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Give Morvant an Oscar.
Brian Morvant kills it in this one as 'Martin', a stereotypical ex-military madman suffering from full-on psychosis and maybe aliens.

All of the acting is pretty great, the story plods a little and there is some weird editing but it's a solid indie movie.

Ji qi zhi xue

Jackie Chan in a Sci-fi B-Movie.
Tess Haubrich and Na-Na OuYang are pretty great in this, given the material. Ms. Haubrich is surprisingly good in her action parts, and in that costume she had to be 6'1" at least! She was more intimidating (and more interesting) than the other main villain by a wide margin.

Jackie Chan is normal Jackie Chan but I couldn't help but think that in the scenes where he's wearing a mask it's someone doing stunt work. It seems like something he'd never allow to happen in one of his films, but it's still a thought I had throughout those scenes.

The English translation is complete BS, but I'm sure the Chinese language version of this script is just as Macguffin filled and terrible. This is a B-movie with a capital B. Watch this after watching all the rest of Jackie's movies and every single action movie made from 1980-90. It will fit in that mix. but it won't blow any of them away. It could have been on the old Sci-fi channel and been "Must-see TV" if it had sharks in it.


More, please!
Posthuman is a small taste of what should be huge. It's equal parts Akira and Snowcrash and needs to be a series or a feature length film. The heroes(?) of Posthuman could maybe add a couple of more members to their team and have them cross the vile government/company that created the psychic program, maybe even going so far as to "fix" the world in the process. My point is that this short makes you think, makes you crave more of this universe and makes you hungry for more posthuman. Great stuff. One of the best animated features created thus far in my opinion.

The Shannara Chronicles

This is a solid TV show, but it isn't fair to compare it to Game of Thrones
Warning: SLIGHT spoilers

Don't watch this show if the following things would bother you:

-Medieval setting, but a girl is in jeans with back pockets.

-Hilarious lines of dialog "I'm so hungry, I could eat a troll's left thigh!"


-A teased lesbian encounter that never happens

-A bunch of stumpy doofuses cast as elves

-Every actress is super attractive, it's hard to tell who is elven, human or whatever because they all have the same body type and dark hair. (not a gripe, just they all REALLY look alike)

-Magic stones that seemingly do nothing

-That "Xena:Warrior Princess" feel of TV fantasy shows

Beside these minor things it's a show on the level of "The young and the restless", but it's definitely NOT "Game of Thrones" or even "This is not Game of Thrones : a porn parody".

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