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Casino Royale

My fav Bond in one of my fav Bond movie and that too with an amazing parkour chase sequence.
I first saw this in 2006 with my family in a theatre.

Revisited it recently on a dvd which I own.

This is the twenty-first in the Bond series and the first film to star Daniel Craig as James Bond and my first Bond film seen in a theatre.

Basically it is a reboot and here we get to see an MI6 operative promoted to 00 agent status by assassinating two targets.

So to achieve a licence to kill, he has to kill minimum two targets.

In this one Bond pursues a bomb-maker which leads him to a corrupt official Alex Dimitrios in the Bahamas.

Bond later uncovers the plot of the destruction of Skyfleet's prototype airliner by a private banker to terrorists known as Le Chiffre.

This film has one of the best parkour chase sequence.

It has old skool action n thankfully there is no reliance on gadgets n special effects.

One of the best part is that we get to see a Bond who is inexperienced, vulnerable n his transition to a cold blooded killer is very well done. Thank God, ther is no cheeky humor.

Daniel Craig in this movie is in very good shape n at times his character is believable, which can run, sprint, endure both torture n poison and sometimes who gives a damn whether its shaken or stirred, unlike his predecessors.

This time Bond faces Le Chiffre n his henchmen Valenka, Alex Dimitrios, Kratt, Carlos Nikolic and one of the world's best free runner Mollaka Danso, a freelance terrorist working for Chiffre n Dimitrios.

Bond also faces the machete yielding terrorist Steven Obanno n his bodyguard.

Bond pursues Mr. White n faces his henchmen, the most famous being Adolph Gettler, the man with a unique glasses who gets shot in the eye.

This time Bond gets to cool off with Caterina Murino n Eva Green.

The film ends at a breathtaking beautiful location of Lake Como, the most beautiful lake in the world for its microclimate and environment with prestigious villas and villages.

It also ends with the iconic dialogue.

Event Horizon

Can somebody tell me where i can buy the 130 mins version of this movie which is a true example of the terror of the unseen n from beyond.
I first saw this in the early 2k on a dvd which I own.

Revisited it recently.

Some movies deserves at least two viewings before it is reviewed.

Event Horizon is such a movie.

When i saw this for the first time two decades ago, i didn't like that much but aft revisiting it recently, i liked it very much.

I liked the film n found it to be very engrossing n the ending eerie.

They shud have retained the Hell footages.

Comparisons with Alien and The Shining will crop up in most reviews.

The film has sufficient tension n suspense n the ending, specially the Hell scene will remind of Hellraiser.

La casa 3

If this movie wud have released in today's time, the makers wud have definitely used the fake n misleading title of that of Annabelle doll or something like that.
I first saw this in the late 80s on a vhs.

Revisited it recently.

This one is a decent horror film with a creepy house.

The movie starts off in a fast paced manner n we get to see two gory kills.

It has sufficient body count n the ending is shocking.

At times the demonic doll in an isolated n creepy house does gives goosebumps.

A father who works in a funeral house has a nasty habit of stealing things of the dead and he gifts his daughter a stolen doll which turns out to be demonic.

At times we dont know whether the girl was doing all the killings, or the doll does the killings or the person to whom the doll originally belongs to, does the killings?

The confusion is there cos we dont get to see the killer or entity but jus killings and out of nowhere a doberman appears n disappears.

The voice on the radio, was it really from the future?

Nevertheless, i enjoyed it cos of the atmosphere n some bizarre stuff.

Die Another Day

Action packed pre credit scene but a lousy n cartoonish parachute-assisted surfing stunt at the end.
I first saw this in the early 2k on cable tv.

Revisited it recently.

This is the twentieth in the Bond series and the fourth and final film to star Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

This time Bond infiltrates a North Korean military base but his true identity is exposed by an unknown source. Bond is captured by North Korean soldiers and imprisoned but after fourteen months of captivity and torture, Bond is traded for a prisoner in exchange but is shocked to learn that his status as a 00 Agent has been suspended under suspicion of having leaked information under duress to the North Koreans.

