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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Vegas in Space
Episode 3, Season 1

Another Winning Episode from Buck Rogers season 1
And yet again another great cast with a lot of hot women. Cesar Romero, Richard Lynch, Joseph Wiseman, Ana Alica, Pamela Susan Shoop & Juanin Clay. Dr. Huer makes a deal with Amos Armat, a smuggler, to get his daughter back if he turns himself in. Ana Alicia plays his daughter and has a nice scene in her undies early on. Buck is assigned with Major Maria Landers to get her back. Morgan Velosi runs a casino and is the man who kidnapped Ana Alicia. Buck and Maria also get the help of Tangie who is trapped and used by Mr. Velosi. Tangie looks sexy in a very revealing outfit. Major Maria Landers wears a sexy dress as well to help seduce Velosi. Buck captures a henchman to get the info he needs. Maria gets the key from Velosi and they rescue her and escape.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Planet of the Slave Girls
Episode 2, Season 1

Great 2-part episode with a stellar cast
This episode has to be one of my favorite episodes of the series. Guest stars Buster Crabbe, Jack Palance, Roddy Mcdowall, Davids Groh. Don Marshall, Brianne Leary & Macdonald Carey. What a cast. The earth food supply is being poisoned and a madman named Kaleel is behind it. Buck and Wilma save a cadet flyer in space who is poisoned by the food. Major Duke Danton is his commander. He and Buck have words and meet back on Earth. He is an old friend/lover of Wilma's. Buck, Danton and Wilma go to the planet where Kaleel is and they find out from a slave named Ryma, what is going on. Buck and Danton are stranded in the desert for awhile and they become friends. Wilma and Ryma are captured by Kaleel. Buck goes to save them and Danton goes back to get help. Buck, Wilma and Ryma are sent to a steamy cell to die. Ryma and Wilma look great all sweaty and wet!. They escape and join the other in space to defeat Kaleel's army. Back on the planet they overthrow Kaleel and take control back of the planet. Wilma is super hot as always and Brianne Leary is super hot as slave girl Ryma. This show always seemed to have hot women in it.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Awakening
Episode 1, Season 1

Excellent pilot film to start a great series
The 2-hour pilot for Buck Rogers in the 25h Century is slightly different than the Feature film. There are a few sexual references omitted along with the opening James Bond like scene and theme song. They added a scene where Dr. Huer asks for the Death Sentence of Buck to be put off so he can prove his innocence. There is also a scene at the end that sets up the series. Dr. Huer and Wilma ask Buck to join them and help them learn about his century. The ending scene has Wilma wearing her super tight outfit she wore during season 1. She looks great! She wore a teal suit here and wore a few different colors in season 1. The show starts with Buck being frozen for 500 years. He is taken in by Ardala and Cain who run across him in space. They are from Draconia and are in talks with Earth to get along better. They think Buck is a spy and send him to earth. Wilma and Dr. Huer along with Twiki and Dr. Theopolis greet him. They also suspect he is a spy for Draconia. He is later sentenced to death, but is allowed to find proff on the Draconian ship that he is innocent of the charges. Ardala falls for Buck and has some really steamt scenes with him. She wears a really sexy white bikini dress to a dance and looks flawless. Even Twiki says "What a Body". Buck ends up proving that the Draconians are planning to attack earth. He helps destroy the ship as Ardala and Cain escape. There is really a good cast for this show. All the regulars are well cast. Wilma and Ardala are hot and they are good in their parts. Buck is great as well along with Dr. Huer, Twiki and Dr. Theopolis. I cannot believe some people hate the Twiki droid character. He is a great addition to the show.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Dorian Secret
Episode 11, Season 2

