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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones: Jurrasic Park
I cannot say it any more succinctly than "daveygandthekeyboard" did. So I am quoting his entire review. Below I add one comment which I think makes this the perfect review of this "just okay" "blockbuster"??

-QUOTE- Implausible action scenes kill this movie 2 June 2008 | by daveygandthekeyboard (United States)

All I can really conclude about this movie is that it was just okay. I can forgive the ludicrous plot, the cheesy "family" dynamic of the film, the fact that Harrison Ford is old (which is really nowhere near the worst part of this). I don't even really mind Shia LaBeouf's presence. But many of the stunts and the action scenes are so implausible that it renders all of the action scenes implausible. For example, Shia LaBoeuf sword-fighting (!) spread-eagled on two moving vehicles; a boat going over not one, not two, but three waterfalls with absolutely no one getting a scratch (I mean, what are we watching here, The A-Team?); and the "if the film hasn't jumped the shark yet it certainly has now" moment--Shia LaBoeuf swinging through the jungle a la Tarzan. It was ridiculous. And because these parts are (forgive my overuse of the word) implausible, it highlights the fact that the rest of it doesn't work, either. After seeing a number of old series trying to come back for another run (Rocky Balboa, Rambo, the Star Wars Prequels) I have concluded that when filmmakers attempt to cash in on a once-popular series, artistically the best they can hope for is to break even. Sometimes there really is nowhere to go but down. I wanted to love this, but the most charitable thing I can say is that it was just okay. Very disappointing. -END-QUOTE-

I would add only one thing - the filmmakers should be specified as only American. The key is in the cash. They want more profit. Amazingly, they get it. This made 115 million in profit. No wonder they aren't discouraged to keep making these fiascoes.

When in Rome

All Duhamel
First let me say that the supporting actors are all very talented - but it's not apparent here. (In my opinion, that's the director's fault.) Kristen Bell, while I can see can be likable in a romantic comedy, acted here as if this was a late afternoon soap opera. However, the one shining star in this non-romantic non-comedy is Duhamel. Even though the script is weak, the production just OK, the acting below par, Duhamel stands out for his talent. Watch this only if you're a big fan of his.



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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Hasbro hit a grand slam put out of the park home run with this _non-stop_ action adventure. It's hard to describe this one for me since everything is so tightly done. So I will say it anyway if "perfect" doesn't say it clearly - perfect acting, perfect script, perfect action, perfect timing, perfect flashbacks, perfect music, perfect quips, perfect production, perfect story, perfect editing, perfect cgi, perfect direction, perfect seriousness balanced by perfect humor, perfect fun, and perfectly entertaining. So "perfect."



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The Future of Food

Buy organic!
I first became aware of things not being quite right when I developed an allergic reaction to various products. So now I started looking at the labels of all the products I consumed - from soap to toothpaste to food. What I discovered was that the American food diet is a slow death sentence. E.g. after brushing my teeth, my stomach would ache and I did not know why. I finally read the label of my toothpaste for the first time in my life. It warns you that if you swallow too much of it, you should call the local Poison Control Center. I was slowly poisoning myself, and it is sold over the counter - it contains bleach! I switched to Tom's of Maine and no longer have those stomach problems. I then saw the movie "Supersize Me." It confirms that the American "fast-food" food industry is a slow death sentence. Then I saw "King Corn" and it confirms that the corn being grown in the US is inedible - unless it gets "processed" at a plant! Now comes "The Future of Food" and ... I am depressed. I apologize to every single organic food grower, and consumer for ever thinking you guys were "full of it." The irony is of course that I was the one full of "it." Please let others know what is going on - tell everyone you know to see this movie ... and BUY ORGANIC! That's my plan. If we stop buying their sewage then they lose profit. If they lose profit, THEN we get their attention. may God richly bless you and yours, in Jesus' name, amen.


Pretentious yakking
I just saw this and did not fall for it. Here is my comment I posted at NETFLIX. I think you will see that it is nothing but pretentious yakking.