This one has an action filled pre credit scene and shockingly this is the first film where Bond doesn't get to escape but is captured n tortured by a foreign power.

Some may rejoice when a sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War is tortured via scorpion venom.

This time Bond faces a hot tempered Colonel Moon and his loyal henchman Zao.

Bond also faces Gustav Graves and his bodyguard Mr. Kil.

This time Bond gets to cool off with Samantha Bond via virtual reality simulations but the real cool off is with Halle Berry n with the blonde babe Rosamund Pike way before her Gone Girl days.


Started off well but then too many flaws, no proper explanation n made no sense.
I first saw this in 2012 on a dvd which I own n i liked it then but after revisiting it recently i found the ending a bit silly n somehow the movie doesn't explain too much.

The film started off very well, in fact Don't Breathe borrowed the initial synopsis of three youngsters breaking into an old fella's house n made it into a tight thriller but this movie went downhill.

Why wud Mrs. Wilson as a kid help Deborah Jessel thru the anatomical mumbo jumbo operation?

Was an older Mrs Wilson a child killer or she jus killing random kids for Jessel's blood supply?

What was the gain of Mrs Wilson by doing all these stuff?

The makers of Inside 2007 are so obsessed with the scissor stabbings that they added scissor stabbings in this too.

All in all, as a fan of the director duo n somehow this movie is a bit different, i am generous with a 6 on second viewing.

First viewing i had rated it an 8.

Was the jaw breaking scene required? But it was very well done.


Decent ghost story with few spooky moments n good atmosphere.
I first saw this in 2007 on a dvd which I own.

Revisited it recently.

I liked the movie cos it has plenty of atmosphere, few spooky scenes n a decent twist.

The movie's settings will remind us of The Shining, The Woman in Black, etc.

The performances are good but the end is a bit convenient.

I have enjoyed Jaume Balagueró's Rec series n Sleep Tight.

Being Evel

Knievel, a true daredevil indeed. My uncle used to do wheelies on his Yamaha RX 100, the 1987 Japanese model.
And as a teen, I used to continuously ride a bicycle with both arms behind my head.

To be honest, i was never aware of Knievel.

It was Roger Moore's question "Ever heard of Evel Knievel?" to Sheriff JW Pepper before the epic car stunt jump in The Man with Golden Gun prompted me to check this guy's history including this documentary.

This one is very informative n Knievel was truly a daredevil.

One needs balls of steel to perform such jumps man.

I used to do such stunts while playing Excite Bike game.

The World Is Not Enough

This one has a true sinister villain but his character ain't developed well.
I first saw this in the early 2k on cable tv.

Revisited it recently.

This is the nineteenth in the Bond series and the third to star Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

In this one Bond is assigned to protect an oil tycoon's daughter who had previously been held for ransom by an ex KGB turned terrorist. During this assignment, Bond unravels a scheme to increase petroleum prices by triggering a nuclear meltdown in the waters of Istanbul.

This one has an amazing pre credit scene (not the lousy window jump sequence). The boat chase sequence is amazeballs.

The villain, Reynard, is truly sinister n Carlyle did a fine job but his character ain't developed well.

The story ain't engrossing n none of the henchmen is memorable.

This time Bond faces Reynard who is hell bent on causing chaos n destruction.

Bond faces many henchmen, Gabor, Mr. Bullion, etc. But the most noteworthy is the attractive cigar girl (Giulietta da Vinci).

Bond gets to cool off with Serena Scott Thomas, Denise Richards and Sophie Marceau.

Some info on Reynard: His real name was Victor Zokas n his childhood was particularly traumatic as he was raised in poverty.

At the age of fourteen, he ran away from home and joined the Soviet Army. Due to his vicious nature n brutal methods, he was given a place in the KGB. Due to his cunning and effectively discrete ways, he got the nickname, "Renard The Fox".

Aft his expulsion from the KGB due to his evident mental instability, Zokas took "Renard" alias and became one of the world's most feared terrorists.

It was 009 who shot Reynard in the head n although a doctor was able to save Renard's life, he was unable to extract the bullet from his patient's skull. Due to its retention within his brain matter, Reynard lost most of his senses and pain was never felt by him.

