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Brilliant. Probably The Best Film This Year.
Me and a couple of mates went to see this film today and weren't disappointed. We all loved it and I have giving it a ten out of ten. If Quantum Of Solace isn't the best film this year then Taken certainly is. The trailer doesn't really show a lot of the brilliant and many many action scenes but it does show the instantly classic line delivered by Neeson on the phone, which I would say is right up there with such classic lines as "Go ahead, make my day". I would recommend this fantastic movie to anyone who enjoys good action and appreciates good acting. Although it is a total action fest it is more than a typical action movie like Rambo 3 or Eraser, it has got some really brilliant talent and tackles real life issues superbly.

A View to a Kill

Best Bond Film
This particular Bond film is constantly bad mouthed. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it is by far the best Bond film starring the best bond actor and the film has arguably the best villain in the series Max Zorin played by the brilliant Christopher Walken. This is my favourite Bond film for many reasons, it stars Roger Moore my personal favourite Bond, it has lots of top class action scenes including an excellent very memorable finale. As any true Bond fan will know it stars Roger Moore who as always shares a lot of witty remarks with the audience making the movie funny as well as serious in some parts. He is also pretty ruthless and intimidating, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Roger Moore is excellent in this movie he is able to be the most funniest Bond and the most ruthless which shows what a talented actor he is. Some people think Moore was too old on this film but he doesn't look his age and the producers wanted him to stay on as Bond which proves how good he is. But honestly i'm glad Moore didn't stay on because The Living Daylights although good isn't as good as A View To A Kill and it means he went out with a bang.

The Rockford Files

Classic Television
The Rockford Files is one of my if not my most favourite TV programme. I have the first five seasons on DVD and plan to get season six and the TV Movies of the 1990s when they come out on DVD. The show is about Jim Rockford, a Private Investigator. He isn't like the average TV PI's he doesn't have a secretary or a huge well furnished office and he can't beat up 5 people at the same time. What he has is an answering machine (which has a different message on it at the start of every episode),a desk inside his trailer on the beach and the majority of the time at the most it would only take 2 people to beat him up, although he can be tough when he wants to be. He's just a normal person trying to make a living and would probably rather go fishing instead of take the more dangerous cases. The acting on every episode by the star James Garner and the main supporting actors (Who apart for Gretchen Corbett all either won or were nominated for Emmy's) such as Joe Santos, Gretchen Corbett, Noah Beery Jr and Stuart Margolin is excellent. Jim Rockford has to be one of the coolest characters ever, and it just goes to show how cool good old Jimmy Garner is as well. He's able to make a character like Jim, Who is an ex con, sometimes refuses cases & doesn't always let his clients down gently about it, gets beaten up quite a bit & who was in prison, extremely cool. I would recommend this to everyone who likes good old fashioned action and comedy.


This is one of my favourite programmes and i wasn't even born when it started.
Minder is about Arthur Daley(George Cole)who is a second hand car salesman,but he also sells dodgy gear that falls off the back of lorries or things that are stolen.As you would think in a business like this he would need some protection from small time crooks or the owners of the merchandise,so he hires Terry Mccann(Dennis Waterman)as his Minder.Terry more often looks after Arthurs friends,which always results in something bad happening to someone. Minder is an excellent show.It has everything,its a good comedy and drama and there's the occasional car chase and there's a lot of good fight scenes from Dennis Waterman.Cole and Waterman are a brilliant duo,I would recommend this fantastic programme to everyone that enjoys good action and comedy.

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