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Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma

0/10. What is it that makes people drawn to repugnant n offensive films like these.
Finally saw this trash. Fast forwarded most scenes. Terrible at all levels. This ain't no movie man. Only followers of Anti-Christ will like n approve these kinda films. This is for the third time i gave a movie zero. In fact I dont even consider this trash to be a movie.

Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side: The Dead Can Talk
Episode 1, Season 1

Shocking end to a slow build up. Twisted, dark n brutal.
The episode starts slow with an emphasis on character build up but that shudnt deter fans of psychological thrillers. It also moves back n forth without getting incoherent. I am pleasantly surprised that such an amazing stuff came from my country. The less said about the plot, the better. Very happy to see Arshad aft a long time in something concrete. He is one of the most underrated actor in Bollywood. I had always liked Ridhi since her tv shows which I used to watch with my wife. Her chiselled jawline is illecebrous.

Evil Toons

Saved by Monique Gabrielle's nude scene in front of the mirror n the shapely Madison Stone's strip dance.
I first saw this in the early 90s on a vhs. Revisited it recently to have a glimpse of the beautiful buxom Monique Gabrielle. Her busty tits made a lasting impression on my young teen mind then. To be honest, this film doesn't have a single scary scene or any good kill, it's not even comedic at all except for Dick Miller's scene where he keeps on saying boy o boy... And I don't kno why the character of David Carradine kept on flicking his cloak. The film is about a cartoon monster which comes out alive a la Cellar Dweller n terrorizes hot babes in a haunted mansion. Of course, it shouldn't be taken seriously.

Watch out for Monique Gabrielle's nude scene in front of the mirror n the shapely Madison Stone's strip dance. As a gym trainer, I am really impressed with Madison's shapely body, especially her glutes.

The Children

Came close to Who Can Kill a Child?
This film was on my radar for a long time. Finally saw this few days back. This falls into the category of 'evil children' n this one came very close to one of my fav 'Who Can Kill a Child?' Tom Shankland's direction is top notch but I dont kno y he never did more films. His WdeltaZ was decent. The film has some very brutal n disturbing attack scenes. In fact, one thing I find very disturbing is any harm shown toward kids n this film has plenty of it that I turned my head away. The whole time I was trying to recollect wher I have seen the hot babe Rachel Shelley. Later aft reading I realised that she has acted in my fav oscar nominated Bollywood film Lagaan. Watch out for the scalp n the eye scene.


Wots with the bulging eyeball obsession?
When i checked there was only one glowing review on IMDb n the trailer was enticing. When I posted my review, that time too there was the same single review. Apart from the first 5 mins n few eyeball bulging scenes, this film has nothing more to offer. The bulging eyes n the the eyeball horror scene is comedic. Found the babe Georgia Hirst hot, especially her big wide eyes that too in a movie filled with bulging eyeballs due to adverse effects of stimulants. Natasha Henstridge is present for few mins but her name is listed predominantly cos none of the face is recognizable except for Georgia Hirst from Vikings.

Breast Tax

A shocking short film with an even more disturbing ending.
I came across this short film on YouTube. I pressed on the trailer thinking how can a Bollywood film show nudity. The exotic women shown in the trailer were sensual but aft starting the film I was shocked. Mind u, this short film is not made for voyeuristic or titillating effects. It is based on true events. The director did a wonderful job of making a short film on a woman who stood up against the regressive n racists laws.

The film is based on the breast tax which was forced by the upper caste on the lower caste women, which was to be paid if they wanted to cover their breasts.

Finally with the advent of Christianity thru the Britishers n by the revolt by the lower castes, this law faded away but things r still bad for the lower caste in my beloved n beautiful India. Love the Britishers for getting rid of Sati too.

According to Dr Sheeba KM, Professor of gender ecology and Dalit studies, the very purpose of the breast tax was to maintain the caste hierarchy.

The Hunt

Fast paced thriller. Ignore the political comparisons.
What a lovely coincidence. Recently i saw Amazon Prime's Hunters, then McQueen's The Hunter n now this n later Mads Mikkelsen's The Hunt.

Inspite of so many movies based on the similar plot where humans r hunted as a sport, this movie is still a very good, fast paced, action/horror/thriller with enuff humor to entertain. It even boasts of two lovely ladies in great shape n a scene of eyeball horror for Fulci's fans. The last fight is similar to the one from Kill Bill. The initial kills were totally unpredictable.

The Hunter

Give it a try since it is the last from one of the best. There will never be another like him.
I first saw this in the late 80s on a vhs. Revisited it recently. As a die hard fan of McQueen, i enjoyed this film which many dubbed as the last n weakest of McQueen's films. The film is about a modern-day bounty hunter who captures criminals who have skipped on their bail to bring them back for a reward. His job doesn't allow him to spend time with his pregnant girlfriend n at the same time a psychopath is stalking them. The film has a good rooftop chase, a foot chase, a train sequence n a funny chase in a corn field with ample amount of dynamites. In this film McQueen came up with the idea of going against his famous car n bike racing abilities by portraying his character as a terrible driver. The film does have a very weak villain n the screenplay is a mishmash.