This allowed him to push himself much further than the ordinary human limits.

Children of the Corn: Runaway

Jus to hold onto the rights, they keep churning out rancid corn aft corn.
I saw this 10th part for the first time recently and what a terrible waste of time n experience i endured.

This one doesnt have anything noteworthy.

The kills are few, badly done, unnecessary n not at all have anything to do with the *ucker who walks behind the rose.

I shud pat my own back for completing the marathon of this series.

Tomorrow Never Dies

What this movie needed was more backstory about the legend, Dr. Kaufman n his methods of disposal, specially his specialty of celebrity overdose.
I first saw this in the early 2k on cable tv.

Revisited it recently.

This is the eighteenth in the Bond series and the second to star Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

After the sinking of HMS Devonshire in the Chinese-occupied waters in the South China Sea and the killings of Devonshire's survivors with weaponry loaded with Chinese ammunition, Bond has only 48 hours to investigate its sinking and avert a conflict between the People's Republic of China and the United Kingdom.

This one doesn't have a good pre credit scene but it has an awesome motorcycle chase sequence.

There is not sufficient action towards the end.

The villain Elliot Carver ain't that good.

This time Bond faces a psychopathic media mogul, Elliot Carver, hell bent on securing exclusive broadcasting rights in China for hundred years.

Bond also faces Dr. Kaufman and his student Stamper.

Bond gets to cool off with Cecilie Thomsen, Michelle Yeoh n Teri Hatcher.

We have idiot henchmen in this movie.

They try to break the car's windshield by hammer n other stuff but to no avail, they cud have tried shooting guns cos later when Bond flees with the car, the windshield breaks due to shooting.

The car chase sequence is silly cos Bond manages to evade everything including a bazooka by just remote controlling the car.

Some info on the great Dr. Kaufman : a professional assassin and a professor of forensic medicine (way before Dexter).

Kaufman loves bragging about his professionalism and how his services as an assassin are in demand all over the world. Of all the methods at his disposal, apparently his specialty is the celebrity overdose.

Children of the Corn: Genesis

Started off well but the end product is a big disjointed mess.
Inspite of the dvd of this movie lying in my cupboard for almost a decade, i never felt the urge to play it.

Saw this 9th part recently.

This one started off very well. We get to see a soldier around the 70s return home to find his family massacred by kids and then the movie moves to the present time where a couple take refuge in a preacher's house situated in the middle of nowhere.

The film kept the suspense but the ending is rushed n doesnt make any sense. We are just left to scratch our heads.

Our preacher in this movie has a hot wife (the girl from Hostel). The way she seduces the main lead, viewers expected some nudity or sex scene but we are deprived of that due to low budget.

It has 2 very known faces, Duane Whitaker n Billy Drago.

Children of the Corn

The lead guy in this movie is a marine n rather than sticking to the main road which is clearly in front of him, he ventures into the cornfields.
He cud have easily continued jogging on the main road n outrun the kids or cud have come across a passing car on the road.

I saw this 8th part for the first time recently which is also a remake of the original.

There is absolutely no atmosphere n scare factor is zilch which is very contrary to the original.

This one does have some violence which is a put off cos most of it is towards kids n it has a sex scene in front of a congregation comprising of kids. So double failure.

While the violence towards adults are offscreen.

The lead guy's life is in danger n he does blah blah and that too showing his back to a fella with a hammer.

The lead girl is attacked but rather trying to take a gun which is available n booing away the kids, she acts stupid.

Her boyfriend keeps on wasting time in reading mumbo jumbo stuff in an abandoned church rather than being with his girl.

This installment has a post credit scene but i doubt most will care or endure to reach that point.


The pre credit scene is a big wtf n even the tanker chase sequence is monotonous.
I first saw this in the late 90s on cable tv.

Revisited it recently.

This is the seventeenth in the Bond series and the first to star Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

I didn't like Pierce Brosnan as Bond, i didn't enjoy the movie, the pre credit sequence is a big wtf n the climactic scene ain't that action filled too.

