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Return to Sleepaway Camp

Another well done Sleepaway
I was a little worried about this one. It's been so many years and the movie industry has changed so much I thought they might try to modernize this latest one and ruin it. But I think they did a very good job of keeping it true to it's original form. Watching it you feel like you are 16 again! Ahhh the good ol' days :) So I recommend putting on some acid wash jeans, and feathering you hair to settle in for a new version of an old classic.

The chubby character of course gets picked on, the counselors are jerks, this is all stuff we know, but the big question is where is Angela?!? I can't say because it would be a crime to ruin the surprise. But I can say that my favorite line in the entire movie: "YOUR ASS STINKS!"


Drunken party fest!
I love this type of movie! Don't be fooled by the cast, this is not their typical work. In fact I predict you will be pleasantly surprised by Drake Bell's nudity!!! WooHoo! Kevin Covias was surprisingly good as well. There is one scene where he gets crazy drunk and gets nuts. A far cry from American Idol days, he was great, dare I say a much better actor than singer....sorry AI fans. Nick Zano is a babe as always and Andrew Caldwell who plays the token chubby friend is fall to the floor funny! He's a cross breed of Chris Farley and Dane Cook I swear! I hadn't seen him in anything before this, and I am now a huge fan. College was an awesome racy comedy, if you're a comedy fan, you'll love it.

The Life Before Her Eyes

Something for everyone
This amazing film is not just a "chick flick". I think it holds a little something for movie lovers of all kinds. It's an emotional story, that also offers a appropriate humor and edge of your seat suspense. Without giving away any spoilers, I'll just say that the ending is very well done. I was pleased with this film for many reasons, but the talent really stood out as first rate. The actress playing young Diane delivered an unforgettable performance, and as usual Uma Thurman was flawless. Although this film is not here typical genre, her performance was not lacking, in fact I believed she shined. The lesson you take from this film is to not take life as you know it for granted, things can change in a second.


Another good one by Doug Pray
I agreed with a lot of things this family tried/did do, some things are a bit much for me. But I have seen a few of the Director Doug Pray's doc's and agree with the families choices or not, this was another great film.

Although the father could be widely criticized for his choices on raising his children, all in all I think it was done with good intentions. I think the big picture is: live well, eat healthy, be good to your fellow man and the earth. These are great standards to live by.

This was truly a great movie. I highly recommend it to documentary lovers, and non-doc lovers alike. Glad I watched it :)

Boarding Gate

Impressed and Entertained
I was impressed with this movie for many reasons: The talent was brilliant, taking this film from good to great. The story was unique and entertaining, while remaining unpredictable. The filming was very well done. I enjoyed traveling along with the characters and watching the scenery.

The female lead plays a mistreated woman who's ready to take over the power in this twisted relationship. I think there is a lot of truth to her situation and most will find it very relatable. Thank you to the makers of this film, I really enjoyed watching it.



Well done! I was very pleased with this movie. I found it to be well written and executed. It was a little different from your usual bank robber type movie, as it involves pulling off the heist during your high school graduation ceremony! The suspense in this movie is off the charts, better take your bathroom break before it starts because your not going to want to leave your seat. Many young actors in this film, both in age and in their careers, and they were all very impressive. I liked that this was not a big name film, it gives it more of a personal feel. You really able to be in the moment with the actors. Great movie experience! Get off your rump and go see it, you'll be glad you did :)


Enjoyed this film
I found this film very easy to watch and very enjoyable. It is a period piece that hits the nail on the head in accuracy. It was fun to watch just for the wardrobe and time warp. Michael Caine was fantastic as always, and the rest of the cast, (including Demi Moore who carried the female lead very well), was equally as impressive. The plot, although it seems to be the typical heist movie, was actually quite the contrary.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how they made it so original. I would recommend this film to movie lovers across the board. I think we can all come together and agree that this one was worth watching.

The Signal

I have the crazy!
OK, if you have just watched this and are a little confused, watch it again. It's really not confusing, it's just extremely thought provoking. This film requires the viewers have a brain, and use it while watching. In fact, I haven't had a film leave me thinking like this in recent memory! The 3 different transmissions in the movie keep you on your toes and make this movie so freakin' cool!!! The story is so creative that only pure genius could've written it. Kudos to all involved in this film, you've created something great. This movie goes on my all time favorites and I will be adding it to my extensive DVD collection. Thanks for such an entertaining and brilliant film!

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