8/21/10 @ 10:08 PM

I did not find this movie to be "painterly" or "deep" as others have described it. First of all, my major dislike of this movie is that _no_ science is done. Science is about answers, philosophy is about questions. So in a real scifi, there would be information gained through interaction. Instead the characters stand around - with an alien in their midst - and discuss 'what is happiness'. Did you see "Contact" with Jody Foster? When she arrives she has a thousand questions. The reply makes sense. Now that's how it's done. This? "If you are happy you never ask about the meaning of life." WHAT?? WHO CARES! A freakin' alien life form is standing in front of you and all these guys can do is get pensive??? So OK, here's the REALITY about this movie - it's typical Russian over self-indulgent mental gymnastics. Don't waste your time. You will learn nothing from this drawn out psycho-babble philosophy paper. See The Seventh Seal for a much better film. (Now I have to go see the modern American version of this.)


Edit: (before any one flames me for not knowing what I am talking about) I have been a professional photographer, I have a Masters in physics, and a Bachelors in philosophy (Heidegger was my interest: Dasein, there where being manifests itself, and Husserl's Phenomenology - reducing the experience to its essence) and even studied jazz dance, modern dance, and ballet. (Currently I have returned to school for a degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology.) So please, I have a very broad taste, and information base, for all things art.



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Seven Pounds

Oscar Performance
Oscar Performance across the board. This is one of the best movies ever made. The movie opens with only pieces of the story being told and those are out of sequence. It involves a young man, Ben Thomas (Will Smith putting in a phenomenal performance), and his life - past, and present.

The movie is so strong I don't know where to begin to tell you how involved the story is, yet how simple it plays. All I can say is that I was utterly drawn in and I think it was because I didn't read anything about the movie other than I remember someone telling me to see it.



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Hold on - it won't let you go!
Phenomenal. Wonderful. An epic hero is brought to life in Zemekis' cgi project. If you like stories where the hero is gritty, powerful, strong, dynamic, and ... heroic. Such other movies as '300', and 'The 13th Warrior' (ok, the Vikings) then you will LOVE this movie.

I saw 'Final Fantasy: the Spirits Within' and lauded over the cgi. This one is on a fairly equal par in that area, but this story, the way Zemekis spun it, is so freaking wonderful that I think this movie has heralded the end of the "pretty boy Hollywood" actor.

I mean let's face it, all the modern (2010) male actors are metro-sexuals. How can you possibly cast those guys in a role as powerful and dynamic as BEOWULF! You can't and Zemekis, the talent that he is, didn't - to the everyone's enjoyment and advantage.

So if you love strong heroes told in epic stories in a powerful way - aka ENTERTAINMENT - then you'll love B:tDC. 10*

Robot Jox

How do you spell crap?
R O B O T J O X.

Burn the master.

Grotesquely horrible.

No ending; no closure.

Completely and utterly the worst movie ever made.

Replaces "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" as the worst movie of all time.

I hate this utterly unacted, unedited, unscripted, undirected, unproduced mess of a thing called "Robot Jox" - and I just found out - THEY MADE A SECOND ONE!?!? I apologize to Adma Sandler (Zohar the Beauticin) and Eddie Murphy (Pluto Nash) for hating their movies. This mess of a thing makes those movies only bad - not terrible horrible and grotesque like this thing. This is the only movie for which I have ever said this - REMOVE IT FROM NETFLIX - NOW!!! 10,000 out of 10 people found this comment helpful.

Desu toransu

Death Trance ... what? when? how? where???
Phew. Well, most westerners think the same - "this movie has no plot!" But if you're into metal/heavy metal/dethklock etc ... then it's a no brainer you'll love this flick. As for me I liked it enough to give it a 10 rating b/c I could see the attention to detail given every costume as well as sound-track and location. Add to that the amazing special effects, choreography, and _beautiful_ photography as well and I had to give this a 10.