The Haunting

Solid star cast, good effects but nothing scary or haunting.
I first saw this with my dad almost twenty years back in a theatre when it released. Enjoyed the graphics then. Revisited it recently n found it to b lame now. While the original was effectively scary with good atmosphere, this remake is a bit tame. Both r based on a novel which I haven't read. The decapitation scene in this remake is noteworthy for first time viewing. Except for the beautiful face of Zeta Jones, this remake doesn't have anything more to offer. Of course it has good star cast, Liam Neeson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Owen Wilson, Lily Taylor, Bruce Dern and the hottie Virginia Madsen in a tiny role with lots of fats around the face. She ain't the same like she was in The Hot Spot.

Come to Daddy

Well acted, hilarious n brutal at times. Well, a pen is indeed mightier than the sword.
A musician from Beverly Hills receives a letter from his estranged father asking him to come and visit him in his secluded cabin overlooking a lake n surrounded by woods. As audience we suspect that something is not right after the phone calls, but trust me the film is not at all predictable. It is very hilarious n well acted. Elijah Wood gave a good performance and Michael Smiley is hilarious with his ultimate weapons, a pen n a crossbow. The film is a bit slow in the beginning but picks up n then doesn't let go. I was laughing my guts out. I didn't like the director's Greasy Strangler. Found it gross n offensive. But this movie is less gross n more comedic.

The Postcard Killings

Suspense n tension is missing.
An American couple is murdered in Europe. The girl's father, a police investigator travels to Europe to hunt down the murderer. Other young couples in France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden have since then been killed.... Sounds like a good serial killer film but....

Started off well. Similar to A Perfect Getaway. Midway the twist became predictable n the film came close to Crimson Peak. Then came the lousy unrealistic ending.

Color Out of Space

Even the very thought out and carefully planned Cage Rage cant save this boring film.
Inspite of being a fan of Nic Cage's over-the-top, grimacing, eye-bulging performances, I was totally disappointed with this film. And since this is the third collaboration between Cage and XYZ films, (the awesome Mom And Dad and Mandy), the expectations were high. The expectations went further high as this is directed by Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil n The Abandoned) but the end product turned out to be boring. Nic Cage goes crazy aft 60 mins n that's when the movie picks up for few mins and then goes downhill. It has lots of colors, lots of flickering lites n lots of hazy n blurred scenes.

Hell Hunters

The only good thing is the firing of bullets on Hitler's poster.
Saw this for the first time recently. Got enticed after reading the synopsis. Recently finished Amazon Prime's Hunters n was keen on seeing on more Nazi hunting. The film is listed as a horror but there is nothing close to horror. The plot boasts about a spider serum made by a Nazi scientist that convert people into Nazi zombies. Forget about the zombies, we don't even get to c anything about the spider serum. It has atrocious music n editing. Check out the dialogues: "Relax, bad guys don't knock." "Why do u smoke cigars?" "I like feel of long, pointy things in my mouth." Was craving for some Nazi hunting but the sentence "now we go hunting for Nazis" appears after only 64 mins. Ther is no Nazi hunting but bad action with unnecessary explosions.

There is a scene, in the middle of a dangerous mission, with a bounty on head, in the middle of a jungle, our couple strips n dives into a waterfall to indulge in lousy sex scene accompanied by lousy song n music n sophomoric stunts in the water. It has lousy fight sequences n laughable kicks. It has a character named Kong whose sheer presence intimidates everybody. The villain's men r so wooden with the guns in their hands that they look like as if they r not even aware that a film shoot is going on. Check out the character El Pasado with his funny pony tail n his sad but wtf demise. There is a scene, a man is sitting n he gets shot but the bullet hits on the wall on his side close to his ear n he behaves as if nothing happened. It has some nudity, lousy sex scene under a waterfall n our George Lazenby as a Nazi scientist obsessed with his nephew.

Escape from Pretoria

Fans of A Man Escaped, Le Trou, Escape from Alcatraz, The Great Escape will love this heart pounding film.
The movie is about anti apartheid prisoners who hatch a plot to break out of a prison during the apartheid era in South Africa. It is heavily influenced by A Man Escaped n Le Trou, especially in terms of sheer minimalism. The acting is good but the lack of stereotyped sadist wardens n cops is missing. As a fan of prison escape films n especially the ones mentioned above, I liked this film.

Hunters: Eilu v' Eilu
Episode 10, Season 1

The best part is not the twist or the ending but it is Travis' psychopathic behavior n sinister scheme.
In this episode Jonah comes face to face with The Wolf. The twist is good but ain't that surprising. Sister Harriet's full story is left ambiguous n the plot ends in Argentina where many Nazis took shelter in real life. We also have William Sadler in a tiny role.

