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Fight Club

Gentlemen, welcome to Fight Club!
Fight Club came out in 1999 and is directed by David Fincher. In another gender, it reminded me of a previous D. Fincher's movie, Seven. Both of these movies stars Brad Pitt, and both shows a very dark and pessimistic aspect of our world and lead the viewers to a complex psychological experience.

Fight Club evolves around the character of Edward Norton, the Narrator, whose name is only revealed at the end of the movie. The Narrator lives a lonely, sad life. He's insomniac, lives, eats, sleeps alone. But, the monotony of his life will change after meeting Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt, with whom he decides to form an underground Fight Club... This is the starting point of a crazy, psycho adventure brilliantly well-thought.

I really enjoyed Fight Club, the ending is more than perfect and lights up all of the first confusions, mysteries around The Narrator. The rhythm is really well put, the viewer don't have time to catch up their breath, it could have been another 30 min longer that I wouldn't have mind. Helena Bonham Carter plays here the love interest of the main character and as usual, she is brilliant playing a crazy, weird and trashy poser who will disturb a great deal the routine of The Narrator. And no need to mention that Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are both perfect in their own role.

All in all, Fight Club is, for so many reasons, a must-watch movie. It was a pretty big deal when it first came out, so many of you have probably already seen it, but this is the perfect movie to watch and re-watch again and again.

The Congress

Unique and splendid journey
The Congress is a one of a kind movie, directed by Ari Folman, the same genius who brought us Waltz with Bashir. I personally really enjoyed it even though I found it a bit messy at times.

The story evolves around Robin Wright, the famous actress we all know and who is playing here, her own self. Obviously, even though, she is playing herself, this movie only borrow facts from her life, it is not autobiographical...at all. Of course, Robin Wright is getting older and is not anymore the young & innocent actress we remember from The Princess Bride. Apart from these small facts, the story doesn't match Robin Wright's life. In this parallel world, she is an aging actress on the way of being forgotten, who is getting less and less movie offers, and who needs to take care of a sick little boy at home. Feeling powerless against the passing time, she decides to sell her body image to a film studio in order to remain young forever and come back to a more successful movie career. Then, starts an amazing journey in a colorful and unique universe that is shown through animation. But, of course, it is not only flowers and butterflies since, Robin Wright has very little control over her young, animated self.

The up side of this animation is that it is limitless since it helps creating a crazy universe with splendid creatures, brilliant scenery... it all seems very magical. On the other hand, I feel like this "other world" is pushed maybe a little bit too far, and it can confuse the spectator.

However, this movie passes quite powerful messages about existentialism, being part of a corporation, being dependent of your body image and most of all, it shows, metaphorically of course, what could be the future of the movie industry.

All in all, even though it has some flaws, I highly recommend The Congress, it leads you to a unique and unforgettable journey, and I think you'll remember this movie for a while.

12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men is just brilliant. It is a classic of course, but time goes by and many of us, young people, pass on smart movies like that, and that's a shame. But fortunately, I am here to talk about it.

12 Angry Men came out in 1957, it was made by Sydney Lumet and stars Henry Fonda, to name only one of the fantastic actors that made this movie so real. 99% of the action takes place in the Jury room. 12 Jurors are debating on a murder trial. A men, played by Henry Fonda, will try to convince his fellow juror of the innocence of the boy accused in this trial.

12 Angry Men is such a smart movie and evoke so many different themes through this one trial. It mainly shows how powerful is one man's speech. All of the beliefs about the case, the ones that seemed so obvious to the 11 other men, are refuting one after the other by the character of Henry Fonda, leading to heavy doubts in the jurors mind. The life of a boy depends on how will this man try to convince 11 others, of what he truly believes is the truth or at least the not certainty of it.

Through the movie, you feel the pain, the claustrophobia of being in this room, you just feel like you are the 13th member of the Jury.

All in all, of course it's an old movie, it's in black & white but please, don't pass on this movie, it has a strong message, and is the typical type of movie, precise, smart, deep, relevant..., that are strongly missing these days.