Now as for the plot, what I can gather is that this is post-apocalyptic; this is fantasy; this is about (Japanese) gods and demons; ... and a coffin. The rumor is that the coffin will grant you any thing for which you ask - if you open it in the western forest. BUT the truth is very different. So the first guy steals it and sets off to open it; then he is chased after by the last monk who survived the slaughter at the temple. (Now this slaughter is weird b/c all the other fights are bloodless ... all punching and bashing with clubs ... did John Carpenter leave the building?) Then another guys shows up and chases the guy with the coffin for himself and his own interest (he's carrying a doll tied to his belt). Finally a third character shows up who can whip the snot out of everyone in the room. She is the one who helps the viewer understand about the special sword. The monk is carrying the special sword - a sword that only the chosen one (chosen by the sword) can use... why? B/c your wish ain't what's waiting for you when you open the coffin in the western forest after you get through the (secret secluded hidden mysterious) gate - opened by none other than a character who seems to have no point ... but she's always there. So just b/c the story wasn't that interesting to me I wasn't going to reduce its rating - it's definitely a 10 and a bit of a rough ride for those not use to Japanese story telling.



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Star Trek

Roddenberry's legacy trampled
The opening was like OH MAN! and then it became soap opera pulp.

Me and my friend are both TOS fans and agreed that TFB failed. (He said "... it was OK. No drama, all effects and then BOOM!"


Kirk was an *** throughout the whole movie

ORIGINAL: was clever, and likable

Spock was ... Spock "lite"

ORIGINAL: was clever, warm, lovable, and _real_

Bones was too tall/large for re-creating McCoy kept spouting the original's lines like he was spitting out popcorn

ORIGINAL: was well written, and lovable

Scotty was a clown

ORIGINAL: was clever, hard working, and charming

Uhura was petulant, always angry, and self-important

ORIGINAL: intelligent and sweet

Sulu was OK but "SAMURAI" DOES NOT EQUAL "fencing" (The writers clearly just copied and pasted these lines without thinking.)

ORIGINAL: mysterious and serious

Chekov was OK ... 17? gee, to whom are they pandering? HE DIDN'T EVEN GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL!!!

ORIGINAL: was cool and fun

Now I see that there are three "generations" of fans:

Generation 1: TOS - the best ever none even came close. This is pure, un-pc-ified, un-soap-opera'd - the pure undistilled stuff right out of the bottle

Generation 2: DS9 - the politically correct fandom - banal pale and droll.

Generation 3: TFB - the new breed of "scifi soap opera" fans (scifi has become little more than soap operas in space: Big Brother meets Outer Space)

I understand that TFB is a new timeline and that they wanted to break away from the original TOS and start new. But this movie was all glitter and gloss - like a woman's lipstick - superficial and empty. It has no heart.

The Bottom Line: No one will ever be able to recreate Roddenberry's masterpiece. The chemistry between the crew of TOS was palpable. (Regardless of their off-stage relations) They portrayed a crew who respected and enjoyed working around each other. At the same time they were all _the_best_of_Starfleet_!

So trying to re-create TOS is _impossible_. It would be like trying to re-create a Michelangelo or a VanGogh - once the original artist is gone all we have left to enjoy is what they left behind.

Since TFB was not created by a genius, and definitely not created by even an artist, but instead created by a studio then this new version, wrapped in the ST icon, has now become nothing but a franchise. (see "The Replacements")

The Daily Show

Much ado about nothing
I have tried watching this show on several different occasions and each time found it to be utterly pale of humor.

The reason, to mention one thing, is that it is solely based on ridiculing anything the Republicans have done. In short it is basically Democratic party political opinions touted as humor.

All Mr. Stewart does is wisecrack about anything the Republicans have done and the audience wets themselves in gales of forced laughter.

My guess is that the left is so devoid of any real substance that they have to define themselves in terms of how much they all hate Republicans.



