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On a Clear Day

great movie
i was so impressed by this movie and decided to watch it several times. i really loved billy Boyd's character of Danny, he was able to bring a sense of humor into this movie, all the characters were unforgettable and the story itself was very inspiring and touching..this movie was a delight to watch and you pulling for for the main character to cross the channel..i loved that the wife kept trying to pass her test to drive the bus, showing her strength as well. one of my favorite scenes was when Danny thought he could drive the boat, he handled the whole thing extremely well..i hope to see more of these kind of movies in future..they are family oriented and i love that, more of the human feelings without any of the filth so evident in most movies today thank you for a well done movie and the inspiration it was to me.

The Guardian

i am not an Ashton kucher fan but i love almost everything with Kevin Costner, yet this movie was awesome..i really loved it and it brought me to tears. i love that Kevin Costner , although one of the main characters, is not the real focus of this movie. some men get better with age as do the parts that they take on. this movie had action, emotions, and loyalty which i like in a movie, it is also a movie which i can watch with some of my children and not worry about its content, i love that it has great scenery and action shots, that you are able to see Kevin Costner's character unfold and see where he is coming from and where he is going. this a very good movie and one i would recommend to anyone.

The Monster Squad

lots of fun, tears and laughs
i found this to be a very good movie. i watched it with my children and now i watch it with my grandchildren. i loved the acting by the children , they were awesome!! Horace was too cute. he had me laughing and little phoebe with Frankenstein was so endearing, the end always makes me sad. this movie certainly gives you a different slant on the monsters and how children and how they don't have to be afraid. i don't know if you could call this a family movie or not but i know my 3 yr. old granddaughter saw it with her mother and loved it and it didn't frighten her at all. i wish they could make more movies that give chills and still be clean (without swearing) and yet be sweet and give you a laugh too. it took me several years to find this movie , i bugged a movie place that orders in movies for 12 years and it finally came out!! all my family has gotten this movie and love it..that says a lot for this movie. excellent!!

Pride & Prejudice

firth v macfadyen
i really liked this movie.Matthew macfadyen has done an awesome job playing D'Arcy, and that is saying something when you've seen Colin firth's portrayal and think that no one else could do it justice as well as kiera knightly, i really didn't think she could pull it off..what is surprising to me is that i never once , while watching this movie, compared the firth/macfadyen--ehle/knightly portrayals..i just loved to watch them could see the attraction between the 2 main characters almost from the some ways i'm more in love with this version..i think macfadyen's portrayal of D'Arcy is more tender and seemingly heartfelt..and kiera knightly's portrayal was just the right amount of spunk for Elizabeth..the entire cast was perfect in this movie even Donald Sutherland's portrayal of Mr. Bennett. i am very glad i have added this movie to my collection and that my son insisted in taking me to the threatre to this version of the movie. i hope to see more from all these fine actors in future.

Sense and Sensibility

love Alan rickman
this is a very good movie and the best i've seen by far. i love the choice of Hugh grant as Edward ferris and most especially Alan rickman as col. Brandon. i don't know why Marianne took so long in seeing his goodness and tenderness..oh well. this movie entertained me and even made me laugh a time or two. Margaret was such a typical 11-13 yr. old girl and made the movie a little more real. Emma and Kate were good choices for the sisters as well. i wish that they had kept the kiss between Edward and Eleanor in the movie as it made it possible to understand these characters a little better plus it was romantic. i am glad i have added this movie to my Jane Austin movie collection. especially due to Alan rickman and also to Hugh grant..


a great Emma
i really loved this version of Emma the best. Kate beckinsale was awesome as Emma and mark strong was very good as knightly. the only complaint that i had was on Mr. woodhouse..i can't believe that a man could whine so much or be so selfish with his daughter's life..she was a smart girl in the end though. as always, i love the places in which these Jane Austin movies were shot. the settings are so spectular. it makes me want to visit england so much 9as well as Ireland and Scotland) i think the actors chosen for this movie were a good choice as well and all the other story lines interwhined with Emma's most excellently! i am glad that i got to see this one as well.

Pride and Prejudice

this is the best
Colin firth is the best D'Arcy ever..before or after, he was the the right choice for D'Arcy in every way as was Jennifer ehle for Elizabeth. when i read this book it is how i imagined them to look. the other characters where an excellent choice as well. i felt that the entire show/mini series ever done on this particular book. i can see Jane Austin really enjoying this one and being most satisfied with the concepts of the writers/screen writers. i think she would be pleased with this effort. it is the first one of her books/movies that i went out and bought and delight in sharing it with friends..we have a large firth/D'Arcy following here. i would recommend this movie to every woman for romance, hope and patience. it is a great teaching tool against pride, judging others and misunderstandings. thank you for this delightful movie!

Mansfield Park

Edmund does love fanny
i thought this was a wonderful movie. i didn't try to over analyze it. there was a questioned asked, did Edmund love fanny really. my thought is that Jane Austin wrote of love and romance and the main characters always loved each other but took a trying time in finding it. the movie made me happy except Edmund may have been a little slow at realizing his love for fanny, i think Mary was the bright lights that attract and momentarily blurs vision but later love and intertwining souls is the making of a happy marriage. the two main characters Billie piper and Blake ritson where wonderful and i was glad that i watched and bought this movie,,they were sweet and tender and made you feel good for a change.

Northanger Abbey

loved the movie
loved this movie! J Field and felicity Jones did an awesome job and have brought back romance to a movie..clean and tastefully done. henry's character was witty and you can't help being drawn to him and Catherine's character is complete innocence...unfortunately for me, i watched it too many times,,thank you for such a romantic, witty, and innocent movie..look forward to seeing more work by these actors, although in Canada we don't seem to get as much as i would like..good luck to these very talented actors. i would have loved to see more of the countryside of the movie, apparently it was filmed in ireland,would have loved to see more od the beautiful buildings such as woodston.

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