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Misjudged Movie
This movie is so misjudged!!! When I hear people talking about it they seem to think it's just another teenage or "tween" movie. IT'S NOT! I saw College during a screening and it was raunchy! I loved it! It's a beer drinkin', "t & a", partin', awesome movie! There are girls making out, girls in bikini's...and it's hilarious! It's a story of 3 high school kids who visit college for the weekend and all the crazy things that happened to them along the way. This is where the tag: "best weekend ever" comes in. I loved the masturbating dorm-mate wearing the -my peace is growing- t shirt. Anyway, awesome movie, go see it, you wont be disappointed and you'll laugh your butt off!

The Life Before Her Eyes

Looking forward to a second viewing
This is a story of a 30 something mother who seemingly leads the ideal life: career as an art teacher, successful husband, a nice home, children...but as always, there are skeletons in her closet. You quickly learn that her home life is less than perfect and she is dealing with a haunting past. Flashing back and forth from her childhood to her present adult life, the film tells that she had tragically lost her closest childhood friend in a horrific school shooting. Thinking this was in the past, she went on with her life, but now the tragedy is manifesting itself and causing her to face the truth and face her past. The story is very well done and maintains a realistic quality. I am truly looking forward to seeing it a second time.


surf's up
Surf is up, way up, in fact - two thumbs up!

Very cool story. I've never heard of any thing quite like it.

I was lead to this movie by my surfer son, and every mother should watch it. (if only to say to your kids, "see, I could've raised you in a teeny trailer, no more complaining"). But seriously it gives you a new perspective on parenthood and life in general. I think it was very bold for this family to allow cameras to document all their personal thoughts and events. Would I do it? Probably not, but I'm glad they did. I really enjoyed their story. Surfwise is one of the coolest movies I have seen in a long time. For once I'm not wishing I had my two hours back.

Boarding Gate

wachted it, loved it
I knew nothing about this movie when I watched it. I had read some good reviews and thought -what the heck?-. The main character Asia Argenta was really captivating. She plays a woman who has basically lost it. She's in a really weird relationship that causes her to make a lot of really weird decisions. The characters travel a lot, bringing you to many of beautiful places while watching the movie. I also thought that the overall "look" of the movie. It just had really cool lighting or something and made it really interesting to simply look at. I recommend you see it, not only do I think you will really enjoy it, but it will give you tons to talk about afterwards.


Cute Film
I was taken to see this movie on a date last week or so. I really enjoyed it. I didn't recognize most of the cast, but Shannon Lucio ( I actually came to IMDb to find out what her name was) did a fabulous job! She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful talent. I was very impressed by all the talent in this movie, but most of all I just really enjoyed the story. I love a movie that doesn't involve a huge complicated plot that loses you ten minutes into it. This was just a sit back, relax and enjoy type movie. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did, and hopefully we'll see more of the actors/actresses in the future~!

The Signal

Holy cow!
Wow, this movie was excellent! I left the theater thinking, "finally I got what I paid for!" This movie was actually worth the ticket price, rare these days I know. :) I haven't felt that satisfied leaving the theater in forever! I am a big fan of twisted movies and this one definitely fits that mold. There were many "woah, didn't see that one coming" moments. It was a nice break from the usual lame and predictable "scary" movies out there. It had just the right amount of gore too. It wasn't overdone or disturbing, just enough to satisfy. Go check this one out, I think it's almost impossible not to like this movie. I was convinced during the opening scene!


Title says it all!
Flawless really was flawless! Being a huge Demi Moore and Micheal Caine fan, I knew I would love this film. And once again, they did not disappoint. :) And Demi Moore was in the entire film! For a fan of hers, it's worth watching just to see so much of her. But on top of great casting, they really did a great job with the story line. Very unpredictable and entertaining. I just fell in love with Micheal Caine's character, the overalls were a perfect topper. After seeing the film I heard about an oops with the editing. Apparently Demi Moore is smoking and the length of the cigarette keeps changing. I am not one to notice this type of thing, but I will look for it when I buy the DVD.

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