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Mit meinen heißen Tränen

A masterpiece of film, where is it?
Long remembered, I once had a VHS{beta} of this piece. Harrowing,poetic beautiful. Lets be objective. Production values were excellent, mis en scene perfection. Acting perfectly pitched. Rich eye caressing cinematography and imaginative but not self-conscious direction.

Why this was only seen once in Britain I don't know. Why it did not win plaudits and survive reflects the dominance of English language cine at the time.

Someone, please release it let it go and we can enjoy film at its best, warm, moving thought provoking and memorable.

From the powerful beginning, poignant ending and alluring settings this is as if one were in Schubert's Vienna {Praha?}. A couple of shots still stick in the mind, the hospital scene after treatment and the receding camera, leaving Franz's desk out of the window, across the tenement space and into the opposite window. Words don't express the symbolic power and beauty of this work.

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