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It was ok. Nothing special.
Hannibal on NBC was better and the Anthony Hopkins movies are the best. This show is kinda like CSI meets horror. Might be not good for kids. More like a pg 13 show


A movie that should be part of a tradition to watch every MLK day
In 1978, the tv biopic King came out with James Earl Jones as MLK Jr, and was released 10 years after he was fatally shot at the age of 39 5 years after his iconic speech and 4 years after the historic Selma march, which is shown at the end of Selma, a great movie that everyone can enjoy and teaches us a lesson. Released during the early years of Black Lives Matter and now more relevant than ever, this film has a terrific cast, good pacing, and a great soundtrack with the hit song Glory by John Legend at the end juxtaposed with footage from the past and current era. It has been a TV staple ever since it debuted on FX and FXM a few years ago, and is highly recommended for fans of historical events. Had MLK seen this movie he would have loved this take on the historic Selma march.


One of the most confusing movies of the year.
This movie about time travel before World War III has a bad sound mix, confusing action, and a hard to follow plot make this movie unwatchable. I suggest you watch Inception as it is a far better movie. Tenet kinda reminds me of Interstellar where it dragged on for too long and i almost fell asleep at the theater.

What's Opera, Doc?

Quite possibly the greatest cartoon short of all time .
When I first saw the short on nickelodeon I really enjoyed the music and the drama which was unusual for a looney tunes cartoon. Its still popular.

Wonder Woman 1984

Worst movie of 2020
Compared to the original movie that made it a surprise hit at the summer box office, this 80s set flick has a confusing plot , bad CGI, and hardly a lot of 80s music against a score that almost sounds like a final fantasy video game.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

Out of all the ET video games that have came out, this one is the most famous and the worst.
When I first saw ET on VHS after seeing it in theatres as a two and a half year old with my cousin in the late 80s, i loved it!!! It made me cry too. What I didn't know was that merchandise for the movie helped the film go beyond the cinema, such as cereal, shoes, a board game, as well as a storybook soundtrack featuring sounds and clips from the original cut of the movie along with spoken word by the late Michael Jackson and a good opening song . But the best selling merchandise from the movie, besides the tie-in Reeses Pieces that saw its sales spike two weeks after the movie debuted in cinemas, is the video game that contributed to the great video game crash of 1983. Of course, I'm talking about E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Rushed in development in time for the christmas season around the same time I was born, this video game became a best seller, only for it to return to stores and be put in landfills in Arizona. Long before cyberpunk and other bad games, this is the most famous bad game of all time. I tried it on computer and the graphics are not that good for an atari game. Yes, the opening has the ET music and a picture of ET and the character looks like ET, but the plot of the game is nothing compared to Spielberg's masterpiece. Spielberg wanted a game and the rights were sold for $25 million to Atari, at the time owned by Warner. Years after ET failed, Warner sold Atari and focused more on music, cable and movies and the rest is history. Avoid this game and try the later ET games or just enjoy and watch the movie.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Quite possibly the best South Park game ever made since the one with Chef back on ps1!!!
When South Park was made into a video game back in 1999 to time in with the movie, it did good business but got bad reviews from gamers due to its crude animation and gameplay and that the game was in 3d. Several games later, and in the age of the ps4, xbox one, and wii u, The Stick of Truth came out on ps3 and became a huge hit that a ps4 version was available soon afterwards. This game is free dlc with the last one, 2017's South Park The Fractured but Whole. Whereas the first one was published by Acclaim, this one was supposed to be made by THQ, but that company went kaput and then Ubisoft came to the rescue. The result...a south park game that is like a super long South Park episode!!! It's also fun and very easy and the gameplay is kinda like Final Fantasy and Zelda combined. The voice acting is good and you can get Towlie as your aide during missions and side quests. The title of the game refers to the weapon for which the young people of South Park are on a mission to recover from their evil foes. The humor is there too and there's bad language, which was also in the movie. I got it as an xmas gift and I love this game!!!

The Hunt

A clever take on the most dangerous game
A conservative take on the classic tale the most dangerous game this controversial movie is very well done and short.


