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this ain't your father's predator....
Made on a cheap budget and a big ad budget...this prequel, which is the first ever usa movie to be filmed in comanche language, is set 300 years before the events of the classic franchise and features a native american cast along english actors. Amber Midthunder is amazing but the effects are just as bad as a bad marvel movie. Skip this and stick with the classics.


Better than us
From the mastermind behind Get Out and Us comes Nope...a new take on sci-fi horror. Imagine the Shining meets Close Encounters meets the wild west. Worth seeing on the imax screen and my cinema showed the oppenheimer trailer before the beginning of the film so don't miss it. There are no after credit scenes.

The Black Phone

A new horror classic is born
From the house of Blum comes a new scary tale for all to enjoy. Ethan Hawke is the main bad guy and takes place in 1978 in Denver Colorado. This film moves at a quick pace.


the 3d was ok. The rest of the movie was soso.
Remember the movie that andy watched in the first toy story movie about buzz? This is that movie. Unlike Toy Story, this movie is a bit darker than most pixar disney movies and is very long. Heck, there's no short film before the movie to accodomate the 30 minutes of previews. The showing i saw wasnt that packed with kids who are seeing Top Gun and Jurassic Park instead with their families plus there's minions on the way next week. One of the best characters in the movie is Sox, a robot cat that acts like an assistant and which will sell lots of merch. It's also the first pixar movie to feature a same sex kiss. The audio mixing is typical disney while the 3d was very good. If were to see it in Imax which it was filmed for it would've been bettter. Be sure to stay for some bonus scenes that lead into the toy story franchise.

Jurassic World Dominion

better than fallen kingdom but not as good as the originals
Screw what the critics say about this film...it's quite enjoyable and worth seeing on the big screen. I liked how it ended the series on a high note with the dinosaurs roaming peacefully with the animals and that the humans are leaving them alone. See it on a good sized screen and sit through the epic long running time.

Top Gun: Maverick

A great ending to a classic movie.
In the summer of 1986, a little movie called Top Gun came out of nowhwere and became a huge hit at the box ofice not only because of the director who helmed it but its star Tom Cruise. The film would soon see greater success as an album and home video release made it a big 80s fad that still airs to this day. Now, after nearly 10 years since the original director died by suicide and years of delays, Top Gun 2 finally is out for all the world to see. If you cried when goose died in the first one, you'll cry again as Iceman dies from throat cancer and cheer when Maverick falls in love with a new single mom played by Jennifer Connelly, who grew up watching the movie. Miles Teller plays Rooster, who is Goose's son, who helps Maverick steal a chinese plane at the end of the movie in order to succeed. Like the original, it pays homage to the past and moves towards the present. There is a volleyball like scene which is fun as well as a bar scene. Some of the plane scenes might be too intense for those who want to see it in imax, although i saw the 4k regular version instead. If you got cash to spend, then maverick is worth watching on the big screen as well as online!!!


And the worst movie title of the year goes to...
Men!!! It's the worst movie so far this year. Very bad. Confusing at times and visually dark and slow with a few suspense moments near the end. And the ending is yucky!!! Save your money and go see a better horror movie like Dr. Strange 2 lol.

What If...?

great animation and alternate take on MCU lore
Before you see Dr. Strange 2 watch this show as well as Wanda vision on disney plus. It's very well done in 4k hdr animation and moves at a good pace for 30 to 35 minutes. I can't wait until season 2 this year!!!

The Lost City

Best rom com of 2022 so far...
Even while it's out on digital and on tv, this movie is still doing quite well in the cinemas and is worth watching. Sandra Bullock is hot and Channing Tatum is very Fabio and you'll see Daniel Radcliffe as the bad guy. Brad Pitt makes a cameo too. Worth seeing on a decent screen with surround sound.

Moon Knight

This should've been a movie but as a limited series it works well...
Before he became the talk of the tv town, moon knight was only known among comic book geeks as Marvel's version of Batman, but with Jewish roots and Egyptian tones. Now that the show has ended for good...give it a chance and you'll see a show that is very dark for a tv-14 rated disney plus show and has to be seen to be believed. The soundtrack is very Egyptian and the casting is well done. Lots of action and some slow spots but most episodes are around 50 minutes with a few ending with bonus scenes. I hope Oscar ISsaic wins an Emmy for this show, which has gained a cult following after debuting on Disney plus in late march. Maybe one day we will see him in a future mcu movie....

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

What this movie is the MCU is what Blade was to Marvel in the superhero genre...
20 years ago, horror director Sam Raimi released his first true superhero movie, Spider-Man, to critical and succesfull acclaim, followed by two sequels which did quite well for him so much that he went back to horror movies again through his company Ghost House Pictures. Since then, Marvel decided to create a universe where characters would interact with each other in serialized movies which resulted in the MCU. 10 years ago, that culminated in the biggest team up ever...The Avengers, which at the time had the highest opening weekend for a tentpole movie in May and had legs. Flash forward to 2022, and the Avengers have broken up, and we got Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness, where he will face many foes and new friends. In order to understand this, watch Wandavision, What If, and the preceding movies. Be sure to stay after the end for some cool bonus scenes. It was worth seeing in fake 3d and for the 3d avatar 2 teaser.