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Karas: The Prophecy

Karas: the Prophecy -explained-
This explanation is my culmination based on my 3 viewings of "Karas: the Prophecy", and four website explanations: Netflix,, and a quoted DVD text, and the official (English) website. Please note that this explanation is based on the English texts I have read and the English translation of the movie. It may not be 100% accurate, which if I have done this correctly, a more accurate explanation would really require knowing Japanese. E.g. "Eko" is actually Eku, and Yurine, is really "Yuri" and from the little Japanese I know, a single letter can drastically change the entire meaning of a word. OK, enough said.

= THE PROPHECY = It was once foretold, that the battle for the future world will start and end - with Karas.

= THE PLOT = The worlds of humans and demons have overlapped since time immemorial, and a spirit named Yurine (who represents the will of the people in the city) and her servant, Karas, have long maintained order and balance between the worlds. But humans have finally lost their beliefs of the demons and spirits. Disgusted by human arrogance, Karas turns his back on his role as guardian of the city, taking the name Eko, and plans an attack against the humans in the city. His goal is to have the humans once again believe in, and fear, demons.

Eko and his followers live in the material realm in human form, but to continue doing so they must feed on the fluids of human bodies. Their periodic feasts result in massacres that leave only a single traumatized survivor. (There is no explanation given for this - it might be part of Eko's plan to re-instill fear into the hearts of humans.)

Opposing Eko is the once demon Nue, who also lives in the material world in human form but refuses to drink blood. He wants to kill Eko b/c Eko trapped Nue's younger brother to help complete his evil plan. Also opposing Eko is Otoha, a human, who called out from his heart to Yurine - while he lies in a hospital bed in a coma. They make a contract and he becomes the new Karas.

= THE KARAS = The "Karas", which means "crow" in Japanese, is their nom de plume as well as their title. There are others called Karas as well, Eko and Otoha are just the two most current and powerful. They can transform into any of various heavily armed vehicles. (There is much about "crows" but a lesson in ancient Japanese culture may explain that thread.)

= The Humans = These "inexplicable" tragedies are the obsession of a marginalized police inspector whose daughter was the survivor of one such massacre. A young Leutenant is assigned to this "department". Beyond this simple role, they hardly have anything to do with the plot.

Final comment: the first one is: "Karas: the Prohpecy" which has phenomenal CGI and action. 5/5* the second one is: "Karas: the Revelation" which has a cheaper version of the first CGI and typical anime action. 3/5*



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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Very Entertaining and original
This is a very fast paced dark comedy about life in LA among the people who make things go click - like guns and cameras. But before I start sounding smarter than I am I should tell you to read the comment "My kind of dark comedy", posted 22 November 2005, by who commented on the film perfectly (imo).

One other thing, Robert Downey Jr owns this movie - not b/c he is the narrator, but b/c his performance owns it. The others come off as his seconds in waiting - doing a fine job (Val Kilmer is great - as always) - lending believability to this slightly funny (I don't think dark humor is funny anymore), very entertaining, very clever, very fanciful script.



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Sekiryû no onna

Utterly destroyed in last scene
None of the comments thus far did this movie justice. So here is my attempt to make amens for the discrepancy.

It is entertaining for most of it. The editing is weak, the martial arts even weaker, but there are some saving qualities about this movie which should be mentioned. I will finish this comment by ripping a new one for the director, Toru Ichikawa.

Best to worst: NOTE: neither NETFLIX nor list the actors next to their characters names so I can only refer to the actor by the character they portrayed.

MASTER: first off the actor who played "Master" was perfect. He is utterly convincing both in his relation to Yui (the lead character) and in his sword play. He shines in the last scene.

NIKIMOTO: he played the part of a young yakuza who falls for Yui and he never once left that role. Solid acting.

FEMALE Chinese YOJIMBO OF KURASAWA KAI BOSS: she was wonderful and utterly convincing as a martial artist of the sword. Totally miscast - she should have played Yui.

KURASAWA KAI BOSS: also believable as a not too evil not too nice leader of a clan.

YUI: pale, stilted, no skill of any kind, no strength, no muscles, no acting ability - cast for the lead role. Totally miscast - she should not have been in this movie - or any movie that requires lifting of anything heavier than a credit card.

