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Jai Bhim

Captivating, well acted n thought provoking. Not a single dull moment. Definitely deserves an Oscar.
If Atticus Finch is the greatest movie hero, then Chandru is the most underrated real life hero.

This movie is a sobering reminder of the injustice and lack of accountability that plagues my beloved India.

The poor dwellings in the mountainous forests reflected the state of deep racial problems and social injustice that still exists in my beloved India.

The guy (Suriya) who played Chandru gave an amazing performance.

This is my first film of Surya n I have become a huge fan of him.

This movie has the most brutal scenes of police brutality. More horrific than most horror films and very very frightening when u know that the movie is based on true events.

The real life judgment of Rajakannu vs State of Tamil Nadu & Ors, has Parvathi's statement on the torture that she and her husband had suffered, the reality seems far worse than art.

Narcos: México: The Colombian Connection
Episode 5, Season 1

Nice to see the Cali cartel group but awesome to see Escobar, Blackie, Poison n the cocaine hippos.
This is one of the best cross over episode ever and Wagner Moura as Escobar in a cameo is the highlight. His character is young n slim in this one and his usual style of pulling the trouser up n tucking the shirt in is back.

Teresa Ruiz n Fernanda Urrejola are both hot babes.

The Deep House

Different but wots the point if most of the scenes are shot in dark with flickering lights n shaky cam stuff.
As a huge fan of the director duo n for some nice technical aspects, i am generous with a 5.

I have been okay with their Livid which is the least fav among their horror movies profile.

I enjoyed their recent Kandisha but this one is not upto expectations.

Some scenes are creepy but ....

Narcos: México: Camelot
Episode 1, Season 1

Solid start with enuff suspense n good atmosphere.
The episode started off with an amazing picturesque settings of that of a mountaintop secret farms.

This episode is gripping n got enuff suspense n solid build up of characters.

Narcos: Going Back to Cali
Episode 10, Season 3

The War on Drugs is over apparently, and it looks like the narcos won.
The new Medellin Cartel has the administration of Donald Trump by the balls to the point that Vice-President Pence called Uribe, an admitted former associate of Escobar, a "hero".

No Time to Die

The function of Bond is to entertain, not to search for a befitting closure. Nonetheless, as a fan of Bond movies n Craig, i am generous with an 8.
This is the twenty-fifth in the Bond series n the fifth and final to star Daniel Craig as James Bond.

This time Bond is approached by his old CIA friend, Felix Leiter who ask for Bond's help in finding Obruchev, a scientist who developed a bioweapon with the approval of M.

Initially Bond refuses but later agrees to help Leiter against the wishes of a new MI6 agent.

I dont kno why Bond did that. Maybe for brotherhood.

Also why wud M and MI6 lab wud approve bioweapons that infect like a virus upon touch and are coded to an individual's DNA, rendering it lethal to the target and their relatives but harmless to others.

I loved the locations of Matera in the opening scene but the trailer gave away the bike jump scene but it is still amazeballs.

Ther is not enuff action in this one inspite of the 160 mins runtime.

The Orland Nato base scene is beautifully shot.

This time Bond faces Lyutsifer Safin who eventually will go down in the history books as the one who brought 'peace' between the Bond n Blofeld universe.

But Rami Malek's character as Safin isn't intimidating, poignant or terrifying. His acting ain't upto mark.

Bond also faces Primo, a dumb henchman who gets fooled by a woman in a typical way.

This time Bond doesn't flirt as he is shown as a family man but we do have some sexy ladies.

We have the sexy Ana de Armas as Paloma who looked illecebrous in a navy Michael Lo Sordo gown.

We also have the hottie Lashana Lynch.

I am still thinking why wud Bond ditch the house in Jamaica which is closer to nature. Just kidding.

The Grapes of Wrath

Every family needs a character like Ma Joad, pragmatic and warm-spirited.
I first saw this in the early 90s. Revisited it recently.

It is a simple but very powerful movie with top notch characters n mesmerizing performances.

The three characters, Tom, Casy n Ma left an astounding effect on me.

The director succeeded in showing the plight of the poor farmers n migrant workers.

Human survival is dependent upon the banding together of humans to find strength in group unity and action.

Narcos: The Cali KGB
Episode 2, Season 3

This episode reminded me of The Stasi who often used a method called Zersetzung.
And the goal was to destroy secretly the self-confidence of people, for example by damaging their reputation, by organizing failures in their work, and by destroying their personal relationships.

The Stasi didn't try to arrest every dissident. It preferred to paralyze them, and it could do so because it had access to so much personal information and to so many institutions.

The best informants were those whose jobs entailed frequent contact with the public.

Full-time officers were posted to all major industrial plants.