The Northman

It's Conan meets The Green Knight but a bit better than Green Knight
From the director of the cult classic movie The Witch and the critical favorite The Lighthouse comes The Northman, Robert Eggers' $90 million epic based on norse mythology that is one of a string of norse movies riding on the popularity of vikings due to a tv show as well as Thor from Marvel. Worth seeeing on a big screen with killer audio. Do note there are subtitles in some scenes where the characters speak foreign language. The casting is pretty good as well as the cinematography and effects but the fighting near the end is kinda clunky compared to other simliar violent movies.

The Batman

Not as good as Dark Knight but better than Batman V Superman
After seeing this latest version of the Caped Crusader which has been around in comic books since 1939, I thought that this epic take on Batman was a bit darker than Batman V Superman yet can't reach the peakness that was The Dark Knight, released during a time when there was no pandemic and interest was high after Heath Ledger died. The film takes place durin Batman's young adult years, skipping when Bruce's parents were murdered and jumping straight into the action and drama. Among the friends and fiends he faces are the Catwoman, the Penguin, and The Riddler, not to mention The Joker at the very end of the movie which paves way for a sequel which might happen given that this movie is doing quite well at the box office despite high ticket prices at chains like AMC and Regal. Watch it in Imax or Dolby and enjoy the great score by Michael Giacchino. The cinematography is very dark and can be bright during rave scenes. Sound mix is very good and the action is very real. Even though its rated PG-13, it might not be for younger kids due to the language and brutal action.


If you loved the games then you'll like the movie.
Almost 15 years ago, Sony's answer to Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider came out on the struggling ps3 and became a marquee title for its brand and the studio, Naughty Dog. Two sequels for the ps3 plus a ps4 finale later, Sony was hard at work on a movie version of the saga that would take place before the events of the first game while adding easter eggs for fans of the series. Now, after years of delays due to the pandemic, Uncharted is now out in cinemas around the world starring the red hot Tom Holland from the spiderman movies as Nathan Drake, along with Mark Wahlberg as Sully, in a high stakes adventure that's fun for all ages given that like the game, this movie is aimed at teens. Be sure to stay at the end for some bonus stuff. Nolan North, who voiced and modeled Nathan, makes a cameo in the movie. Worth watching in Imax for those enhanced shots.

Samurai Jack

The best work of Gendy's career.
After the success of Dexter's Lab, Gendy decided to create something more daring. Samurai Jack remains his crowning acheievment, which ran 20 years ago and lasted 4 years until a cliffhanger finale in 2004 that would soon be resolved in 2017.

The Many Saints of Newark

Tried watching it on hbo then quit.
This is garbage. Slow moving and not a lot of violence like the tv show. Binge the series instead.

Free Guy

This movie is must see during a weak summer for movies. Very original.
If you like video games comedy and action then you'll love Free Guy. This movie came out of nowhere to have legs and make moolah.


this movie is so bad even my dad opted out of watching it on hbo max!!!
After finding success with Aquaman as well as Conjuring and saw, James Wan went back to horror with the delayed Malignant, which will soon leave cinemas and stay on hbo max....skip this movie and watch a good horror movie like the upcoming halloween kills.

Black Widow

best marvel origin story since black panther
If you like marvel origin stories and James bond then this movie is for you!!! Stay after the main credits for a bonus scene.


not as bad as expected in the trailers.
Lots of suspense action and adventure. Even though its pg 13 it does so at a hard level.

A Quiet Place Part II

this movie is an improvement over the original in every way.
This is my first review since I joined letterboxd. See it in an empty theater where no one has their phones on. If your ears are sensitive then this movie is not for you.


It was ok. Nothing special.
Hannibal on NBC was better and the Anthony Hopkins movies are the best. This show is kinda like CSI meets horror. Might be not good for kids. More like a pg 13 show


A movie that should be part of a tradition to watch every MLK day
In 1978, the tv biopic King came out with James Earl Jones as MLK Jr, and was released 10 years after he was fatally shot at the age of 39 5 years after his iconic speech and 4 years after the historic Selma march, which is shown at the end of Selma, a great movie that everyone can enjoy and teaches us a lesson. Released during the early years of Black Lives Matter and now more relevant than ever, this film has a terrific cast, good pacing, and a great soundtrack with the hit song Glory by John Legend at the end juxtaposed with footage from the past and current era. It has been a TV staple ever since it debuted on FX and FXM a few years ago, and is highly recommended for fans of historical events. Had MLK seen this movie he would have loved this take on the historic Selma march.


One of the most confusing movies of the year.
This movie about time travel before World War III has a bad sound mix, confusing action, and a hard to follow plot make this movie unwatchable. I suggest you watch Inception as it is a far better movie. Tenet kinda reminds me of Interstellar where it dragged on for too long and i almost fell asleep at the theater.

What's Opera, Doc?

Quite possibly the greatest cartoon short of all time .
When I first saw the short on nickelodeon I really enjoyed the music and the drama which was unusual for a looney tunes cartoon. Its still popular.

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