TORU ICHIKAWA: Finally the director, for whom if I am ever walking down the street in Japan and happen to see him walking toward me I would run up to him and ask: "Aren't you the director of: 'The Legend of the Red Dragon'??" To which he would reply: 'Hai!' (that's 'yes' in Japanese) and then I would ... kick him in the nuts, Then, as he was struggling to get up, coughing, trying to breath, I would say: "gomenasai sumimasen!" ("excuse me, I'm sorry!") and then ... KICK HIM IN THE NUTS AGAIN! "Why dog?" you may well ask. B/c at the very end of this mildly entertaining movie - a movie I considered giving a 4* rating to - at the single most important scene in this not too bad of a movie; at the defining moment to make or break this movie; at THE CLIMACTIC FINALE - he shoots the entire movie into the trash! (*sigh* I think I would kick him in the nuts each time he tried to get up - 'cause that's what he did to this movie and everyone who made it, worked on it, and saw it.) OK, OK. (breathing) I wouldn't do that at all. But holy mackerel. I have never seen a movie so utterly destroyed by one scene, by the final scene, nor by one person, and especially not the director.

Guizi lai le

I usually only watch Japanese Samurai movies and Japanese anime'. I tried a few Chinese Martial Arts movies and was really annoyed with them. The production, acting and plot are very poor.

I ordered this from NETFLIX thinking (for some reason) that it was a modern Japanese samurai story. So when I saw it was made in China - not just Hong Kong, but mainland China - I was hesitant to watch it. Having nothing else to watch I decided to watch this movie thinking it was about their form of martial arts and give this genre' a chance - one more time.

First off, it takes place during the Japanese occupation of China. (I won't say any more.)

My impression was that this movie is nothing short of perfect. It is film of the highest form. I don't say that about many movies, although I like movies in general, I have said this for only a few. Everything is done right - from cast to production to editing. If I was a director this movie would have made me think over my entire career - and have me learn from it. 12 out of 10.



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Zatôichi goyô-tabi

None Better.
Anyone giving Shintaru Katsu's Zatoichi (the original) anything less than 10 stars is ... well, let's just say you have to be a very special person to not like this: 1) incredible amount, 2) of consistent, 3) high-quality, 4) fast paced, 5) action packed, 6) character filled, 7) solid plot line entertainment.

You will not get better than this ever again. I own no DVDs but this one (the Collector's edition) I may buy.

I was a scifi fan, but since Hollywood doesn't make good scifi's anymore {a real scifi is the original The Thing, and Forbidden Planet, and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Today they make them all horror pictures (Alien) or feely-touchy soap operas (any Star Trek other than TOS)} that I had to look for something else. Japanese, note Japanese, samurai movies are just so solidly based. Korisawa is the top of the Japanese directors, but Zatoichi is the best of the best. BTW, I use to think that Korisawa's The Seven Samurai was the best samurai movie ever, but I have to finally admit, Zatoichi is better.



This movie, according to the world, is wonderful. (It is extremely well done - acting, writing, and directing.) However, in reality, it is a veil to the truth. (I say this since it is teaching the opposite of what is true. I.e. it is not just entertainment.)

God is Sovereign. His Son, Jesus Christ, delivered the message of good news - with faith in Him you have real hope of eternal peace. Without faith in Him ... well, as the Bible says: "Anyone who is among the living has hope..." (Ecc. 9:4). So while you are alive ("...among the living...") accept Christ into your heart so you too can share in the _real_hope_ that is in Jesus Christ.

Christ taught that there are basically two laws in Luke 10:27 "He answered: ' "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind"; and, "Love your neighbor as yourself." ' " (also reported in Matthew 22:36-40, and Mark 12:29-31)

This is impossible without you accepting Christ into your heart. God our Father, Who is in Heaven, Whose name is holy, promises to save all those who have faith in their heart. Without that faith you have only the hope that one day you too may believe.