Decent episode to end the series
Devon Ericson is running away from the Dorians, a race of people who wear masks. They catch up to the Searcher and hold them captive until they give her to them. They say she is wanted for murder. Other on the ship end up forcing her off the Searcher and send her to them. Buck goes after her. The payoff for this episode is when Buck gets the Dorians to show why they wear masks. They all remove them and they all look the same. All the men look like the same man and all the women look like the same woman. Devon Ericson is a favorite of mine and does a fine job here. I just did not care for most of the episode showing all the bickering of the passengers and trying to find the Dorian and give her to the Dorians.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Great Movie to start off a great show from my childhood. Still love it today at 50!
I had not seen the film version of Buck Rogers until a few years ago when it was released on DVD. I did not even know there was a difference from the feature and the pilot film for TV. There are some differences, including some sexual references and killing the character Tigerman in the feature. Also, I they added some scenes for the pilot to get the correct running time. The opening theme has Buck Rogers dreaming and there are a lot of beautiful women in his dream. including Erin Gray and Pamela Hensley in a bikini! Having never seen this opening scene, it was a thrill to see Pamela in a bikini. What a woman. The pilot has Buck Rogers being frozen for 500 years and returning after that time. He is captured by Ardala(Pamela Hensley) and Cain(Henry Silva) on the Draconian ship. They send him back to earth because they think he's a spy. He is allowed to land on earth by Wilma(Erin Gray) and Dr. Huer(Tim O' Connor). He meets with Huer, Wilma and robot names Twiki and his computer box on his front named Dr. Theopolis. Ardala comes down to visit for a meet and greet party. She pretty much is wearing a white bikini and she looks gorgeous. Every scene she has in the film has her wearing something skimpy and sexy and I love it! She is so confident playing this part. She owns it. Buck is considered a spy by earth as well. He is sentenced to death. Wilma allows him to join her to go to the Draconian ship and prove his innocence. He finds the evidence needed and escapes the exploding ship with Wilma's help to survive and fight another day. Ardala and Cain escape as well to return for the TV Series. I love Buck Rogers and always will. Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek TOS are my favorite space shows ever, but Buck Rogers is right there too.

My Little Margie: Margie Sings Opera
Episode 3, Season 1

Solid episode with Margie impersonating an opera singer
Margie fills in for a friend and tries get an opera singer to perform for a reluctant client of Vern's. She ends up impersonating the singer. Her wardrobe keeps failing her. And then the real opera singer shows up and craziness ensues.

My Little Margie: Radioactive Margie
Episode 2, Season 1

Solid episode with Margie helping out Freddie
Margie schemes to make Freddie look good in front of Vern and Mr. Honeywell. She fakes a report that Freddie found Uranium. They find out about it and turn the tables on Margie to make it look like it was uranium. She finds out and turns the tables back on them and makes think she's going to end it all. These situations are what make this show successful. It's always back and forth between the Margie and her Vern.

My Little Margie: A Friend for Roberta
Episode 1, Season 1

Average Episode of Margie
Margie tries to set up Roberta with an actor she admires, so she will leave her father alone. Margie ends up attracting the actor to her and Vern and Freddie come to the rescue.

My Little Margie: Reverse Psychology
Episode 0, Season 1

Good start to a great show
My Little Margie was a clever show with a lot of twists and turn. It was always a fn ride. It reminds me of I Love Lucy and December Bride. All 3 shows have the main character getting into crazy situations and having to do crazy things to get out of them. This episode has Margie and Vern using reverse psychology to make each other like their boyfriend or girlfriend. It gets to a point where both think the other is getting married. The show also allowed Margie to wear some nice outfits to show off her sexy figure. This show has her in an short exercise outfit doing exercises on the floor showing off her legs.

Michael O'Hara the Fourth

Another great Disney TV movie from the 70's. Jo Ann Harris and Michael Mcgreevey
I have found some of these great Disney TV Movies on ebay and sell over the past few years. I love everything Disney from the 50's thru the early 80's. There was nothing like Disney and there will never be anything like it again. There was magic and wonderful writing. I'm turning 50 this month and still enjoy classic Disney as much as I did as a kid. Michael O' Hara the Fourth also has the Disney charm. I had never seen this film before. Jo Ann Harris is wonderful and funny as Mike O' Hara the Fourth. Michael Mcgreevey is also great as her boyfriend. I've been a big fan of his because of the Disney films he did with Kurt Russell. I saw a Kurt Russel Biograpy years ago and found Michael was Kurt's business manager. I thought that was great. Anyway the film follows Jo Ann as the daughter of her Policeman father. and the other O'hara's were all policeman. So Jo Ann is wanting to investigate crimes that happen in their town. Michael reluctantly helps her in and out of some tight and some funny situations. It's hard to explain the charm of Disney. It had to be the people behind the scenes that molded these films. And you have to credit Walt Disney with creating it all. Disney films now days are nothing special. And they are not totally clean and kid friendly like they should. Even the Star Wars films are not the same. Thankfully we have all these wonderful films to watch. I wish Disney would officially release all of the TV movies they produced. Also, I would love to see them finish releasing their big screem films on Blu Ray. They have released quite a few, but there are 20 or more titles that still need a release. Blackbeard's Ghost was a horrible transfer on DVD. Thankfuly the Blu Ray looked beautiful.

