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Wild Wild Country

Fascinating documentary series about extraordinary movement of people, interested in finding the meaning in spiritual teachings of Indian Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (who adopted name Osho at the end of his life). I have not read anything he was teaching, but it is apparent his "magical" presence made people fell in love with him. His Oregon-based community was a mixture of a post-hippie ideals of love and freedom and on the other hand, a power-hungry fraction within, which wanted to rule, take-over, dominate, even if it involved crossing the line of law and breaching the utmost ethical principles. The power dynamic and the cash flow is not fully apparent, but the documentary still goes deep. Obviously, there is a lot of fog and grey area, esp. in regard to possibly shady conduct within the community life, as well as on the side of the state, determined to bring the community down, which at times resembled more of a war on beliefs and way on life than solely the enforcement of the law. There are, however, covered many facts and first-hand accounts and the involved individuals uncover their personalities very thoroughly. The vision of building a different and better community was interesting as well as the the enormous power and workforce this group had. As the story unveils, one would expect that American people would be generally interested foremost in enforcing justice while upholding the constitution and principles of freedom, it's not a case at all, at least not there and then. Long before any actual concerns appeared, the attempt to block, expel or destroy this community was fueled by a simple bigotry, hatred and jealousy - mostly due to practices of "free love" and wealth this group had accumulated. Regardless of anything else, this strange interest of traditionalist, small-town Christians in other people's sex lives is truly repulsive and despicable, but well-known nowadays and throughout the history. But this is by far not only about that. Even though I loved the series, I believe it could be little more factual. I've spent long hours researching the matters and events afterwards, and learnt so much more, which was not included in the documentary. But the personal accounts of the people involved, which this series is based upon, are indeed very valuable and interesting.

A Teacher

Terrible ride through nothingness
Seeing this movie was a terrible, excruciating experience, but since I'm very hopeful and optimistic person, I watched it all the way through, hoping until the very end it's just about to provide something. Anything. It didn't. This completely failed as a showcase of character study. If anything, it's a perfect study of how movies should not be made. Ever! First of all, the story practically didn't have any development. The teacher-student relationship is a given thing from the get go and the only observation you can safely make is that she's a lot into him, but his motivation is completely ignored. Is it flattering for him? Does he prefer older girls? Is he happy? Is it only physical/fun for him? Temporary, even? Well, I have nothing against unorthodox film-making, but just because a film aspires to be fancy-shmancy artsy-fartsy all-independent, it may not - and doesn't - serve an excuse for boring the audience to sleep with a completely flat story and shortage of content. In fact, this feels like a shopping spree with empty shopping cart leaving past cash-desk. Boo-hoo, an end of a terrible ride. Finally!


This movie is an utter insult to viewer's intellect. Of course, voice and appearance of Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman will make anything watchable... well, wait, this is exactly what this is. The whole story revolves about imbecile concept that doesn't remotely make any sense at all. No matter how expensive visual effects you add to it, there is nothing in this movie you can save. Electrifying Scarlett Johansson and soothing Morgan Freeman will surely get everyone's attention, but the movie is simply so terrible you'll spend rest of your days wondering how could someone have the nerves to sell it to you. If someone would mention that humans only use 10% of their brain, stop listening. It's not truth, it's pseudoscience and most definitely it will be followed by made up words of wisdom. I am capable of understanding work of fiction, but only when the creators do their homework and won't insult me with ridiculous nonsensical travesty. Dear Hollywood, you went too far this time, please don't ever do that again.


Outstanding, well-written and casted show with decent acting
This TV show stands out in multiple fields. First of all, it's very well written, unpredictable, entertaining and down to earth. It beats all the popular charlie sheen's "1 + a half men" and the like, because it's not stationery and has perfected characters played by talented and interesting actors. I really hope the series will continue. What a delightful and pleasant series. I highly recommend it. You will love the characters from the first episode and I'm sure you will realize you recognize the similarity of at least one of the characters with someone you know. I need one line to make this long enough. You will not regret watching this show.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Two different movies in one?
The movie starts in and maintains the typical fashion of Anchorman standard for a while. Sometimes the jokes are too forced, sometimes they are overdone (like those racial jokes, that weren't witty) but apart of that, the first part of the movie was quite enjoyable. The story about creation of senstation-driven "news" ("This is not news") is not only funny, but an actual eye-opener as well.