And so the world goes - swimming around like an ocean full of fish - each fighting and biting each other looking for another fish to eat. Some of us, whose eyes have been open, who have received the message of good news, who know of real hope, keep casting our nets in hopes of bringing on board, saving someone from the deep ocean, are "fishermen".

"The LORD bless you and keep you;

the LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you;

the LORD turn His face toward you and give you peace."

  • Numbers 6:24-26


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Red Dwarf

After Series 6 it all falls apart
For me Red Dwarf was an enigma. I saw some of the episodes aired on a public TV station and then nothing for years. NETFLIX membership allowed me to watch _all_ of them, from the start, and at my leisure. Wonderful ... until series 7 - it hit the fan and stayed there all gooey and smelly.

I had to do some research b/c I knew something went wrong on the creative side of the show. Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (thus the nom de plume: Grant Naylor) wrote the first 6 series and then split up. The show took an obvious turn which was not to my liking at all.

First of all we had 4 buds who, despite their incessant irritating and obvious issues, got along with each other. No matter what trouble they got in they were always there for each other - through thick and thin. It was a wonderful ride following these guys get in and out of trouble. The first 6 series are just such a wonderful pleasure that I felt I knew them. It was clearly a 10/10 performance.

After that the show was quirky in a bad way and annoying to watch. The thrill, adventure and pure fun was gone. Beyond that these series aren't worth mentioning.

So for me the Red Dwarf is stuck in Series 6, floating in space 3,000,000 years in the future and maybe, just maybe, one day, I might run into them.

A bientôt mon amis.



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Hell in the Pacific

Iconic Movie: fails to be fair
This is a one-sided view of the two cultures of Japan and America. In every aspect of this movie the American is portrayed as an oaf while the Japanese is seen as civilized. For that reason alone I diminished this movie to only 1 star. While the production, look, and acting are very good (in keeping with the stereotypes) this is only a veil to hide the meaning of this movie.

So it should be viewed only by people who accept these stereotypes as the true representation of these two cultures. Keep in mind this is not "just a story" - it is a movie designed to portray the conflict of the two cultures during WWII (or the conflict of man during any war). As such it makes these two characters icons of those civilizations. Since it is one-sided, it utterly fails because of its prejudice.

A good hint is the cover photo - the American looks brutish while the Japanese appears stern and determined. So it goes throughout the entire 1:49 hour show.

I am a fan of Toshiro Mifune, Samurai movies, and the Japanese culture in general ... but don't you dare pick on America - the greatest country since the dawn of man! (And who doesn't love anything Lee Marvin does??) I wanted, and expected (since this is an iconic movie about war in general), an even portrayal saying that we are different but the same. Instead I got "Americans are thieves, oafs, loud, and brutish; Japanese are hard working, disciplined, quiet, and thoughtful." Another aspect of this movie is that neither soldier tries to communicate with the other. Although this was evenly done I suspect it was because the director did not understand how real people would react given this situation. (They would first try to set up some common ground - such as a language.)

Finally, the fact that they never learned, nor even asked, each others name points to the iconic nature of these two characters and thus the whole movie.

(I just learned that the American character is listed as "American pilot" - he has NO name! While the Japanese character has a rank, first name, and a last name - a full out one-sided prejudice against America.) You would be hard-pressed to convince me that this movie was about anything other than what I said it was about.

PS: The DVD I had (from NETFLIX) has the original ending as a Special Feature which you have to select. Do so after you see the replacement ending. In my opinion the original ending is in keeping with the one-sided view of the entire movie. 1/10 = only watchable for anti-Americans.



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Kurt Russell pwns
I fell in love with this silent action drama. Kurt Russell and only Kurt Russell could have played this so well. Raised from childhood to know nothing but war and fighting, Todd (Kurt Russell) is dumped on a planet after being made obsolete by genetically engineered soldiers.

The stage is set and another classic icon of action movies was born - SOLDIER. Not Rambo, not Schwarzenegger, not Bruce Willis, not Mel Gibson, not Jason Statham - Kurt Russell owns this role and made it entirely his - original, daring, and all too human. I miss the fact that sequels were never made.