In the film, Bond attempts to prevent Xenia Onatopp, a member of the Janus crime syndicate, from stealing a Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter during a military demonstration in Monte Carlo, but fails.

Later Bond fights to prevent a man with a grudge (no name for suspense's sake) from using a satellite weapon against London to cause a global financial meltdown.

This time Bond faces his childhood friend (naming wud spoil the suspense).

Bond also faces Xenia Onatopp, General Ourumov n lots of soldiers n henchmen.

Bond gets to cool off with Samantha Bond, Serena Gordon n Izabella Scorupco.

I wouldn't count the femme fatale Famke Janssen as she never gave Bond any enjoyment.

The movie has Minnie Driver in a tiny role.


Sufficient tension but a bit slow.
I saw this with my seven year old nephew n even for his taste the movie is a bit slow at times but i found it to be a decent survival drama with sufficient tension.

Cujo, Monkey Shines n Silver Bullet will crop up in most reviews but fellas shud cut some slack while viewing such low budget movies.

From the beginning audiences will not like the lead girl but the trauma she goes thru is sufficient.

Surprisingly the house has a cassette player, no smartphone is shown, no emergency hands free phone around the neck and showing a heart patient lift a heavy bag rather than have trolleys, all these r too much.

But the worst was the far fetched scene where the sleeping tabs r puked out.

Licence to Kill

This one has one of the best stunt-filled chase through the desert n is more violent n darker than A View To A Kill.
I first saw this in the early 90s on a vhs.

Revisited it recently.

(Frank McRae - who played 'Sharkey' in this movie died on 29th April, few days before i revisited this film. May his soul rest in peace).

This is the sixteenth in the Bond series and the second (and last) to star Timothy Dalton as James Bond.

This time Bond gets suspended from MI6 for pursuing drugs lord Franz Sanchez for personal vendetta.

A furious Bond immediately sets out to hunt and kill those involved in his friends' torture and mutilation.

Apart from Sanchez, Bond has to deal with a ruthless and psychotic killer n rapist, Dario (Benicio del Toro's second movie role).

Bond also deals with Ed Killifer, a double agent n lots of Sanchez's henchmen.

This time Bond gets to cool off with Talisa Soto and Carey Lowell. (Even i wud have left Talisa Soto for the short hair Carey Lowell).

This movie has lots of action towards the end n it is violent n a bit dark.

For the first time there is a rape scene implied n thankfully its an offscreen one.

A man gets maimed by a tiger shark, a man is trapped in a decompression chamber and his oxygen cord is cut off resulting in an explosion of his face (comedic one), a man gets chopped in a giant shredder and a man is set on fire alive.

Some info about Dario : he was kicked out of the Nicaraguan Contras for his brutality and found his way into Sanchez's drug cartel as his youngest chief enforcer.

The Abyss

A claustrophobic survival thriller marred by the fantasy ending. Nonetheless, the movie deserves an 8 for the sheer achievement, hard work n performances.
I first saw this in the early 90s on a vhs.

Revisited the 171 mins version recently n completed the movie in one sitting.

Inspite of the runtime, the film is engrossing n visually breathtaking.

The dark trench and Ed Harris' character going down way below is more scary than most horror movies.

James Cameron is a genius n there's no doubt bah it but i am surprised that most fellas havent given credit to H. G. Wells, as he was the first to introduce the notion of a sea alien in his 1897 short story "In the Abyss".

Ed Harris n Michael Biehn both gave memorable performances.

Biehn's character is downright creepy.

The CPR scene is a bit far fetched n melodramatic.

Jiu Jitsu

More than 35 times my reviews of this movie got deleted without em containing any spoiler or abusive stuff.
And here i am posting it again but got a bit delayed this time cos i was busy watching lottuva movies n working out in my private home gym unlike the sad person who keeps on reporting my reviews.

The sad fella must be some bhakt with belly fat, non muscular cos of the pathetic diet and with a short n flaccid dick.

Sometimes Nic Cage's films r like jackpots, especially when his Cage Rage n wide eyeballs r present (Mom n Dad, Mandy). The film becomes a double jackpot when Nic Cage is beaten or tortured (Wicker Man).