That Awkward Moment

Already seen a thousand times
I watched That Awkward Moment expecting a good laugh, it was in way funny but much less than expected.

The story focuses on three mid 20s guys living the single life in New York,and feeling totally lost when having to face relationships and its failure. I am not really sure to whom this movie is intended... It is not funny enough to be appealing to guys and not "girls power" enough to be girls' favorite RomCom of the year. Maybe it is because the director Tom Gormican wants to give the three relationships the same interest, but the result is that you don't have time to really get attached to any of these relationships as none of them is really explored. The three stories plus the one happening between the three best friends is just too much for the hour and a half that the movie lasts.

However, Zac Effron is perfect in his role of heartthrob, and his comic potential is right on spot. He's actually a funny guy. We already knew that Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan were great actors and it seems like they're really trendy too... They're probably going to be the next big thing.

I would recommend to watch That Awkward Moment if you're hesitating between a nap or a movie. You can fall asleep through it, no part you miss would hurt your understanding or liking of the movie. So go for it.

Enough Said

One of the best rom-com of 2013
I watched Enough Said expecting a casual rom-com, a feel-good movie like we've already seen thousands of; but oh god was I wrong, it is much more than that!

The story focuses on two late 40's, early 50's characters and that's what makes the difference. Just like Nancy Meyer's It's Complicated, these characters have kids, already been married and are just trying to prove that love life doesn't stop after 50. There too few movies which show 50 something adults struggling with love and life in general. I find it very refreshing.

Enough Said is a very charming movie. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a fantastic actress when it comes to comedy, her sarcastic personality is very funny to watch and she shows lots of vulnerability which makes you identify with the character of Eva, even if you're not over 40 or divorced. James Gandolfini shows a totally different facet of what we are used to see in The Sopranos, he shows here a very soft and fluffy side of him. He was a tremendous actor, never doing too much, and he is greatly missed. The supporting actors brings the story even more colorful touches and they are all perfect in there own role.

All in all, Enough Said is a very enjoyable comedy, highly recommended. Very refreshing, for the ones who are getting tired of the early 30 something girl looking for love in NYC.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Visual Perfection
I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel knowing that it would be a whole new cinematographic experience. Wes Anderson is a true genius when it comes to visual aesthetic; the hotel's decor is splendid, with plenty of small details in the background that I couldn't take my eyes of.

This movie clearly has the Wes Anderson's signature, the story telling, the dialogs, the story's rhythm, the costumes... everything is clearly from his unique universe. So if you are like me me a big fan of Moonrise Kingdom or The Royal Tenenbaums, the Grand Budapest Hotel is a must-seen.

The originality of the plot comes from this peculiar journey you're getting into. It is a bit of a thriller, with a murder case to solve, a bit of a love story, with the young love between Zero and Agatha, friendship and loyalty are also important themes that make the movie full of humanity. All of these aspects are told through characters that are colorful and truly appealing, the ensemble's acting is right on spot. One of the best cast this year.

All in all, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a poetic journey, I couldn't find anything negative about it, even the soundtrack is perfect. So, go watch it or you'll pass on something big!

Endless Love

This is true Love... really?
I watched this movie expecting an epic love story full of drama, beauty, screams and cries; a modern "Romeo & Juliet", the kind of story that makes you think "wow, love really is powerful". Let me tell you something, love is powerful but I didn't get that, watching this movie.

The problem with "Endless Love" is that this love is not believable, there is no real connections between the two main characters. It all seem pretty naive, "I'm pretty, you're pretty so let's love each other till the end of times". True conversation between Jade and David just never happens; there is a lot of kissing, running together, watching fireworks but they never really talk to each other which would have make their relationship much deeper and so much more believable. It's all very superficial, and you wonder how can this love be so strong when there is nothing, no real links behind it.

What saves it all is the good look of the two main actors, they are just gorgeous together, and it is always quite pleasant to see good looking people on screen. There acting is also good, nothing over the top, but the emotions are there.

All in all, better enjoy "The Notebook" for the 1000th time than watch "Endless Love", it will be more worth it.

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