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The Kerala Story

The most inept and atrociously awful film ever made. Better watch Dhruv Rathee n Aakash Banerjee's YouTube videos.
Terrible screenplay, wooden acting, abysmal direction, lousy editing n appalling cinematography.

There is absolutely no redeeming quality about this trash.

This movie is a stain upon the name of art, the script is a poorly cluttered and illogical joke masking the director's fantasies, the dialog will have you tear out your eardrums with your fingernails, and the acting is so atrocious you will feel as if the movie has violated you.

Some films are so bad, they're good aka fun.

But few films are so terribel you actually feel physical pain while viewing them. So bad are these damned few that you don't experience them or watch them: you "endure" them. This is the mother of all such films!

Jaianto robo: The Gargoyle Vine: A Space Plant
Episode 3, Season 1

I am still scratching my head how Spider survived. Once again we get to see the typical crowd panic scene as if it were a stock footage.
I first saw this in the late 80s on a tv channel.

Revisited it recently.

In this 3rd episode we get to see a new henchman of Guillotine, known as Doctor Over/Doctor Botanus, a silver-skinned alien capable of teleportation. Check out his eyebrows man.

Under Emperor Guillotine's orders after being brought from the far planet, Dr. Over comes to Earth with the seed of a devilish alien plant called the Satan Rose/Gargoyle Vine.

Once again we get to see the typical crowd panic scene as if it were a stock footage.

In this one Giant Robo is beaten down by the Monster Plant but a scientist tells Johnny how to take down the monster.

Jaianto robo: Nucleon: The Magic Globe
Episode 2, Season 1

Dumb Guillotine never thot of just destroying the watch/device rather than capturing Giant Robo n Johnny.
I first saw this in the late 80s on a tv channel.

Revisited it recently.

In this 2nd episode Guillotine is planning to capture Giant Robo n Johnny.

This time he sends a blob like meteorite outta which a giant Globe named Nucleon emerges which does all the tasks of a robot.

Guillotine once again sends Spider, his chief soldier, whose facial expressions are always indicating that Spider is suffering from constipation.

The blob/Giant Globe is shown somewhere in the mountain side, off civilization but the chaos happens somewhere in a town.

I am waiting to see whether Spider survives in this episode or not.

Jaianto robo: Dracolon: The Great Sea Monster
Episode 1, Season 1

Those were the days man.
I first saw this in the late 80s on a tv channel Doordarshan (there was only one channel in India those days).

As a kid i enjoyed it then, so i thot lets revisit it for nostalgic effect.

Revisited it recently n wot a laugh i had.

The background music is pathetic, the acting is a big lol but the most atrocious is the editing.

In this first episode a young boy Johnny and a peace keeping agent survives a ship wreck after a monster, Dakolar (a poor man's version of the amphibious "Gill-man" from Creature from the Black Lagoon) attacks their ship.

Somehow these two are completely dry and their clothes neat n tidy when they are drifted on the shore.

Coincidentally they land on an island which is a base of an extra-terrestrial terrorist group from the planet Gargoyle, who are bent on conquering Earth and their leader is Emperor Guillotine. (Guillotine's mask did frightened me a kid then).

The funny part is that Guillotine spends most of his time in a multicolored space ship hidden at the bottom of the Earth's ocean, from which he issues his orders while his lousy men has been capturing scientists to create an army of monsters to conquer Earth.

Johnny n the agent discover a huge Robot created by a scientist for the terrorist organization and luckily the Robot takes instructions only from Johnny as his voice was the first one to get recognized on the device which controls the Robot.

Watch out for the fight between Giant Robo n Dakolar.

How Johnny suddenly comes to know that Giant Robo has missiles is beyond me.

Ostatnia wieczerza

Atmospheric n interesting horror movie. Warning - do not watch the trailer.
I saw this last nite on Netflix aft getting enticed into seeing this due to its plot synopsis n the settings of that a monastery situated far off from civilization.

At first i thot it may take The Omen route, then later The Exorcist, then later The Wicker Man, then later The Name of the Rose but ended in a very different n interesting way.

The movie has oodles of atmosphere.

The monastery in the middle of nowhere, the foggy n misty cemetery, the tunnels, the corridors, the hidden centuries old well and last but not least the demon.

The only thing missing was the body count.

Another movie which came to my mind while watching this one is The Shrine (2011) and coincidentally both the movies are set in Poland.