So viewers shud be careful before watching Nic Cage's films.

As far as the film is concerned, the acting is atrocious. The lead actor cannot act, his blank face is perfect for poker games.

The editing is lousy, the action choreography is duds n one of my fav actor, Frank Grillo is not given enuff screen footage. The script is atrocious n this one is Nic Cage's those kinda films where u know that it's gonna be bad.

The film is devoid of Cage Rage. Mayb this is the reason some of his fans r also against this film.

Class of Nuke 'Em High

Only in Troma films one gets to see a high school located next to a nuclear power plant and
Students pick leaves from a radioactive marijuana plant located in the yard of the nuclear plant.

I first saw this in the late 80s on a vhs n found the creature to b a cheap copy of Alien.

Was never a fan of Troma movies in the late 80s cos they were more gross than gory.

Revisited it recently.

Their earlier effort Toxic Avenger is far superior to this one.

An American Werewolf in Paris

Can someone pls tell me how Andy escaped from the morgue? Nonetheless this movie shows the best way to remain calm.
I first saw this in the early 2k on a dvd which I own.

Revisited it recently.

This second installment is about Sérafine (Julie Delpy), daughter of David Kessler and Alex Price from the first part, staying in Paris with her stepfather who is on the verge of developing a cure for stopping the transformation of Sérafine. The cure has the opposite effect as it forces werewolves to immediately transform into their beast form which made Sérafine kill her mother n injure her stepfather.

I liked the movie when i first saw but aft revisiting it, i didn't enjoy it.

The effects are too cartoonish n the werewolves look more like demons with bad cgi.

Most of the creature mayhem scenes are shot in flickering lights n there ain't any good transformation scene or gory moment.

Nonetheless the beautiful Julie Delpy's nudity will calm all viewers.

The dvd which i own has the ending of Andy visiting Serafine at a hospital, where she has given birth to a child, whose eyes shift to look like the werewolves.

The version i saw recently has another ending where the couple are shown getting married on The Statue of Liberty n they both jump for an adrenaline rush cos the cure is adrenaline, which stops the transformation.

Children of the Corn: Revelation

Cud have been a good atmospheric and creepy horror movie but the low budget stunted this movie.
I saw this 7th part for the first time recently.

This one started off very well with ample atmosphere n creepiness.

The building in the middle of almost nowhere, a single grocery store, the dark isolated alleys n the creepy building with its creepy corridors, all these added to the atmosphere but the conclusion isn't satisfactory n the ending seemed rushed due to the budget.

Michael Ironside is there for few mins n he seems to be lost. His character seems to be lost too.


Generous with a 3 for the unintentional comedy due to the poor effects n a weretiger on a full moon.
I first saw this in 1992 with my brother in a theatre after skool n we both had a blast laughing out loud.

The poor effects n a huge tiger face made outta rubber during the transformation scene is a big wtf.

Revisited it recently on a fast forward mode.

The best lol moment Bollywood did is they added religious mumbo jumbo climax, very contrary to the simpler one in An American Werewolf in London.

The makers of An American Werewolf in London shud definitely check this blatant rip off n mayb they shud try adding the weretiger in the remake, of course they shud buy the rights first.

I liked the song "prem prem" which was a huge hit in the early 90s. Check out the side actors in that song with their Bollywood attire.

The lead actor Rahul Roy was famous for his long hair n i tried to ape his long hairstyle but got suspended from skool for one day for the long hair.

Studying in Catholic skools was an amazing growing experience for us kids those days, specially with all the rules n regulations.

An American Werewolf in London

One of the best transformation scene with top notch effects. The Bollywood unofficial remake messed up both the transformation n effects.
I first saw this in the late 80s on a vhs n found it scary and then again in the early 2k on a dvd which I own.

But aft revisiting it recently, i found that most of the kills are offscreen n it takes hell lottuva time for the creature mayhem.

Generous with a 7 cos it was scary then and this movie has the best transformation scene n the make up effects r top notch.

I liked the scenic village and the isolated moors. Its on my travel list.

The decapitation scene is well shot n the traffic accidents n mayhem on Piccadilly Circus junction is more brutal than some of the kills.

