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Mad Men

One of the best.
It took me two or three attempts to get into the show. Being a slow paced drama means you will need some time to get familiar with the characters and to get invested in the story/ies. Once you get in the mood you are in for a treat. It is absolutely captivating, charming, witty and sophisticated. It love how they managed to engage me for full 7 seasons and how I had a unique love/hate relationship with several characters on the show. This made it more realistic because they always felt like real familiar people you meet at work (with a few exceptions). Don't waste time, this show is one of the best and it radiates quality and beauty in every episode.

Have fun!!


Nope! ... generic and weak!
I thought the idea is pretty interesting. And it is. I kinda like the business/marketing/programming atmosphere they are creating so as far the plot goes things are good. Yet, Everything else is below bar. The main character has a really annoying voice and limited acting skills. Leave that alone I just had to get it out of my system.

I just think the old school writing where you create extreme characters that are not realistic just don't work anymore. So you have the nerd Indian programmer who is social retarded and for some reason he has to not like pants! cuz this makes him nerdy and odd and a "Typical" introvert programmer. And there is the unattractive guy who is in love with a much cooler girl! and of course the extreme version of Barney Stenson who is the "bad ass" of the grope. And the main character of course is good looking, smart but also cool! I think they just overdid the characters and the script is very generic. Add a lot of marketing terms and concepts combined with "cool" clichés and you have every conversation in every scene! like this is how normal people communicate over lunch!

Clichés themselves are killing me. Liking when the "couple" have the usual "we work together but sleep together" fiasco and they have to have the "usual fight". It was so cheap and expected and unrealistic. Because any 18 years old can understand the situation and just accept it without breaking up.. but it had to be done that way, right!?

All in all.. I don't like it, I don't recommend it.

The New Normal

Not gonna work
I usually wait 3-4 episodes before deciding if I'm gonna keep watching a show or not. After 3 episodes of this show it's kinda safe to say that it's not gonna survive long. You look at shows like modern family, HIMYM, happy endings or The big bang theory and you know they give material for 6-7 seasons at least. But this is not the case here. Clearly, they wanted to make a show centered around a gay couple and make them look "normal" and put typical non-creative characters on the sides. The grandmother, the daughter and the little kid are all what you have already seen like bizillion times. you can even predict what they gonna do every scene. The grandmother will say something racist or sexist.. anything offensive. The daughter will give the warm innocent look and act as an angel. The little girl will go "the world doesn't understand me". The whole this is very predictable. I could tel in the end of the pilot what's gonna happen next episode and so on! We all have gay friends and we see how they live and behave, you don't have to go to the extreme and make them weird then say "normal". Most of gay people don't do what Andrew does in this show and if they do, I highly doubt this would be normal any soon.

I don't hate the show but I watch it like "yea, keep going".. I'm not very excited to watch anyway. I think if you want the massage you better watch community (the anti-racist/sexist) show. If you want the comedy, you have tons of shows to make you laugh your ass but not this one.

Taken 2

Not bad but NOT what I was expecting!
I checked what's in the cinema that night, I saw Taken 2 and I didn't give it a second thought I just got my ticket and watched the movie.

For an action movie, it's a decent enjoyable work but not as good as I expected and hoped for. The first movie was way better. This movie clearly counted on how much we loved the first one, so it was undercooked, rushed and sometimes predictable. Yet, you surely will enjoy Liam Neeson's performance as usual. There are couple of really good scenes and tricks every now and then. Direction was good as well.

Good movie but you can wait until it's on TV or something. I wouldn't go to the cinema to see it if I had to choose again!

Killer Joe

A bit strange, good but not amazing.
I had a free ticket for my birthday so I went with my friend and just picked a movie that seemed OK of both of us. Honestly,I wouldn't normally pick this movie for a cinema night. Anyhow, the movie itself is good. Starts slow then it gets better and better. Also, for me there were too many unnecessary nude scenes, didn't add anything to the drama sometimes.

Acting is good, sometimes too much but generally good. So in short, it's a nice watch if you are not expecting much, quite night movie with dinner and you are fine but clearly it's not "made my day" movie.

The end seemed a bit tacky but again, it's not a bad movie.. just don't pay 10 euros or so to watch it. wait until it's on TV or something.

The International

a good movie to watch
i just finished watching the movie couple of ours ago. it is a really good movie i gave it 8/10 just because there is nothing "super" in it otherwise the movie is great in all manners . the story is pretty good , the acting is very good too . Clive Owen left his prints and unique performance with good bu not too good acting by Naomi Watts. there is no too much action in the most on the movie parts , neither the usual love story in every movie , no sex no relationships , no that much of emotion bla bla bla all of this makes the movie more realistic but you will feel that something is kinda messing comparing with other movies in the same category . the story is not that complicated it is simple and clear not charging any country neither clear them out of every bad thing in this world everybody is guilty .

anyway i find this movie very good . i recommend it for a nice night . you will enjoy it .

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

A little disappointing
I decided to watch the movie when my friend told me how good it is .. but unfortunately i got disappointed..

the movie looks "lonely" you feel like there are just 5 to 6 actors there goes slowly and doesn't show much excitement most of the time except when Andy starts kill everyone .. his wife shows her body all over the movie in a boring show .. the performance is pretty good .. specially Hoffman's as usual one of the few good things in this movie .. he got the character and what it needs.. some unbelievable events happen .. too much drama .. to much to be real. the movie goes slowly too . i had to skip few minutes sometimes . the way they showed the story weren't that good something like vantage point but didn't work out .. after all you can enjoy the performance away from any other thing .. i don't advice the movie unless u have nothing else to do .. it is just a waste of time

Lost in Translation

one of the WORST movies i have ever seen
actually I'm this comment two or three weeks after watching the movie .. it is one of the worst movies i have ever seen .. maybe the worst all the time . Scarlet is the only good thing about the movie .. anything else is incredibly bad. very slow, meaningless, useless end .. it is not a comedy movie neither romantic . i started the movie with my friends and 20 minutes we were wondering what the heck is going on .. we decided to wait maybe there is something in the way but with the final seen we were cursing and cursing and cursing

DON'T WATCH IT ... DON'T WATCH IT .. it is just a big waste of time .. nothing describe it .. and i still need to know what does it want to say .. well there are few meaning but not enough to make a movie. the actors made it slower and slower too

The Assassination of Richard Nixon

bad movie
I start watching this movie and really i had no idea how to finish it .. the good things about it r the incredibly amazing (as usual) Sean Penn..and the ideas he wants to deliver in his movie .. being honest, clean and clear in the time of universal corrupt the filming and screening r pretty good and interesting.. other actors did fine but could be better ..but after all it s just a waste of time.. my brother didn't even finish the 1st 45min. and i had to fight sleeping :( ..

also meaningless disappointing end for that movie.. in the end you will wondering "then what ?? .. thats it ??"..anyway.. just try to enjoy the performance nothing more IF U REALLY HAVE TO WATCH IT.. i give it 3/10 ..just for Sean Penn he deserves 4 Oscars not just 2 :) Naomi Watts did "fine " as i said but not an interesting role and didn't add anything for her career .. .. Don Cheadle has a minor role too so don't get exciting when you see his name..


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