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The Fixer

A real masterpiece
An excellent film in every way. Great plot, excellent rhythm, an oscar-worthy screenplay and memorable acting from Sir Alan Bates and Dirk Bogarde. Films like this should every new director and actor to watch and learn in order to achieve art. The Fixer is a triumph.

The Hunt

Proof how an academy award winner actress lost her talent
Hillary Swank plays at the last 27 minutes of the film and proves that she has lost every acting that she had (?). Clint Eastwood must be furious. But this film also proves that academy awards is just a big prank. Unfortunately. Avoid this garbage.


Such a waste of money
It's unbelievable that studios and productions are funding such movies. No plot, no rhythm, no acting just muscles and at the end no art. Poorest result.


Really bad movie, ridiculous plot.
Ridiculous plot, without rhythm, bad acting except Sakis Rouvas who is not even an actor, some unfinished directing attempts. This film has nothing to do with the new modern Greek cinema who has hidden geminis


Even worst than expected
I had a lot of doubts about this one but the final result it was much more dissappointed. None main hero, laughable plot, S.L. Jackson probably his worst cinema appearance.

The Breaking Point

John Garfield one of the best of his age
Great John Garfield, great plot but mediocre result. Watch it pleasantly

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