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Monsters vs. Aliens

I went to see this today with my son and a friend. I'll be short and to the point. It was lame. Worse than the average kids cartoon. -The plot was mediocre. -The characters were 2-dimensional stereotypes. No character development. None. -The jokes were not even funny. -The animation (3D) was out of perspective in places. I've liked a number of the movies in this genre. Not this one. No idea how it rates a 7 on average. Go watch Pixar or Studio Ghibli if you want good. The rest of this review is just me getting 10 lines of text in the box so that the website will accept the review. The movie isn't worth any more words so I'll just fill up space.


I was really disappointed by this movie. A large part of it is because I brought my 9 year old son. Transformers were originally for 9-year-olds, so I figured he would like it. He even has a collection of transformers. At any rate, the sexual content in the movie alienated him and diminished his enjoyment of the movie. I guess they only care about the people who were 9 ten years ago.

I found the movie really lacking in key areas such as writing and acting. The dialog was terrible. The special effects were about the only thing that were good. I have no idea how something like this gets an 8.2 average rating, except hyped teens remembering how much fun their transformer fantasy play was. It certainly doesn't represent the quality (or lack) of the movie.

The Wild Thornberrys Movie

A hilarious adventure and a lighthearted look at self discovery.
I agree with the other user that commented on the falsely low rating of this movie - it looks like somebody had it in for the movie. Give it a 7 or 7.5. The plot is good. The characters are simple but well done (appropriate for children). Some exaggeration is given to the characters for comic effect and it works.

I'm still laughing about the baboons and the purple butt. My daughter is a teen and thinks the idea is quite disgusting (like Debbie). My son is 5 and thinks it would be wonderful to have a purple but and dance with the baboons (like Donnie). So he does. :)

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

I've seen this 5 time and still laugh so hard I start crying. I rarely see comedies more than once, but this one stands alone. Chief Inspector Dreyfus, who cracked at the end of the last Pink Panther movie, has returned to sanity. Almost. Cluseau comes to congratulate him and all Pink breaks loose. Insanity is wonderful.

Tonari no Totoro

Have enjoyed this thoroughly
A most excellent animated film. Gorgeous animation. A very well written and executed story. Very true to life, yet with a magical element that also rings true of something bigger than us having concern for our problems. This is the story of two girls and how they deal with the difficulties of moving and having their mom in the hospital for an extended period of time. Help comes from the community around them and from Totoro. The sense of community really struck me as something that we have lost here in the US.

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