The only good show on MTV right now...
When MTV began nearly 40 years ago, it's sole mission was to show only music videos, with talking VJs in between the videos as well as showing concert films and live events. But things changed, and MTV went on to do other things, like put the first reality show on cable TV with "The Real World", venturing into dark animation with "LIquid TV" and "Beavis and Butthead", and creating prank TV with "Jackass" and most recently creating their own version of sister station Comedy Central's "Tosh.0" (in its final season) with "Ridiculousness", which is a spinoff of Rob Drydek's fantasy factory tv show. As of 2020, it has been the most played TV show on the network, with many marathons of older episodes in incorrect order with new episodes 5 days a week at 11/10 c. The show is mostly of viral home made videos of stunts gone wrong, along with commentary by Rob as well as Chanel and Brim. The theme song is loosely based on a hit song from Devo, and the show moves at a brisk 30 minutes, even with 5 minute commercial breaks. It is the only good show on MTV since Jersey Shore, and viewers should not try the stunts by the participants.


A better movie than the 1998 version
This movie is more like a reboot than a remake and it's much darker in tone compared to the 1998 version, which was released with too much hype. It's part of a shared universe called The Monsterverse, which includes Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters and the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong, which might come to a screen near you soon as of this writing. Kids can enjoy it for what its worth and die hard fans will enjoy this version.


First time watching this show was on the eve before Thanksgiving...on season 2..this show is so goodf!!!
Featuring a cast of well known tv stars and set in the modern West big sky country of Wyoming, Longmire tells the tale of Mr. Longmire (Robert Taylor), a cop on a mission to protect his town's citizens from the bad guys. Originally on A&E, the show found a new home on Netflix where the episodes got longer and more mature until the final season in 2017; it's also the exclusive streaming home for this show, which also features Katee Sackhoff of BSG and Riddick fame as his co-worker. Highly recommended if you're a fan of cop shows.

The Prodigy

Creepy movie
If you like movies like Conjuring and Annabelle then this movie is a fun romp!! Good cast and the plot is very Omen-ish.

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

The last good Bill and Ted movie.
I remember when this movie came out i had to wait until it hit TV on TBS or MTV and enjoying the heck out of it. The music is well done and the effects are good. The budget is even higher and the laughs are funny!!! This was the last Bill and Ted movie to be rated PG before Face the Music upped the ante with language and a PG-13 rating.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Not as good as the last two but a fine conclusion to the trilogy
In the beginning there was Excellent Adventure. Then came the cartoon and tv series. Then Bogus Journey. Now, after 19 years, it's now Bill and Ted who have to face the music in this third and final adventure. Bill and Ted now have kids and they'll have to face some familiar faces and some new ones in a 90 minute romp which is fast paced and somewhat fun to watch. There is a bonus credits scene after the credits in which bill and ted are 80 plus years old and still partying on dudes!!! The difference between this one and the other two is the pg-13 rating for language. Fans of the first two may not like this one but new fans can try this one.


A lot has changed since this show was cancelled before it came back online...
The animation is diffrent but updated for the high def age. The writers are different but Spielberg still is producing the show. And the show's rating is now TVPG to be on par with most Simpsons episodes as well as tame adult animation. This of course, is Animaniacs, the hit TV show that lasted from1993 on Fox until its cancellation on Kids WB in 1998 due to low ratings and the incoming rise of Japanese anime for kids and cable tv. The first segment is about the warners, the second about Pinky and the Brain, and the third one is a short segment before the end credits, which, unlike the original series, doesn't have a tower gag but is just credits. It's great that the first season is on Hulu, a rarity for most shows, as it's mostly 13 24 episodes without commercials. If this show gets good rep, a second season will be made under Covid restrictions. If you liked the original cartoon, then you'll like this one. Now where is that Freakazoid reboot?