The Zapata moustache guy in the porn movie n the way he walks out from the room is funny.

I found the lead actress Jenny Agutter attractive but her sex scene is lousy.

Can someone tell me where does David's or for that matter the werewolf's *enis disappeared during the transformation scene.

There is a Bollywood unofficial remake which i saw in the 90s in a theatre n had a blast cos the effects are cringy n the movie is badly done. They have changed it from a werewolf into a weretiger one n added some religious mumbo jumbo stuff.

The Living Daylights

One of my fav Bond movie.
I first saw this in the early 90s on a vhs.

Revisited it recently.

This the fifteenth in the Bond series and the first of two to star Timothy Dalton as James Bond.

In this movie Bond is assigned to help a KGB General to defect and facilitate his escape via Trans-Siberian Pipeline across the border to the West.

Later Bond is directed to kill the new head of the KGB who is responsible for reviving the program 'Smiert Spionam', meaning 'Death to Spies'.

Bond takes it upon himself to forestall further killings of agents after learning that his colleague 004 was assassinated cos of this program.

In this movie Bond has to deal with Brad Whitaker, an international black market arms dealer from the United States who always wears a US military uniform but his actual military career is a failure, so he turns to arms dealing to organize his own personal military force.

Bond also has to deal with Georgi Koskov, a deceitful, mastermind and sociopathic Soviet general in business for himself, who is playing both sides of the Cold War.

Bond faces Colonel Feyador, a commander of a Soviet airfield in Afghanistan and his sadistic prison guard.

Bond also deals with an anonymous assassin during a training exercise but the most dangerous enforcer Bond has to deal is Necros which means death. Necros is an international mercenary and former KGB agent in the employ of General Koskov and Brad Whitaker.

With the exception of Kell Tyler, the Bond in this movie is basically monogamous throughout the entire film, with the sole other Bond girl, Maryam d'Abo.

But this movie has Rubavitch (Virginia Hey), the stunning mistress of the new KGB head whose partial nudity is witnessed by Bond n a guard. Lucky fellas man.

This one has a fast paced pre-title sequence where skydiving British agents are tasked with penetrating radar installations atop the Rock of Gibraltar as part of a Ministry of Defence training exercise and the agents are stalked by an assassin.

This one also has an action packed climax n the aerial scenes are tension filled.

Connery's personality n voice and Moore's jocular approach will always be missed but Dalton did a good job in portraying the no nonsense serious tone.

The only weak thing in this movie is the villain, General Whitaker, a phony general who plays with toy soldiers and never seems truly diabolical.

I expected a Enter The Dragon style confrontation where the General hides behind the statues n i at least expected some insult shown towards the statue of Hitler.

Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return

Worse than part 3 and very boring.
I first saw this in the early 2k on cable tv.

Revisited it recently.

Although this is the first film in the series to feature John Franklin reprising his role as Isaac and also the only one which is loosely connected with the original film, this 6th part in the series is annoyingly slow n boring. The only thing noteworthy is the twist.

It has very few body count n the known face is Stacey Keach.

There is a scene in the movie where in the middle of the night, a woman enters a hotel room (how she got the key is beyond me) n tries to touch another woman lying in bed, but leaves once she realizes that the person lying is awake. The other woman doesn't do anything inspite of being awake but follows the intruder's truck until dawn into the middle of the corn-field and then later the purpose changes.

Another wonder scene, a couple on the run for their life n chased by cultists enter a barn, have shower n then sex (but very lousy one). And later the girl walks off from the barn as if nothing happened.

Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror

A head splits open like a watermelon n does the job of a flamethrower n check out who's the victim.
I first saw this in the late 90s on cable tv.

Revisited it recently.

This is the 5th in the series n it is fast paced n filled with lottuva body count n has some very known faces.

This movie is the feature film debut of Eva Mendes.

The movie also has David Carradine, Kane Hodder n Fred Williamson.

When the firefighter climbs up to extinguish the fire, the metallic railings break as if its wooden. Nice direction.

So much commotion happens n a guy doesn't hear a thing but busy repairing a car. Another good one.

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