people have become completely lost in the idea of chasing their own desires first and foremost. The whole 'survival of the fittest' mindset is one that many have adopted due mostly to Western academic ignorance, and the nearly endless propaganda behind the self survival idea. Of course without this kind of mindset among many of the masses, is the current and recent history of capitalistic economic domination by the Westernized world even remotely possible? You can determine the answer to that question yourself, as the issue is far from black and white. However there is no doubt to any honest and rational person, that greed has been systematically ingrained into much of our modern societies thought patterns, mainly by generations of highly detached and selfish people in high and influential places. Most of these people, ruled of course by fear and desire. Some way, some how these people simply lost or never found a more honest way to ground themselves in a more stable mindset, such as compassion and a sense of community. It's definitely sad, but today the industrialized world is littered with zombified people, lost in greed and fear and out for nothing but themselves.

As for the series itself, it makes this point, but not very well. It also says basically nothing else except that these people have a strong detachment from their feelings. They are robot-like people, zombified as I like to say, that have lost almost complete touch with their hearts/feelings. Everything to them is about outward appearance and objective power in the world. To them, everything is of the mind, the heart and all their inner feelings are ignored, in most cases habitually. As in, it has become habit for them. In reality, many people turn away from their hearts because the pain of their past feelings has led them to fear being in touch with their deeper inner self. Sadly this series fails to explore any origin or root of these problems at all in any character, nor does the show seem to care. Perhaps the series was made by these exact kinds of people, lol.

To be completely blunt, the direction and writing in this series is amateur hour stuff to say the least. It's flat out terrible. I've seen better plays constructed by children in terms of depth and intelligence. Some of the acting is fairly good, but certainly not all. The lead character is played by the somewhat stunning Riley Keough, Granddaughter of Elvis himself. In such a terrible series it's honestly hard to say how good of an actress she really is. She mostly plays a very emotionally flat character, with absolutely no realistic depth in terms of the writing. So it would be unfair of me to say that she was good or bad really. In nearly fifty percent of the series, Riley seems to suffer from 'resting bitch face'. Otherwise Riley looked quite beautiful in much of the show, and at the very least showed some definite potential as an actress. It was a big stretch to believe that her character was an intellectually successful law student, and could charge $1000 or more per hour as an escort. I'd point the majority of blame at the writers and the direction again though, and not so much the actress. An actor or actress is often limited greatly by the material, which is definitely the case here for the most part I'd say. The series overall lacked any kind of lasting intrigue, consistency, depth or believability. In other words, it lacked in almost every aspect, just as the film did. That was the only thing consistent about the series, as the story was all over the place with not much at all to say. I would define it most accurately as needless trash T.V.

I find it hard to believe that anyone actually decided to renew this series for a second season. Truly laughable! A little sad too. It's a very sexual show however, so I'm sure it gets it's share of viewers no matter how bad the product actually is. This is Hollyweird, and mainly the same ol' shallow stories are told. Chase the glitz and glam kids, lust after the dollars and the flesh, your heart and your fellow humans are just pains in your ass along the road of life. Salut!

The Hateful Eight

A Gem For Your Favorite Prude!
The film seems so in love with itself. There are many repetitive jokes, and mostly of the overly vulgar variety, just for the sake of repulsiveness alone it seems. Some parts of the film are delivered with purposely slow development, overly slow in fact. Some of the characters are quite boring and so are many of the scenarios. It almost seemed like this was Tarantino's spoiled brat movie, him basically saying a great big, "F.U., I can do whatever I want now" to the mainstream audiences that have actually made him a very rich man over the years. And so he can! In that way, the film really made me laugh, as I know many people in the theatre were repulsed by it, and I think I'm not the only one laughing about this, Tarantino definitely is too. However, overall it's a very simple and somewhat dull plot making this one of Tarantino's worst efforts yet in my view, (To me only Death Proof was worse.). I did enjoy the film to some degree for sure, but it's not a film I'd bother to watch again. It is after all quite hard to dispute that this is a very long and fairly dumb film, with little to no point at all except to repulse some prudes, (And that's really the best it can offer.). If you know some uptight prudes you'd like to rile up, recommend them this one for sure, lmao! 6.5/10

The Escort

Before I Buy You A Drink, Or Before The Blow Job?
This film is worth a look if it sounds interesting to you. Never mind the really low rating on IMDb, that's likely only because a bunch of horny people watched this thinking that it would be full of sex, and then were disappointed when they found almost none here. Lyndsy Fonseca gives a very strong performance and the two leads have good chemistry. This film is guaranteed to make you laugh as well, that is if you give it a chance. I found the film a little weak in the early stages, but it definitely picks up as it goes. Bruce Campbell also gives a memorable and funny performance. 6.5/10

Actually the rating on this site has recovered a little since I first wrote this. Good to see!

The Zohar Secret

Check The Mirror - Reflections Of Eternity
Please disregard the couple of reviews on here that didn't understand this film, and therefore went on to claim that the positive reviews are fake. This film is definitely not for the overly distracted. This is a brilliant and fairly original film concept inspired by ancient sacred teachings, and the execution is also excellent, even despite the small budget. This is a true independent film, funded at least partly by Kickstarter, and in my view, it's a gem.