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Blackadder Back & Forth

Major Disappointment
It was awful. Three jokes made me laugh - three. And Atkinson said in the the "making of" that each line was written to be funny. No way. It was so bad it was predictable - something never present in a good comedy. After seeing the main episode I went on to see the special features to hopefully find something else funny - the scenes that were cut were funnier than what was left in.

This is the last and unfortunately the worst possible episode of Blackadder. It is completely untrue to the utterly brilliant TV Series that shined so often throughout its invention. Don't see it unless you want to be hurt by the expectatus nihil humoratus. 1/10



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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Slower than the others
I found this installment of the Harry Potter movies to be quite slow throughout the whole movie. Sure there were exciting bits, but not overall. I think if you added up the time actors were speaking and the time they were not, you would find a 50/50 split. The lack of action also made this movie seem like just one more installment.

My suspicion was correct - the director has been changed. The other installments in the story of Harry Potter were fast paced, loaded with charm, excitement, interesting, and fun. This one verges on being brooding droll and annoying. I was hoping this would change with the next (last?) installment but alas no - the same director of "Order of the Phoenix" is directing "Half-Blood Prince" - what a shame. Here I was just thinking that this is the only series of movies to go into history as maintaining a solid entertainment line, but alas no.

Amazingly everything else is absolutely the same strong entertainment as before (from production to acting), except for the very weak action line. It is so poor it drags the whole movie down _for me_. I couldn't wait until it was over. It is and I'm done. 6/10



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At first this held my interest. I knew young American men went over to fight for France as pilots in WWI. I knew that the attitude of that time period was naive and optimistic. So the movie held my interest.

But at the point when the love interest is introduced the movie falls flat on its face and can't get back up. It becomes syrupy and drippy with super sweet candies - the ones that make your brain hurt from watching.

I'll say this, the fighter scenes were well done except for one close up scene... but there were so many obvious flaws in the physics that I wanted my money back - even though I saw it through NETFLIX.

Finally, if you grew up before, during, or slightly after WWI, then I think you will love this movie. However, for the rest of us it is so bad it is just like those horrible 'B' movies of that era. 6/10



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Saint Ralph

Oh Canada ... Film Industry!
First let me quote another commenter's words: "Take Your Family and Go See This Movie!, 17 April 2005 10/10 Author: gbbetts from Canada" Indeed, you would be remiss to not see this excellent movie.

First of all the cast could not have been better selected. Each playing their own part marvelously. But special kudos to Adam Butcher who played the lead role of Ralph Walker. His talent carried the lead, what seemed to me to be, quite easily.

Campbell Scott as Father George Hibbert; the priest who befriends Ralph, was endearing; Gordon Pinsent as Father Fitzpatrick (aka "Fitz" by the boys) brought back all the fears I had of such authoritarian teachers; Jennifer Tilly as Nurse Alice ... all you need to say is "Jennifer Tilly" and every man's heart in the theater melts; Shauna MacDonald as Emma Walker (Ralph's bed ridden mother) has a small part but I felt completely convinced that she was his mother and she loved him. The rest of the cast was equally well balanced in their roles. 10/10

PS: it takes place in a Catholic school, and I am no Catholic. IOW, you must see this movie no matter who you are - it's about being fallible and being human.



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The Great Global Warming Swindle

Reason vs the mob mentality
This documentary interviews scientists who were once on the IPCC, who once claimed there was a global ice age coming, and one who is even the co-founder of Greenpeace! All of them say the public is being lied to about this issue: that man-made CO2 is causing global warming. Basically the earth has gotten warmer over the past 100 years - by 0.7 degrees.

There is a scientific explanation about the cause of this temperature rise.

No politics, fear tactics, or personal threats are used by the scientists. Only rational science is offered for your consideration.

Excellent documentary. 10/10


PS: good addendums to this google video are "Doomsday is called off" and the Alex Jones interview of Martin Durkin. Watch all three for a truly amazing understanding of how much lying is going on about this single issue.


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