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After Last Season

Worst than I expected...
I watched a hilarious review of this rotten, piece of garbage movie, and was warned about the content that lived on the celluloid of which it dwells. Just that fact. The fact that this vomit was actually shot on film is mindblowing!!!

Check out Ralph the Movie Makers review. It is far more entertaining

Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

The scariest movie about menstruation ever
First off the title "Blood Night" is one of the most generic titles I've ever heard for a movie. The dialogue is wretched. The plot ridiculous and full of holes. Even the actors, who play high school kids and range in age from 25-34, point out foibles at one point. I rented this from the local DVD vending machine because of Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley, and they could not save this film. Nor could the gratuitous sex scenes that went on and on. Almost for an uncomfortable amount of time. I figured out 10 mins in that Harris's character was playing Molly er Mary Hatchets daughter. My girlfriend who usually is terrified of horror movies didn't jump once. The special fx were kinda cool, but thats about it. Very bloody and a lot of gore. I couldn't figure out why Harris's character didn't clean up her period mess. That was pretty gross. Anyways it's a bad film with very few redeeming qualities. Don't waste your money. Not even a dollar.

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