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Solid movie that has some really good scenes in it.
The first 6 Friday films are my favorites. They all had an edge to them. My favorite parts are the end of each movie where Jason or his mom go on a killing spree and try to kill the heroine of the film. I'll add that part 7 & 10 also have great endings to them. Part V is a solid film. Having a guy acting like Jason and not being Jason did not bother me like it did others. To me, he was Jason. Great kills and another good cast of characters which we had for the first 6 films. Melanie Kinnaman was one of my favorite female leads along with Dana Kimmell and Jennifer Cooke. She really makes it work in the end with the boy.

Gunsmoke: Bohannan
Episode 3, Season 18

A Story about faith with Richard Kiley & Vincent Van Patten
I could not agree more with the others who love this episode. I had never watched Gunsmoke when growing up. I had bought he entire series just recently. I'm about 40% done with the series and this one may be the best so far. Richard Kiley plays a faith healer names "Bohannan" and Vincent Van Patten plays the boy with a terminal illness that gets attached to him. As the episode moves along, people become skeptical of Boahannan and his healing powers. Then he proves his powers, even in front of Doc. Doc believes he can't hea, but can make people really believe they can be healed. And that is a big part of the healing process. He tries desperately to heal the boy. He even offers his own life to God. The ending to me was uplifting and gives hope to him being able to help the boy. The boy want to go off with him for a time to travel. In a very moving scene between the boy, Bohannan and the mother, she decides to let him go. Bohannan promies to bring the boy back. This has to be one of the best dramatic hours of tv I've seen. Richard KIley always gives a great performance. I really enjoy seeing him play a good guy. Vincent Van Patten is also a favorite. He had a lot of good roles when he was a young boy.


Glenn Ford puts his heart and soul into his character! Wonderful film that will drive you to tears.
I have always been a fan of Glenn Ford. He will always be Superman's father. His two scenes in Superman (1978) were so good that I always think of that film when I see him. Who can forget his line "You are here for a Reason". Ransom shows how good of an actor Glenn Ford can be. Donna Reed plays his wife in more of a supporting role. Leslie Neilson is wonderful as the newspaper man and Robert Keith (Twilight Zone: The Masks) plays the cop on the case. Juano Hernandez (uncle Famous from Stars in my Crown) also needs to be mentioned. He plays one of the servants in the home who has some really powerful scenes with Glenn Ford.

So Ford and Reed's son is kidnapped and the kidnappers ask for ransom. The cops and a reporter come in on the case. The wife is so upset, she is given a sedative and it not involved much after the first part of the film. Ford has some powerful moments as he discusses the percentages of paying or not paying. He decides to go on tv and tell them there will be no payment. And if his son is killed, all the money will be used to find the killer. Even though the percentages are just as good for getting his son back by not paying the ransom, public opinion and his brother and wife thinks he is wrong.

The reporter grows closer to Ford and seems to be the only one on his side along with his servant. Ford keeps it together even after everyone thinks the boy is dead. Then as everyone leaves the house and all the om-lookers from outside leave, he breaks down on the staircase and his servant comes to his aid and prays for him. This is a very moving scene. The next morning Ford goes out to his yard and is thinking about his boy and a project he was going to help his boy with. The boy shows up and they embrace. Then he takes his son to his wife and all of them embrace and the film ends. This is just a wonderful film that has a happy ending. You will be so drained at the end, that the boy showing up makes up for it and gives the viewer a shot in the arm.