One tenant in every apartment building was designated as a watchdog.

Spies reported every relative or friend who stayed the night at another's apartment.

Tiny holes were drilled in apartment and hotel room walls through which Stasi agents filmed citizens with special video cameras.

Schools, universities, and hospitals were extensively infiltrated as were organizations, such as computer clubs where teenagers exchanged Western video games.

Yôgisha X no kenshin

Let sleeping dogs lie, indeed.
I first saw this in 2010. Revisited it recently. Some movies indeed deserves a second viewing before being reviewed.

Suspect X is the first of several film adaptations of the novel The Devotion of Suspect X.

I loved the opening scene where a physicist solves a crime via the explanation of physics.

The plot - Yasuko Hanaoka, a recently divorced, single mother owns a restaurant and she has a regular customer, Tetsuya Ishigami, her next door neighbor, a tad reclusive, but brilliant mathematics teacher.

Buying lunches from Yasuko's restaurant is the brightest part of Tetsuya's day.

Things take a sudden change when Yasuko's abusive ex-husband shows up one night to extort money from Yasuko but is killed by Yasuko and her daughter.

The acting n cinematography is top notch but the editing is not upto mark. There r scenes which are very slow n not required.

I didn't like the ending.

The Verdict

One of the most simple n realistic courtroom drama with a solid protagonist
And Newman nailed the character convincingly.

I first saw this in the early 2k on a dvd which I own.

Revisited it recently with my family.

The scene where Frank (Newman) does sort of yeehaw knowing that he is gonna win the case n later his facial expressions in the hospital during the Polaroids developing is top notch.

It has one of the best ending when Newman is sitting next to the phone... I also agree with the striking/slapping scene.

Nou fo

Lots of action but somehow suspense n tension is nada n the script a bit weak.
The movie has ample amount of action and some good hand to hand combat but somehow i cudnt care about any of the characters and the movie aint engrossing enuff.


Boring movie with top notch melodrama. The script n the jingoism is like a teabag in the ocean.
The lead actor ain't evn an Indian n he gets to alter Indian historical events.

Mayb he is suffering frm oneirataxia.

Better watch Family Man season 01 on Amazon Prime cos this one is boring.

Season 02 of Family Man ain't good.

21 times my reviews got deleted by tatti fans n i am enjoying posting it again n again knowing that it is giving em sleepless nights.


Creepy n brutal with one of the most terrifying demon.
I am generous with an 8 cos i enjoyed this movie. Simple, ain't no wannabe critic.

The director duo once again did a terrific job of character development, avoiding the pg13 trend n succeeded in creating a terrifying entity.

Narcos: Los Pepes
Episode 6, Season 2

Nobody says anything to the old hag whose visit to the mass endangered the kids.
Man, i feel pity for poor Carlos.

This episode nailed it in making us believe that Escobar's world is crumbling.

Pablo cud have at least used the furniture for the fire or burnt himself for his acts.


What this movie needed was more gladiator style combat n more footage of Ajax.
Its strange that my earlier review got deleted. Must be some Bollywood fanboy.

I first saw this in 2004 in a theatre, then again on a dvd which I own.

Revisited the Director's Cut of 196 minutes recently which has more nudity of Diane Kruger (amazing boobs n butt), it has more violence and gore, including much more of Ajax's bloody rampage on the Trojans during the initial attack by the Greek Army.

It also has a sequence where the few surviving Trojans escape to Mount Ida.

The only thing i didn't like in the Director's Cut was the scene depicting the soldiers raping women and murdering babies.

This one is a good example of a sword n sandal movie but there is no tension or suspense.

The best scene is the fight sequence between Hector n Achilles along with a superb background music.

Narcos: The Good, the Bad, and the Dead
Episode 4, Season 2

Suspenseful n gritty.
This is a very suspenseful episode and a bit tough at times.

It puts viewers into a predicament whether to rejoice at the fate of Colonel Carrillo after the shooting of the kid n accused being thrown off helicopters or to feel poignant at his demise.

Whether to rejoice knowing that Gustavo's revenge is taken or feel poignant seeing the 'trap'.


Terrible screenplay n poorly done action sequences. Better watch something on Netflix/Prime/Tubi or better rewatch Sarfarosh which is the best cop movie frm Bollywood.
Tubi is legal n totally free. They have amazing Hollywood movies.

Sarfarosh is one of the best cop movie ever made n it is very realistic, gripping n gritty.

The cops in Sarfarosh/Bullit/The French Connection doesn't hang around in helicopters n defy physics.

Coming back to this movie, there is nothing redeemable in this movie.

Basically its a poor man's Michael Bay movies rip off.

Ranveer Singh's character gets on ur nerves with his accent n body movements.

