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The Wild

Boy was a I surprised
I have heard mostly bad reviews for this movie so when I was told to rent it for my preschool movie day I was wary. Boy, was I surprised! This movie was awesome. The writing and characters were well done ( I loved the Hindi Pigeons) and the song Really Nice Day was stuck in my head for weeks. But what really got me was the graphics. The characters actually looked like the animals they were supposed to represent instead of bad caricatures. I do not know how anyone could not love this movie. I watched it with roughly fifty children ranging in age from 3 to 8 and they all loved it. They were laughing and singing along it was a great experience.

I have learned a valuable lesson from this, Disney rocks. I used to know that but I had begun to doubt it because of such negative press they have been getting. The Wild reminded me of how creative Disney can be and the amazing skill they bring to the table In short, give this movie a chance and it will not disappoint you. And to all of those who didn't like it, I feel bad for you. You missed out on a great movie. To those of us who know a good movie when we see it We're havin' a REALLY NICE DAY, REALLY NICE DAY, REALLY NICE DAY!!!

The Incredibles

Gets better every time I see it...
Which is good because to be honest, I didn't like this movie at all when I first saw it in the theater. My first reaction was "that was it?" But after I watched it a second and third and... well lets just say I watched it a lot, I realized that this movie IS Incredible. Its the details that really wow you.

The animation is unparalleled and the character design is creative and individualized. Each person in the movie has their own look, feeling and personality. This is a worthwhile film for both children and adults, and not just parents either. Any adult could watch this movie and be entertained. The humor is broad enough for the younger ages and refined enough for the grown ups.

I definitely recommend this movie.

Shark Tale

I enjoyed this one
Why are people comparing this to nemo? Its not even close to the same kind of movie. That would be like comparing Fox in the hound to Disney's Robinhood.. it is completely illogical.

This movie is fun and a good time. It is predictable, but so is everything else these days, Tell me finding Nemo wasn't predictable.

I really enjoyed the Reef world and the characters were funny and fun to watch.

I say go see this and have a good time, if you lighten up you might even enjoy yourself.... no that would be too much!


10, what more can I say....
I LOVED this movie. It was a great action flick and as a start to a new series of movies, it couldn't have been better. The incorporation of the classical views of cats and women is very intelligently done, and the character of Patience is believable and smart.

She is an amazing super hero/villain. I have always adored the character of Catwoman, especially as the anti industry ecological activist. I like the direction they are taking the character. No longer simply a sexy counterpart of Batman, Catwoman has her own agenda, her own personality.

Halle is a very talented actress who brings to life a very complex character with both respect and innovation. The Catwoman idea is not used simply as a gimmick, it is a very believable and respectable transformation.

I doubted the casting when I first heard the movie was being made but now, I think that anybody but Berry would have been a mistake, she brought both glamor and humility to the role.

So, go see this movie and enjoy it for what it is. Don't compare it to other comic book movies because the character is not just a comic book character. She has grown beyond the confines of the page and has erupted on the silver screen as a powerhouse of action and sexuality, she is Catwoman hear her roar... and I for one, will be roaring along with her.

Very Bad Things

Let me put it this way...
In the history of my viewing movies there are only two movies that I truly hate.. and this is one of them

This movie has no redeemable qualities, it is horrible. It is so bad it is unforgivable. I love jeremy piven and christian slater and I still hate this movie!

I wanted my money back.... and I WATCHED IT ON TV!!!!

I think that whoever produced this movie should be made to pay every single person who watched it reperations and should have to make a public apology to humanity for its existance!!!

and in case you were wondering the other movie I seriously hate was Mars attacks...


Mona Lisa Smile

I actually, and this is hard to admit.. hated this movie
It had no flow it seemed dull and lifeless. The acting was alright but the whole movie seemed to lack any punch. It seemed like it was trying to make a point that it just never made, and it never seemed to reach a climax. I left it thinking "and when does this get good?"

I think the characters were great but the story they were stuck into at times made no sense, and the scenes didnt seem to be in any intelligible order. What was the point of this movie? The message seemed hidden underneath this pseudo-biopic of a teacher.

I was very disappointed. It is hard for me to say that I do not like a movie, I can always find something good about them, but this one, well aside from the actors performances, it just wasnt any good.

Wild Wild West

Good tv watching
its not oscar material but it is a good movie. It seems to get better the more I watch it. the first time I saw it I was thinking "what utter crap". Now I actually chose to watch it when it comes on. It is a fun, (extremely) fictitious romp through the wild wild west.

Queen of the Damned

how upsetting this is....
I have an intense hatred for the Movie the Queen of the Damned. I hate it.. I dont just hate it though, I dispise it, I look on it as blasphemy from heretical mind, words that profane the Goddess who is Anne Rice.