Columbo: An Exercise in Fatality
Episode 1, Season 4

Conrad, Falk, and Gretchen Corbett in a Biknin! Make this one of the best Columbo's
The actor or actress playing the killer is one of the most important parts to any Columbo. Robert Conrad excels here and is one of my favorite killers. Conrad and Flak play off each other very well. I have read in a Columbo book how much fun Conrad had playing this part and acting with Falk was a joy. I must add that Gretchen Corbett, one of the prettiest actresses in the 70's wears a tiny white bikini with cherries on it! It is a highlight of the show. Even Columbo is thrown off guard when she answers the door in a bikini. As another noted, she is so easy going during the scene which makes her even more fetching. She has one of the best bodies I have ever seen in a bikini.

It's a Bikini World

Deborah Walley in a Bikini!
I recorded this movie years ago on TNT or TBS when they actually showed good old movies from the past. I miss those days. Tommy Kirk and Deborah Walley star. It's one of the last beach films. There are a lot of songs thrown in that really don't add much to it. I did like the story. Deborah Walley really looked sexy in all the bikini's she wore. Suzie Kaye also fills out the bikini's very well. It's just a fun film with some sexy chicks. What more could you ask for?

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

A mixed bag of Great, Good, OK, and just plain boring episodes
I've always enjoyed anthology shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and the Twilight Zone. Overall the all of them had some really great episodes that I love to view over and over. I now have them all on DVD or Blu Ray. My favorite episodes have some humor sprinkled in the the mystery and suspense. Then the twist ending or shock ending that makes them better. Some of my favorites are "Final Vow" with Carol Lynley, "Diagnosis Danger" with Michael Parks, "Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans" with Katherine Crawford, "Terror at Northfield" with Dick York, "See the Monkey Dance" with Efrem Zimbalist Jr., "A Matter of Murder" with Darren Mcgavin, "The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow" with Patricia Coolidge, "A Home Away From Home" with Ray Milland, "Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale" with Fess Parker(My favorite episode), "The Jar" with Pat Buttram. There are far too many of the shows that don't feel like a Hitchcock show or are down right boring. But the episodes I listed above are well worth watching.

Satan Never Sleeps

Fine Drama all around with Bill Holden, Clifton Webb and France Nuyen
I saw this film over 20 years ago and remembered it very well. I just purchased the blu ray and thoroughly enjoyed the film again. Holden. a priest, comes to a mission in communist China along with France Nuyen. She is infatuated with Holden even though he tells her not too. He is to take the place of Clifton Webb, an aging priest at the mission. Ho San(Weaver Levy/Lee) is the communist leader who was to be a priest before he became a communist. The story shows how scary communism is and can be. The acting is superb by all 4 actors. France is raped by Ho San as Holden is prevented from helping her. Webb knows nothing us this until later on. Holden later on sneaks France away so she can leave. She returns and has the baby. Webb is told about what happened and who the father is and what he did. Ho San is replaced as leader and soon there is more killing and unrest and Ho San's parents are killed. He changes his ways and helps Holden, Webb and France and the baby escape. He also accepts responsibility to raise his child and change his ways. In the final scene Clifton Webb gives his life to save the others. Really well done film.

The Earthling

Solid effort from William Holden and Ricky Schroeder
I have just viewed this film on the new blu ray release and it looks beautiful. I had never seen the film before. I knew William Holden was going home to die, so I never watched it. I don't like films as a rule, where the actor I like in it, dies. So Holden is going back to where he grew up, to die. Ricky Schroeder is a boy lost in the wilderness because his parents vehicle fell off a cliff and they were killed. Both of them meet up and Holden is very reluctant and rough with the boy. They bond as the film goes on a Holden teaches him how to survive, He always keeps a firm hand with him because he knows Ricky will have to go back to civilization alone. There are some very touching scenes as they get to the place where he had lived as a boy. There is no way to not start crying as Ricky hugs Holden and tells him he loves him. The final scene has Ricky burying Holden in the ground and heading off to get back to civilization. I cannot give the film a 10 because I thought Holden's character could have eased up just a bit on the boy. I understand he had to be rough to get him ready for the long journey home, but there could have been a few more scenes earlier on where they bonded better. Still a fine performance by both actors. Ricky actually named his first son Holden because of the impact Bill Holden had on him during their time on that movie.