This is an intellectual/spiritual film. If you're not looking for a film that will make you think, and if you're not interested in feeling, skip this. Not everyone is open enough to even get into this film. However open minded mystery and sci-fi lovers should at least like this film a decent amount. If it sounds interesting to you, give it a chance. I'm very thankful that I did.

If you liked or loved Darren Aronofsky's 'Pi', my bet is that you'll like or love this too. It's similar in ways, but yet much different as well. If you didn't like 'Pi', you likely won't like this film.


Are The Critics On Drugs?
Mostly panned by critics, I have to say, I really didn't mind this film at all. The critics are simply wrong here, at least to my tastes they are. A few aspects may not have worked so well, sure, but I feel many aspects did work quite well. I enjoyed the vast subject matter, the entertaining cast, and the unique energy this film has. The storytelling here in my view is another interesting one in a long line of good and different Cameron Crowe films. When most of Hollywood is making very safe and predictable films, at least we still have a few American directors willing to do something different and willing to bring attention to often overlooked (or even new), issues. Most of all though it is the very grounded human feelings in Cameron Crowe films that really make them work for me. This is no exception. To me this was a fun, heartfelt, and somewhat thought provoking film. The critics can keep giving mindless films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Mad Max:Fury Road good reviews, but for me, this film kicks both their asses easily. 7/10

Gone Girl

The Worst Hitchcock Film I've Ever Seen
This film wanted so bad to be a Hitchcock film, I thought I was going to see Ben Affleck in a dress by the end of it. Not that I'd want to, and thankfully I didn't have to endure it. However I did have to endure this painfully bad film nonetheless, seeing as how I went to see it at the theatre with friends. Anyway, calling this film the worst Hitchcock film I've ever seen is about as much praise as it's going to get out of me. Nearly every scene in this film seemed overly forced and ridiculous to me. The entire film felt like a sarcastic farce, as if the filmmakers themselves felt their audiences were just a bunch of morons when they made this crapper. Maybe they are right for the most part, judging by the ratings on here. Oh well, each to their own. If you liked it, you liked it and good for you. I for one felt it was one of the worst big budget mainstream thrillers I've ever seen, in fact, maybe THE worst! I was wishing I conned my friends into going to see The Judge during and after watching this garbage. Honestly, what separates this film from your average Lifetime movie? Not much, slightly better acting and much better cinematography, that's about it. I couldn't wait for this overly long and incredibly dumb film to end. It seemed for a while as if it never was going to end, and I was stuck in some sort of movie hell. Don't waste your time. 2/10

The Equalizer

Welcome To The Black Rambo
Fairly solid action scenes, characters and overall execution. Somehow the filmmakers and actors make this very hard to believe film enjoyable. This is definitely a sensationalistic film(The most sensationalistic of Washington's career without a doubt.), and it's mostly a regurgitated cookie cutter crowd pleaser of violent vengeance as well, but it does manage to remain quite an entertaining action film at the same time. Even though it has a running time of over two hours, the film does feel overall as though it is missing a few key scenes, but nonetheless it's still worth a look if you're into these kinds of films. The movie didn't remind me much at all of the old T.V. series of the same name. The film is much more reminiscent of some of the old brutally violent morality tales that Charles Broson use to do. All that said, this basically chalks up as a good film to watch when you don't want to think much, and you just want to watch a lot of kick ass entertaining violence. It's that kind of guilty pleasure. 6.5/10


What Is The Limit Of Your Imagination?
In my view this is the best film Besson has directed since 1997's The Fifth Element. The film in certain ways is a lot like Limitless, but at the same time it takes a very different overall approach and look on the subject of human evolution. I'm sure that many people will not care much for this film since it is filled with a lot of mystical/spiritual references and ideas and even some false science, however those with an open mind and an active imagination will likely be very glad they saw the film. This is clearly a work of fiction people, but there is no one saying you can't relate fiction to reality either, and actually learn something from it once in a while too. Our limitless imaginations are part of what makes human beings so extraordinary, we are best off using this gift and appreciating it. Fictional films can still be very thought provoking, and this one definitely fits that category. 2001: A Space Odyssey isn't scientifically accurate in many ways to our current knowledge, but it's still a monster landmark of a film nonetheless. Lucy is certainly not 2001, however they both ride that same imagination rules line that can spark the internal fires of unique creative thinking. In my view Lucy is a sci-fi trip worth taking. 7.5/10


Let The Moment Capture You
Most people who love movies know by now that Richard Linklater is a unique and special filmmaker. He has crafted at least a couple of masterpieces already. This film is one of Linklater's best yet, and that's saying something. Hollywood usually doesn't dare to make films this genuine, this introspective, this meaningful. The film is beautiful, it's not just Hollywood slop entertainment, this film is art amongst the rubbish. Boyhood truly is a landmark film, one that will not soon be forgotten. Forget the 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy hype, leave that to the kids and the lazy minded, this is the film to see!


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