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Jonathan Creek

Great, great entertainment.
I never miss an episode of Jonathan Creek. This is one show that captures your attention from start to finish. It is brilliantly written, and equally brilliantly acted by both actors playing Jonathan and Maddie. I hope that this mystery is around for a long, long time. It would be a shame for it to end. It is better than any show made in the U. S., and the only one that comes close to it as far as total entertainment is CSI.


Traci, I Love You

Traci is the most beautiful adult actress ever.
I think that Traci Lords is the most beautiful adult film actress to ever grace the adult film industry. The only one close to her in looks and having the ability to really get into her scenes in Nina Hartley. Traci really gets into her acting, and comes across as though she is having a really good time. You feel as though she is into the sex scenes in a big way, and gives it all she has. She has to rank as the top female adult film artist of all time. It's a shame that all of her adult work has been destroyed before they could have been seen by a new generation of adult film buffs. What a loss!!!!

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