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Additions to DNCORPs review
As most have commented, this show really is a joke.

To add to Daniel's

1. Their "flight" gear looks similar to the crap airsofters buy from Army Navy stores. Is isn't hard to Google search the real 'Air Warrior' gear that is the only authorized flight gear for US Army Aviation personnel. 2. The high risk of the operations and even training missions depicted would require two Non Rated Crewmembers in the cabin for safety and to operate the weapon systems left AND right. 3. The PC would NEVER get out of an aircraft sitting on a "hot" LZ to assist the crew chief in basic loading procedures. Another reason why there would be two crewmembers in the cabin. 4. She is wearing Senior Army Aviator wings. Those require a minimum of 1500 flight hours OR 7 consecutive years on flight duty to achieve, however she is depicted as a wet behind the ears, immature pilot that hasn't flown even the most basic flight maneuvers that would be on every Commander's Task List in any aviation company.. And, yet somehow she managed to get assigned to this fictional version of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Company??? 5. The maturity level of these soap opera wanna be actors is laughable at best. Any one of them would have been bounced back to RL3 for half the dumb stuff they have done during flight operations.. I won't even try and approach flying through a abandoned housing development. (Which btw would have never been approved by his commander, which would have been required, since he can not legally approve his own risk assessment and sign as a briefer.

There are so many other issues with this series. Many which could be corrected without even paying for official military advisers since it is all a Google search away. The producers obviously decided on the lazy approach and hedge their bets on the general viewer not having a single day in uniform. It is an embarrassment to US Army aviation and especially to many, very skilled, female aviators I have had the privilege of meeting.

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