Started off like Con Air then went full rampage like Hatchet n ended like Mind Ripper aka The Outpost.
Oh! I forgot Universal Soldier.

This movie has tons n tons of gory kills, brutal stabbings, a scary n intimidating villain, claustrophobic environment n some over the top oodles of blood.

The killer reminded me of Victor Crowley from Hatchet, the premise a mash between Con Air n the mid 90s Mind Ripper.

Some of the flash back scenes were a bit confusing cos of the not so familiar faces n foreign language.

Also I didnt understand how the lead cop got away from the killer so many times while the others were eaten away like carrots n radishes. (Fellas killed left, right n center without any delay).

Movies based on Nazi occultism n Unit 731 of Dr. Shiro Ishii n his staff (dubbed the Devil's Doctors) will always be considered by me as horror movies cos the crimes/evil perpetrated in the name of medical science n research went totally unpunished.

I Came By

Simple yet effective n unpredictable thriller.
I saw this on Netflix last nite without watching the trailer or reading anything bah it.

I enjoyed this thriller n found it very captivating inspite of being very straight forward a la old skool style thriller. It has sufficient amount of suspense, solid character development without wasting unnecessary time, at times brutal without lingering on the gory or bloody aspect.

The performances are top notch n the direction excellent. Haven't seen much of the director's previous movies.

The best part is the unpredictability. Jus when u think that it is like Don't Breathe, u get a jolt.

The movie is very fast paced n keeps u engaged from the beginning till the end. In fact, i got angry when it ended cos i was totally engaged.


As a gym instructor i am impressed with SRK's physique at the age of 57.
It reminded me of Charles Bronson from Hard Times (1975).

I saw this with my entire family in a suburban theatre.

The experience was mind blowing.

People kept on whistling n cheering throughout the entire movie.

The movie has tons of action sequences, amazing locations, a hot babe n the best part is that it is very fast paced.

Watch out for the train scene. The entire theatre went crazy whistling, clapping n shouting.

The bike scene will give Bond, Xander Cage n John Woo sleepless nights.

The only thing missing was the villain's henchmen. There were no proper henchmen or other villains apart from John Abraham.

The background music whenever John's character appears on screen gets on ur nerves.

The hand to hand combat between the character of SRK n John does gets monotonous, especially the punching each other while defying gravity.

All in all its a must watch in theatre cos of the experience with the crowd's whistling n cheering.


There is nothing cheap, mawkish or sensational. Much better than Adrien Brody's The Pianist.
Everything is impeccable.

The direction is top notch, the cinematography mesmerizing, the editing crispy, engaging screenplay n terrific performances by all.

The lead female actor gave a terrific performance but the best stuff is the direction.

The director n this movie deserves more recognition worldwide.

Hats off to the director for not trying to show unnecessary violent or brutal stuff.

The camera does not linger any longer than is necessary on the horrific scenes.

There is nothing cheap, mawkish or sensational.

In fact it is much better than Adrien Brody's The Pianist.

I hope it gets the recognition in the Oscars.

Drishyam 2

Gasp-inducing twists n turns throughout with a solid unsettling atmosphere.
I saw this on the third day of its theatrical release with my entire family n extended family.

Once again like it's predecessor, this one too aint ur regular Bollywood trash as there aint no songs, no dance, no unnecessary shirtless stuff, no gravity defying badly choreographed action, no jingoism n no melodrama.

The cinematography is top notch n so are the performances.

Akshay Khanna looks like he is heavily suffering from muscle wasting. He is a good actor but he needs to take care of his muscle mass n bone density.

This one is better than Suspect X (2008), Perfect Number (2012) n The Devotion of Suspect X (2017).

All are based on the 2005 novel The Devotion of Suspect X (2005) by Keigo Higashino.


Tediously boring.
Lots of talk, talk n more talk.

In fact, none of the talk is engaging or intense.

Its a huge disappointment.

After a while, the lead actress gets on ur nerves.

If they really wanted to make a psychological thriller, they cud have added some dark scenes.

Movies which showcases the slow descend into madness is Joker n Driller Killer but this one ain't at all.

Trust me nothing happens n there is no slasher element n the scare is nada.

I enjoyed X n was highly anticipating this one but what a waste of time this one turned out to be man.

The elements which made the first one successful are all absent in this one.