The Caper of the Golden Bulls

Entertaining Film from Start to Finish
Stephen Boyd and Yvette Mimieux star in this wonderful action film with some comedy thrown in. The musical score is a delight and keep the viewer upbeat. Music is so important to me. The story involves Boyd getting sorta of forced into robbing some jewels from a bank by Giovanni Ralli. She is the only one I did not care for in the cast. I am not a big fan of Italian actresses. Boyd is reunited will his war buddies that pulled off a heist robbing the Germans back in their war days. Yvette Mimieux plays Boyd girlfriend /Fiancee. Her first scene is memorable. She is wearing a white bikini and her body rates a 10! The new transfer I just watched on the new blu ray is crystal clear. Blu ray quality makes pretty people prettier and ugly people uglier. Yvette definitely looks even prettier. I had to hit the pause button to admire her in that white bikini!. Her next scene is good too. She wears an outfit with a bare midriff while talking on the phone. She is perfect. Anyway, Boyd tells her of the robbery plan, so she joins in, reluctantly. The movie really gets good when they actually start the heist. It is planned around the Running of the Bulls. They join in the running of the bulls in an exciting sequence. They use that as a diversion to break in the bank and steal the jewels. The plan has them handing them out to Giavanni as they are disguised as a large walking puppet for the parade that follows the running of the bulls. She arrives early, but they just have time to hand her the jewels. You only see her hands. Later after the heist they find out she never got them. Turns out Yvette Mimieux got a replica of the large puppet and got the jewels instead. She ends up turning them in, so Boyd will not ever have a chance to be caught. They end up staying their to spend their honeymoon as the movie ends. I loved the movie all the way thru. I was very pleased top see a movie I had never seen be so good. And I will never forget Yvette in the white bikini! Wow!

Dynasty: The Reunion

I only give the rating of 10 for Heather Locklear's Scenes!
I still remember taping this miniseries on my VCR in 1991. Heather Locklear was to me the most beautiful woman in the 1980's. Great face, great body, great everything. I watched her on T.J. Hooker and I would watch the Dynasty reruns later on to see her in tights, shorts or once in a while a bikini. I has seen the previews for the reunion and loved the clips of Heather. They show her in a white nightie in bed and in a red top and jeans coming out of the pool. I had watched those scenes over and over on my old vhs copy of the show. They finally released the miniseries on a region 2 DVD. Heather's scene is a white nightie is great. Great body, bigger breasts, and that pretty face. But my favorite scene is the one coming out of the pool. She comes out all wet with a red top clinging to her newly enhanced breasts. they are huge. Nipples are popping thru the red top! Oh wow, what a beautiful talented pair! The quality of the DVD is wonderful. It puts my VHS copy to shame. It is a region 2 DVD by the way. Watching that pool scene on the new DVD was like watching the scene for the first time. I viewed the scene over and over. I even hit the pause button a couple hundred times times! I looked at Heathe's face a few times. She looked sexy with her hair all wet. But then my eyes went back to her breasts. I'm amazed nobody else else commented on this scene. Thanks Heather!

Barnaby Jones

Barnaby Jones-Another classic from Quinn Martin
I always have enjoyed Barnaby Jones. I was so happy to see the entire series on DVD. Sadly wih the exception of the First Season and a few other episodes, the syndication cuts were released. Still, it was well worth buying. Buddy Ebsen is even better on this show than The Beverly Hillbillies. He is always calm and in control and loves a glass of milk. Lee Meriwether playing his daughter in law is also a delight. She plays her part so well, she acts just like a regular person would working for a master detective. She asks questions like you or me when she does not understand something about the case. I always enjoyed that part of it. Starting with Season 5, they added Mark Shera as his distant cousin JR Jones. He fit in perfectly. From the first episode he appeared, it was like he was always part of the show. Quinn Martin had a talent of making a lot of great shows in the 60's and 70's, but I think this show and The F.B.I. were my favorites. They were also his longest running shows. I also enjoy seeing all the great actors from the past and future that show up on this show. They don't make good, decent show like this anymore. That is one reason I only watch old tv shows and old movies. They are entertaining without being vulgar or offensive or political like all the tv shows are today.

