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I thought the movie would get me in anyway but it absolutely didn't. There was subtitles but still the language barrier played a big role in not getting fully into the mood of the film. poor story and plot that has been made A lot of times, boring till 50 minute and then it starts to get a little bit of action then a normal horror movie of poor acting and plot again.

Les innocentes

War and faith
An amazing performance, music and cinematography! The film is very deep, absolutely intense emotional experience.

The Limehouse Golem

good one
Dark brooding with great acting performances! Bill is amazing as always. Got a little bored in the middle( could have been a shorter movie), still it is engaging as ever, the ending is a bit confusing though

Murder on the Orient Express

Perfect!! great screenplay to a classic, amazing direction and breath-taking cast and performance


less than average
The fact that it is based on real encounters dpoesn't save the loose plot and the lame acting


heavy allegory
Good picture, great performances, heavy religious and mythical allegories. Very disturbing, could have been shorter


The kids are talented!
The film's plot is lame, the old one is much better, but the kids' performances are really deep and excellent

Berlin Syndrome

psychological Thriller
Playing on Stockholm Syndrome, the movie is excellent; screenplay, music, acting! All Excellent, very gripping with great ending

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

cold, tragic and brooding
The film is loosely tied around the Iphigenia Greek Tragedy, and that of Oedipus too. It has some strong religious allegory, with some references to the Christ like figure, who is usually a protagonist, but in this case an antagonist. The film will leave you thinking, but will not give you answers or explanations; it is highly psychological and philosophical. Nicole Kidmans' acting could have been better.

The Hoarder

could have been better
The usual storage unit horror, people getting trapped etc.. the acting is very poor, could have been made way more interesting

Amityville: The Awakening

good shot
Could have been way better, but it is still engaging and decent, the acting is good, great talent!


could have been way better
The plot is good, but the pace and acting are unfortunately much less than expected. Could have turned out a better movie if the casting was different, however Justin Long was good

Happy Death Day

better than expected
Much like groundhog day but with a nice creepy twist, the acting and directing are great too!

Creep 2

didn't enjoy it much!
The plot is novel, and it plays on the concept of creepy socio/ psycopath. but I found it hollow with a very expected ending

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