So much overacting man.

Akshay's character is totally unbelievable n anti physics.

His walks, his mannerisms n body language doesn't look like that of a cop.

I dont know how Devgn got trapped into this abysmal movie.

Some of the 80s Hollywood action movies are much better than this lousy movie.

If u are in the mood for realistic n good cop movies then better watch Sarfarosh, Bullit, The French Connection, End of Watch, Training Day, Serpico and the amazing Infernal Affairs. Avoid The Departed which is the remake of Infernal Affairs.

Dybbuk: The Curse Is Real

The dreamlike sequence is creepy n the twist decent.
I saw this on Amazon Prime without watching the trailer or reading anything bah it. Was surprised to see a billboard poster of it few nights back. In fact i was angry that this movie wasn't promoted well. There were no trailers popping on YouTube or any thing related to this movie running on tv channels.

The Possession (2012) dealt with the similar topic but i found the movie boring n very mild.

This movie doesn't waste any time with the unnecessary Bollywood cliches n thankfully there aint any songs.

The first kill is an offscreen one but very brutal.

There is one very atmosphere scene ala dreamlike n surrealistic where Emraan Hashmi follows his wife.

There is a scary n brutal scene inside Moshe's house when the Rabbi enters for the book.

Few flaws : A pregnant female is allowed to witness exorcism dealing with scary faces.

When the Rabbi breaks open the door of Moshe's house to enter, it was crystal clear that nobody was outside or inside but later suddenly a man pops outta nowhere and that too inside the house and tells the Rabbi that he shouldn't be here.

In one scene the Rabbi ask the wife to step out during exorcism n she obliges n moves out but in the next scene she is standing once again in the same room where exorcism is happening and that too next to a guy who is involved in exorcism.

Generous with a 8 cos of Hashmi n the dreamlike sequence n the twist.

Narcos: La Gran Mentira
Episode 8, Season 1

Gustavo is the real hero for not ratting out.
The scene where Pablo n his mother talks about Pablo n Gustavo's childhood days bicycling in the mountains for hours.

The scene where Gustavo laughs n shows his courage.


Boring movie with abysmal editing, awful cinematography n appalling acting. Aditya Pancholi rings a bell? Rofl.
The lead actress is an epitome of overacting.

The lead actor looks like a boiled potato.

So many genuine negative reviews posted by prolific reviewers got deleted n so many fake positive reviews posted by paid trolls (check their profile history) are flooding this site.

53 times my reviews of this pathetic movie got deleted by paid trolls and i am loving it cos my reviews are givin em sleepless nites.


The blatant plagiarism is the real fault (Kasoor).
I first saw this in 2001 in a theatre and was awestruck at the plagiarism cos i went to see this without knowing that its a blatant rip off of Jagged Edge.

Revisited it recently on a fast forward mode.

One of the thing i liked in this one is the hot babe Lisa Ray.

Another striking thing which they did good in this version is that at least the lead character (Lisa Ray) calls up the police aft discovering the typewriter whereas in the original, the lead character (Glenn Close) never calls up the police but both the versions have that typical poetic justice/end.

Jagged Edge

Poor Bobby Slade and the price he paid for being a pro.
I first saw this in the late 80s on a vhs.

Revisited it recently.

The movie doesn't have sufficient tension but the twist regarding the manipulation n foreplay via horse riding was twisty.

There is a lousy unofficial Bollywood remake known as Kasoor which has an illecebrous babe, Lisa Ray.

Hotel de Sade

Why wud a villain go to such an extent of building a secret repulsive brothel just to lure out one fella.
Also how the villain was damn sure that his depraved brothel is a foolproof way of luring the fella.

The so called villain is a small time kidnapper n how he was able to raise money for a secretive brothel with lottuva guards is beyond me.

The only good thing in this movie is the cormorant fishing.

The rest is repulsive n disgusting stuff in the name of art.

The Forsaken

The two best parts are Julia Schultz's nudity n the head exploding scene.
I first saw bits n pieces of this movie in the early 2k on Sony Pix channel.

Revisited it recently. This one aint related to the John Carpenter's Vampires series but is definitely better than Vampires The Turning.

This one is basically a copied version of Carpenter's Vampires starring James Woods.

This one also copied bits from The Hitcher to make it look more like a road movie.

It has one of the best head exploding like a watermelon scene.

Another good aspect is the nudity of Julia Schultz with her delicious assets.

Some scenes are shot in flickering lights n with shaky cam stuff. The sex scene is very lousy.

Dune: Part One

Too much time spent in building up without any intermittent action or suspense and then ended like a big wtf.
They cud have at least added some solid action but they wanted to impress with the visuals n all.

Now expect everyone to spend time n money on part 2.

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