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Hibiscus & Ruthless

A funny and moving film and a great watch.
Hibiscus and Ruthless is a funny and at times emotional story of 2 girls, friends from school, growing up with very different expectations placed on them. Hibiscus is the daughter of a strict and seemingly cold Samoan mum and the granddaughter of a warmer, more motherly Samoan grandmother. Ruth (Ruthless) is the daughter of palagi divorced parents, who has lots of freedom but looks for some of Hibiscus's boundaries by spending most of her time at her house. As they enter University Hibiscus' mum gives her even stricter rules leading to Hibiscus asking Ruthless to help her stick to them but inevItably leads to her rebelling. This film is a funny but also moving story set in New Zealand through a Pacifica lens with strong female leads. A great watch.


One of the Best.
This is a beautifully lush story set in a very exciting time in New Zealand history. As the colonisation of New Zealand begins two cultures struggle to find their place in the new world. It has war and romance and well rounded characters. The beautiful landscape is wonderful to watch but it is the stories that are the star of this series. There are also wonderful performances from the actors involved. Simone Kessell, George Henare, Andy Anderson and Elizabeth Hawthorne don't let the New Zealand audience down as we are used to great performances from them. Richard Coyle and Matthew Rhys add weight to this fabulous cast and enhance the enjoyment of the story. I loved it. Another excellent example of kiwi filmic talent as well as telling a truly New Zealand story.

Smack the Pony

The writing of this comedy along with a superb cast lead by three extremely funny women make this show wonderful. The half an hour speeds by leaving you wishing for more, much more. The scenes are always unpredictable so there is always a surprise. If you get the chance to see any of them, don't miss it!

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