Then Ron sustains a trauma a temporarily loses his sight. At this very moment, the movie feels like its original writers died and some strange, newly hired dudes finished the movie.

The part about blindness goes way beyond the possible extent, exploitable for comedy and it's too long. The bizarre "royal battle" makes you confident, something had gone terribly wrong. It's laughable potential is minimum, the scenes looks as dull as expensive and foremost, completely pointless. Brief appearances of celebrities in their micro roles do not help, they only make you wonder more.

I would say the movie was superb when it started, but after watching the whole flick, I was very disappointed. The waste of the potential was enormous. Ron Burgundy was know for unique feel and outstanding, signature genre of retro comedy. This time it has failed beyond imagination. And yes, I have to agree with many, Steve Carrel's role was written awfully.

If you paid for this movie, you probably "deserve" at least 50% refund.


Unconventional and epic
I've never seen 'the original' that's why I can actually review and rate this movie. I find the votes of fans of the original very biased and compromised as they were comparing the movie to the original or worse - to their imagination of how the remake should be like. A comparison of the movie to another movie you haven't seen is completely useless for the viewer.

Spike Lee is a magical director. He hasn't failed in any way here. The movie is fast-paced, thrilling, perfectly written and visually flawless. The idea contained in this story is very non-traditional, however, the message is delivered with excellence. It's definitely isn't a movie for easy evening, but rather a journey into the darkness of human behavior and feelings of despair, hate and pain. But mostly, it's a movie that stands out in its depth and that's something that's not easy to get in contemporary Hollywood cinematographic production and distribution.

Wrong Cops

With potential but way under expectations
I would label the genre of Wrong Cops as cynical and absurd dramedy. It had its moments, but couldn't properly fill the length of the title. The writing wasn't bad though. I liked some creative ideas and approaches from the writers, and also some of the plot twist were well done. "Cops gone bad" is a potent concept though, which should've been exploited much better here. I understand the movie intentionally wanted to look independent and different - which succeeded, but I must say it had extremely boring and entertaining moments and overall it was uneasy to watch it through. Kind of movie you can pass and you won't miss much - unless you're in a mood for very unconventional flick.

The Tomorrow People

seriously poor for this century
Humans with supernatural abilities is a great concept providing enormous potential. We've seen it in X-Man movies, Heroes series and many others. But I haven't ever seen it going to waste like this. The line between good and evil mastermind villain is extremely thick as in comic books for preschoolers. The "HAL-like" talking computer with robotic voice (in 2013!) is ridiculous at best. I'm very disappointed, I had hopes the title will deliver drama, interesting twists and quality entertainment. None of that was true. I guess the target audience are tired people, unwilling to think, judge and process, with bad taste and very low demand for TV entertainment.


Would be perfect, if ...
I have seen a couple of episodes and I must say my expectations were high. After Breaking Bad and Southland, a trilling drama is really missing on TV. Jerry Bruckheimer is a great producer. This would have been a great series if... it wouldn't revolve about hostage situation, that is normally a short-lived situation that can cover the length of a movie, but hardly a season. This inevitably leads to a series with excessive prolonging and disappointments. Most importantly, you can't really produce a family-friendly hostage drama. This is as dramatic as kissing through glass is intimate. It's impossible to maintain the thrill factor if no one gets hurt in an extortion drama, even if hostages do not follow orders from their captors. Let's compare it to Breaking Bad - except for a few main characters, everyone could any moment become a collateral there. Here, the characters are treated as "babe" piggy that no one expects to die. I must say though, the character, dialogs and events are interesting, well written, the flick is executed very well and acting is superb.

Boston's Finest

It doesn't cut it
The format of the show is unique, but that alone doesn't mean it's a good program. It's not a documentary per se and not a true reality either. The scene with twin sisters is horrible, the show tells us one of the twin sister is a respected PD member, while the other mess up with horrible life choices. When you get to see their meeting, it's obvious the sister is mentally challenged, which doesn't match the full extent of the picture the story the show claims. It's very boring compared to Southland or Blue Bloods. It also doesn't bring the convincing reality sense as C.O.P.S. I'm very disappointed and I am decided not to watch the show anymore.