Hunters: The Great Ole Nazi Cookout of '77
Episode 9, Season 1

Sister Harriet gets to use two amazing weapons, a blowtorch n a bazooka.
In this we get to c how the authorities justify bringing the Nazis to America. We also get to c the masterplan of the Nazis in poisoning the minorities.

Hunters: The Jewish Question
Episode 8, Season 1

Loses a bit of momentum
This one is a bit letdown. In one scene Lonny is badly stabbed and in the next scene he is shown hale n hearty. Ther is commotion, chaos, blackout n a bomb blast then suddenly the Hunters r shown in a synagogue. Ther is also an elongated scene of a dream sequence where Aaron n Murray r shown someplace in heaven which kinda breaks the momentum. The colonel is seen murmuring a song from a commercial which takes away the serious n gloomy tone. Lemme see if the second last n last one compensates or nah.


Yeehaw! My earlier review which got more than 100 likes got deleted cos the fascist pigs cannot digest opinions.
This film deserves an 8 but I am generous with 10. The fascist pigs from my beloved country is pumping negative reviews n ratings without watching the film. Cos of these fascist pigs, the IMDb chat forums got closed. These ugly, lonely, depressed bigots r spreading false propaganda, they promote ethnocentric n racist films n ideas n try very hard to silence rationalists.

These bunch of fascist trolls r admirers of the pig Hitler n Nazi regime.

The film is well acted n directed. The screenplay n editing is icing on the cake. It is for the first time that an Indian movie has dealt with a subject about patriarchal mindset which has this chalta hai ( it's ok for females to be subjugated) attitude. According to the national crime report, most murders happen between couples who were not able to divorce cos of the medieval mindset that marriages needs to be preserved until death, no matter even if it's an abused one.

Hunters: Shalom Motherf***er
Episode 7, Season 1

Heartbreaking at times but nail bitingly tensed.
The vision of Aaron in the train..... Man, that sure was something. Finally our Lonny n his underrated films r recognized.....

Hunters: (Ruth 1:16)
Episode 6, Season 1

Operation Paperclip n Operation Osoaviakhim gave those pigs an impunity. Now who is the biggest anti semitic?
This episode reveals the background story of Murray which is very sad n traumatizing n y Murray became an atheist. It also sprinkles lite on how Harriet came to b known as sister Harriet.

Hunters: At Night, All Birds Are Black
Episode 5, Season 1

Did the Nazis sneaked into the US or were they refugees or were they invited by the government?
This episode has plenty of action, lots of killing n mayhem n makes us doubt Meyer's intentions after he is accused of being a great pretender with a clever tongue.

Hunters: The Pious Thieves
Episode 4, Season 1

Bank robbery, prison escape, FBI on the tail, solid dialogues n a fictional character more sadistic than the pig Mengele.
This episode is thrilling. It has a bank robbery, a prison escape n the FBI agent trying to connect the dots between Nazis, Holocaust survivors n our very own Meyer Offerman.

It has some very good dialogues. "It is not that the good guys always have to choose to do the right thing. It's that choosing to do the right thing makes them the good guys."

"All fortunes r unsavory. Ther is not a dollar on this earth that doesn't have a lil dirt on it. Ther is a difference between dirt n blood. Blood always leaves a stain, whether u can see it or not."

One of the token (the ring) has a solid story.

Ther is also a fictional character of a Nazi doctor more cruel n sadistic than Joseph Mengele. In my review of Schindler's List, I had asked for Mengele's head so that I can play football.

Hunters: While Visions of Safta Danced in His Head
Episode 3, Season 1

The ringing in the ears, the visions n the blood on the hands....
In this episode Jonah feels bad for the execution of the Nazi n his ears keeps hearing the scream n his eyes the vision of his dead grandma. He leaves the team n like a typical teen, goes out with his friends singing, dancing n smoking weed. The camaraderie between him in his best pal sets the tone for the comeback of Jonah in the Hunters team after.......

Hunters: The Mourner's Kaddish
Episode 2, Season 1

The description of the death of the Nazi dentist is good.
In this episode we get to c that a team of Hunters r killing Nazis n at the same time an FBI agent connects two accident victims with their Nazi links. While the death of the Nazi dentist is talked about in the first episode, it is in this episode that we get to hear the description of his death. Also a brutal n racist killer is helping the Colonel of the Nazi regime by coercing politicians n votes. The scary thing is that this killer is openly moving around with his exposed Nazi swastika tattoo n passing racist comments regarding skin color n elimination of weaker fellas.

Hunters: In the Belly of the Whale
Episode 1, Season 1

What I'd give to have killed Heinz Richter.
This single episode is much better than most recent thrillers. The human chess game is scarier than most recent horror films. The cinematography is brilliant. Got hooked onto the series aft this episode.

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