Now the movie itself, is not bad. the acting is well done, for the most part, and on its own it was a fine feature. but it wasnt just a movie, it was a repersentation of the Unholy Word, it was supposed to be the fine film adaption of the Amazing Book, The Queen of the Damned, by the Goddess who is Anne Rice. Instead it was nothing short than a mockery.

The problems I have with the movie stem from the details. Lestat is blonde, in the movie he is brunette, yes a minor point, but how can anyone picture lestat without his angelic mane?, he does NOT have a love affair of any type with Jesse, and the Mekare, my self chosen namesake (Who IS THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED) is not even in the MOVIE!?? Obsurd!

I also have problems with the complete portrayal of Lestat. The actor playing him did not seem to understand that you cant just go on stage and say words that lestat would say and then BE lestat.. Lestat is not words, he is a state of mind. he is a force of nature.. He is the brat prince for god's sake! He deserved more respect. Even Tom Cruise, actor in such pop cultured flicks as Mission Impossible and Top Gun, was better at Lestat. In fact he even seemed to even understand the nuances of character latent within Lestat's preternatural mind. Lestat... is hard for any actor to portray, and even at the best of his abilities Townsend falls miserably short. The great romance will always be Louis and Lestat, was it even present in the film, no. In fact the movie makers did what I truly hate, they took a beautiful work that transcended boundaries, such as Horror, Romance, Gothic, and made it a work of Gothic Cliche.

The beatiful story, a mythic tale, lyrical on the page!... trashed upon the silver screen. Can I anything but hate it?

American History X

I enjoy it, but I dont watch it for fun on a friday night
I did enjoy the movie but my comment is basically in response to a other comments, mostly about the movies theme.

the movie is not about redemption exactly.. its about regret and the inability we have as human beings to change the decisions we made in the past. It is a movie about inevitability. Not hope or justice or anything like that. its beautiful that he becomes a new person blah blah blah but it doesnt change who he was and it can't change the destiny his brother was set out on because of it.

and the reason the dinner scene was in the movie was because it showed that what a parent says, lightly, offhandedly in normal conversation, can have a profound effect on their children. His father's latent hatred emerged fullblown in his sons. I think that is one of the greatest lessons in the movie.

Peter Pan

9/10 STARS this is a must see if you have ever wanted to fly to neverland!
It was exciting and action packed. It was definitely not the cliche Peter pan that was wrong to begin with. I dont know what the people griping about "sexual tension" are going on about. There was a little romance but it wasnt like that, the only sexual tension exists in those people's mind. The point of it all was whether or not peter felt emotions or if he was a just a big fairy boy who could still only contain one emotion at a time.

Also the I believe in fairies seen was uplifting in the classic children's movie way. Yes it was corny, thats the point it IS children's movie no matter what the nay sayers believe. I was quite delighted by the movie. It was visually amazing and well acted. Oh and to address something another commentor said, the reason hook doesn't kill pan right away is that he doesnt really want to kill him. His joy and, really, his purpose in life is to fight peter and if he is dead he ends up with a meaningless life. Its really the classic good is defined by evil and evil is defined by good theme.

The Cat in the Hat

Hey, I liked it
after reading these reviews I thought I was about to witness the worst movie ever made but it was no where near that... It wasnt oscar quality or anything but I was pleasantly suprised.. Meyers (whom I adore!) was not at all who should have played the cat but he did alright. The back story was plausible (in a kids movie sort of way) and thing one and thing two STOLE THE SHOW. i loved them!

I was almost expecting something Larry Flynt would have made with all the talk of adult inuendo and swearing but I didnt see anything that the average kid couldnt handle. and Aside from an anagram that spelled a naughty word,I didnt notice any outright swearing.

Go and see this movie, for fun.. because hey it IS fun to have fun but you DO have to know how and most of the people who wrote reviews on this board... have sadly forgotten.

The Three Musketeers

an action packed good time
I have read the other comments and I am under the impression that some people feel that movies are supposed to have some sort of society altering message in them, that is not so. Movies are an entertainment vehicle and nothing more, and if you understand that, watching The Three Musketeers will be a very light hearted enjoyable experiences.

There is a great deal of comedy, action and romance in this movie. Nothing serious or life changing, but fun. Watch, and enjoy

Sabrina, the Animated Series

It is not based on the live action tv series
It is based on the actual comic book. Considering the fact that the tv show is NOTHING like the comic, I like the cartoon much better.

I know this is short but the main reason I wrote it was to say that I really like this show and to point out the irony of a person calling the characters imbeciles while being unable to spell it

Pepper Ann

This is one of my favorite shows, and I am 19!
Every night I watch Pepper Ann on Toon Disney. The characters are fun and realistic. The stories have important messages without being preachy and the characters actually learn and change. Unlike most shows that seem to have a formula for their episodes each Ep of Pepper Ann is original and fresh.

I recommend this show for anyone who enjoys shows that make you think while giving you a good time.

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