Royal Pains

Is it the shine of wealth that sells this?
This is not a kind of show where you anxiously wait to see a new episode. It's kind of show that you can watch once in a while and you didn't miss anything. The idea is, a doc happens to help out a wealthy patient and soon after he becomes a private doc for secretive and freaky upper 5% wealthy patients in a preppy area. The show is hardly anyhow developing and it goes over and over again. A genius doc Dr. Hank Lawson Feuerstein is a weak and boring character. Evan R. Lawson is his younger brother, which a very cheesy and ridiculous character played by Paulo Costanzo, that tries hard to be funny but he keeps failing at it. I was impressed by Reshma Shetty, she appears to be very talented and interesting, but unfortunately her role is not built well either. Her desperate character is written into a lot of overacting and the show is static and repetitive. I'm starting to believe people would watch almost anything if it shows the glorious life of rich people. As far as it has mansions, expensive sports cars and giant pools, people will watch it. It's a little bit neat show, but I can't see much beyond that there.

Wasted on the Young

Strong message carried in unusual - rather strange - format
What I liked about this movie was that it made a very strong point on how dramatically can a life go south when you are young, fragile and think you're invincible and free to experiment all you want without serious consequences. In that light, it's a real eye opener, as I believe it's getting more and more hard for people to be young and safe at the same time.

I'm afraid the movie itself wasn't too much of a good job. Most of the scenes were over-dramatized, the dialogs did not offer much and there ass little room for exploring the true minds and souls of the characters.

What got my attention was the style of scenes - very contemporary cold-feeling interiors, design and colors mixed with the techno club music. All this was accompanied by visual effects like fast forwarding or slow motion. As a matter of fact, it was a dynamic cut. Maybe little too dynamic - there were certain scenes that were only visualized imaginations of characters and then the movie rolled back - which might have taken a while for the viewer to actually understand. These daydream-like flashes were triggering almost randomly and most of the time viewer could have very hard time understanding what has or hasn't happened.

Mood and content wise, the movie crushed everything possibly beautiful in a blood bath of modern darkness and shallowness, but I think it was meant to leave a reaction of bitterness in you, since the scenes and plot was quite drastic. In a strange way, it might be the intended message of the movie for the viewer to pick up.


Inflated mediocrity
The story evolves from a dramatic event, which is portrayed very dramatically.. oh wait, there's no story beyond that. Seriously, the movie started very promisingly, but slowly tapered off till nothing worth witnessing was left. You can't really base a contemporary drama on single dramatic event and use the rest of the movie for slow and painful torture of the viewer with the never-ending and incoherent journey into minds of characters that are struggling to deal with their reality. Especially if what they're going through is irrelevant in the first place. I understand that main character overacting is part of the deal, since her mother is a professional theater actress, but it's pretty annoying. She has a very distinguished vocabulary and mind of racing thoughts, but she's 17 and she's acting like her puberty has just begun. I get that she's confused but her epic struggle is not a path to glorious victory but something that's messed up and hardly deserves empathy and to a notable extent she denies her role in the tragic event. Summed up, we are living in a challenging age, people are being laid off the jobs, the economy of western world is weeping, and it's sort of expected people to adapt and carry on. And now even you want people to spend 2 hours and 30 minutes watching something this little dynamic? I'm sure the intentions were good, but I know a good drama when it comes to it, and this was in my opinion very poorly constructed.


disappointing after all
When I read about the show I built some expectations. Unfortunately, they weren't met by far. I went through two episodes, trying to understand the means this show is supposed to draw attention and provide amusement of any kind, then I finally gave up.

The concept is interesting, but its potential was wasted. The plot is lazy and boring - basically you have to watch like 90% of development which has only one purpose to kill some time. When 'the magic' breaks the case it's too late. The damage was done.

I do not want to discourage anyone. Watch it and see it for yourself. Maybe what I couldn't get or use will work for you.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Techno-utopianism that could never work
The movie was very strong in naming and explaining what is wrong with the world today. Namely the economy, monetary politics, usage of capital and debt creation, production/advertising/goods distribution ways and related consumer behavior. It also had many points on how our behavior impacts environment - and the makers also skillfully put stress on our planet being finite (having finite volume of resources) we can use without the regard on sustainability and/or renewal. It was alright. The most sounding point was that shopping for, gathering and consuming (=trashing) goods does not make us happy. It doesn't. Paying up debts doesn't either.