Khuda Haafiz Chapter II: Agni Pariksha

Brutal action movie.
I enjoyed this movie n loved the action sequences.

This one will remind viewers of The Raid 2 (the prison rain fight scene).

Along with Iko Uwais, Vidyut Jamwal deserves a place in the Expendables series.

This one once again has the nasty gory teeth scene like it's predecessor which makes the scene from American History X looks like kindergarten.

While not as fast as the predecessor n not as suspenseful as the predecessor, this one has gory action sequences which is definitely not for the squeamish.

Finally we have a genuine action star unlike the fake n pathetic Akshay n Tiger Shroff.

Hope to see Vidyut in some big budget movie.

Paatal Lok

The background stories of Tope, Tyagi, Kabir and Cheeni showcases the true horrors plaguing my beloved country.
I saw this few days back on Amazon Prime n i found this to be more darker than Sacred Games.

The series has lots of twists n turns but it gets very gory n brutal at times. I forwarded the rape scene.

The last episode fits exactly like a jigsaw puzzle.

This series delves into the ideas of caste discrimination, religious communalism, political corruption and the repercussions of violence.

In an industry where everyone wants to be politically correct, this one has *alls of steel to tackle religious fanaticism, persecution of minorities, subjugation of the lower castes, child abuse, discrimination against transgenders and the pathetic state of women safety in rural India.

Laal Singh Chaddha

Much sweeter than the original.
I missed this in theatre inspite of being a huge fan of Aamir Khan. Was kinda busy coaching my son who wants to b a gym trainer like his dad.

Saw this on 9th Oct on Netflix.

I liked the fact that in this one too, they kept the love story primary n the historical events secondary.

Once again we get to see historical events (but this time Indian n pretty relevant) unfold from the perspective of a man with an IQ of 75, whose only desire is to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart.

This movie is a history lesson for my kids who are born in the mid 2000 and who ain't aware about the sad n tragic 1984 genocide.

The movie has top notch cinematography, the locations are splendid n it has better characters n much better character development than the original.

RRR (Rise Roar Revolt)

One helluva crazy action packed entertainer. Watch out for the tigers, stags, wolves, etc going berserk.
I saw this last night (22/09/22) on Netflix n this is my first review on IMDb aft a sabbatical break of 3 months.

This one is action packed n very very entertaining.

Of course one gotta leave the brains at home n forget that gravity exists.

I enjoyed the animals attack scene n the tiger capturing scene.

Tigers, wolves, stags, etc running helter skelter n tearing people makes Days Of Animals look like kindergarten.

I enjoyed the Nacho Nacho song so much that i wanna learn the steps by joining a dance class.

The bike scene towards the end, the gun shootings via sitting on partner's shoulder n the gravity defying jumpings, all this is totally amazeballs.

The heroes in this movie possess superhuman powers n totally immortal n the villains are cruel, evil n totally despicable.


A wannabe action movie with scenes copied shamelessly from massive Western n Korean movies.
My earlier review which got more than 1000 likes got deleted by the star cast n makers of this movie.

That means some fellas are burning n they cannot digest opinions.

Then again my reviews got deleted multiple times.

This is the list of the movies from which Dhaakad copied: Naked Weapon, Columbiana, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Elektra, Salt, Red Sparrow, Underworld, Atomic Blonde, Mr n Mrs Smith, Kill Bill, Hanna, Gunpowder Milkshake, Sucker Punch, The Protege, Kate, The Old Guard, Anna, Black Widow, Ava, Nikita, Haywire, Point of no Return, Proud Mary, The Villainess, Everly, Kite, Stiletto, Cat Run, Lara Croft, etc.

The lead actress' body in this movie is a proof that she hasn't done weight lifting exercises.

The hand to hand combat looks fake n the worst is the sword fight scene.

The lead actress' chubby cheeks is a proof that she hasn't done any vigorous or intense training.

Logan Lucky

An entertaining heist movie.
Was on my radar for a long time.

Saw this recently on Amazon Prime.

Was a treat to see Adam Driver, Channing Tatum n Daniel Craig together.

The movie moves at a good pace n the performances are top notch.

Last Seen Alive

Many fellas are not getting the twist.
Comparisons with the The Vanishing aka Spoorloos and Kurt Russell's Breakdown is inevitable but the twist is different.

My take on the twist.

The husband (Butler) orchestrated the whole kidnapping stuff just to reignite the fading love.