Home Alone

30 years later still a classic movie worth watching every Xmas.
When this movie came out 30 years ago on this date of review, it faced little competition in the form of Rocky V, an awful sequel that failed to recoup its budget like the last Rocky movie five years ago. Home Alone is pure family fun and is a hard PG rated movie about a 10 year old kid who is home alone for the holidays because he forgot to go with his family on a flight to New York for family dinner. Mischief ensues as two thieves disguised as repairmen try to steal Kevin's thunder. Macaulay Culkin has his breakthrough moment as Kevin and the cast and crew make it a true classic. During his career, this was John Hughes' biggest movie ever and Chris Columbus produced it long before he made money off of Harry Potter et al. The music by John Williams is classic. The movie became so popular at the box office and at home that a sequel, Lost in New York, came out two years after the first one came out and grossed a bit less than the other one. Then a third one without Culkin came out to diminishing box office returns in 1997 and the fourth and fifth and final movies debuted on home video, with a reboot coming to Disney Plus after Disney bought Fox from the Murdoch family (movie studio and cable entertainment assets) in 2017.

Diff'rent Strokes

A True classic.
Gary Coleman was the star. The theme song is a classic. It's worth watching on Starz Encore classic. It was ahead of its time. Highly recommended for those who like comedies.

Inspector Gadget

I started watching this show on Nickelodeon as a young kid
It was in reruns back then and I loved watching Gadget do his things with Penny and Brain against the faceless Dr. Claw (whose identity would be revealed in the live action movie and an action figure from the movie). Along the way, Gadget meets Chief Quimby to get his dossier and he's on the mission!!! Fun for all ages despite its age and music. Don Adams, of Get Smart fame, plays IG, while Cree Summer plays Penny and Frank Welker, still alive, plays Dr. Claw. At the end of each episode, much like He-Man, there is a moral to teach kids how to be safe.

The Way I See It

Great movie i saw on MSNBC
Mostly compiled of photos of Reagan and Obama, this movie tells the story of Souza, a famous photographer who has taken images of presidents since the 70s. It's definitely a movie that's educational and interesting and during the airing there was only one curse word that was censored for tv (the movie is rated PG-13 for that). If you see this movie, see it on Prime. Highly recommeneded for fans of politics and photos.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Best comedy of the year!!!
The best funny film of 2020 is not at a theater near you (even closed cinemas in NYC and LA) but on your Fire Tablet and TV and also the prime video app on consoles and smart tvs. It's Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, the sequel to the box office surprise hit Borat from 2006 which was the first movie I saw at the AMC in Rockaway, NJ during its opening weekend and have since seen it a few times on DVD and on TV. 14 years after the original, about a Kazakhstan man making fun of the USA, finds Borat on a mission to find Rudy Guiliani and his GOP friends on a quest to raise his daughter which soon gets lost. Hilariousness ensues and there's lots of jokes and action in just 90+ minutes. Highly recommended and it might be nominated for some Oscar bait!!!


Found this gem of a movie on amazon!!!
If you like zombies and found footage movies then this one will be for you. Made on a low budget and released in limited release, Afflicted is about an infected man trying to live in Europe escaping from Interpol. The ending is shocking. Watch the post credit scene!!!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is the best cartoon that Tim Burton has ever produced.
3 years after Edward Scissorhands made Tim Burton a box ofice goldmine after the success of Batman a year before, he asked director Henry Selick to direct The Nightmare Before Christmas, which has since become a holiday favorite on Halloween and Christmas. I've seen this movie on VHS as well as in theatres in converted 3d and on bluray i own it. It has been shown in heavy rotation on Freeform and Jack Skellington has since become something of a cultural icon. As for the movie itself, it's a classic.

Silent Witness

The best British crime show on TV.
4 years before CSI, a British TV crime drama called Silent Witness debuted on the BBC and became a cult favorite here in America due to its airing on BBC America and on Amazon Prime without ads. My dad has seen the show since season 1, and it's still going strong despite the cast changes throughout the years. It's very well done and fast paced and leaves you wanting more. Highly recommended for fans of forensics.

Blue Story

Tried watching it but i slept through near the end.
I couldn't understand what the characters were saying. The pace is a little slow and there's not that much action. Skip this movie and watch something else instead.

Michael Jackson: Thriller

the best music video of all time!!!!
A true classic. Big budget scares. Catchy music. Very well done. Michael Jackson shines and vincent price is creepy. Jon Landis directed this video.

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