But then, they've unfortunately came up with "solutions". I would have so many logical and practical questions and remarks to that as a proof it's nothing but an utopia. There's no way people could be motivated or even forced to create something like that and remain compliant with these rules. It would never work - not even in theory.

Shortly after, the whole "solution" started to evolve about the designed life project called The Venus project - a vision of Jacque Fresco. It's a huge techno-communist and an utopian idea about making a high-tech tech robots and systems serve the people of this self-sufficient society. Everything would be taken care of by these machines and they would eliminate the need for standard human jobs. Even garbage and mail would be distributed by robots running around in tubes.

And hold your breath : no money would exist in this society. In reality a market would start to exist the minute after this came in effect and people would trade the "free" things they get.People will always want something from each other and very likely they'll have to pay by something that represents value. The sentence about money free system would make any theory ridiculous. It said people that do not work for the money (and are under stress of their lack+need of) would not just sit around but they'd do things for joy. OK, I get that although I'm pretty sure they would rather choose fun activities than doing anything useful and a disaster would be inevitable. And wait, who would operate or service the robots? Slaves? Who would study long years to be able to program, create, build and repair all those super devices, watch over resources distribution, double check if machine are working and not making wrong choices? Who would study for and work jobs that could not be replaced technically like a doctor for example? This society was said to have 95% less crime than normal society. Sounds great but I'd like to know if people would want to risk their life as cops if they could do something safer as far as everybody could do what they wanted. Oh wait, nobody said that. Not once in the whole movie. That's probably because even in a very wild dream this could only exist if people were enslaved to fulfill "the purpose of common" good. (And they might be dumb enough to welcome that).

We've had these "perfect" iron-fist "righteous" systems so many times here in history. And though we as people are fairly dumb we must have learned already there's absolutely no good in an ideological common "good". As sick as it sounds people need to be simply motivated egoistically or their will disobey and revolt.

This world has gone wrong in so many ways and we really need to pay attention especially to global-scale problems and figure out how to fix them but I tell you one thing - this is not the way. By far. What has to be granted though is, they present their ideas openly and not try to hide or mix their meaning.

This movie reminded me what I already knew (and extended of some interesting stats) that earth and humanity is sick and something has to be done. But I am very positive, this movie doesn't offer ideas that could serve as an effective cure and everyone who understand the reality should agree.

Make sure to notice the passage when the title expresses worries about possible insults and labels like communism and fascism. The movie gave a lot of reasons for people to address these labels towards these ideas. The zeitgeist engineers then respond to this hypothetical insult and explain why would it be wrong to call them Marxists, communist or fascist. And they are right. The correct world for this non-sense would be (techno)utopianism.

And they were brisk enough to even include that one!

(500) Days of Summer

Wonderful, powerful but contains oddities
I usually write a review when a movie touches me. So did this one at times with little bit of greasy hands but for the most part pleasantly after all.

Tom is a laid back guy that studied architecture but doesn't do it and posses an intensive depth of romantic affection. While Tom looks like regular Joe, Summer is is depicted as superb girl, the kind everybody notices and acknowledges the obviousness of her charm and beauty. They both cross each others' path and develop a relationship...

The narration clearly states it's not going to be a love story, whatever that means... As a matter of fact, it is a love story - with two distinct approaches, different motivations and yet the common fields. Their love happens to blend a lot of individual takes and differences into the defining common partnership area, but it's not really all that simple.

The movie is attention drawing and the essence of the main characters is interesting and amusing. The story is trilling enough and it's easy to maintain a feeling you might get surprised. And the movies actually does surprise you, delivering a genuine experience and powerful message. It excels in portraying the full spectrum of individual strongest emotion - love - in an amazing detail.

The movie has an odd splash screen with literally a time-board, where you are brought numerous times during the flick to see "where are we currently", on a scale of 1 to 500 days. And oh yes, it goes back and forth as a countryside jukebox. I am not a fan of the non-linear flow which is a key tool of the story-telling in this picture, but it works, (until later on when it's harder to follow).

