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Now that's a hero...
I was in grade school when I first saw the series. My whole family loved watching the show. Just like what others have said. The attraction is Macgyver's resourcefulness and intelligence. He is not violent but quite brave, cool and laid back. We especially love the scenes when he is jury-rigging something out of whatever he has. Some may not like the voice-overs, but I like them since I want to understand what he's doing. I like to know what's going on his mind.

These kinds of TV shows are very rare. A show that features a role model that does not advocate violence but inspires you to use your brain.

I hope TV shows of today are like this.

Meet the Deedles

for paul walker fans and kids!
Well, I think the common theme from the reviews I've read is that kids love this movie. Which is not surprising since I believe that is what Disney's target market is.

And if you are a Paul Walker fan like myself, you will watch and enjoy the movie just for the eye candy.

This film is brainlessly funny or funnily brainless. Whatever. I got what I wanted from this film. I enjoyed it.

I knew that there will be slapstick comedy. That the humor will be childish. But I don't care.

I recommend this movie for those who felt like their brain has just been bludgeoned after a long hard day attending meetings, discussions, brain storming sessions, analyzing and calculating numbers... you get the picture.

Varsity Blues

Cool soundtrack. Exciting game scenes.
I just watched this movie for the first time a couple of weeks ago. This is due to my very recent interest in anything Paul Walker. Shallow, I know.

I am not a football fan, nor am I an athlete, but I found the game scenes fascinating. I usually skip the other parts just to watch the game scenes. And soundtrack is awesome.

I don't like cerebral or artsy movies. I need to rest my brain after work. So its rare that I watch any of those Oscar-type movies. This movie is perfect for what I need.

The storyline has been used before. But I like those kinds of story anyway. I like seeing the good guys win, even if its just in the movies.

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