He is rich, loves his wife n even forgives her for infidelity but at the mere thot of separation/divorce, the guy goes a bit crazy n hence the whole kidnapping scenario so that he can get the love back.

How conveniently he is able to track down the container where the wife is hidden n also he does all the work n the police are just left as spectators.

Also he made sure that she is not hurt n the whole grave thing was just a wtf.

And in the end he gets his love back n even an invitation to stay in the house.

Stranger Things: Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab
Episode 7, Season 4

Surprisingly i enjoyed this episode more than my teenaged kids.
Lots of creature mayhem n a solid screenplay.

It has tons of twists n turns, lots of suspense n tension n some amazing photography.

Thè way this episode fits perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle n explains everything, is truly amazeballs.

Revenge of the Boogeyman

The director has filled this sequel with footages from the first part to help us remember what happened in the first part.
How sweet of him.

And just to make sure that no one can blame him for running short of ideas, he included some very wtf innovative kills.

A woman gets killed by shaving foam.

A supernatural entity hits a woman's butt by a ladder causing her to swallow a car's exhaust pipe. The entity later turns on the car's engine and forces the woman to swallow the fumes.

Thank God I saw this for the first time recently since i just revisited part 1. This movie doesn't deserve a single viewing let aside revisiting.

Some info:

Jackie Chan's Fearless Hyena part 2 added flashbacks from part 1.

Wes Craven's Hills Have Eyes part 2 added flashbacks from part 1.

Ku bei

Unnecessarily gory with a weak script n a predictable NOTLD style ending.
This one tried very hard to be a competitor to Train to Busan but failed.

It also tried to emulate Romero's Crazies but failed again too.

The movie has tons of gore but zero tension n zero suspense.

Why they added the depravity is beyond me.

There's too much depravity in the dialogues too.

The Boogey Man

Creepy n atmospheric at times.
I first saw this in the late 80s on a vhs n found it to be pretty disturbing and creepy.

Of course as a kid i didn't notice the blatant plagiarism but simply enjoyed the movie.

Revisited it recently n was kinda wtf man. It has shades of Amityville Horror, Halloween n a bit of The Exorcist regarding the exorcism.

The movie is still creepy n atmospheric but it has too many silly n wtf moments.

I always found Susanna Love beautiful but her filmography is too short.

Now lets talk bah some wtf stuff.

The mother's lover aint some voodoo specialist or some satanic cultist serial killer but his spirit gets trapped inside some ordinary mirror. Why n how, its never shown.

Lacey's husband Jake took the broken mirror n placed it in his home n tried fixing the broken pieces? Weird fella. Now who wud do that?

How come the mirror stayed intact for twenty years n none of the new owners tried to get rid of an old stuff?

Lacey's brother does the act from Of Mice and Men, he tries to kill a girl who seduces him in the barn. Now whether he gets possessed or he is simply a psycho is never shown.

In the end its never shown whether the priest survived or not?

What happened to the injured Jake?

And why wud they show Lacey visiting just a single grave when both her uncle n aunt died?

Why Jake didn't accompany her?

Till the end they never showed what happened to the mother and its just assumed that she is on her deathbed via the letter.


While many fellas today suffers from the problem of inactivity, there is a smaller group, namely athletes/bodybuilders, which may be exercising excessively.
And believe me, as a gym instructor for the past two decades, i have seen clients getting obsessed with their workouts.

This documentary is informative but it doesn't shed light on the narcissistic attitudes/obsessive compulsive disorders plaguing many fellas around.

None of the bodybuilders or actors (specially Bollywood stars) are healthy.

Health: a state of complete, mental, social, and physical well-being, where all bodily systems (nervous, hormonal, immune, digestive, etc.) function in harmony

Fitness: the quality of being able to perform a specific physical task, which includes exercise and sports.


I saw this only cos of Aaron Paul inspite of disliking the director's earlier movie.
The story is intriguing and it is darkly comical at times but the pacing is a major issue apart from the lackluster climax.

Aaron Paul shud have been given more footage n the combat training shud have been more intense.

The Art of Self-Defense

I didn't enjoy this and maybe i am a simpleton who didnt dig the underlying meaning.
Surprisingly my earlier review which i posted in 2019 got deleted without it containing any spoiler or abusive stuff.

This shows that either the fans of this movie, the director or makers cannot digest opinions.

The trailer made it appear to be comical but i found it boring.

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