The movie is very clever in communicative instruments and symbolism, however it fails completely in means of building an atmospheric surrounding. What I had a hard time to tolerate was the constant and pounding feel of something overly artificial, even pathetic. The bitterness of horrible attempts to bring some sort of 80's touch mixed with 60's and what not was present from the beginning 'till end. The movie on one hand clearly sets in presence (thin cellphones and Dell LCD PC screens) while the characters clothes, the hairdos, the office furniture, other people in scenes, interiors, car, music, the business suits people wear etc... are failing to fit into a believable contemporary image. What was it, really!? Tom in one scene plays a portable hand-held video-game (out of view) that emits 8-bit sounds typical for 80ties. The whole vintage factor totally lacks the purpose and any possible sense. It simply acts like it's decades ago, even though it told you it's not. Thus it pretends to lie to you, while it made clear to you it's a lie which is a desperate demonstration of a full blown and carefully perfected non-sense that can only give you a headache. (which you may already have from non-linear jumps)

In one scene you get to see a brief musical-like performance I could have been spared of, thinking it was just too much (people dancing in sync and sing outdoors along the music) but maybe, somebody, somewhere would find that remotely amusing or humorous so I'll be neutral about it.

I am not going to get deeper in the story. You need to watch trough and believe me it's worth it. It's good enough to make up for its flaws.

It is a wonderful movie and you will not regret watching it.

Lie with Me

One dimensional boredom
There wasn't much to appreciate. First of all it was overly pathetic. The profile of a character who is supposed to be very sensual, somewhat kinky, and very demanding in sexual matter, it just doesn't fit with her being so extremely poetic. I understand the amount of sexual charge in the movie finds its audience. I would even say this movie was intended to succeed on US market. I think the movie tries hard to be an intense experience. Way too hard for succeeding in it. I was so bored of watching it, that I managed to get thru it only to be able to review it to warn others. I'm actually a fan of Canadian film, but this fails all the possible expectations of the movie I could theoretically have. For the next 100 years I'll be sure to avoid pseudo-art and pseudo-porn. (Seriously, who's going to watch pseudo-porn nowadays?)

Weisse Lilien

Overdone, but impressive!
Hanna is an inhabitant of residential area called Neustadt. It consists of a series of apartment modern buildings, the apartments are equipped and/or controlled trough high tech systems. The city has it's own security, police corp, political administrative representation. The plot starts introducing the domestic violence situation Hanna has to put up with. This results in her relocation to higher, 11th floor, full of snobbish, and seriously creepy people. Hannah develops some sorts of relationships with these people, but her real friend is a young woman she got to know on self-defense meetings for women. After relocation to 11th, the movie starts to operate with lots of psychotic features, that do not make much sense in the process of watching, which makes it hard to sit through. If this is psycho-thriller, for the very most part, it's far more psycho than an actual thriller, with, dare I say, very common horror clichés. I personally felt somewhat disappointed. The Neustadt area and premises looked like a perfect scenery, the film from technical aspect had no notable flaws, but after seeing the movie, I felt i didn't use much of its potential. I'm sure though that nature of this film and its execution found its fans.

Note : The residential area is real. It's called Wohnpark Alt-Erlaa. It's situated in 23rd district of Vienna, Austria. If you're in Vienna, you can visit it, a subway train will take you there.

Lie to Me

Amazing movie. Exceptional!
Sam and Mason have a rare type of relationship. They allow each other to have protected sex with their crushes. It's an outstanding portrayal of an unconventional relationship. Mason has minor jealousy issues (although he enjoys the options very much), the girl - Sam - stands even stronger in this ground. WHen confronted with her lifestyle, she provides interesting rational views to defend it and support their choice.

It makes you think how much of an individual thing is intimate/romantical relationship, which is so standardized in our societies. Obviously, neither of the extremes is healthy, but there are folks who would divorce for single cheating, others are able to overcome it and some (like Sam and Mason) even accept it as common practice in their lives.

The movie is not a manifest to either of the extreme, it just tell the story of people who are impacted by such lifestyle. It cleverly depicts the outcomes of such relationship - the gracious advantages, but also heart breaking disadvantages it may bring.

The story gets unpredicted turns, it's interesting to watch. I chose not to get in the story here.

I recommend this to everyone open-minded enough to withstand a story with dramatical features about an unconventional lifestyle of a young attractive couple.