The Inside Story

A very relevant movie for all of us in 2020 because of the fear of the Coronavirus
I bought this movie because I have become a fan of Marsha Hunt. I also love Allen Jenkins. It is a wonderful story told by an old man thinking back to the depression. He is telling this story to a man who is worried and wants to keep all his money locked away in a safety deposit box. It made me think of what we are going thru right now. People are afraid to go out of the house. They are afraid to spend their money. Millions are out of work. This film really showed me how important it is to keep the flow going. We need keep the economy going and battle thru this virus situation. The film does a wonderful job of showing the money going from person to person and how it affects their lives. I had no idea what this film was about when I decided to view it. I was just going thru my stack of movies and it was next in line. I would love more people to see this film. It really had a impact on me. The truth is we have to keep moving forward and can not let something that even kills stop us from moving forward and keeping this country afloat. We will face something a lot worse if we continue to hide away in fear. Great film, really inspiring!

Barnaby Jones

Barnaby Jones-Another classic from Quinn Martin
I always have enjoyed Barnaby Jones. I was so happy to see the entire series on DVD. Sadly wih the exception of the First Season and a few other episodes, the syndication cuts were released. Still, it was well worth buying. Buddy Ebsen is even better on this show than The Beverly Hillbillies. He is always calm and in control and loves a glass of milk. Lee Meriwether playing his daughter in law is also a delight. She plays her part so well, she acts just like a regular person would working for a master detective. She asks questions like you or me when she does not understand something about the case. I always enjoyed that part of it. Starting with Season 5, they added Mark Shera as his distant cousin JR Jones. He fit in perfectly. From the first episode he appeared, it was like he was always part of the show. Quinn Martin had a talent of making a lot of great shows in the 60's and 70's, but I think this show and The F.B.I. were my favorites. They were also his longest running shows. I also enjoy seeing all the great actors from the past and future that show up on this show. They don't make good, decent show like this anymore. That is one reason I only watch old tv shows and old movies. They are entertaining without being vulgar or offensive or political like all the tv shows are today.

Leave Yesterday Behind

Buddy Ebsen, Carrie Fisher(has a scene in a Red Bikini!) and John Ritter
This is a really good made for TV film in 1978. I believe I saw it back when originally aired. I know I always had a crush on Carrie Fisher and watched everything she was in during her years in the Star Wars films. John Ritter plays a guy who is crippled after a riding accident. He struggles to regain his confidence and his ability to have a relationship and have sex with that person. Carrie Fisher plays the girl he falls in love with and she falls in love with him. Buddy Ebsen is great as a supporting player playing his doctor. Buddy and Carrie both play well with John Ritter and really help his character have the stength to believe in himself. There is an outstanding scene about halfway thru where John Ritter has to drive a van back to get help for Buddy who has been pinned in water under a log. He has no feeling in his legs, so he uses a stick or a cane to hit the peddles to drive. A personal favorite scene of mine is where John and Carrie go swimming. It's a touching scene with some humor and we all get to see Carrie Fisher in a red bikini! What a body.

The Christmas Chronicles

Kurt Russell more than delivers as Santa Claus!
I always worry about watching new Christmas films or anything new that Hollywood puts out. I am an avid watcher of old films. Old Hollywood is what I like. The new films put out are vulgar, political or just plain offensive. I am very happy to say that The Christmas Chronicles is a great film. It started out badly. I thought to myself Oh no! The little girl starts a video out to Santa and says she curses when her brother upsets her. She does say one curse word, but thankfully that was it. The dad also had passed away. That was sad, but was part of the story. The older brother had lost his way and started to do some bad things. However, once the kids got to meet Santa, it was fun ride after that. I must say Kurt Russell may have put on the finest Santa Claus performance of all time. I still love Edmund Gwenn in Miracle on 34th Street. He was so good in that film. You felt he was Santa Claus. Kurt Russell does the same and with some great humor added along the way. I just loved the way he would approach everyone and tell them what they got for gifts as a kid or what they were wanting as a gift for Christmas. It always made people go, who is this guy and how does he know this about me. Anyway, this films shines because of Kurt Russell and the 2 kids that help him along the way. I also enjoyed the CGI Elves and I usually hate CGI in films. I was so happy to see they are filming a sequel for 2020. Can't wait!

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