Inglourious Basterds

Remade title with much more juice and guts
I was really impressed by how well it turned out to be. I've seen the original movie a couple of times, and I must say, even though it was also highly watchable, the original hasn't by far reached the potential of the story. Tarantino's effort paid off especially in this part. The film makers grabbed the original concept, created a new story, and took it to a much higher level. Not only this version had a much more convincing feeling of Nazi Germany during WW2 era, Tarantino also applied his typical brutality here. As there was no better place for its application. Wars do certainly build anger and hate along with fear in people, both at the side of oppressor and their targets. Oh, I think the slangy title name was on purpose so original and this one varies. I had good time watching this movie and sincerely recommend it.

The Human Contract

J.P. Smith's masterwork
Jada Pinkett Smith's writing was already proved, but this title was her directing debut. And a perfect one. If a story writer and director are the same person, and the movie happens to be well done, it usually results in perfect match of content and its visual interpretation, along with depth and the atmosphere. This movie excels in it. The depth of the dialogs and interactions are breath-taking. Acting is outstanding. Cast, scene and music selection are first league as well as camera work and cut. To avoid any spoilers, this movie can offer you a lot - love, passion, rejection, pain, process of dealing with unfortunate events, exposure of vulnerability of people regardless of their social class. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is able to enjoy well played drama and is equipped with ability to compassionate. I'm looking forward for more Jada Pinkett Smith's work.


Outstanding execution, perfect FX, eye-candy cast
I find the Dhoom 2 title outstanding. I was amazed by the amazing picture full of perfect effects, good music, typically neat Indian humor, eye-candy cast, stunning scenes and choreography. I don't understand all the negative reactions I've read. Yeah, the story would not make this film legendary, but I had fun and enjoyed every minute of it. And I was watching with subtitles! I haven't seen the first part and am relatively new consumer of the Bollywood production, but I have no objections, it greatly overcame my not anyhow low expectations. I would recommend this movie to anyone who's not looking for a serious drama or something deep enough to think, but a good neat movie you can rest at.

Skid Marks

Total failure
I've seen first 60 minutes of this movie and it was the longest movie hour ever. The concept of this movie is weak, the bad guys are boring, very unfunny - the good guys totally lack any charisma, and their pranks and jokes are very week to make this movie valuable. The movie is just a sandwich without anything saucy in it. Scenes are busy, unoriginal, plot is hysterically stupid. This movie is anything but even remotely funny comedy. The natural chemistry in "the good guy-good girl" is misisng here, too it doesn't come out of the concept, the main character in my opinion failed in fitting into positive role, somebody viewer could be interested in or laugh at. I normally like easy and dull comedies - for example scary movie series - but this failed even for me. This was below any college movie where bunch of nerdy guys want to get laid. I am greatly disappointed in this title. My recommendation would be to avoid this one.


Excellent story, but one of those late breakers
Keith is a very deep romantic movie, with a portion of drama and melancholy. The character of Natalie - played by Elisabeth Harnois - is outstanding and very convincing. For me, her act is actually what made this movie impressive. Boy named Keith was played by Jesse McCartney, and his act was not too convincing and rather repulsive, but that would get pretty much explained if you went through the movie.

The story consists of two key parts - one when you and Natalie don't really know what's going on - and the part when everybody knows. You could see this kind of plot composition in 'Seven Pounds' and some other new Hollywood movies. I myself am not a huge fan of this approach. "Keith" could be much more interesting, if the "not knowing" part was shorter, break out came earlier, and then the makers of the movie would have excellent opportunity to squeeze out much more juice from the ending. I am certain that this movie would deserve much deeper finale.

Despite that, it was quite well executed and the power of the message the flick carries undoubtedly makes it worthy.

HeliCops - Einsatz über Berlin

The absolutely worst German TV show I've ever seen
I've seen an episode from the TV and the scale of emotion it brought me deserves some feedback. I would say the ridiculous time it was on air was due age of the series, but when I saw the content, I was no longer sure about it.

The story lingers about the super hyper helicopter that is too ridiculous to be considered real and too lame for a made up concept. Just to introduce, it shoots lasers, can x-ray things remotely in any angle and packs two spaceship-like eject-able throttles for cases it could come in handy.

In the episode I've watched, there was a tactical unit that acted like line of clowns under influence. Their remote chief commander with headset on looked like he's wondering what type of pizza topping he should order, and the evil guys were ridiculous as well.

I would give it 2 or 3 for effort if at least visual effects and cuts were OK, but they weren't. I'm voting it 1 for awful because there's not a more appropriate voting mark like 0 - mentally and visually disastrous.

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